From Jinky to Georgios


Usually we head straight home, but that day we stood around the front door of Hampden Park, waiting to see the players emerge with the trophy.  It was big Billy’s last game, it also provided an enduring memory of Paul Wilson, but it was the unused Jimmy Johnstone who engaged the fans most.  In the days which followed Jock Stein had ‘the chat’ with Jinky.  Celtic’s greatest ever player, still only 30-years-old, was released from the only club he’d ever been at.

Jinky later acknowledged he expected the news.  Jock had been using him increasingly sparingly, and mostly as substitute, and these were the days before clubs supported large squads.  It was the end of an era, a sad time all round, but this is football, and football is ruthlessly harsh to everyone eventually.

Georgios Samaras has come through the wringer at Celtic, often target of the boo boys and denied the support and encouragement he needed to flourish.  His languid style implied a lack of urgency, for some, but Georgios stuck to his beliefs on how the game should be played and had a late spell in the sun during the last two years.

He was instrumental in the incredible league win in 2008 but the Champions League campaign of 2012 will be his most memorable contribution to the club.  Goals away from home against Benfica, Barcelona and the last minute winner against Spartak Moscow, for our first away win in the tournament, are his hallmark goals.

It wasn’t just the goals during that campaign, Celtic were fourth seed, up against three considerably stronger teams.  Neil Lennon set out to defend and used Samaras physical attributes, as well as his natural desire to hold the ball, as his first stage in building attacks.

Celtic tried the same in this season’s Champions League but, not surprisingly, Sami more often than not, found three defenders around him whenever the ball approached.  He was ineffective, as was Celtic.

In domestic football, Georgios, our main Champions League attacking weapon, was often regarded as a blunt instrument.  Scottish teams defend deeply against the champions, who would, therefore, never ask Samaras to hold the ball up and bring others into the team.  On these occasions his languid style frustrates those wanting a more urgent approach to their football.

The lack of an offer from Celtic will be a blow to Georgios, but I’m sure Peter Lawwell can more than stand the ‘blame’ for this one.

Very best wishes, Georgios.  I hope you have a great World Cup and have your choice of next destinations.

The Celtic FC Foundation badge sellers had enormous fun before yesterday’s game.  Many thanks to all who joined in, and who bought a badge.  It was an easy way to feel part of this great club’s reason for being.

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    He must be gey fonda the champers,cos it wisnae enough to keep him in his castle.

  2. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Hootenanny getting that big we will soon need an outside venue.:)))


    MONAGHAN 1900 1742






    Nice one.


    Oops that should have referenced a post at 1749.



    Good at dates,passed history because of that.



    Not good at much else!

  5. tallybhoy,



    A pleasure to meet your good self,a bloody hour I sat at the door, still it was a great day and worth it.



    Caesar is out the back garden fighting with the magpies.HH

  6. glendalystonsils



    17:54 on 12 May, 2014




    17:31 on


    12 May, 2014


    Or as better known…. plasmopara viticola



    Did we not gub them in Europe a few years back?





    No sure the last time we really grubbed anybody in Europe!

  7. I see Big Jock once spurned the chance to sign a young Alan Hansen – and we thought Neil Lennon was bad! Sack them all I say!

  8. an tearmann



    You are without a doubt one of the biggest ghuys I have ever met!



    …and one of the nicest!



    Saw the photo of you and PFAYR – he looks like a midget!



    Take care.




  9. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Blue tie Mckay in grey tie shockeroony





    You need to ask THE BATTERED BUNNET to send his two pumas round to educate Cesar on a few things.



    Magpies are meat and drink to them,they eat them for breakfast.



    His post a year or so back about them,Munn and Dunning,was as funny as I’ve seen on here.



    And there has been some competition for that accolade!

  11. Steinreignedsupreme on

    This time next year an overgrown Ibroke may be available for private functions…

  12. Thunder Road on




    It was great to meet you.


    You guys were ahead of the game with rooms booked.


    Might look at that for next time!


    Hopefully we can do it again soon.

  13. TnT



    Cheers mate – got Maypole Lass e/w at 9/1, so landed the place money :-)


    Ran a good race but got pinned at the end by the Favourite!!!!



    BTW – I see that Colebrooke is listed to run at Aintree on Friday also, what do you think it’s chances are of a quick fire double?








  14. The original Eton Mess………………….. and his odd outburst


    with regards to the wee chanter is astounding of forehead…..


    I’ve a bad feeling this will be encouraging for the undead………..


    At the same time the Busted Flush is boldly shufflin’ the pack in a mesmerising re-arrangement of pensioners deckchairs………..Aye.



    Shirley more worthy of big headlines than Big Gorgeous?



    scoddland’s shame.








    Rooms booked and very reasonable too.



    But the hotel effed it up and only had room for most not all.



    Booking over the phone might not be that great an idea.



    I’ll not make that mistake again. Online,mail confirmation.



    Btw,it didnae have a lift,listed building. By the time I got to my bedroom on the third floor I was choking for another drink!

  16. BMCUW,



    I mind that post it was hilarious.



    I wish Caesar would leave the magpies alone, as Jonny the Tim is getting woken up with him fighting them in his garden.



    Don’t think he’s too happy :)

  17. Bjm



    Yeah she was gambled very heavily, 12/1 into 5/1 and almost pulled it off. McCoy just nailed us on the fav.



    Colebrooke was fine last Thursday morning, but I’ll know more tomorrow. Tbh I didn’t know he had been declared for Friday night.



    Hoping the rain stays away for Dawn Commander on Friday night at Aintree. He’s absolutely desperate for a run. Will post whatever news I get tomorrow.


    Tell Cesar to wear a Sunderland strip.



    The magpies will leave him alone and start attacking horses.



    This is known.

  19. TET,



    It was roasting, spent most of the time at the beach bars, it was like musical chairs most times to get the best view off the beach ;)

  20. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Just noticed your horse was second … I had a tenner on



    Five bets today …including your one



    Four seconds ……misery

  21. On the day big Fraser gets the call for Rio



    Cammy Bell is in the Scotland. Really Gordon?



    The strongest part of the team and an average keeper gets a sympathy vote as Scotland name 4 keepers for one friendly.

  22. From the official site.




    Herron’s a five-star Celt


    By: Paul Cuddihy on 12 May, 2014 11:04



    JOHN Herron celebrated his fifth league title with the Under-20s last week, and the success remains just as sweet whether it’s number one or number five.


    It’s been an exciting few weeks for the young Celt, given that, as well as helping the Under-20s make it five-in-a-row, he also made his first start for the top team, playing against Motherwell in the 3-3 draw at Fir Park.


    On that day he slotted into the right-back role, something he’s also done for the U20s, and while his preferred position is in an attacking midfield role, Herron is happy to play wherever he is required.


    “I’ve been training more or less for the past two years with the first-team, and it’s just been a case of waiting for a chance,” he told the View.


    “And I got the chance when we played away at Motherwell, with the injuries at right-back, the manager asked me to step in. It’s not a position I’m too familiar with but I’ve done it at Under-20 level for the past few games and wherever the manager tells me to play for the Celtic first-team, then I’ll do it.


    “Coming up through the Academy you do end up playing more than one position, but being a more attacking player, it can help when you’re asked to play in a defensive role to know what the attacker might be thinking.


    “I had Efe and Virgil alongside me, and I was in a very experienced team, and I was used to training every day with them, and they pulled me through it.”


    Herron was at right-back on Friday as the Under-20s beat Dundee United 2-0 to secure the title. And he’d also played his part in the derby victory over Rangers earlier in the week, scoring Celtic’s second goal in the 2-0 win which set up the title clincher at Tannadice.


    It was a high-pressure week for the young Celts, but it was one that they came through with flying colours.


    “You get that by playing with Celtic,” he said. “First and foremost you have to perform well and play good football for the fans, particularly when you’re playing for such a big club. You have to win games and that’s the pressure we have every week.


    “Other teams don’t have that but when you’re playing for Celtic you need to play well and progress but, first and foremost, win games.”


    And as one of the older players in the Under-20 squad, Herron was able to pass on his experience of previous title run-ins to his younger team-mates.


    “I was speaking to Calum Waters who was playing left-back and he was telling me hadn’t really won anything before now whereas I’ve won quite a few trophies, so he was asking me for some advice,” he said, “and I was telling him just to relax and try to treat it as any other game. It’s very important that the likes of myself, Marcus Fraser and the Twardzik brothers help the younger players.


    “It’s something you take on board yourself because when I was their age I was looking to the older players just to give me a few pointers, and that’s what we’ve done.”

  23. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    PF Ayr & Eldiegobhoy


    Good to meet you on Sat


    Thunder Rd ,Travellerbhoy and bhoys you too :)))





    It is something to think about if only we could guarantee the weather :)))



    Has billy started work on his blackpudding song yet?


    Hebcelt knows what i’m talking about.


    Ps I miss celtic already :((

  24. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on





    18:27 on 12 May, 2014




    I have a mental picture of you sitting reading that:))))




    Till later all


    Things are bad when it’s QPR V Wigan for a fitba fix:)))

  25. ….pfayr supports weeoscar,



    I’m trying to remember who took that photo or who’s phone it was…it would be good to share it with the blog.

  26. Now here is a couple who have not only realized the ethos, but have also heightened awareness of what it means.


    Not just Player of the Year but Family of the Year. An example to us all.



    From the official site


    They should be rewarding me for the extra hits.



    Commons: It’s an honour to be a Celt


    By: Kenny McKay on 11 May, 2014 16:04



    KRIS Commons has hailed the Celtic support as they celebrated a third consecutive Scottish league title with a trophy day win at Paradise.


    Celtic’s Player of the Year praised the impact of the supporters as he helped the Hoops to a 3-1 victory over Dundee United to kick-start the Trophy Day celebrations.


    After the full-time whistle, Celtic legends Stiliyan Petrov and John Hartson took to the stage to present the Bhoys with their medals before captain Scott Brown lifted the SPFL Scottish Premiership trophy – sending Paradise into raptures.


    Speaking exclusively to Celtic TV after the match, Commons, who bagged his 32nd goal of the season, described the atmoshphere at Celtic Park as unique.


    He said: “I was in two minds whether to smash it or dink it but luckily enough for me, the keeper went to ground and that made things easier, and I got the goal on a great day for everyone.


    “There are a lot of good players in Scotland and down in England who don’t get the chance to experience and appreciate this, it’s special and there’s no other club like it.


    “It makes you appreciate every moment that you have with the club. The fans are one of a kind, that goes without saying, but it’s on days like this when you collect your medal that you get a sense of how much it means to everyone. It’s an honour to be here and to be involved with this club.”

  27. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Plenty of jobs going in the EPL



    I’d say Malky for WBA or even The Hammers…he used to play for them



    Lenny will be linked to these jobs …West Ham may be far enough up the league to interest him



    Southampton may also have a vacancy in early course ….

  28. leftclicktic watch this space!!!! Good to meet and greet everyone on Sat had agreat day yesterday and took a few quid off Ladbrokes. Thought Billy No,well was first class, I’ll keep you informed on developments of “The Great Celtic Stornoway Black Pudding Song” Hail Hail Hebcelt

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