From David Marshall to Tony Watt


Just days after The Beating of Barca in 2004 the youthful Celtic chief executive, Peter Lawwell presented teenage sensation, David Marshall, with a new contract, reward for his incredible goalkeeping performances against the Catalans.  Having made only a single first team appearance, in a cup game against (then) lower league opponents, David played the second half of the first leg against Ronaldinho & Co, then all of the second leg, without conceding a goal.

It Camp Nou performance was the most remarkable I’ve seen from a keeper.  After years looking for a solid performer to make the position his own, it looked like we had a new star.

A year later David had, if anything, regressed.  He remained first choice until after the start of season 2005-06 but Artur Boruc, for a while the genuine article, soon replaced him.  David was shipped out to Norwich before eventually settling at Cardiff City, where he has built a solid career, but his star never shone as brightly as we expected it to.  His Scottish contemporaries, Allan McGregor and Craig Gordon, both overtook him.

It is incredibly hard for a youth player to break into a team like Celtic in a position like goalkeeper, or striker, the pressure to deliver – every time – is so high, we are a whole lot more likely to introduce wingers.  The parallels between David Marshall and Tony Watt are remarkable, so far.

From the outside it’s hard to guess what went wrong for David at Celtic.  He lost his place at Celtic when he was just 20 and the trajectory of his career was never the same but 20 is still remarkably young for a keeper working at Champions League level.  Tony Watt is two years younger than David and he is in the considerably better position of being able to come on as substitute for sections of games, or to drop away for a few weeks, if necessary.

We should expect more fantastic splurges of form from the player but there will be frustrations and dips in form too.  He has the skill, speed and strength to make it.  With hard work and patience he stands an excellent chance.

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  1. On the food theme. Was in morrisons this morning and a guy ran in and started spraying domestos all over the fruit counter.



    Shop assistants grabbed him and called police.



    I believe he’s been charged with bleach of the peach.




    Hail! Hail!

  2. Food related crime on the rise?!



    Possibly – but the boy who was done for threatening behaviour while brandishing a sausage roll was, imo, ‘done up like a kipper!’.




  3. Bada


    if we thought IBs earlier comment was ill advised, then the one relating to US behaving ourselves was…well best not say what my thoughts on that are for fear there are kids lurking.

  4. macjay1



    Thanks for your excellent link “Bravest Jew”. It is humbling, I know you know I try to intepret The Word as best as possible.



    Thank God for the excellent Glasgow Celtic. And what an amazing Club it is.

  5. As if that wasn’t enough last week in Tesco a guy started to open up all the sandwiches in the sandwich bar and throw them all over the shop.



    He was later charged with disturbing the piece.



    Hail! Hail!

  6. Vmhan – 10:42



    Sorry to hear your sad news about your dad.



    May perpetual light shine upon him.

  7. Last weekend Mrs M was bending over the freezer looking for frozen peas….I couldnt resist and took full advantage of her position [if you know what I mean and i think you do]





    We are now banned from ASDA…….

  8. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    ….can we not say Bankier is a fud on this blog?



    I will be behaving myself alright for the next 12 months.



    I’ll be doing something else on a Saturday afternoon.



    How can we support a board member who treats us like dirt?



    Who appointed this clown anyway?



    Can I now expect the police at my door on trumped up charges?



    Resign Mr Bankier, you are a clown.

  9. Summa of Sammi….



    Thank You Buddy.



    How do you think the game against Benfica will go?



    What should Celtic do to get out of Lisbon with a point?

  10. we’ve got two wingbacks that won’t go near the byeline, if you don’t get behind/around a packed defence you don’t score




    If the ball doesn’t hit the back of the net you don’t score, the wingbacks are tripping over Sammi on once side and Commons on the other. When they do hit the bye line they look up and no one in the middle.


    Why wingers in the SPL play 3 5 2 instead, the opposition only play with 1 up.

  11. saltires en sevilla on

    I B spoke briefly @ 125 event in St Mary’s last week



    He was not impressive – there was much uncomfortable shuffling



    The type of guy who enters a room and the temperature drops 10 degrees



    He must be exceptionally good at something – you might ask ?



    I suspect when he moves on, that question will remain unanswered

  12. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    A guy in Tesco today started chucking packets of Saxa at the duracell display. He was charged with saltin’ batteries.

  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger



    14:19 on 16 November, 2012



    ‘Philbhoy – is that what IB really said?’




    You’d have to assume it was an attempt at humour, in which case he’s no Jerry Sadowitz.

  14. Re Sponsors –



    Would it not be a good idea, and in line with our heritage, to get that Benedictine Abbey in Devon to put their name on our shirts? They could also be provided with exclusive distribution rights at Celtic Park.



    The other benefit is that the zombies would definitely not join up with us.



    Eggs Benedict CSC


    Shirt sponsorship seems to be the big thing two hours ago as I catch up.



    If this has been said,I apologise.



    IMO,no commercial sponsorship for two years,we highlight a NUMBER of,preferably Scottish kid’s,charities during that time.



    I believe that Celtic fans would be even more inclined to buy those tops,and wear them with EVEN MORE PRIDE THAN EVER!



    Fairly cash-neutral,in that respect,honour regained,with a strong possibility that sponsors would be more willing in the future to tie up with us,sharing their name with those charities.



    Those on the board who are misjudging the feelings of the fans on this matter would be getting crucified for misjudging the views of their customers if they were stil in their previous roles.



    But it seems that as a captive audience,our voice is somehow irrelevant.



    We are viewed by them as customers,instead of the lifeblood,the heart and soul,of the club.



    If they were an energy supplier,I’d be supporting Partick Thistle or Ayr United by now…….

  16. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Ernesto -he’s not even a Jerry Lewis.



    Did anyone at the AGM apologise for the completely unjustified criticism of the #9 Enigma last year?

  17. .



    Kilbowie Kelt


    13:55 on


    16 November, 2012


    Summa of Sammi….



    13:38 on 16 November, 2012





    Joe did indeed go out to see Big Pat.


    Small world, right enough.


    Amazing that the Big C got both of them.



    Let me know if you are ever back in Glasgow & will make a point of catching up with you for beer & nonsense talk, or whatever.



    Good Luck & good health.






    Yea will defo get a Beer when I’m back..CL Semi Finale hopefully:O)..Would like to go see Pats brother Peter..Yes Joe we had a Few Laughs when he was Here..Joe could not believe the Size of the Drive through Bottle Shops here..Think he was with us at Charlie and the Bhoys..@ The Celtic Club..







  18. fergus slayed the blues on

    Re the joint sponsorship


    IMO because of the paltry TV deal we have the club relies heavily on us the fans and any sponsorship deals to increase club revenue .I suspect most companies would want to have both us and sevco on board as to not alienate their customer base .


    I have no problem with the boards stance (within reason) on this issue ,as what are the alternatives .


    Getting better TV deal ….surely tried already


    Put ST prices up further …..Too high already IMO.


    Was the last sponsorship to be done with one club only McEwens ,how did that turn out and have all sponsors since learned something from that deal ,hence all since being with both clubs .


    I am in the camp of having nothing to do with this new club and I hope the board have pursued sponsors on our clubs position only ,although that may be a bit naive on my part


    hail hail

  19. Condolences Vmhan, RIP Jack Martin.



    I think DBBIA hit the nail on the head using the Bunnet’s principle of “putting bums on seats”. Better 50k paying £300 than 30k paying £500. I hate to say this but the evidence is in Zombieland (possible free tickets in play) with their pricing. We would have another 20k buying sundry items like refreshments, Paradise Windfall etc, we would also have extra expenditure in the Superstore. It is not rocket science, and we are supposed to have successful business men running the club. I ran my own business for years, successfully I may add, and pricing the product correctly is the most important part of a successful strategy.


    As regards a sponsor for the jersey I voted, by proxy, for the proposal, but I think we should have a sponsor who is ethical in it’s business dealings or have the name of a charity on the Jersey. Failing that no sponsor at all, I prefer to buy my Celtic tops minus sponsor, whenever possible!


    Finally, a well done to CQN’s Mouldy67 for his completion of the cycle form Ballymote to Paradise, to quote a well known business expression “the cheque’s in the post”.



    Hail! Hail! Mouldy, PMTYH

  20. GourockEmeraldBhoy on




    Condolences to you and your family. I know your brother Frank from school many moons ago..




  21. .






    I would take your Hand off for a Point in l think Spartak will be Gunning for us in the Last Game and might Beat us..they are a Much better team than the one that Turned up in Moscow..they also Know All about My Bhoy Georgious..NOW..




  22. Vmhan



    May perpetual light shine upon yer da and may the love and memories give you and the family comfort at this time.

  23. ernie lynch



    14:26 on 16 November, 2012



    I’ve said often enough what I think is happening in Israel.



    How do you think Celtic will do tomorrow?



    I have a wee feeling we will be in for a treat, especially if Aberdeen open up against us.

  24. Methinks IB may just have contracted a severe dose of the CharlieGreens, opens his gub and a whole lot of nonsense tumbles out

  25. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    I’m looking forward to seeing the young Aberdeen winger [if he’s fit], Fraser?



    I also hope our defenders handle him without kicking lumps out of him, which has happened a lot this season.



    A good solid performance to set us up for our Lusitanian travels.

  26. Summa of Sammi….



    oi, I’m asking you how we get that point!!! a point is easily transferred to 3 points when calm and assured performances are given, especially away from home in Europe in the Champions League. Scoddish Press?



    I’m with you all the way about Spartak and that is why I can see us, incredible as it may sound, ending up top of this Group.

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