BT SPORT viewers are bracing themselves for another bombardment of bile on the box tonight.
For the third successive Friday, the FTP Brigade (copyright: Sir David Murray) are in town and the Championship confrontation is being beamed live from Falkirk. After Hibs at Ibrox a fortnight ago and Raith Rovers at Starks Park last week, the viewers have a fair idea of what to expect. Earplugs are now a compulsory accessory while attempting to watch what is supposed to pass as “entertainment” from the struggling Glasgow side.B-xWQScW4AEsRJ1.jpg-large
In Kirkcaldy, the viewers had to put up with a steady chorus informing them that former England international Stan Collymore was a “black F****n bastard.” And all because the BT Sport pundit spoke out about the relentless and provocative sectarian chanting that polutes the air eminating from the mindless, knuckle-dragging, foul-mothed element among the cretinous Ibrox support on matchday with an apparent fondness for declaring their joy for being “up to their knees in F****n blood.”
Sensible, rational people are calling for a gagging order on these odious bigots. Possibly a muzzle may be a more suitable alternative in order to stem the venom and hatred that spills from the terracings. It’s as offensive as it is crass, stupid, unwanted and unnecessary. The SFA have now told the SPFL blazers they will take the lead to clamp down on the increasing misbehaviour.
The governing body wanted to introduce the concept of strict liability in 2013 which would allow the SFA to copy UEFA and hammer clubs for the misconduct of their supporters.
Unsurprisingly, the majority of the clubs, selfishly protecting their backs, rejected the move and struck a compromise deal that is now highlighted as being totally ineffective. That is underlined by the fact that the Ibrox club are likely to escape any sanction after non-stop sectarian singing during the game against Raith Rovers.B-1tr2jW4AAvyV5.jpg-large
At long last, the SFA are now ready to act and president Campbell Ogilvie said: “Last year an SFA and SPFL working group approved a set of guidelines intended to bridge the gap between existing rules and strict liability, but it appears these guidelines have not been effective.
“While jurisdiction rests with the SPFL, the SFA is happy to assist in the creation of more robust regulations.”
So, those masquerading as the “Billy Boys” have been warned. Big Brother is watching.
Whether he takes any action, is another question altogether.
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