Further confirmation of where we are


The reaction to points dropped yesterday was not on the same level as the disappointment after we similarly rescued a point against Hibs late on the game or went out of the League Cup last week, this one was expected by all and did no more than provide further confirmation of where we are.

This run of two wins in 12 games will eventually end, but by then it will be too late – possibly too late to see off Hearts in the Scottish Cup Final.  In 11 games between now and February, only two are outside Glasgow, short journeys to Hamilton and Paisley, and we have no international fixtures to contend with, but as St Johnstone, Ross County and others have established, that is no comfort.

St Johnstone’s goal was unlike our most in our recent glut.  The defence was briefly in position before breaking into a moment’s disorganisation, Frimpong rushed forward, leaving May unattended, Kane reacted while his marker, Bitton, looked the other way.  Neither Celtic player demonstrated defensive instincts.

Not that the defence is to blame.  The volume of good chances was insufficient to convince anyone a Celtic goal was coming and those that came were missed by our once-prized asset.  The equaliser had more than a touch of good fortune about it.  Whatever ails Celtic, it is not limited to the back line.

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  1. Paul 67,



    “Not that the defence is to blame. The volume of good chances was insufficient to convince anyone a Celtic goal was coming and those that came were missed by our once-prized asset. The equaliser had more than a touch of good fortune about it. Whatever ails Celtic, it is not limited to the back line.”






    Our once prized asset. That is damning.


    Do you forget your instincts and basics overnight? Unlikely.



    I’m sorry but when NFL goes there is no way back for some players.




  2. Lazy re-post from last night





    We must all assume the league is gone.


    For us to win the 10, we would now need to win our 2 games in hand , beat the Huns 3 times ,and match them in all other games.



    Neil Lennon ,leading this team can not steer us to Christmas without dropping more points.


    It is unlikely that any manager could come to Scotland and hit the ground running in time to win every necessary league game.



    We know it,


    I assume Peter Lawwell knows it ,


    and Dermot Desmond must surely also acknowledge this as the sad reality.



    The owner and CEO may be stubborn, but they are not stupid.



    Once we accept this as fact , the ‘lack of action’ on the board may make some sort of sense…..to them



    Looking from the boards perspective…



    NFL is on a rolling 12 month contract.


    If we sack him now we still pay him 1 years wages.


    If we do not have a replacement lined up , what is the benefit of running without a manager ( whilst paying for one)



    The board may serve Neil with his One years notice , let him run with the team untill they have identified a replacement.


    When the replacement is announced ( pay the balance of the contract).


    Unveil the “marquee” manager,


    sell out the season tickets.



    Is that the plan?



    I hope somebody has a plan.


    Any plan.



    In my head this last month has been played to the soundtrack of Radiohead’s






    “A heart that’s full up like a landfill


    A job that slowly kills you


    Bruises that won’t heal”




    No alarms and no surprises, please”



    The Onlooker

  3. I’m not as angry about Lennon staying on as I was last week. Largely because the damage is done now, the league is lost.



    Lawwell and Desmond are the problem with our Club, not Neil Lennon.




    The removal of Lawwell and Desmond from our Board should now be the primary aim for fans in what remains of this season. Starve the PLC until the Board are held accountable. Like Lennnon, it’s inevitable how this ends for Lawwell and Desmond if the support get organised.

  4. squire danaher on

    I see there’s a number of people expecting the manager to walk away as “he’s a good Celtic man”



    If we accept that his performance in the job has been such that he’s virtually unemployable in the short-mid term then he’s entitled to expect the clowns who gave him the job to



    1) recompense him and fulfil theT&Cs of his contract, and


    2) have the balls to take the responsibility and sack him rather than leaving him impost as a deflector shield.



    I’ve asked before on here and no one can answer.



    Why should he walk away?




    Good post , will the Celtic Trust lead the way forward ,



    do they have the power to do it .

  6. As a PLC the power lies with the shareholders – perhaps we should start a club 1888 and get DD to sell them his shares for 20p each

  7. squire danaher on

    James Forrest



    I know that your position to the future question about what you did when the TIAR blew up will be that you write several blog articles a day. I don’t disagree with your position as stated but from memory there are people on this blog and more among the wider support who will not stomach a boycott – even if/when we’re allowed back.



    Good luck if you think the likes of the CSA will come out and criticise.



    The only thing these people understand is £££. In years to come, the fact that 53000 paid upwards of £500 to watch an unreliable internet stream for a season will be regarded with utter incredulity.



    Hit them where it hurts.



    Not another penny.

  8. Terry, I don’t think Willie is a billionaire…..yet…..but I heard about a year ago that he wanted back involved, as he has more time to dedicate to the Club, here’s hoping 🤞

  9. the long wait is over on

    The only thing that would have given me more pleasure than winning the 10 would have


    been to have done so with NFL at the helm.



    While the 10 is in huge, maybe irrecoverable, danger we cannot, sadly IMHO, win it with NFL in charge.



    While the problems go deeper and higher than just him, he clearly cannot get a tune out of what is still a decent squad in any area of the pitch let alone all of them.



    It’s inconceivable that someone else couldn’t still do so – who that is I don’t know but I’d take almost anyone else from outside at this point. A total clearout is required.



    Fundamental , systemic changes are required, incl PL going but that can wait until the summer.



    Everything needs sidelined to concentrate on the 10. While our run of games is horrific we have , still and incredibly, only lost one league game – to them – and drawn only two league more games than they have.



    That‘s difference of 7 points, assuming we win our games in hand – a bigger ask then it should be.



    I’m no happy clapper but the increasing assumption that the league IS gone, when there are at least 66 points still to be won or lost by us/ them and we are adrift by potentially only 7 points is absurd and anyone at the club who thinks that should be sidelined / punted immediately.



    What is imperative however is that change is made at manager level now , not after the next domestic game, not after the Cup final but now.



    Doing so will , hopefully , change what has to be a toxic environment at Celtic Park. It should also, hopefully , sow some seeds of doubt in the minds of those at Ibrox. Their current confidence – which is justified at the minute (much as it pains me to say it) – won’t go the whole season unchallenged.



    Previous seasons have shown they are capable of collapse, particularly if we can string some results together.



    I believe we can do so but only if we effect immediate change.

  10. PCS



    2020 Annual Report and Notice of AGM was emailed to me on 18th November so imagine you should have received yours by now.



    Give them a phone.

  11. TURKEYBHOY on 7TH DECEMBER 2020 12:23 PM



    Yes,but none of us,including those with the marvellous gift of hindsight,saw this total meltdown coming.





    Not exactly true is it? Plenty of posters were convinced not thought, convinced change had to happen at least after the Sevco game with zero shots on target. You at the time were burying your head in the sand being aggressive with said posters.



    Note how convinced I am, even taunting you to ridicule me when I’m wrong. The passion, the desire , that other’s see our predicament before it’s too late. We had such a short window to act hence why posts were emotional, sentiment, arrogance, delusion and still a stubborn refusal to realise the strength of our competitor despite, coming to our place, giving us a 2 nil going on 4 nil with not a single shot on target.





    SID on 19TH OCTOBER 2020 12:55 AM






    Thanks for the response and answering my questions.



    Hope my passion doesn’t come across as aggression sometimes lost in the written word, well someone with my writing limitations.



    I have to admire you standing firm but my experience is telling me this ain’t no blip and easy recovery and progression.



    Yesterday was no worse than St Johnstone only inferior opposition.



    We are now in a position where the bigger gamble is to stick than twist, I have no confidence our board will make the right decision, I think they’ll stick and I’m sure we’ll get to see that played out.



    Just hope we are not in a position soon before Christmas wishing we had twisted.



    I’m sure you’ll enjoy me reminding you of this conversation lol.



    SID on 26TH OCTOBER 2020 7:36 PM





    Wish you would understand last season is last season, the evidence is mounting that they have improved and we have regressed, forget about last season, it has zero relevance, other than give you a counter argument.



    Seen as you asked my view of last season’s collapse was that Gerrard made a monumental mistake by throwing his players under a bus with just one bad defeat at Tynecastle. The first defeat in nearly 5 months since we defeated them early September, the players rebelled. I posted at the time and asked the question did any other poster see this as a massive mistake. I got a few saying it was no biggie, not one agreed with me, 10 days later they drew at home to Aberdeen then beaten at Killie.



    Their muted celebrations after defeating us was a worry they are learning, they are improving, their squad has real depth now.



    After Ferencvaros I wanted action , I wanted minimum a good European coach sourced, I think NFL is a good man manager but his shortcomings as a coach are frightening.



    Big Wavy and myself views are so aligned, I have 40 years experience in this game, growing up in Junior dressing rooms, I like to think I’ve learned something, a 4yr old brain soaks up information. I’ve made around 20 predictions on here with 19 correct



    I’m prepared to put my experiences on the line to be ridiculed.



    I’m convinced without immediate action in the management and coaching staff that Sevco will prevail, you can quote me on that.



    I wanted action last week, it was so bad, the situation has worsened now, my genuine Hope’s now are to win a quadruple treble. Would love it but its definitely the second prize.



    Any other season I could see the argument of allowing Neil to fail but my hope is our directors take the action necessary, even if for financial reasons to give us a chance of success. I don’t believe 10 in a row is possible under the current setup.





    So no rewriting history Turkeybhoy this was retrievable and obvious to anyone who looked at the situation without sentiment or green blinkers.


    Our highly paid board that you apportion no blame too assured the ribbons on the league trophy were red white and blue. You were burying your head as Rome was burning. Own it.

  12. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I have no clue if new owners are waiting in the wings, but my assumption has always been that after winning the 10 Messrs Brown, Lennon and Lawell would exit stage left to rapturous applause. Unfortunately events have conspired such that they’ll be exiting to boos and a barrage of rotten fruit.



    Such is the bewildering inaction of the current board that I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Terry Mac’s story out of hand, but the risk for the club is that they are all looking to tough it out.

  13. Royal parasites William and Kate,turn up in Edinburgh, if anyone gets a fine for moving Tiers ,they should quote these 2 fuds,all bets are off…

  14. !!BADA BING!! on 7TH DECEMBER 2020 12:14 PM


    St Johnstone’s goal was unlike our most in our recent glut.



    Totally disagree Paul,yet another goal from the right back area,too many to highlight….





    Exhibit One.


    The penalty we conceded against Ross Co came down our right side.


    In that case ElHamed & Brown couldn’t deal with their threat & Bitton drifted out wide to cover.


    The cross came in & 2 CBs & the keeper conceded the pen.

  15. I remember the debates on here about boycotting away games.


    You can only boycott if you currently participate. I do not go to away games so it was a moot point for me.



    This is not1993 the parameters are totally different, a boycott will only benefit the huns and hinder our future prospects.


    Neil Lennon will leave and we will come out of this.




  16. Go tell the Spartim on

    I know we can’t get direct access to DD and PL but if someone could, I know the SMSM won’t go there as it serves their purpose for NL to remain, could they ask the question, just what would need to happen for him to be sacked, if they said until it’s mathematically impossible to win the league then it’s not long to wait. That’s a damning indictment and not meant to amuse.



    The longer this goes on the more tarnished Lenny’s achievements become, for a fair few I’d suggest including me, my ire for the board grows

  17. 67 European Cup Winners on

    I promised myself not to get excited about Celtic until we have made some changes NL/PL even DD, although the latter not likely


    I found myself yesterday barking at family members when putting up Christmas decorations because we could not beat St Johnstone – sad state of affairs


    For weeks I have been screaming for change I think PL seems to be the route cause – but moving him was always a long shot


    My only objective for this season was the league for obvious reasons – so i wanted the manager changed when we still had a chance of the 10



    Well time has moved on and the situation predicted by me (and some on here) after the Huns game that we would go further behind has unfortunately come to pass


    Catching the Huns is mathematically possible – but realistically if you think we will catch the Huns playing as we are (with the greatest respect) you have your head up your arse



    So this poster is now chilled accepting NL PL and DD are all in play and what we have we have



    To help navigate through the next year of the Huns winning just about everything in Scotland as well as credibility in Europe I have cancelled Sky and BT sport



    I cannot live through pictures of Huns with cups



    My “hope” position is that something big is happening in Jan


    DD has something huge going on – but cannot reveal until Jan



    Whatever the options are in January our season will be gone – so I have mentally prepared for a Hun lifting cups – thanks Peter




  18. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    finding it a bit odd that we’ve still got posters coming on kicking in to Neil Lennon,



    this mess is far bigger than anything he could concoct,



    he’s been giving a job (win the 10 with this shambles of a squad) that he’s simply not up to,



    everybody – including DD and PL – can clearly see that,



    but he’s been told he must battle on regardless,



    by two people he’s been very close to for the last 20 years,



    he doesn’t want to let them down,



    he doesn’t want to let us down either,



    the people responsible for this mes are those at the top, DD and PL,



    they have the power to change things, Neil doesn’t,



    their plan is that Neil will take all the heat from the fans,



    giving them time to plan their next cunning move



    Neil will only be ‘let go’ when its suits the suits, and not a second earlier,



    but by all means you guys can carry on kicking in to Neil,



    after all, what’s he ever done for Celtic

  19. Hotel de Paris on

    Just over a year ago at the 2019 AGM both Lawwell and Bankier were fulsome in their praise of Lenny. Lenny advised the meeting that Lawwell was the best Chief Executive he had worked for. This comment was applauded by a large group in attendance.

  20. Turkeybhoy 12.23



    “Yes,but none of us,including those with the marvellous gift of hindsight,saw this total meltdown coming.”



    But some of us did and were shot down by fans like you who berated us for being negative .



    One year ago I attended the League Cup Final with Johan Murdoch of this parish.


    On the taxi ride back to McChuills from Hampden.


    We shared the taxi with 2 Celtic fans that were brothers.



    One of them was very angry with me for stating that we were in trouble and things could easily turn on there head if the Huns won the league .



    6 weeks ago I posted that the league would be over before December was finished.



    So some of us did foresee it .



    Complacency and under rating the Huns caused this .



    I told this to directlyPaul67 a few years ago.



    We were never as good as we thought we were from the day we sold Dembele and didn’t replace him .



    ( Eddy was already at the club )



    The sell big , buy cheaper was in full motion from then .



    I detested the way BR left .



    But he saw this coming and told us .


    Why was his fall out with PL so deep and unrecoverable ?



    We need a complete change of mindset .


    Not strengthening to qualify for the CL until after we are out of it has cost us almost £200,000,000m.



    This was all visible if you wanted to see it .



    We are now a laughing stock .



    Even Dave King saw it .



    He predicted that we would fall like a deck of cards .



    He is absolutely correct .



    Dermot Desmond is to blame .



    Peter Lawell acts out his instructions.



    Neil Lennon is the puppet yes man that PL needs.



    BR was not going to be their yes man mug .



    All this was avoidable.



    Dermot isn’t for turning .


    The fans are impotent .


    Do the few storm the barricades.


    The majority remain delusional.


    Kid themselves we have better players .



    This will only be solved by DD .



    A horrendous decade awaits us if the Huns qualify for the CL and we don’t.



    The will spend to try and get CL money .


    We won’t.




  21. Bada


    They’re working so exempt – I’m a republican to the core and have no time for a monarchy.


    Too many getting money for very little.

  22. Gene ,That’s true ,but it’s getting these players properly coached ,I have said before on here ,we have a good squad of players,but I think they don’t trust Lennon anymore,and can you blame them ,for the many times he has thrown them under the bus,Lawell and Desmond need to get a grip of themselves and put Neil Lennon and Kennedy on Gardening leave,I’ll probably get shot down on here,Appoint Shaun Maloney,Paul Hartley,and John Hughes to take over coaching duties up at Lennoxtown.

  23. Have not read back, but will.


    Do any Old-timers (like me) thiñking this is looking like the Milan Final? What are we getting if we win?


    More or less same players as last year but definitely not the same application. I know it’s early in the season and modern day players are basically mercenaries.


    Do you think “Rangers International” players are not on a bonus to stop the 10? Darn tooting they are.


    Neil is not getting help from the board but , what’s he’s went through for Glasgow Celtic he deserves some backing. Don’t come back with,. he should walk away and forget about salary.


    Ffs he’s been attacked during and after games,in his Family’s leisure time and now the GB seem to be working for for “The Hun” & the “DR” in wanting him to walk displayed in nice banners.


    The last manager we had walked out with important games coming, not giving a S**t about the club,team and their worldwide support. Do you want the same?


    My thought is the players are wanting , up front ” how much do we get” to get the ten..


    Maybe I’m totally wrong but that’s my thoughts.


    Can we get someone in to complete the “QUADRUPLE TREBLE” Your guess is as good as mine.


    Enjoy what you’ve got guys, I was 19,enduring two cup final defeats before I saw “THE GLASGOW CELTIC” lift a cup



    HH and hang in there

  24. A wonder if Celtic fan Paul Heaton thinks we should Carry on regardless. Feels like he wrote this for our situation.










    Don’t know what i’m doing here


    I’ll carry on regardless


    Got enough money for one more beer


    I’ll carry on regardless


    Good as gold, but stupid as mud


    He’ll carry on regardless


    They’ll bleed his heart ’til there’s no more blood


    But carry on regardless


    Carry on with laugh


    Carry on with cry


    Carry on with brown under moonlit sky


    I want my love, my joy, my laugh, my smile, my needs


    Not in the star signs


    Or the palm that she reads


    I want my sun-drenched, wind-swept ingrid bergman kiss


    Not in the next life


    I want it in this


    I want it in this


    Got one note to last all week


    I’ll carry on regardless


    The hill to happiness is far too steep


    I’ll carry on regardless


    Dried his mouth in the memphis sun


    He carried on regardless


    Tried to smile and he bit his tongue


    But carry on regardless


    Carry on with work


    Carry on with love


    Carry on with cheering


    Anything above


    I want my love, my joy, my laugh, my smile, my needs


    Not in the star signs


    Or the palm that she reads


    I want my sun-drenched, wind-swept ingrid bergman kiss


    Not in the next life


    I want it in this


    I want it in this


    I don’t want silver, i just want gold


    Carry on regardless


    Bronze is for the sick and the old


    But carry on regardless


    I want my love, my joy, my laugh, my smile, my needs


    Not in the star signs


    Or the palm that she reads


    I want my sun-drenched, wind-swept ingrid bergman kiss


    Not in the next life


    I want it in this


    I want it in this






    Celts for change 2

  25. Rock Tree Bhoy,



    That’s some stretch there fella. Neil, like any employment relationship, can walk away by resigning. He’s not being held prisoner.



    The cluster stretches many levels but as shown previously the most important role at the club is the manager and he’s underperforming at a serious level and needs removed. We could get back on track with the other 2 in post (as shown by Brendan) and the reality is that the next move will see a new manager in situ.



    We are in a phony war now that seems all about ensuring a payout for Neil (and who would blame him).




  26. Money is the only language that this Board understands. It’s the only message they listen to. So it’s my only means of seeking to effect change.



    So I’ve applied today for a refund on my 19-20 season books. And I won’t renew while PL remains CEO.



    I kept the faith by renewing for two tickets this season. To support the Club and a Cause. Safe in the knowledge that only one was needed to watch it on telly. And that I’d be unlikely to get to Paradise before near season’s end.



    No more. A change will come. From them, or by me.



    HH JG

  27. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    FESS19 on 7TH DECEMBER 2020 3:31 PM



    I can remember the Milan Final (just!) – why did we even bother turning up? – sure we already won the cup when we beat Leeds in the semi… 😆



    No it doesn’t feel like that to me,



    it feels like we won 8 in a row because Neil didn’t change anything when he came in after BR,



    we won 9 in a row because of Fraser Forster and the Pandemic,



    10 in a row has fallen off the edge of a cliff because Neil has finally put his mark on the squad,



    ..and the squad aren’t happy about it, too much of a regression from the BR days,



    Jock had it in him to win that trophy in Milan in May 1970,



    Neil, unfortunately…

  28. Good news story for music and football fans.



    McChuills is safe and has a future after meeting it’s target with 5 days to spare.



    Unfortunately many establishments will not be so fortunate.



    Let’s hope Celtic’s fortunes mirror the pub.



    Remember guys when things open up, if you dont use them you’ll lose them.




  29. Footballs ups and down have been happening for decades..Generally when a manager hits the worst run of form in living memory at his club he is removed ASAP regardless of who really is to blame before things get ugly with the supporters.


    It really is a very common problem with a very simple solution.


    To act in the way Celtic Fc board have acted these past 3-4 weeks is borderline financial suicide.


    They have made a first team performance problem possibly the biggest crisis in 30 years with their ignorance,stupidity and pig headed self worth……This could get far worse before it gets any better and the we could end up losing 40% of our fan base.

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