From a green jumper to a season ticket


It’s one of those obscure football facts which appears more likely to be an urban myth, but when he jogs out onto Celtic Park on Sunday the proof will be there for all to see: Chelsea captain John Terry is a Celtic fan.  I’ve heard many wide ranging reasons why people become attached to the club, not everyone was born into it as an accident of paternal heritage, some of us made our own way there.

I know one Ulsterman, from the loyalist tradition, who has lived in Scotland for decades, and, along with his friends, is a Celtic supporter.  One season ticket holder told me he started shouting for Celtic as an infant, to tease his Rangers supporting father, but one day the teasing developed into the acquisition of a green jumper, an unusual occurrence in the family home.  A bridge had been crossed, soon posters were on the bedroom wall, a Celtic Subbutteo team was bought and after a few years, a Celtic top made its appearance.

There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of great stories like these.

Sunday’s #19 Legenda’ game will be a chance for some of us to reminisce about the days when Pierre, Lubo, Jorge, Bobo, Tommy Boyd, the man himself, Stiliyan Petrov and, of course, the Swede, graced Celtic Park every week.  It will be a rare chance to see Martin O’Neill on the on the touchline, perhaps without bouncing up and down.  Well done to Carlos Cuellar for pitching up, even if he has to play the inevitable pantomime villain.

Monies raised will go towards Stiliyan’s Foundation and to stock a food bank, which will open in Glasgow this month with the aim of alleviating food poverty. Which takes us back to where we started.

Enjoy your day.
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  1. Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom on

    Hi Fellow Celtic Fans!



    It will be magic to wallow in some nostalgia and watch some legendary names having a wee game of football for Stillyan’s good cause on Sunday. For those like me who can’t make it there is the option of watching it on TV (Its Live at 2pm on BTSport) and supping a nice wee malt. It certainly beats mowing the lawn! :-)



    Yours in Celtic,




  2. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on

    Top ten,nowt else to say till I’ve had a pint!

  3. The Token Tim in support and praying for Wee Oscar on




    I hope everyone playing on Sunday – whomever and for whatever the reason – is given a great welcome!



    They are playing for a fantastic cause.



    really looking forward to it.






  4. The Token Tim in support and praying for Wee Oscar on

    Oh and my 11 year-old daughter, who, before now, had never really shown any inkling to go to Celtic Park is bouncing as a certain Louis Tomlinson is making an appearance.



    I have feeling there will be many others like her on Sunday.



    Our eardrums may take a bit of a doing whenever said wee geezer touches the ball on Sunday!






  5. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    I don’t like John Terry but I hope his attendance is treated with the respect it deserves.

  6. Roll on Sunday, looking forward to seeing these Legends again and also a full stadium. Lets give a big Celtic welcome to all the players and of course Martin and King Kenny




  7. lets start at the very beginning …..a very good place to start……….when you start you begin in devision three…you start there just because you are on your knees………..how does the rest of it go?

  8. Som mes que un club on







    I see @celticfc are promoting the ‘fishul programme at £4 a pop.



    One hopes said monies also go to good causes…

  9. Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom on

    Hi Fellow Celtic Fans!



    I read The Token Tim’s comment and, this must be an age thing, immediately said to myself “Who is Louis Tomlinson?” Thanks Token Tim, I have just found another good reason to ask my 11-year old daughter to watch the game with me! :-)



    Yours in Celtic,







  10. Speaking to Spanish media last year, Carlos Cuéllar, when asked to recommend the best place for the interviewer to visit in Birmingham, answered: “Villa Park.”



    And in Scotland?, was the next question. He said: “Loch Ness.”

  11. The Spirit Of Arthur Lee on

    lets start at the very beginning …..a very good place to start……….when you start you begin in devision three…you start there just because you are on your knees and we will pay you with EBT

  12. CelticFCSLO ‏@CelticFCSLO 1m


    AC Milan UEFA Youth match: stadium Ernesto Breda, San Giovanni. This game is on the same day of the Main game with 1st team, 3pm KO

  13. Can’t make it to Celtic Park on Sunday although I bought a ticket. Hope to be in Croke Park for the hurling final but still haven’t got a ticket – yet.


    The big question is will Corkcelt be singing “The Banks” (of my own lovely Lee) or will be forced to listen to “My Lovely Rose of Clare.”


    Up the rebels


    Up the banner



    Bring them on!

  14. Very good to know John Terry is a hoops fan.Then again,why would he be volunteering his services?.One of the great CHs I have seen.Hope everyone gets a great reception.Thank god for BT Sports.Can watch the game on the terrace with a litre of Turkeys finest in front of me..Second only to being there.Hail Hail the legends.

  15. The Token Tim in support and praying for Wee Oscar on

    Truth, Beauty and Freedom,



    You’re welcome :-)



    I assume your daughter will also be a massive 1D (i know, I know…) fan too?


    My girl actually has a full-life-size cut out of Louis in her room, which I stupidly agreed to let my wife buy her as part of her Christmas present last year.



    As soon as she found out LT was playing at the game, I was told in no uncertain terms that she MUST get a ticket and that in the event I couldnt do so, she was taking mine!!



    Thankfully for us both ;-) i was able to get her and her cousin a ticket!








    Earplugs CSC

  16. The Token Tim in support and praying for Wee Oscar on




    pass on our thoughts and wishes to Starry!






  17. Jimbob71



    Agree with Buick, Bombay Blues in Hope St. would be my choice for that side of town.


    God bless Jim Spence.

  18. Som mes que un club


    12:32 on


    6 September, 2013








    I see @celticfc are promoting the ‘fishul programme at £4 a pop.



    One hopes said monies also go to good causes…




    Think all the PROFITS go to the charities.Unlike some other clubs.Sevco charities must nearly be as skint as Sevco themselves.Dirty thieving lowlifes.

  19. Som mes que un club on




    There is an article in today’s Daily Record penned by a Craig Swan and the article goes some way to answering your question.



    Everyone has their own opinion on the DR, but I will be first to admit,it was a great read.

  20. godblesstommyburns on

    One of the thousands of stories to which Paul refers…………… Coming from a “non traditional ” Celtic background fate stepped in over 40 years ago. My old man didn’t bother at all about football despite my older brother and me being mad for it. Betraying his lack of interest he went to the local sports shop and asked for 2 football strips – one age 6 , one age 4.” what team ?” asked mr shopkeeper. “dont know – who have you got ” asks the old man. Being Glasgow circa 1970 there were only two and he took 1 of each. I was given the smaller of the 2 – it was a strip worn by a now defunct team from down Govan way. My brother got the hoops. I maybe have a mental block but I have no recollection of wearing the blue strip. What I do recall is outgrowing it and telling my dad it was time for a new strip. ” well I am not buying you a new strip when your big brother will fit you perfectly now…” And so , 35 years as a season ticket holder and died in the wool Celtic fan with another generation following on , I thank God that I inherited the strip and the joy of being part of our beloved Celtic family

  21. RobinBhoy - Supporting Wee Oscar and Mackenzie on

    Cant be at the game on Sunday, family commitments before I head off for a week on Monday, will watch Sunday evening on the box.



    Should be a magnificent occasion, have a great time all of those lucky enough to be there!



    John Terry will no doubt also get booed but not as much as Carlos Cuellar!




  22. Read something a few years ago that John Terry’s brother supported Rangers and so he then decided to support Celtic.




  23. Why would Cuellar be the villain? He should be loudly applauded for his part in the liquidation of Rangers, surely.

  24. Som mes que un club on

    For those who haven’t already read the article.






    BILL SHANKLY would have celebrated his 100th birthday on Monday of this week were he still around.



    The great man of Ayrshire was deserving of the tributes which cascaded his way.



    Shankly’s quotes were the stuff of legend. Reading them over the weekend, I had a few laugh out loud moments. Some are used to this day.



    He did, of course, coin the famous phrase: “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.”



    Far be it from Sports View to question a footballing legend, but Shankly didn’t meet Stiliyan Petrov.



    Anyone who does these days would find it tough to agree with the genius from Glenbuck.



    Spending 10 minutes in Petrov’s company yesterday was, quite frankly, uplifting.



    By God, you don’t half come across some chancers and ratbags in football. Directors of clubs fighting and squabbling, looking to grab what they can. Managers mouthing off, whingeing about this, that and the next thing.



    Not Petrov. He’s a gem.



    Consider what he has been through. From the top of his profession to being struck down by acute leukaemia 18 months ago and fighting for his life.



    The point is Petrov’s humility hasn’t come after a setback. He was always a good guy.



    Arriving at Celtic from Bulgaria, he couldn’t speak English and struggled badly during his early days to cope with life in Glasgow.



    Despite his own woes, he didn’t take it out on others. When he stayed in a flat in Glasgow’s Jordanhill during those early days, he’d have kids coming to his door.



    All of them got a smile, a chat and some even left with souvenirs. Not one got the brush-off.



    When Petrov settled and became a hero of the team, his autobiography was published. They had a lavish dinner to launch it. Petrov didn’t want to know about proceeds.



    He gave the lot to Yorkhill Hospital. Thousands of pounds. A five-figure sum. Without fuss. On the QT.



    For Petrov, it never seemed about Petrov. A family man off the park, a team man on it. Even in this time of illness, you get the impression he’s almost embarrassed by the support.



    Villa fans applauded every time a game got to 19 minutes to back him. Petrov asked them to stop this season, saying it was time to move on.



    Almost 60,000 people will turn out to support his charity game on Sunday. He spent yesterday laughing at himself and thanking everyone else for coming. Typical.



    It was impossible not to admire Petrov as a player.



    He is every bit as impressive as a man.



    Petrov is still alive and well. Sorry, Bill, what Petrov did on the football park is nothing compared with how inspirational he continues to be off it.

  25. Steinreignedsupreme on

    I see ole Zheng Zhi is starting for China in the match against Singapore – I hope he doesn’t get injured.

  26. John Terry doesn’t bother me. I quite like him as a player and don’t really give a toss what he does in his private life.



    I do think Carlos Cueller on the other hand will face more ‘boos’ than bmcuwp on a stag weekend. :)



    Hopefully it’s all pantomime stuff though.

  27. Paul67 et al



    I am quite happy that John Terry is making his way up to Glasgow for Stan’s Charity match, even more so because he is the Captain of Chelsea FC. Noticed Frank Lampard giving us some positive mentions on his social media too. If I could create a game where teams of the past could play against each other, (feel free to develop the idea Paul), it would be Celtic 1970-1 against Chelsea 1970-71. Two terrific footballing teams when they put their minds to it. Wouldn’t have minded being in the same CL group just to get the opportunity to play them at Parkhead, a venue I am not sure if Chelsea have ever played. Looking forward to Sunday, old times and good times all in one.

  28. Sunday should be an excellent day out in more ways than one.


    I’ll be there. 55,000 is expected to fill CP on Sunday & Said


    Charity/Fund Raising Match is being screened on BT Sport 1


    I would imagine around 1:30pm for all who can’t make it.


    Said match starts at 2pm

  29. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    I cringed when England fans booed every touch of maradona when he played in a charity game a few years ago. Despite maradona’s past and involvement in many dodgy activities, the guy still made time to help out a charity. I hope we don’t boo terry and treat him with respect that his attendance merits. If lance Armstrong was to turn up however…


    One thing for sure, John terry will be there to collect his winners medal even if he doesn’t get a game.

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