From David Marshall to Tony Watt


Just days after The Beating of Barca in 2004 the youthful Celtic chief executive, Peter Lawwell presented teenage sensation, David Marshall, with a new contract, reward for his incredible goalkeeping performances against the Catalans.  Having made only a single first team appearance, in a cup game against (then) lower league opponents, David played the second half of the first leg against Ronaldinho & Co, then all of the second leg, without conceding a goal.

It Camp Nou performance was the most remarkable I’ve seen from a keeper.  After years looking for a solid performer to make the position his own, it looked like we had a new star.

A year later David had, if anything, regressed.  He remained first choice until after the start of season 2005-06 but Artur Boruc, for a while the genuine article, soon replaced him.  David was shipped out to Norwich before eventually settling at Cardiff City, where he has built a solid career, but his star never shone as brightly as we expected it to.  His Scottish contemporaries, Allan McGregor and Craig Gordon, both overtook him.

It is incredibly hard for a youth player to break into a team like Celtic in a position like goalkeeper, or striker, the pressure to deliver – every time – is so high, we are a whole lot more likely to introduce wingers.  The parallels between David Marshall and Tony Watt are remarkable, so far.

From the outside it’s hard to guess what went wrong for David at Celtic.  He lost his place at Celtic when he was just 20 and the trajectory of his career was never the same but 20 is still remarkably young for a keeper working at Champions League level.  Tony Watt is two years younger than David and he is in the considerably better position of being able to come on as substitute for sections of games, or to drop away for a few weeks, if necessary.

We should expect more fantastic splurges of form from the player but there will be frustrations and dips in form too.  He has the skill, speed and strength to make it.  With hard work and patience he stands an excellent chance.

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  1. Always Great To See Even-Handed Objectivity On CQN…..



    Overcoming The MSM Bias……



    Particularly In The Reporting Of The BBC



    ( See Balen Report….On BBC Anti-Israel Bias)




    As Always,The Perspicacious Melanie Phillips Gives Her Crystal Clear Insights On The Latest Middle East Conflict….



    In Her Perfect,Crisp,Concise English….



    This Lady Should Be Cloned….





    I Reckon Considerably More Folk Were Killed In Both Iraq And Syria Over The Past Two Days….



    Than Were Killed In Gaza….



    And Were More Likely To Have Been Innocent Civilians….



    Makes You Think….

  2. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Whither the cash strapped scrofulous hillbillies, and their scrofulous cash strapped cuzz, the day?

  3. Rubicon-Good point re Marshall,any time I have heard Tony speaking he always says he has needed guys to convince him how good he was.Seemingly in training,if he misses a chance he berates himself for ages after it.Maybe Jim McGuinness can get inside his head to shrug off disappointment immediately,and look for his next chance.Being a bit shy and humble is very unusual for a modern day footballer,just think what kind of player we will have once he believes in his own ability.He is the real deal.

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    The Singing Detective Demands The Resignation Of Campbell Ogilvie


    09:27 on 16 November, 2012


    Macjay 1…..


    Are You Aware Of The Fate That Befell The Thriving Jewish Communities Of The Arabian Peninsula etc.



    Hello,my fellow Tim.


    First of all,can I say that the insults directed toward your goodself,particularly the rearranging of T,S.D.,are juvenile in the extreme,and unworthy of decent Celtic supporters.



    Anti Jewish pogroms litter the history of the 20th century.


    Who would not have sympathy with the Jewish people and their horror in the death camps?


    The only issue is principles and standards.


    Without fear or favour.



    Have you looked at this?


    Prof.Finkelstein says it all for me.


  5. up_over_goal-Jonathan Sutherland on Shortbread,said on Wednesday night that WGS would not get Scotland job.

  6. I imagine that a precocious talent like young (18!) Tony Watt will be very carefully looked after and that much development work will be done with him so that he does not just blaze like a passing comet but emerges as a mercurial planet of a player to remain in Celtic’s orbit for a very long time.


    That’s my cosmological analogy done……but he IS a star, n’est ce pas?



  7. What site does Everyone use to download films,series ,docu’s ?



    Top of the list is breaking bad and entourage. Then load of good documenteries





    This is the quietest run up to agm in years. Fair play to lawell abd board for not puttin poppy on tops this year.

  8. Was listening to snyde this morning and heard the advert for the deid clubs game tomorrow being shown live on zombie tv at 1245 for £5.99, is this not against the rules? I know Celtic TV only broadcasts live outside the UK, so whats the score with the cheats?



    Can anyone Enlighten?



    Hail Hail

  9. saltires en sevilla on

    Good morning fellow Celts



    I wish I had all that he has – hey



    I wish I could be like Tony Watt




  10. saltires en sevilla on




    Skyfall decent enough – one of the better efforts



    long adverts at start 30 mins -best try to avoid an early seat or you could on there for almost 3 hours.

  11. !!bada bing!!



    10:06 on 16 November, 2012


    proudbhoy-HMV were selling Series 1&2 of BB for £15 a few weeks back.



    Cheers mate but im in oz and currently skint as trying to pay for flights home at crimbo so gonna have to be free download or nothing.



    What time is our agm today do u know ?

  12. P67



    I think self confidence was David Marshall’s biggest problem …I think the nightmare in Bratislava badly affected him and Boruc was , as you say , superb for us for a few years



    Tony looks more confident , has had more first team experience and as a CF can often avoid any great criticism for a poor team performance



    Also IMO the youth Champions League is great experience for our young players

  13. sixtaeseven:- you were on previously about a bad back, I read through some helpful answers but have only just came back on net. What I recommend (after 40 years to similar in lower back) is obvious and simple,which we sometimes miss. When lying down with legs flat the back is arched.Between buttocks and shoulder blades no support! In Thailand bolsters are commonplace so I put under the knees,on floor and even poor mattresses the back flattens out,no tension on spine.When sitting support the back hollow with whatever you can stuff there,try and keep the gut in.


    The rest (when able) is as stated before down to developing the core muscles surrounding the spine . I use an exercise wheel but take care when staring up,only as far as is easy dont over stretch and be in control. A few a day strengthens so much, shoulders and arms as well.


    If you don’t know and do this already it should help over time,hope so.

  14. not only Artmedia, but in the next game he lost 4 to Motherwell, after Gordon replaced him with Boruc the team never looked back, sometimes I blame Gordon for Artmedia & Motherwell because Arthur had done great in the pre season frendlies

  15. Proudbhoy,


    To be fair to our host Paul67, it’s better to try posting in fora more relevant to filesharing or tv or audiovisual issues than in a football one such as this.



    This site could get into trouble and that’s something that would some people very happy.

  16. Palacio67




    10:01 on 16 November, 2012




    Was listening to snyde this morning and heard the advert for the deid clubs game tomorrow being shown live on zombie tv at 1245 for £5.99, is this not against the rules? I know Celtic TV only broadcasts live outside the UK, so whats the score with the cheats?



    Can anyone Enlighten?




    I’m making an assumption that a 12.45 KO means game is being broadcast to air (ie on the TV somewhere in the Uk).



    If so the timing is ok as it is outside the 3 to 5 blackout period and the decision to offer it ppv is a commercial one to get income from viewers who cannot watch on TV either in UK or overseas and are not regular Rangers TV subscribers.



    Every £ is a prisoner at Stalag Ibrox.

  17. 25thMay



    I’d forgotten about the 4 goals against Well ..



    I think you’re correct re Boruc



    I don’t think DM ever recovered from that dreadful start to the season

  18. Tony Watt has a big future. Good to see him committed to the club and I look forward to watching him for many years to come.



    And early first team opportunities for one 18 year old will also encourage other talented youngsters.

  19. Auldheid



    Going ppv will be more remunerative than giving away free tickets



    It’ll be interesting to see the attendance figures for tomorrow’s game



    Anyway with 50 or was it. 500 million fans world wide they’ll soon be back in the big time

  20. From the Lennox Herald for the Dumbarton and St. Pats Bhoys.



    Dumbarton man helped seal Celtic victory over Barcelona


    Nov 16 2012 by Amanda Graham, Lennox Herald


    A Dumbarton man has paid a pivotal role in one of the greatest Scottish football victories for years.


    Stevie Woods, known as the quiet man, deserves his share of the credit for Celtic’s European Champions League victory over Barcelona at Celtic Park last Wednesday – but you won’t hear that from him.


    Woods is goalkeeping coach for the Scottish champions and it was the Celtic goalkeeper, Fraser Forster, who turned on the display of his life in both the home and away matches against the Catalans to keep Celtic in the tournament and hopefully now progress towards the last 16.


    Foster, who signed for Celtic from Newcastle United for more than £2 million, has been making steady progress under the mentoring of Woods, who puts him through his paces at the Glasgow club’sLennoxtown training head-quarters.



    The 6ft 7in goalie, who had been on loan to Celtic from the Tyneside giants, has improved hugely under Woods’ guidance to the extent that England manager Roy Hodgson has named Forster in his international squad.


    Celtic manager Neil Lennon is delighted with the goalkeeper’s progress and his international call-up. He said: “I think he is now pushing Joe Hart for the England number one spot. He is playing at the highest level and doing it brilliantly.”


    Lennon is also delighted with Woods whom he sees as one of his trusted lieutenants in the Celtic Park backroom squad.


    When the manager hasinconveniently been confined to a seat in the stand from time to time, those fans who keep a close watch on these things have noticed that he has chosen Woods to sit beside him during the game and pass on tactical advice to colleagues in the dug-out.


    Woods is married to Dumbarton woman Paula Kerr and, along with their nine-year-old son, John, live in East Dunbartonshire.


    He started playing football atSt Patrick’s Primary School and then moved up to St Patrick’s High School, for whom his father, John Woods, also played in goal.


    Stevie played both football and Gaelic football at school. It was while he played for Kilpatrick Boys’ Club that he was spotted by senior club scouts.


    He played at senior level forHibernian, Motherwell, Clydebank, St Mirren and Preston North End. He was a goal-keeping coach atDunfermline and travelled with various Scottish squads when Craig Brown was in charge.


    Woods is now immersed in the coaching side of the beautiful game and when he was pictured in Spain in the company of Real Madrid and former Chelsea coach, the legendary Jose Mourhino, someone askedjokingly: “I wonder who’s learning from whom there.”


    Woods is a man of few words, some would say shy even and certainly self-effacing. You wouldn’t hear him boasting or having anything to say publicly apart from carefully weighted words about his career, far lessclaiming credit for what Celtic fans are ecstatically proclaiming the victory of all victories in the modern era.


    But people close to Stevie Woods know that inside that calm exterior of his he will be bursting with pride at that marvellous win over Barcelona — and that he will be, quietly, satisfied with Celtic’s historic win.

  21. sixtaeseven: Wanyama! Watt!!! and a consolation goal for Messi on



    Sorry, it must have been someone else with the back prob.


    Mine is OK, although everything else is slowly deteriorating.



    Wish I could be (young) like Toneee Waaaaaatt…

  22. Proudbhoy


    Netflix free for a month and all Breaking Bad series inc series 5, great for a month, then £5.99 after that, I am sure their will be an oz equivalent.



  23. News story of the day:



    Man faces sausage roll charge



    A man has appeared in court for allegedly trying to feed sausage rolls to police horses.



    Francis Kelly, 41, is accused of giving the pastries to the animals that led to him being arrested.



    Prosecutors allege he behaved in a “threatening or abusive manner” by attempting to feed the horses. He will now stand trial next year.



    The incident is said to have taken place in Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow, on September 26 this year.



    The charge also claims Kelly “adopted an aggressive stance” towards the officers in charge of the horses when told to put the sausage rolls away.



    Kelly, of Govanhill, denies the charge. He will return to Glasgow’s Justice of the Peace court next February for trial.

  24. Morning Celts,


    I have the hang over from hell, Celtic brand whisky and a few bottles of cava…..


    My dad, Jack Martin passd away yesterday and thankfully (for me) I was with him over the last ….. hard days, more importantly I was with my mum and spent some quality time with her.



    The CQN’ers on here have been very good with the kind thoughts and words when I went up to Scotland on Sunday, and although I’ve flounced out of FB etc, my friends got the news and sent me kind messages of help and support (you bhoys know who you are, thanks again).


    My dad, well not a lot of people know that he was borne in Ireland, Derry City to be exact although he was only a young schoolboy, when he left to live in Scotland.


    I was surprised, but I should’nt have been, to hear that my dad wants his ashes spread over the river Foyle in Derry, this in my opinion is the greatest way to go and I’d be up for the same myself…… well done Jack Martin



    I know it’s often mentioned on here of the greatest games we all went to. I was very close to tears at missing the Barca game at CP, for me, it had to be done but my big regret was that father never got to see that game, he took me to so many great games and probably shouldn’t because of school next day, but even then he knew my passion was strong and on reflection ….. thanks dad, you done the right thing.



    The best games my father took me too? was it the European Cup semi at Hampden park with 136, odd thousand fans, was it the last time the Lisbon Lions played together when we skelped Clyde 9-0 (I think), the 10 men won the league sticks in my mind as my father was driving the bus that day and every single window was broken as the Zombies (old liquidated Zombies) yet again rioted, while the police force of that time stood idly by, I was there and I watched that, in fact not much difference to how we are treated in the GB with their video cameras and the searches, you Bhoys don’t know the half of that.


    I’ve ran out of steam/ words and just wanted to thank you all for the kind words from last weekend and the recent texts.



    Sometimes words are not enough but this morning I have some and wanted to share with this Celtic community.



    My dad will be in St Joseph’s in Greenock on Tuesday night and the Funeral ,is the next morning all are welcome and back to the Greenock CSC for those who want to chat and remember, all welcome.




  25. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon



    10:36 on 16 November, 2012



    Any links between that incident and the black pudding case?

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