Frustration and promise in Seville


A game most of us expected to lose without fuss instead turned out to be a frustrating look into what could have been.  Again, we lost four goals in Europe, as we did on three occasions in our Europa League group last season.  Again, we allowed a two-goal lead to slip away.  Despite the superficial similarities to last season, there are reasons to believe we are on a different trajectory.

Celtic bossed Real Betis for the first 30 minutes; the home side could barely hold possession in the final third.  At 0-2, the game could have slipped away from them, but a couple of breaks of the ball 18 yards from the Celtic goal was enough to bring them back into contention and transform the night.  Celtic were too fragile to assert telling authority.

Tom Rogic was head and shoulders above everyone else on the field.  On nights like that, you wonder what he is doing in Scottish football.

After an uninspiring start against Ross County on Saturday, Jota showed us what all the fuss is about.  Forced to play on the right, his deliveries were a delight.  His chance to put Celtic three up may, or may not, have changed the outcome of the game; if you can lose four so readily, there are no guarantees.  The winger pulled up with cramp on Saturday and was visibly waning after 75 minutes last night, when his touch and composure deserted him, but we have a player straight from the ‘Bums on seats’ drawer.

Albian Ajeti’s movement inside the box set the game alight.  He got onto the end of Jota’s cross to score the opener, then tempted Claudio Bravo in the Betis goal into a challenge before nipping the ball away from the keeper.  Would Eduard have made either run?  Not recently, that’s for sure.  The penalty was of the stonewall variety.

After the game, when asked why we keep losing so many goals in Europe, I protested.  The central defenders only met last week, the left back has never played there before this month, and the right and left side pairings were completely new partnerships, “This is different”, I insisted.  Time will tell.

I have watched a lot of Celtic teams lose in Spain but do not recall going there with such an attacking strategy.  I suspect it would never occur to Ange Postecoglou to play any differently.

The game had the look of one of those all-star games we used to see in the 80s, “England v The Rest of the World”, type affairs.  Plenty of talent and lots of goals, as no one really knew each other or what the structure was.  Both Celtic and Betis will improve.  Going on my expectations before the game, there were reasons to be encouraged, despite all the goals against!

BT will be interested to hear that Uefa permit member clubs to veto broadcaster staff assigned to cover games.  I doubt it.  BT subscribers were denied the channels’s top team when Newco refused to allow Neil Lennon and Chris Sutton entrance to Ibrox on security grounds.  Where else outside of the Gangster Clubs will you see behaviour like this?  It is like a club being run by children.

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I’ve always wondered if these Orangemen (does that make them Ompa Loompas?) play the banjo in their spare time?

  2. PHILBHOY on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2021 6:09 PM




    I knew you’d be up nex


    No one knows how Toney would have performed if we’d signed him.


    Including you.



    no shit sherlock.

  3. TINYTIM @ 9:50 PM,



    Was Dom Mackay’s “ Big Mistake “,selling Hendry for peanuts .



    No decent sell on fee .



    Then Ostende sell him to Brugge for a large profit.









    Scrolling back doing a catch up, this comment caught my eye…



    … TT may not be larger but he is smarter than your average Tim and definitely not on the deludomal.



    So iirc Hendy’s deal was a loan with an option to buy, it was known that Oostende were going to complete the deal before Dom McKay took over, it was also known they were going to sell him on for a profit.



    So a couple of points…



    Look no further than the usual suspects for this mistake.



    DM didn’t make a big mistake:)



    Hail Hail

  4. timhorton on 18th September 2021 4:04 pm









    The anti vaxers blocking entrance to Hospitals…….nurses , ambulances etc is a disgrace.



    All organised by two nurses…go figure.



    They have rights(anti vaxers) but so do we.Don’t take the Vax but don’t deny our rights to the Hospitals.



    Go and protest outside Queens Park.






    That is not right but Everyone must have the right to make their own decision. The big miss for me will be going to watch Celtic with my Son (defo keeping my seat). For his 21st Birthday me and his Mum got him a quality dinner/pool table (genius idea whoever came up with that) for his new flat. So even If I’m blocked from going to Reardens or other Establishments we will get to play our best of 35 most weeks. I was never a good skiier, and 27 C is too hot for me unless there is wind with it anyway. :D



    How antibody testing isnae in place, especially for the young ones I’ll never know.



    Hopefully the Well urnae given a Masterclass in cheating by the SFA’s worst but I suspect they will be on the wrong end of however many decisions newco need (they do most cheating when it isn’t Live).



    I’m confident Celtic, despite having a tough shift Thursday, will wipe the floor with Livi the morra.

  5. I see Sevco are using their own league flag tomorrow, rather than the official SPFL one featuring the league sponsor Cinch. As a result, Doncaster and MacLennan are either abstaining or are not invited to the pre-match ceremony. What a ridiculous state of affairs.



    Has anyone heard what Cinch are going to do vis-a-vis their league sponsorship? Things seem to have gone quiet on that front.

  6. PETEC @ 7:42 PM,



    Not really wanting to get too involved with the vax debate but have noticed you have mentioned an antibody test – how does this work?



    I was told not everyone who catches Covid19 has the antibodies also the antibodies would disappear after six months.



    I had the antibody test six months after I thought I’d had Covid 19, it came back positive.



    Five months after that I was approached to donate plasma due to my positive anti-body test.



    A week later I got a letter – they thanked me for donating the plasma but told me there was no antibodies, of course I wasn’t surprised by this.



    Hail Hail

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Credit to Brentford.



    While Lawwell (no first name) dithered …



    … they SWOOPED.



    To land the hottest young talent in British football (apart from the others).



    Absolutely shocked that the Brentford manager, when asked about the player, didn’t slag him off but instead …. bummed him up.






    So I made a conscious decision this evening to stop supporting Celtic (the team supported by my family right back to my grandparents) ….



    …. and switch my allegiance to Brentford.












    I then tried to book a tour of the Brentford trophy room ….



    …. Err






    So back I came.



    No one tell Lawwell. Please.



    His influence is everywhere.

  8. CHAIRBHOY on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:56 PM



    “I was told not everyone who catches Covid19 has the antibodies”



    Out of interest, who told you that?

  9. Chairbhoy on 18th September 2021 7:56 pm



    Noone knows enough about this Virus. What is evident is that rights are being taken away. Just saying my piece as I am very annoyed not being allowed to go see the Hoops – Everyone can spread this variant. The best defence is always catching the virus from what I have read and those antibodies are the best/longest lasting. Hence why we shouldn’t be vaccinating kids with a new vaccine.



    HH dude, thankfully yer comment isnae just saying my hesitancy is because I’m an idiot.



    Albian scoring a hattrick the morra is my prediction as Ange is the Man.

  10. Back to Basics,



    I watched the Brentford team for the first time ever (first 80 minutes) and I was impressed by the way they played. Tonev was definitely a standout – Moussa style.

  11. Petec, with regard to the cov issue, who should we believe?


    the msm who have lied about everything since….forever?


    the carefully selected scientists who wouldn’t be allowed onto msm if they were offering opinions and expertise that was in any way different from what msm were saying?


    or the politicians who like the msm have lied about everything since forever?


    who should we be listening to?


    if the information world is 100% corrupted and toxic, should we go where Celtic supporters had to go to discover the extent of Rangers tax dodging corruption and much more, ie the suppressed information sources on the internet?


    or should we just be dumb and get taken to the cleaners by the wall to wall liars on tv?


    what do you think Petec?

  12. CELTIC40ME @ 8:24 PM



    Out of interest, who told you that?



    Someone who works at a NHSBT research centre. They are neither Professors nor Clinicians but work as a manager at the centre.



    They were doing early trials and asking for volunteers who had Covid19 to donate plasma (this has nothing to do with my antibody test or subsequent donation).



    Apparently many volunteers were surprised or even upset to find they didn’t have antibodies.



    PETEC @ 8:28 PM,



    Your right to decide in this regard is supported by me.



    As someone who has changed outlooks and opinions over the years. The right of someone to follow their conscience and the support of our hard won Democratic freedoms has been a constant.



    There is merit in your thinking and the question should be asked, if you have antibodies should you need to take the vaccine? And my question at the time, that I could not get an answer to, what effect does the vaccine have if you have antibodies?



    An antibody test has it’s limitations as does antibody protection itself but I did find it odd that my positive test was really irrelevant.



    Hail Hail

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    PeteC – cheers.



    Totally get it.



    They’re quite an impressive club.



    Dynamic, forward thinking, progressive.



    Toney is a good player.



    We may have had a chance to sign him.



    We didn’t get it done.



    The chance is gone.



    There will be other Toneys (players we covet and miss out on) and other Brentfords (clubs we admire at a point in time) in future.

  14. CHAIRBHOY on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2021 9:03 PM




    This is not news.






    ‘An antibody test can tell you if it’s likely you’ve had COVID-19 before. It checks if your body has created antibodies to the virus or if these are from the vaccine.



    Some people who’ve had the virus or the vaccine do not have antibodies. This means the test does not work for everyone.



    An antibody test does not tell you:



    if you’re immune to COVID-19


    if you can or cannot spread the virus to other people’



  15. O’Pleb,



    I’d honestly rather talk about Celtic and hopefully Callum adding a year to his Celtic contract.






    The link below – especially when it comes to the young ones (old fogey now here) – as they are the ones being coerced the most and totally backs up my comment about antibody testing, especially for the young ones, being imperative.



  16. ERNIE LYNCH @ 9:36 PM,



    Yes, it is not news.



    However when I caught Covid19 in January 2020, there were many unknowns – the actual symptoms for a start:)



    The research I’m talking about was in early 2020 and cutting edge, saved many lives too by all accounts.



    My query of PETEC was simply to clarify a point as he had mentioned the antibody test a few times.



    Thought I’d put my background understanding of antibody testing and asked him how the antibody test he was proposing works.



    If any organisation or country that was using the antibody as some diffinitive protection I’d certainly be interested in that.



    PETEC @ 9:44 PM,



    Thanks, I’ll give it a read.



    Hail Hail

  17. It was Dom’s mistake naw it wisnae it was Peter’s.



    The supporters that actually saw Jack Hendry playing for Celtic at Kilmarnock especially, and latterly at Firhill weren’t just queuing up to drive him to the airport they were threatening the management , if he ever got picked again. He cost 900k and we sold him for double that in an astonishing turnaround via loan to Australia and a bad injury.



    Quite frankly superbly done Celtic, he wasn’t up to it in the Celtic defence and is a mistake a game for Scotland.



    Harrumph CSC

  18. Back to Basics.


    Confession time.:-)


    Had a similar experience the morning after feyenoord beat us 2-1 in the 1970 European Cup final.


    For 2 hours next evening I (still greetin/bubblin/bawin)


    thought of switching to the green and white of Hibs.So upset couldn’t believe it(still cannae:-) ma Celtic got beat.


    So next evenin went thro and seen aul grampa sutherland, next door neighbour.hearts man orig from embra.always as a wean running in an out the house etc


    How you doing he asked? Me sounding like a had flu for 3 months since a only stopped greetin before visiting- ok says i


    Grampa then said he could hear me greetin,that was me off again bawin,am changing teams but dint say who,due to Celtic getting beat


    Aw naw son,stick with yir team,giving me a new 50 p.


    A fortune.Good n bad,stick with your team son.


    Lesson learned,stuck with my team,some tears since but the tsunami of joy of seeing Celtic,and doin/sèeing/interacting wi all things Celtic since swamps those tears.:-)


    With Brentford today and Hibs of them days they were good to watch the odd individual etc but like yirsel am glad a headed the old man’s advice






  19. Chairbhoy,



    I was working in the hottest spot of Covid when it was really taking off – Barrow-in Furness – and I am sure I had it @ that time. Very weird symptoms too, real lethargy for 2 days and a very sore toe. That was almost 18 months ago now.



    Anyway, I hope we have some players back for Tomorrow so we can really keep bangin’ in the goals right to the last minute.

  20. CHAIRBHOY on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2021 9:03 PM



    Interesting. It might not be news but a study (albeit on a small sample) suggests that the number of people who have had it and don’t test positive for antibodies is less than 10% and that includes errors in the testing (I’m guessing)



    The link does say that you can have had it and not have antibodies, does it say what % “some” is?



    I’d suggest that at such low numbers saying “you can have had it and not have antibodies” while true is a little misleading?

  21. BSR



    Not only did we have the benefit of watching Jack Hendry close up we also had the benefit of two sets of coaching teams decidivg he wasn’t right for Celtic. Better players haven’t been able to deal with the pressure, I don’t think there any shame in it, much like there’s no blame for the coaches who realized it.



    Coaches have a unique and invaluable insight into players ability and mentality. Gavin Strachan would have known as much as anyone about Toneys suitability for, and value to Celtic

  22. My first Three verses



    And once again the streets are claimed, by stamping brogues as fools untamed,


    Pollute the air, mile after mile, with tunes of hate and songs of bile,


    Strutting frae their stone-age drains, wae unevolved defective brains,


    “Look at us” they shout and scream, “Behold of Satan’s final dream!”



    Frae ‘neath their rocks that virus crawled, when “To the streets” their masters called,


    “Wearrapeepul” was its cry, “If no’ wae us..- prepare to die!”


    Wae twisted face and empty head, along our roads their poison spread,


    Killing every form of hope,…. But still the rest of us use soap!



    And as it spread, it left a stain, upon the land, upon the main


    That storm and waves could not erase, burnt there by hell’s infernal blaze.


    Think of a Dinosauric snail…just imagine how its trail


    Would suppurate wae stench and blight…just like a lodge’s walking shite!



    To be continued…

  23. Tomorrow, I’d like to see Juranovic at right back & either Montgomery or Scales left back, Welsh in for Starfelt & McCarthy for Soro.

  24. Good Luck to Jack, Kris and all our ex players. If they go on and do very well it can only be good for Celtic.



    We would have some team if we had managed to hold All the players that had to go to a harder League to get even better.



    It will be interesting to see if young Jeremy will play against us at the end of the month.

  25. PETEC @ 10:04 PM,



    Yes,the symptoms are many and varied, my feeling is it was more wide spread at the beginning than was realised.



    That was a very interesting article – thanks for the link. From a personal perspective I found this illuminating…



    Yet one mRNA dose might be enough, some scientists argue. And other countries including Germany, France, Italy, and Israel administer just one vaccine dose to previously infected people.



    CELTIC40ME @ 10:18 PM,



    Must say as a lay person in this regard I’m just going on a very basic understanding.



    The research I’m referring too was many facited but at the time it prioritised life saving treatment.



    Transfusing plasma with antibodies into very ill patients in ICU,



    My (very basic) understanding was this saved many lives in the early days.



    Some of the plasma was used for R&D for the Oxford vaccine.



    The point being, they asked for volunteers who had Covid19, some had been very, very ill. They did an initial antibody test, if it was negative they didn’t take any plasma.



    This was simply in regard to this R&D and generally the NHSBT is always looking for plasma donors.



    Again from a very basic understanding, if you have had the virus but don’t have antibodies then you can still have immunity – your immune system may quickly make antibodies and repel future attacks.



    It is a complex business and I’ve no reason to doubt your figures.



    My main query was twofold…



    Is there now difinitive proof an antibody test is a useful tool in the fight against Covid19.!?



    … as is testing and vaccination.



    My personal one, did I need a double vaccinated. As I state above, the link that PETEC put up was enlightening in that regard.



    Hail Hail

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