Fran and Anna fail at arbitration. Griffiths irrepressible talent


On hearing the an arbitration panel decided in their favour and against Hearts and Partick Thistle, SPFL chairman, Murdoch McLennan said “I would fully expect all those involved to agree that no stone was left unturned, no allegation left unanswered.”  Chief executive, Neil Doncaster, said it was a “clear, comprehensive and unanimous decision”.

Instead of reflecting on a series of calamitous errors that saw Hearts and Partick bottom of their respective leagues, despite each club having vastly more resources than some who finished clear above them, or on the folly of having their case thrown out of the Court of Session to an arbitration panel, which exposes both clubs to punitive action, Scottish football’s Fran and Anna doubled down on self-righteousness.

Stoking anger is the leadership currency of our era and Thistle’s Jacqui Low got straight to it, “We have every right to be angry.  So let’s use that anger as fuel”.  Without any sense of self-awareness, she added, “Our fate and our success once again lies in our own hands and our hands only”, ignoring that Partick’s fate has floundered in her hands.

Hearts’ Budge said she was not surprised at the outcome, not least of all because her case had no merit whatsoever, but I get the sense that Hell will freeze over before she considers that were it not for her managerial appointments, and choice of belligerence, when Hearts needed to win support for league reconstruction, her club would still be in the Premiership.

The shambolic attack on the SPFL from a small number of clubs this spring was beyond belligerence.  Hearts needed to win support for change.  They behaved as though change was their right and support was unimportant.  They then acted as though the lack of support they received was illegal.

Support was important, they should have actively sought it.  It was not illegal for clubs to vote to end the season and to reject reconstruction in the manner they did.  Hearts and Partick’s actions cost them and others unnecessary legal fees, jeopardised the new season and the bizarre jaunt to the Court of Session leaves them open to disciplinary action.  With leadership like this, no wonder they finished adrift of Hamilton Accies and Arbroath respectively.

Two weeks after Leigh Griffiths was written off (by some) we all marvelled at his cameo against Hibs yesterday; that shuffle!  He is an irrepressible talent and a prodigious goal scorer, with his recent record of absence, he will not attract an offer commensurate with what he provides.  My money is on him scoring the goal that seals the 10.

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  1. 13 is not a lot.


    Sometimes we will have 5 in the midfield, and then 5 on the bench.


    that leaves only 3 spare.



    i think we need another 5 in. for cover.

  2. saint stivs



    Possibly, though might have heard it from Everton fans. Big Jack is always on the money, but cannot say the same for Garth Crooks, not quite the full shilling in old money.


    The closest Jack ever got to winning the European Cup was 1970, against Celtic. Not a mention though I’ve heard him discuss it before. Likewise re Middlesborough. Jack went there straight after this testimonial in 1973, as did someone who played in that testimonial Bobby Murdoch, Boro’s best player 1973-74. Crooks asks instead of a very young Graham Souness, who Jack says was a left back, who was too slow to be a full-back, so he put him in the middle. Never did speed up either.

  3. Ajeti according to a friend of a friend who is a West Ham season ticket holder, is hopeless.



    wow , at least I gave boli boli and julien a couple of games before I made my mind up .

  4. Albian Ajeti is set to move to Celtic on loan after struggling to impress since joining West Ham for £8m last summer.



    David Moyes is ready to cut his losses on the Swiss striker, who hopes to revive his career in Scotland after enduring a year to forget since leaving Basel. Ajeti ended his first season at West Ham without a goal to his name and having failed to start a single Premier League game.



    Ajeti was supposed to provide cover for Sébastien Haller after joining West Ham, who needed to reshape their attack after losing Marko Arnautovic, Andy Carroll and Javier Hernández last summer, but he has rarely looked up to the required standard. Manuel Pellegrini barely used the 23-year-old, restricting him to two starts in the League Cup and a handful of cameo appearances in the league, and the 23-year-old’s situation has not improved since the Chilean was replaced as manager by Moyes in December.



    Any hopes Ajeti had of a fresh opportunity under Moyes disappeared after he failed to impress after being handed a rare start when West Ham lost to West Brom in the FA Cup in January. He would not feature again until making his ninth and final substitute appearance in the league during West Ham’s 1-0 defeat to Burnley this month.




    Premier League 2019-20 review: flops of the season


    Read more


    Moyes, who has helped West Ham narrowly avoid relegation, does not have any place for Ajeti in his long-term plans. The Scot is keen to move players on this summer – there are doubts over the futures of Felipe Anderson, Fabian Balbuena, Manuel Lanzini, Arthur Masuaku and Andriy Yarmolenko – and Ajeti is likely to be the first out the door.



    Ajeti has looked ill suited to the physicality of English football, though he has represented Switzerland at international level and played in the Champions League for Basel. Celtic will aim to rebuild the forward’s talent and it is understood that they could sign him for £5m next year if he impresses on loan.

  5. West Ham United striker Albian Ajeti is reportedly getting cold feet over a move to Celtic which could open the door for West Bromwich Albion

  6. Not too bothered if we get Ajeti or not,


    We already have Eddie, Griff, Polish Paddy & Bayo, I’m a bit worried, if we bring in another it could trigger the sale of Eddie,


    I see some of the usual sites have us linked to a Swedish lad playing in the Bundesliga.


    Think that guy is 29,


    When a guy is pictured in Celtic Park holding the jersey up, then I believe but not until then.


    No Judas jokes please.

  7. The whole object of West Ham’s transfer business is to sell deadwood to try and raise funds for signings.


    So supporters cannot understand the logic behind allowing Ajeti to join Celtic on loan.


    And ‘option’ is the key word. Even if Celtic were to take it up, that would not be until next summer.


    So it does nothing for Moyes’s predicament of having to raise cash to sign players with the new season less than six weeks away.


    Ajeti’s apparent cold feet could come to the rescue for Moyes, though.


    But only if it means West Brom parting with cash to take him on a permanent deal as Slaven Bilic looks to strengthen ahead of their return to the top flight.

  8. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    BBC Scotland usually falls over itself to give Sevco profile e.g. a general story applicable to all clubs and the wider game will usually be accompanied by a picture featuring a Sevco player.



    They’re now running a story about SPFL players being given the opportunity to ‘take a knee’ before this weekend’s round of games. Celtic are pictured with the headline and Aberdeen are pictured when you click through to the article.



    No Sevco. I wonder why?

  9. Rock Tree Bhoy on







    Nah mate, my pointy fingers were for the post above you.





    Jumped the gun there, sorry about that.

  10. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    Wow – 14 midfielders! well, as long as the club can afford it fair enough, although how on earth is he going to keep them all happy?



    Lennybhoy mentioned the other day that TR and MS could be for the off, 12 (!) would be a more manageable number.

  11. CELTIC MAC on 28TH JULY 2020 6:17 PM


    saint stivs



    Possibly, though might have heard it from Everton fans. Big Jack is always on the money, but cannot say the same for Garth Crooks,






    Garth’s interview style is something else, it could be a study in media, body language, acting, and pomposity.



    his finger up to the face in a doctor evil type was is quite baffling, odd but funny. and the vigourous head nodding, he takes himself all too serious.




  12. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Here’s hoping all the Aberdeen players take the knee on Saturday and sevco show themselves up for the cretins we know they are.

  13. budgie is at it again, someone at the spl should type out a resignation letter for the hertz and get her to sign it.



    there is floggin a dead horse, and then there is bonkerness, tell her to bugger off

  14. I know I know but just watched you tube highlights of the ‘loan’ West Ham striker and I think I agree with the friend of a friend he does look hopeless.

  15. Rock Tree Bhoy – the Sevco players will have no problem at all if the decide, or not, to take the knee. They’ve already done it in their pre-season games and the only backlash came from some of their fans. I have no time for Sevco. But, equally, I wouldn’t be hoping that they ‘show themselves up’


    Oh, and anyway, i’s not ‘taking the knee’. It’s actually genuflecting ;-)

  16. weebobbycollins on

    Rock Tree Boy…they have already done it in their warm-up games, so, I expect they’ll do the same again before the Aberdeen game…it’s the tiny, tiny, teeny-weeny section of their fans who object…

  17. weebobbycollins on

    Craig Levein…what a bitter man!


    Did he ever win anything in his career?

  18. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    JOBO BALDIE on 28TH JULY 2020 7:22 PM









    Fair comment guys but to my knowledge they haven’t yet done it on a SKY televised game, that could influence some of them, but if they do all take the the knee then here’s hoping for very public backlash from their Klan, this season in particular I’m all in favour of anything that rocks their boat.

  19. CELTIC MAC on 28TH JULY 2020 6:17 PM


    saint stivs



    The original ‘Big Yogi’ took Big Jack to the cleaners that night at Hampden. I see to remember he did likewise at international level.

  20. itscalledthemalvinas on




    That wouldn’t be “the minority’ of a certain teams followers you were hinting at by any chance ?

  21. Mistertaximan on

    An honest opinion and an unpleasant truth?



    Ajeta, Andersson and now Toney. All fresh in the news again today. Ajeta and Toney sources look solid. There is a Covid sized hole in the Plc’s anticipated year end balance sheet and it looks very much to me like French Eddy is the man to fill it. Hotels and museums don’t build themselves.



    No new contract has been signed. Despite all the reassuring tones, in my opinion he is going to be sold, hopefully after the UCL qualifiers have concluded, and they are preempting the sale to avoid another last day Moussa situation this time. I haven’t been asleep these last 15 years. It’s on the cards. This is what they do when the cash gets splashed in the summer. It’s all in lieu of funds coming in from a player sale and much as I’d like to believe it’s Ajer or Ncham, in my heart I know it’s Edouard. If he was staying then they would not be shopping for strikers. They have pushed the boat out to retain a prized asset but have failed. PL is not going to be shelling out transfer fees as well as wages to additional strikers if Eddie is staying for the ten. No, these are replacements being lined up as no contractual agreement with Eddie has been forthcoming. Just like VVD, MD & KT before him, Eddie is too good for The SPFL. He’s off to the big league.

  22. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 28TH JULY 2020 7:30 PM



    Craig Levein…what a bitter man!



    Did he ever win anything in his career






    It truly is scary that their is people in Scottish football who rate him as a manager,not only that he was good enough to manage Scotland..Part of the lack of insight and learning in.Scottish football.


    Hope all safe at yours.stay safe





  23. Mistertaximan on

    An Tearmann



    No. :-)



    I’d love to end up looking stupid but I fear that Eddie is funding a new striker as well as a new goalie and probably a defender too. The goalie was never going to be FF unless on loan. He earns £60k – £90k a week depending on who to believe, guaranteed for another 2 years. I don’t need to spell out what that meant for Celtic’s prospects of signing him do I? I’m cautiously optimistic about the Athens goalie being a good ‘un.

  24. Itv4 now Forrest EC wins.



    Look at the state of the parks….lovely.



    D :)

  25. saint stivs



    Garth Crooks at his finest!






    Yogi more than a match for Big Jack, Celtic or Scotland.



    That said I always liked Jack Charlton. Bobby too.

  26. Well that’s Ajeti bolloxed then.Top scorer for that crap team Basel,before his move to Engerlund.


    Never hit it off in a rank team.So damned for eternity.Very funny comments earlier.Must have been the first time anyone has watched a players good bits on a You Tube promo,and thought he was crap.

  27. Terry McGuinness on

    I remember reading at the time, back years ago, when Chris Sutton was trashed as it was announced he was on his way to us. Hail, Hail.

  28. Terry McGuinness on

    All that I fear this season is c19 being used to deny us the 10. I don’t trust the govt, media, or the executive’s who shunned the trophy stripping, or paying back ebt monies. Hail, Hail.

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