Freaky seven goal Europeans

Seven goal scores are remarkably scarce in football but for the second time this month we look ahead to a Champions League opponent who has recently scored that number in a single game.  Helsingborgs went to town on Swedish Allsvenskan side Kalmar yesterday.  Kalmar are struggling in the league this season but were faring better in Europe until Young Boys of Berne overturned a Europa League deficit against them on Thursday.

Form appears to vary widely in the Swedish league, not idea circumstances for placing a bet.

Midweek friendly internationals will not help Neil Lennon’s preparations as Celtic face the third of five games on the road in the Highlands on Saturday before heading to Sweden, especially as the early season injury count rises inexplicably.  I would caution against risking too much on a bet on the Ross County game for this reason.  County’s remarkably year-long run without a league defeat might stretch another week.

The first issue of CQN Magazine of the new season is due to be with you soon.  If you would like to contribute an article to a future edition let me know,  Final shout also for anyone who would like to advertise to the same address.
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  1. It’s back!



    CQN fantasy league :-



    To all those who played last year, its a simple 5 minute job to re-register and set up your team, most of you will have probably forgotten your passwords so just type in your email and a recovery password will be sent to you.



    New players just register normally, will take no longer than ten minutes.



    To join the league the code is :- 721106-181775



    Enjoy :0)

  2. gordybhoy64



    Or you could go for…



    Lighten Up!: A Complete Handbook for Light and Ultralight Backpacking

  3. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    !!Bada Bing!! on 13 August, 2012 at 13:37 said:




    Stuart Cosgrove “We’ve argued ourselves into believing we need a club who ran up £148m debt to save Scottish football”


    My favourite comment of the weekend……apart from Voguepunter saying he pashed himself, and is now Scotland Yard from said premises.




    He is spot on. The problem is that the SFA share this mad idea and so apparently does Charles Greene.



    The SFA core belief is that the health of football in Scotland must be based on the myth that it requires “a strong” Rangers. I say myth because there has not been a strong Rangers ever since Sir David Murray started pumping the club with financial steroids, steroids it could not even purchase with its own money.



    Unless CG has access to the same steroid level and the means to purchase why is the SFA even entertaining him unless he was able to give assurances on funding?



    And I reckon that is being provided by Ticketus whose requirement to be repaid means a Hearts level at best in the SPL if they ever last that long..

  4. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Hope leckie doesn’t lurk on CQN ……. his comments 15 years ago would give him the biggest riddie ever ……. LOL

  5. Patrick27 – Have you set up the league as a head-to-head or a standard weekly points total league? I think a lot of people lost interest last year because the league format was head-to-head.

  6. traditionalist88 on

    This CQN fantasy league thingy.



    Out of interest, why the EPL? Why not La Liga, Serie A or the Bundesliga? Or heaven forbid, the SPL!



    Is it any wonder they’re a bit arrogant.



    Count me out.




  7. sons oferin



    Very true. Therefore set it as classic league this time round, literally just get as many points as you get! I was a bit silly with the head to head last year, thought it would be good to be different, but it wasn’t ;)




  8. traditionalist88



    Aye only EPL, not too bothered about the league myself, no SPL due to lack of interest from football fans worldwide!




  9. Auld Neil Lennon heid on





    The Huddleboard‏@huddleboard



    Rumours of a £9m bid being accepted for Ki #celtic




    Retweeted by Electronic Tims


    Expand Reply



  10. The Pantaloon Duck on

    TootingTim on 13 August, 2012 at 15:28 said:



    Jimmy Bullard? Aye, I remember him. Jimmy Bullard, David James, Sol Campbell…




  11. traditionalist88 on




    Lack of interest- I’m sure you could muster enough for a league given that more people in Scotland per head of population watch their own league than any other nation in Europe:)




  12. saltires en sevilla on

    gordybhoy64 on 13 August, 2012 at 15:13 said:


    Thanks to the bhoys who replied to my request last night,may as well ask again,


    I am looking for suggestions for good sports books available on kindle,nothing too heavy,just something to read on holiday,cheers in advance






    Racing Through the Dark -The Fall and Rise of David Millar



    Charts the Scots cyclist’s account as team Cofidis’ dope free team leader to subsequent fall as he gives in to the pressure within the peleton to get with the programme …



    a good yarn




  13. kayal 33-Was about to post Ki a cert to play in Qualifiers and still time to sell him…..

  14. sannabhoy



    epic night in HEL, brilliant.



    Not sure about the Yucatan for next games. Met some bhoys who frequent a South London pub which is apparently a tim hotbed, interesting news for our wee bunch since nearly all Celtic Bars London entries involve a trip over the river.



    Will keep in touch!

  15. Asonofdan/kayal33 – Finbogasson appears to have signed for Helsingborg permanently now.

  16. I’m a little bit confused about the “we’re still Rankers, we’ve still got out history etc.” argument coming from Rankers and their pet journos. Charlie Green wants to spin this to attract the knuckle draggers, but if he does this isn’t he saying to HMRC we’re the same club, with the same badge and same vile history we’ve just phoenixed to avoid taxes and debt, and won’t HMRC say fair enough, pay your debts?

  17. Paddy out of NI squad,need Mulgrew to withdraw from Scotland squad.They obviously not taking the game serious with the inclusion of 3rd Division players.

  18. Asonofdan – literally just updated on Wiki – linked to a Swedish press release which I can only understand “permanent” from !



    They want to win this game. Makes sense to tie him up if he is their biggest threat to us.

  19. Anyone know when we’re likely to know the confirmed date/time for the Hibs game currently scheduled for Sat 1 Sept at 3:00.



    I would normally expect this to go ahead on the scheduled date/time but I’m highly suspicious that no announcement has been made for an SPL TV game that weekend.



    It’s absolutely ridiculous that season ticket holders who live outside Scotland (like me) are unable to plan travel for a game that is now only 18 days away.



    Is it any wonder that season ticket sales are falling with fans being treated like this.

  20. !!Bada Bing!!



    To be fair he sat out the CL Final, he is missing the Super Cup(He must be gutted) and he has had another 1 match ban suspended.



    Your right, another rule for the influential…

  21. aldersyde avenue



    Treated like what? Call me stupid, but if there has been no announcement does that not mean the fixture remains unchanged as at 16:03 on 13/08/2012.

  22. ScotPatsFan on 13 August, 2012 at 13:36 said:


    @Mort and @Gordon_J


    Re Huns Oldco/History etc


    Have a look at this photo of a share certificate for the OldHuns FC.


    After the link is the text attatched to the photo.


    OldHunsFC Share Certificate



    Rare Rangers share certificate for auction


    A rare chance to own an original Rangers Football Club framed share certificate owned by Chairman Sir John Ure Primrose (one of the most important figures in the club’s history) and signed by future manager William Wilton who was then club secretary.


    The certificate is for 50 shares and was issued in 1907. It’s a truly rare and magnificent piece of Rangers history.


    The certificate was gifted to the Trust by Rangers FC.



    Wee bit late with this one. Who was Ure Primrose’s grandson who played for Scotland?

  23. LythamBhoy on 13 August, 2012 at 15:47 said:


    I’m a little bit confused about the “we’re still Rankers, we’ve still got out history etc.” argument coming from Rankers and their pet journos. Charlie Green wants to spin this to attract the knuckle draggers, but if he does this isn’t he saying to HMRC we’re the same club, with the same badge and same vile history we’ve just phoenixed to avoid taxes and debt, and won’t HMRC say fair enough, pay your debts?







  24. the exiled tim



    15:13 on 13 August, 2012


    This is awesome, and I really mean awesome………








    you if anything actually undersold that video I have had to forward it to every sevcoian I could freakin hilarious can’t get it outta my head!!!

  25. craigwhitesoptometrist says u have 21/20 vision, is that even possible? on

    Just got stopped on argyle street by two Americans asking if I knew where the rangers football store was, cue much laughing followed by a quick explanation that that particular team doesn’t exist anymore and good luck finding a store. I gave them directions to the Celtic store instead.

  26. CardiffBhoy , where do you watch the games, I am going to be working in Cardiff on and off over the next few months , are Dempseys or O’Neills any good ?






  27. Muscat_Bhoy1264 on

    Helsingborgs seem to have a perfect blend of youth and experience. They’ve got fantastic central midfielders who have a lot of experience as well as in attack with Alvaro. A lot of these players are in their second spells with the club and some like their number 7 Mattias Lindström played for Helsingborgs when they defeated Inter Milan over a decade ago. After that he played all over Europe before coming back to his first club. Ardian Gashi is another goal scoring midfielder whose played all over Scandanavia and in Europe on several occasions. Our team aren’t quite as experienced as these lot, how will they cope with this? I think we can do it, but this is not an easy tie at all. Their league position is deceptive too, they have a game in hand and if they win it they will move to 3rd place within 4 points of top spot. In terms of UEFA country coefficients Scotland is 25 and Sweden are 23 which mean (at least in theory) we play in leagues of roughly the same standard, although the Swedish leaguge is marginally better.

  28. Mr Charles quoted in today’s Record:



    “We handed £500,00 to the SFA last Thursday to clear up all the fines and to pay what we owed the clubs.”



    Mr Charles quoted on Sevco website today:



    “As of now, Rangers do not owe other Scottish clubs a penny……


    substantial funds were lodged with the SFA 10 days ago to be discharged to settle the outstanding debts.”

  29. The link translates to this;



    SC Lokeren late Alfred Finnbogason to Helsingborg finally leave. The Icelandic striker since the winter was already active on a rental basis for the Swedish club. He signed for three seasons.



    The 23-year Finnbogason Lokeren never knew when a fixed base in place to enforce. In the shirt of Helsingborgs he made the last few months a good impression. “I’m about two games of the Champions League. Had someone told me that in January, I had him declared insane,” says Finnbogason in the Latest News.


    Lokeren last week took leave of the Senegalese Djiby Fall. The attacker went to work at the German Greuther Furth

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