Freaky seven goal Europeans

Seven goal scores are remarkably scarce in football but for the second time this month we look ahead to a Champions League opponent who has recently scored that number in a single game.  Helsingborgs went to town on Swedish Allsvenskan side Kalmar yesterday.  Kalmar are struggling in the league this season but were faring better in Europe until Young Boys of Berne overturned a Europa League deficit against them on Thursday.

Form appears to vary widely in the Swedish league, not idea circumstances for placing a bet.

Midweek friendly internationals will not help Neil Lennon’s preparations as Celtic face the third of five games on the road in the Highlands on Saturday before heading to Sweden, especially as the early season injury count rises inexplicably.  I would caution against risking too much on a bet on the Ross County game for this reason.  County’s remarkably year-long run without a league defeat might stretch another week.

The first issue of CQN Magazine of the new season is due to be with you soon.  If you would like to contribute an article to a future edition let me know,  Final shout also for anyone who would like to advertise to the same address.
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  1. 67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on 13 August, 2012 at 18:44 said:


    wonkyradar .. 17:52 on 13 August, 2012



    I find videos of that nature very depressing



    They do have a certain anthropological curiosity though- don’t you think? Like the study of a primitive stone age tribe? I do think the “Luj” is nothing more than a drinking den for alkies wae cheap booze on tap…a Joss House for alcoholic intoxication- just look at that fat gits wino red baw face… and of course an excuse to give vent to maledictions against imaginary foes…a reason to live with hate like a manky old disease infested comfort blanket…but the only thing is that like a rag contaminated with tuberculosis it infect others who come in contact with it.

  2. KevJungle



    Prayers will be said at Mass tomorrow.



    Keep the faith.




  3. Nollaig a chara on 13 August, 2012 at 18:57 said:


    Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to get STV in the North of Ireland



    Do you have Virgin or Sky?

  4. Lennon-McCarteny, Jagger-Richard, Bob Dylan, Neil Young…



    Move over!



    Billy No’well IS THE MHAN!!




  5. I’ve just seen the video of the Dylan McGeoch incident. The Real player leads with his elbow, in spite of what the commentator says. I doubt whether he could have broken Dylan’s jaw with his shoulder.

  6. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    KevJungle – Murdo..10 men Championees..1979 on 13 August, 2012 at 18:43 said:



    So sorry to hear of your sad loss m8,,,all the best to you and yours!!




  7. KevJungle:



    Condolences Kev- terrible news. Very tragic to hear of anyone losing their life so young.



    God give you strength.

  8. KevJungle



    My deepest condolonces to you and your family on the sad passing of your brother.




  9. Doug C @ 16:12



    Dempseys is probably the best place to watch the games . I get sent there by the Mrs on big game nights in case I teach the weans any new sweary words. Usually a good crowd in there for the Champions League games. You won’t be here long enough to see us play the huns !

  10. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    wonkyradar … 18:57 on 13 August, 2012



    Yes, that’s another way of putting it …….sad, sad, cretins…

  11. Kevin


    I returned home last week and my dad told me of the shocking news..


    God bless you and your family, I wasn’t sure if you would have wanted me to put it on the blog last week so I just didn’t anything..


    I lit a cabdle at blantyre St Josephs yesterday and I will also sa an extra prayer on Wednesday at St Simons Partick..



    Gog bless mate….

  12. Billy No’well’s new video will be watched again very shortly- superb!



    He just gets better and better.

  13. Nollaig,



    1) Press “Services” on your Sky Remote and a list of 8 or 9 selections will appear.



    2) Press “4” or scroll down to highlight selection number 4 which is “Add Channels”. Another menu will appear displaying Frequency, Polarization, Symbol Rate and FEC.



    3) Change the Frequency by tapping in the five numbers 10906.



    4) Change the Polarization to “V” using your left or right curser on your remote control.



    5) Change the Symbol Rate to 22.0 using your left or right curser on your remote control.



    6) Change the FEC number to display 5/6 using your left or right curser on your remote control.



    7) Move your curser to highlight “Find Channels” at the bottom of the menu and press “Select




  14. Nollaig a chara-ITV website has coverage of a qualifier in next Tuesdays schedule.Sky 973 is ITV London.Be careful with those 900 numbers…….

  15. ASonofDan



    “The 23-year-old Finnbogason came in 2010 from Iceland to Daknam, but could never decorate a fixed base overhang. ”



    Maybe Celtic should have signed him.



    Sounds like Gary Parker could have coached him.

  16. Kev Jungle …. thoughts and prayers to you and your family at this most difficult time.




  17. Kev Jungle



    Condolences on your terrible loss.



    Thoughts are with you and your family at this time.

  18. Mike in Toronto on




    sorry to hear of your loss.



    if you dont mind me asking, where are you from? My family name is McQuade. Come from Paisley, although now living in Toronto. Wondering if we might be related…



    In any event, will say a prayer for your brother.



    Hail Hail.

  19. Well iv been sent to coventry by a few sevconians at work along with a couple of fellow timites ,apparently enough is enough we’r bullying them.the truth hurts and thers so much more to come.hh.

  20. Kevjungle,



    Thoughts and prayers for your family at this sad time.




    RIP, Stephen.

  21. KevJungle,



    Condolences on your sad loss. Prayers being said for your brother and yours.




  22. KevJ


    Sorry to hear your news.



    God rest eternal rest unto him o’lord let the perpetual light shine upon him




    God bless

  23. dettolandtheblackash on

    Tooting Tim -many thanks mate-Much appreciated. Glad you had a great time in Helsinki.Next time you are in Glasgow -let me know and we’ll meet for a beer

  24. Mike in Toronto on

    blantyre tim



    thanks for the reply. Not aware of any relatives in that part, but I’ll ask around.



    hail hail.

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