French minister shamelessly invokes spectre of Hysel


The French Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin, seems intent on challenging Boris Johnson as the politician who has gone out of his way most to offend and unfairly castigate the people of Liverpool in particular and English football fans in general.

His claim that up to 70% of tickets presented at the Champions League final on Saturday were fake is demonstrably false. The actions of his government, Paris police and stadium authorities were responsible for the dangerous events ahead of kick-off. Uefa’s culpability remains an open question.

Darmanin invoked the 37-year-old spectre of Hysel, without naming the disaster, as justification for his own mistakes. It seems that politicians implying those across a border are somehow inferior is not limited to these shores.

Johnson, hard on the heels of criticising Liverpool fans for booing the national anthem at the FA Cup Final, and unable to find the goodwill to wish the club good luck in the Champions League Final (having videoed a greeting for Newco a week earlier), made what sounded like grudging noises of support for what happened to fans.

As we have long known in Scotland, football fans are little more than scapegoats for politicians own failures.

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  1. That awkward moment when your heading to meet strangers off the internet



    At least they are Celtic supporting strangers :-)

  2. prestonpans bhoys on




    Yes noticed a wee session was on the cards, hope you bhoys enjoy your mini hoot😂😂

  3. KDS at the moment is like a WW2 espionage documentary.


    Some very interesting chat about spying vs signal intelligence.



    WW2 — the German’s kept looking for spies when in fact it was Enigma signal intelligence.


    1990’s — FMcC thought “Sir” DM had a mole at P/head when in fact he might have been dabbling in phone hacking.



    SDM was very involved with a couple of Scum roasters / journalists so he might have learned about the dark arts from early practitioners out in Kinning Park.



    From distant memories — the TFOD1.0 ability back in the day to know our business and alert the papers was something that did not make sense at the time.

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  5. BSR @ 12.20



    I don’t want a winner.


    I would just want it to go on forever.



    Loads of punches.

  6. James Dornan SNP








    Replying to







    and 2 others


    I’d have been putting motions in all the time over the last 11 years if I did it every time Celtic won something. Much easier for Murdo😉

  7. Tories vs BoJo — seems to be a plan in place.


    News grid of people calling him out as a clown / useless / disgrace to the job.



    Somebody is putting in a lot of effort to get rid of him.


    Not sure if it is Old Monkey Glands trying to get his man — MG — into No. 10?



    For the sake of progressive politics I hope they miss.


    BoJo till 2024 will hobble the Tories for a generation.

  8. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    We get the politicians we deserve.



    BoJo and the French guy are no more or less incompetent/despicable than the majority who govern western countries.



    Not sure how it happened, but we’ve all been asleep at the wheel and given absolute charlatans the keys to,power.

  9. SAINT STIVS on 31ST MAY 2022 12:45 PM




    Maybe he should put a motion in to congratulate everyone who managed to submit their census return in time.



    I recall you appeared to be struggling with it, but managed to battle through. Sadly it appears not everyone was as determined as you.



    Disappointingly it looks like the statistics for the number of trans Scots speakers may not be as reliable as had been hoped for.

  10. Paul,


    You seem to have a Bee in your Bonnet about the CLF.Now,I have no idea who was at fault,partially at fault or innocent in the shambles,but one thing I would not do,is take the word of the supposed injured parties,or those with a vested interest in supporting them.We have seen it all to often with the mob across the City.


    Liverpool fans do have previous,and the fake tickets may well have led to a lot of the chaos,but probably,factors on both sides have led to the shambles.One thing is certain,the French Police,Riot Squads have had plenty of practice in the recent past dealing with incidents,so I would be hesitant to lump the blame onto them.They see it,they quell it.Maybe if our Police had acted a bit more like them in the first George Sq, incidents,the second would not have happened.


    Second hand evidence in incidents like this,I would always be wary off,without definitive footage.

  11. I supported Liverpool I front of my in-laws TV on Saturday night .


    My wife lost her brother and they their son , during the same days that Scott Brown lost his sister.


    Both died due to Skin cancer .



    My late brother in law ( Tony , aged 47) was a big Liverpool fan , and he liked Rangers .



    I was never able to share much of an allegiance with him football wise , due my my fanatical support of Celtic .



    Since his death I have had a wee soft spot for Liverpool, out of respect for his memory.



    But it has to be said that I have personally had a bad experience when I was attacked and a theft was attempted, by 3 of their supporters .



    This happened in Dublin .


    When we beat Liverpool 1-0 , a few year ago .



    I held up a Celtic end spare ticket for sale .



    They assaulted me and tried to steal the ticket .


    I was very lucky that a good Tim and his son came to my rescue.


    Even more fortunate that they happened to walk by, at the right time , and recognise that it was a long time friend in danger .



    Why do I bring this up ?



    To highlight that there is a thuggish element to the Liverpool support .



    Not all criticism of them is unjust .




  12. I’m not a Tory voter, however Johnson was elected to get Brexit done, which has happened but with the situation in the North of Ireland unresolved, it was pushed ahead with despite this being a situation that should have stopped it in its tracks until it was resolved, it is still causing huge problems due to the DUP’s refusal to take part in essential business of Government, he has mucked up many times and in his own style of being a cartoon character who has come to life, has survived as PM. When the Tory back benchers decide his time is up, it will be, not before.

  13. GM @ 1.10



    Have to disagree.



    BoJo is in a class of his own.


    DT is probably worse on a national scale but BoJo is a horrible individual.



    As MH said — his old boss at the DT — if you like him then you don’t know him.

  14. He was also branded a liar by Dominic Grieve, the former Attorney General and someone who said you cannot believe a word that comes out of his mouth, this was on a TV news segment I saw some time ago.

  15. TT @ 1.20



    Now is not the time.



    French establishment with its power / history / arrogance vs Scouse Scallies on the make.



    Not even close.


    A period of reflective silence would be best for all concerned.



    Your comments are false equivalence in spades.


    That has been the saviour of reactionary politics across the ages.



    HC had an e-mail on a “secret” server vs DT tried to storm the Capitol and retain power through violence.



    Both as bad as each other — don’t you know.

  16. ‘there is a thuggish element to the Liverpool support’







    They’re hardly unique in that regard.

  17. DB @ 1.20



    BoJo has not gotten Brexit done.


    He has managed to get the headline into a few papers but we are in limbo.



    The 6 Counties situation is a shambles.


    Trade with the EU has fallen off a cliff.


    International pariah — reduced to speaking to Estonia / Finland regarding a way forward for Ukraine.



    We are surviving by doing as little as possible and keeping the lorry queues out of the papers.



    BoJo is just filling time wearing a hi viz vest and mooching around building sites looking for a photo op.



    The imperial measures joke says it all.

  18. ‘sandra howard






    May 30


    It was exactly like this. We were stuck in the crush at Gate C, near suffocating, all waving valid tickets that had been checked twice and STILL refused entry, gates kept locked. #LFCFans’



  19. Saturday’s shambles — Brexit inspired?


    Getting one over on the “Roast Beef’s” — payback for Agincourt?



    That might have been the start of it but it soon got out of hand.


    Paris police seemed to be out of their depth.


    Pepper spray for every situation.

  20. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Agree Turkey – there are 3 sides to every story, your side, their side and the truth.



    CHECK your Phone mate as I Texted you around 1.10pm to advise that The Shipbank Pub is CLOSED Today for some reason ?????????


    I was dressed and went out at 1pm, but the Pub is SHUT, so I just went back hame.


    It MUST be for some SERIOUS reason, as the Owner Frankie would never shut his Pub for no good reason. I am too wary about Texting him to ask ” WHY”, just in case something awful has happened ?

  22. AT, I’m going to be doing this piecemeal, so here’s Part 1 – goalkeepers, right backs and centre-backs.





    I haven’t given any options here. Hart is number 1 and I don’t think we’ll be looking to replace him this year. A cheeky Bosman bid for Nikita Haikin of Bodo/Glimt might not be a bad idea – he’s out of contract in December and Hart’s form may fall off before Tobi is ready. But I think we’ll stick with Hart and, with Young Tobi highly rated he’ll be our second/third choice keeper. Bain, being “association trained” and happy to be back-up, will make up our trio.



    Right back:


    JJ is firmly first choice. I can see an argument for an upgrade on Ralston, but with him being home grown, I think we’ll stick with him as back-up as other positions are more of a priority.



    Centre Back:


    Starfelt is our only cemented option here. Julien looks like he’s going, there’s uncertainty about Urhoghide (Oostende have an option to buy but no idea if they’ll take it up) and Welsh will possibly want more football, so likely to go on loan somewhere – Udinese may still be interested. Murray and Bosun will hopefully see more game time next season. Scales also, though who knows whether he’s a centre-back, left back, or another heading on loan. Hopefully CCV stays.



    My top pick, though potentially out with our price range now (rumours Newcastle and Roma are interested at between 8 and 12 million Euros) is 25 year old Marcos Senesi of Feyenoord. He’s going into the last year of his contract and looked comfortable on the ball in the Conference League final. Still got the odd mistake in him (he really ought to have been sent off for pulling Abraham down) which might put richer clubs off a bit – though Newcastle can now afford that as a punt so the window of opportunity may have gone.



    Dan-Axel Zagadou. Leaving Dortmund and is looking for a fresh start. He’s had a bad injury and made a few mistakes in his come back period (including against them) so really needs to choose somewhere he can get games and kick on. Linked to West Ham, which may price us out though whether he’s gettable depends on whether he feels over his injuries and may want to follow the Van Dijk path (regular games, including in the CL before testing himself in England), though equally may feel he needs to take a quick payday. 92 games for Dortmund at the age of 22 means he’s probably worth a gamble.



    Oscar Mingueza: Barcelona are looking to offload him for around £6m, and rumours link him with Getafe. Was a regular when Koeman was in charge but lost his place. 66 games for Barcelona, and at the age of 23 needs to kick on. Can also play right back, so would be an alternative to Ralston as back-up to JJ.



    Looking to youth and “punts”, Josip Sutalo is the latest centre back off the Dinamo Zagreb production line. Tipped to go far in the game, but already linked with Arsenal and Lazio for what could be a bargain at £6m.



    More realistic might be Strahinja Erakovic of Red Star Belgrade. The 22 year old has 60-odd appearances for Red Star over the past two seasons and tipped for a move soon. Alternatively, Ilya Zabarnyi of Dinamo Kyiv, a 19 year old with 60-odd games under his belt and 18 caps for the Ukraine first team.

  23. Paul67 et al



    Two days in succession and yet no mention of September 2nd 2018.


    UEFA have commissioned an “Independent Report” into the near disastrous situation around the Champions League Final, on Saturday evening just passed.


    I’ll save them the time and money by quoting another such report published on 27 March 2019.



    “It is the opinion of (fill in the blanks) that all of the contributory factors listed below acted collectively to present a unique set of circumstances on the 28 May 2022 which had not occurred previously at the


    Stade de France”



    Vive La France

  24. Ernie Lynch 1.31



    I agree .


    I had thought about making that comment during my original post.




  25. Thanks FrankTerry. Usually I do a bit more detail but I’m up against it at work at the moment, so it’s pretty basic.

  26. Spidey101



    Thanks mate for taking a bit of time,


    A lot of to’s and fro’s and what ifs.


    The Zagreb CH would be a good catch,but it is hard as you said previously,does he fit our system?….also the spectre of the £bloated EPL next door to compete against for signings



    Thanks again




  27. BigJimmy



    Think a few of those rebellious types are in The Tollbooth.


    Hope your good Jimmy




  28. IniquitousIV on




    “Think a few of those rebellious types are in The Tollbooth.”




    Should we alert the authorities?

  29. The French should have learned from the experience of the Greeks in dealing with a CL final involving Liverpool. I don’t think any other City will make similar mistakes from here on in.

  30. INIQUITOUSIV on 31ST MAY 2022 3:22 PM






    “Think a few of those rebellious types are in The Tollbooth.”




    Should we alert the authorities?




    Oh no harm in talking a little treason.


    Its when the tenbobnotes start getting rejected at the bar the polis will be in there :-)




  31. prestonpans bhoys on

    Surprised BBC Scotland sports desk is not hammering that Barca button😕

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