Further confirmation of where we are


The reaction to points dropped yesterday was not on the same level as the disappointment after we similarly rescued a point against Hibs late on the game or went out of the League Cup last week, this one was expected by all and did no more than provide further confirmation of where we are.

This run of two wins in 12 games will eventually end, but by then it will be too late – possibly too late to see off Hearts in the Scottish Cup Final.  In 11 games between now and February, only two are outside Glasgow, short journeys to Hamilton and Paisley, and we have no international fixtures to contend with, but as St Johnstone, Ross County and others have established, that is no comfort.

St Johnstone’s goal was unlike our most in our recent glut.  The defence was briefly in position before breaking into a moment’s disorganisation, Frimpong rushed forward, leaving May unattended, Kane reacted while his marker, Bitton, looked the other way.  Neither Celtic player demonstrated defensive instincts.

Not that the defence is to blame.  The volume of good chances was insufficient to convince anyone a Celtic goal was coming and those that came were missed by our once-prized asset.  The equaliser had more than a touch of good fortune about it.  Whatever ails Celtic, it is not limited to the back line.

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  1. what Is The Stars



    cannae beat an Englishman, Irishman, Scotsman, remote tribespeople joke! I love that one

  2. Analysis & Scouting



    Head of Analysis:Craig Dunbar


    Head Scout: Gary Penrice


    Head of Scouting Operations: Jay Lefevre




    Scout:Tosh McKinlay


    Scout :Michael Murphy


    Scout:Michael Doherty


    Scout:Steve Watson


    Scout:Matt Bradley


    Scout:Craig Strachan


    Scout:Pedro Matias


    Scout:John Morgan


    Scout:John Dawson




    First Team Analyst:Greg Wallace


    First Team Analyst:Peter Houston


    First Team Analyst:Paul McLeish



    79CAPS on 7TH DECEMBER 2020 2:15 PM



    Correct! Legend? Never in a million years.





    You didnt celebrate 9iar,league cup…how odd.


    Or maybe you did but just a wee bit,



    i will take your dissent of the manager and his position.


    His integrity as an individual is intact.




  4. What is the Stars on






    Celtic Fan pays his money for a season ticket.Team doesnt win so in order to help the team he decides not to pay any more money …That”ll show em !!!!


    Thats not support …thats glory hunting

  5. SLOLEYBHOY on 7TH DECEMBER 2020 5:30 PM



    Aye, OK.



    He can sack them can he if they’re not up to scratch?




    Remind us how The Bunnet acquired Celtic.

  7. Exiled Tim


    Very valid point


    What is the value of our squad now under Neil ??


    I put up last week




    Do we need another goalkeeper ? Is ours worth £5m ?


    We desperately need a Right back that plays right back – how much was Elhamed, how much is he now worth ?


    We have 2 converted midfielders playing in Centre half


    1 allegedly wants away


    How much is Kris Ajer now worth ?? He he still £15m ??


    ( has this coaching team developed Kris and Nir to be better at CH – No, Kris was being developed under Brendan & Kolo)


    Shane Duffy our out and out Centre half has been poor ? On loan so will be leaving, Maybe we should try pairing him in Centre with our other CH Julliene ???


    We have a loanee left back, and a poor left back ( yes I think Greg Taylor is poor)


    How much to sort that position ??




    Is Soro the player to replace Scott Brown ?? He has been here 10 months and has not yet ??


    Ryan Christie allegedly wants away ?


    How much is he worth – not the £10m we may have wanted


    Olivier Ntcham, wants away – how much ? not the £8m we wanted


    Tom Rogic wanted away in the summer – no one was willing to pay him ( we did get an offer from Middle East, but not enough money for Tom ??)


    Calum McGregor, is allegedly interested in rejoining Brendan ?? For how much ?? Will we get our value £20m ??




    Elyanousi- loan will return


    Eduardo, wants to go – will we get the £30m we had wanted in the summer ?? Not the way he is playing


    Does Ajeti at £5m want to be here ?


    Will Griffiths ever get back to playing regular – that’s 2 full years he’s been on periphery now


    Klimala is a project, who needs to go out and get games and someone help develop him.



    How much will we make on selling to get money and allow us to rebuild a full team ?????



    Shambles we have found ourselves in



    Some mess our club has created and for any new Management and coaching team to sort

  8. Lots of theories as to while Neil Lennon hasn’t been sacked – no replacement, pay-off etc but the one doing the rounds now is letting him see out the cup final.



    It’s this staggering level of complacency and arrogance that has lead us there.



    They do realise they don’t just hand out the cup to us on December 20th right? We actually have to play 90 minutes of football which we don’t currently look like winning.



    Losing 10IAR would be demoralising – going onto lose the consolation of the treble, well I think the protests could get a lot uglier.

  9. I’m disappointed that Lennon can’t see the damage he is doing to the club. I feel like a fool for being ripped off so much. Didn’t look for refunds last year. Renewed three tickets this year to watch crap on the telly with someone who must be a hun commentating. This happy clapper will be spending his money elsewhere in future. Sad state of affairs.



  10. onenightinlisbon on

    AN TEARMANN on 7TH DECEMBER 2020 5:43 PM



    Respect your opinion but he has zero integrity or credibility. My opinion of course.

  11. NORRIEM on 7TH DECEMBER 2020 5:47 PM



    Don’t forget we also have Bayo – who’s clearly not deemed to even be as good/ready as Klimala.

  12. WITS – I can only speak of my journey to get to this point. I won’t presume to speak for others. Nor should they speak for me.



    Football fan pumps money into club that in many ways he can’t afford, even though he’ll barely see a game in person, as an act of good faith to a Club and a Cause.



    Majority shareholder and complacent CEO happily pocket the cash and proceed to ‘oversee’ the mismanagement of the Club, on and off the field. While also continuing to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to historic and institutional corruption.



    Aforementioned majority shareholder and CEO evidently care more about coaxing back the ‘old firm business model’, than protecting the Club.



    Fan who finally realises – though he’s known it all along – that he’s no more than a shat-upon consumer, feels forced to act as shat-upon consumer.



    Had others not done the same in 94, there would be no Celtic future to fight for now.



    Stay safe, you lovable rogue you. 😘



    HH jg

  13. Jocks Immortal Lions on

    I haven’t posted for a while but I have been lurking and reading most of the comments over the past few weeks. I feel it is time to give my thoughts for what it’s worth.



    Wtf is going on here? This is like watching a train crash in slow motion. Every game, every week more and more damage. How much longer before this board acts and does the right thing? So far This has cost us Europe twice, the league cup, most probably the league itself and quite possibly the quadruple treble. How much longer…..?



    Isn’t it true that a board of directors have a duty to act in the best interests of the business by law? If so, our board are failing in their fiscal duties here. PL and the Board you are paid big bucks to make big decisions, make them!



    Apologies not usually so blunt but that’s how I feel just now.



    HH JIL

  14. GREENPINATA on 7TH DECEMBER 2020 5:55 PM


    ‘I’ve always thought Celtic have a hard core support of circa 25.000.’






    What do you mean by ‘hard core’.



    Do you mean those who will buy season books regardless of the consequences because they enjoy watching Celtic and nothing will stand between them and their enjoyment ie the selfish and self indulgent?



    Or do you mean those who buy into an emotional commitment to the concept of Celtic as being more than a club who conclude that the club has been hijacked by those who would undermine that essence and have concluded that the only way to free it is to undergo some self sacrifice by not renewing their season book ie the selfless and altruistic?

  15. Exiled Tim


    Do you think there is a bit of societal balance going on?(re 9) The post seville like lowering of all things Celtic post BR leaves the Celtic ship in with the icebergs since 8.hope all good k with you and yours.still got me woven wristband.



  16. I’ll admit to being conflicted over any suggestion we look to deny Celtic commercially in order to affect change.



    I would prefer greater collaboration between board and support (and all key players betwixt and between). I realise that may be a pipe dream.



    No boycott from me – not yet.

  17. UNCLE JIMMY on 7TH DECEMBER 2020 6:13 PM



    I’ll admit to being conflicted over any suggestion we look to deny Celtic commercially in order to affect change.



    I would prefer greater collaboration between board and support (and all key players betwixt and between). I realise that may be a pipe dream.



    No boycott from me – not yet.






    I’m with you on that. That said, it is easy for me to say as I only pay for Celtic TV and merchandise these days. I did not make the sacrifice many on here did with the VST. We no longer have our 3 season books since I ran off to the colonies and other family members left Glasgow.



    I suppose then it is not for me to comment but I like the cut of your jib in terms of working together but pipe dream….. Until the stop saying “all is well, nothing to see here” that possibility seems very remote.

  18. JAMES FORREST on 7TH DECEMBER 2020 6:05 PM



    Agree with everything you say about Lambert but on top of everything else, he’s also an awful manager. Those on here who have sneered at the likes of Moyes, Howe, Clarke (who probably wouldn’t come anyway) can take a look at how bad it could get.



    Someone on here mentioned Željko Buvač. I think he’s worth looking at…..

  19. Go tell the Spartim on

    Rumours abound



    Arne Slot is another doing the rounds, I’m in the get an exotic foreign coach in, camp

  20. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on








    Chaps – I seem to be following on from big JG this afternoon. For my part, I’ve been home and away for more years than I care to remember, including all through the Aberdeen dominance of Scottish football and the Murry-induced Rangers 9 in a row (and that wonderful year we spent in Hampden!).



    I don’t count myself a glory-hunter – in fact, me and Wee BGFC were saying the other day that at least we’ll be able to go to the games now and not have to listen to the glory hunters hurling abuse at the team for every misplaced pass.



    However, it has been the dawning realisation about how (or why) the club has been run over the past few years that has gradually irked me more and more. Res 12 was the big turning point for me – it has left an increasingly sour taste in the mouth. Bankier’s invocation for us to ‘behave ourselves’, PL’s daft ‘same club’ joke about ‘a club from another dimension’ whilst doing nothing concrete about the background that he well-knew about, DD about how great a club Rangers are, the continual acceptance of SFA bias (Tonev / Res 12 / dealings with UEFA), the continual lowering of standards other than when Brendan Rogers was here, the lack of a long-term plan for team-building instead of acquiring saleable assets, crap scouting, failing to invest at the right times to help us continually improve and grow, etc., etc., etc., have all, I think, been eating away at me subconsciously, and eroding how I feel about things. The ‘More Than A Club’ corporate branding makes me cringe – not that I think it isn’t true, but to turn a base feeling we have into nothing more than a trademark that can be ‘monetized’ is just…well…horrible to me. It is so obvious and crass.



    I’ve sat / stood through many times when results – throughout a whole season – have been much worse than this, but felt happier about Celtic than I do now.



    I used to read Neganon and others thinking “OK guys, you’re probably right, but give it a rest for the day” – but I was wrong, and they were on the money.






  21. ERNIE LYNCH on 7TH DECEMBER 2020 5:44 PM






    Aye, OK.




    He can sack them can he if they’re not up to scratch?






    If he can’t (and he wanted to?), then he should resign.

  22. Don’t think the Scotland group is too bad. Certainly competitive and the likes of Austria and Israel will provide stiff opposition. Denmark are no mugs but by far the most desirable of the Pot 1 teams. A top 2 finish is certainly attainable.

  23. I mentioned Michael O’Neill on here a while back and was met with the usual “He’s not Celtic class”, “what’s he ever won” etc etc.



    I think we really missed the boat there.

  24. Bada


    I can’t believe I forgot 3 stars in my list 🤣🤣🤣


    We need to add Shved




  25. Go Tell the Spartim @ 6.26



    “AZ Alkmaar’s success this season down to great coaching, some clever signings and forward thinking.



    AZ’s academy has also done a great job and is producing some of Netherlands brightest stars at the moment.”



    – Me likey that description. Rumoured to be off to Feyenoord though….

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