Furuhashi first-hand experience


Whereas yesterday’s signing, 19-year-old Liel Abada, will mostly be known to Ange Postecoglou and scouts through the medium of video, the manager knows today’s capture, Japanese forward, Kyogo Furuhashi from first-hand experience.

There will be challenges for Kyogo to settle so far from home.  The sheer professionalism of our first Japanese player, Shunsuke Nakamura, ensured his star would always shine, but Shunsuke relied on interpreters for pretty much everything until Celtic signed compatriot, Koki Mizuno three years later.  Ange will not need you or me to tell him it is better to bring players from so far away into the Celtic Ark in pairs.

When Ange joined, we hoped he would return to the Japanese market for talent the European market found too difficult to uncover.  There will be value there the likes of that guy from Bournemouth would never be aware of, let’s make the most of it, bring Kyogo some company.

We are four days away from a Champions League qualifier in a 60,000-seater stadium while the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council ponder the criteria the former want for the latter to approve more than 2,000 fans to attend.  There is no actual reason to delay or refuse, they just don’t want to approve Celtic’s request without handing a simultaneous prize across the city.  This is Scotland in 2021.


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  1. Noone knows anything. Our New Japanese Bhoy is at an Excellent age and despite the Idiotic Referees & their (FTSFA) very Important agenda.



    Its very Sad when Templar Smith is rolled out.




    That Whole Order is about Deception.



    Celtic Hamstrung is gonnae be a Worry cry from those, who are quite Frankly, not qualified to do such a thang.



    Pathetic Individual.



    This Newco is getting an Even bigger beating in the Future.

  2. Melbourne Mick on 17th July 2021 2:26 am



    This site is hard work to even post sometimes. All the Celts above likely just gave up with All the adverts. I am Lucky that I know how to block em – OLEG

  3. TheLurkinTim on

    SLÁINTE ANGE on 17TH JULY 2021 3:19 AM



    Welcome….so are you, a hun?




  4. fourstonecoppi on

    MADMITCH on 16TH JULY 2021 10:00 PM



    AP has done more on the training pitch in the past couple of weeks than he managed to achieve in his 7 years with us



    How do you know that?. Did you witness this where you there?

  5. The Roll of DIshonour…
















    HOT SMOKEDs Brother ( Lovely Gent)








    BIG JIMMY ( Chump !)


    There you have it Folks…The DIRTY DOZEN.


    Thanks for making it a memorable day…BOOZE Everywhere…and NAE BURDS…Thank God.


    Just Bhoys being Bhoys.



    Me and DAVID66 were the last men standing/sitting…No surprise there.


    Maybe the other TEN were in the wrong Movie…they thought they were in ” The Great Escape” and tunnelled their way OOT ?




    DAVID66…Charles Bronson in disguise.


    TEN Men made it OOT…The other two Eejits ( Me and DAVID66)…didnae !



    The SEQUEL should be fun !


    HH Bhoys.

  6. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 16TH JULY 2021 2:35 PM


    Drew1967 –







    You’ve lost me





    Sorry mate.know a lad with same name.

  7. Big Jimmy, I hope you neve ended up stuck in the barbed wire 😉


    Looks like a couple of very good attacking options signed in the last couple of days. Raises the spirit. Let’s get the defence sorted for whoever we meet after we dispose of the Danes.


    Around 12% fans being allowed in while other stadiums have had ~25%.wtf.

  8. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Just back from my hike up the hills, and beat a rainstorm just


    about started.


    Three huge Irish sausages on damper cooked on a small fire pit


    a dash of broonie sauce, the Rebs on, and a couple cans of black


    nectar, even the young roos hopping about seemed to be happy


    how things are going.


    Got a wee bit nostalgic thinking about Big Jimmy’s fiesta, but really


    happy the bhoys all had a great time in my auld haunt.


    Now, have any of you ghuys eaten damper before?


    H.H. Mick

  9. THELURKINTIM on 17TH JULY 2021 7:29 AM


    Mispelled my name….ffs…




    Ive just noticed that…my apologises





  10. Some bright pacy wide forwards in (it looks like we’ll be going for a 433). They look like they are quick and can both finish.



    I’d be concerned a bit about a lack of aerial options or hold up play.



    If it is 433 the fullbacks are going to need to provide a good option on the overlap.

  11. Looks like a bit of quality in the signings so far , but quality badly needed in defence too , as I said earlier we have had tons of time to get the defence sorted , it was a shambles last season and it hasnt been addressed yet . If ajer leaves a bad situation has just got worse .Time for action on that score please . With regards to the ludicrous decision to allow only 12000 into CLQ once again its nothing short of an attack on celtic , had this day been raise the flag day for the first time day , how many do you think would have been allowed into the victoriana lavvy . Not enough said about it , we accept more than we should from the governing body of this country and the governing body of Scottish Football . We all saw the mibs in action last season , that will be nothing with 30- 40 million at stake . Hope were prepared to take them on this season . If not we will come second again .HH

  12. Good morning cqn from a lovely sunny morning in the Garden of god



    Big Jimmy – all good here sir.



    Great night with great bhoys.



    D :)

  13. While Midtjylland losing last night may give us some more hope for Tuesday, I don’t know enough about them to make anything of the result. Did they do a Cluj and field a weakened team to keep everyone else fresh for Celtic ?




    I expect a difficult game and I’m more inclined to agree with Chris Sutton. This year we’re certainly worse off than other years.



    The only thing I’m confident off is that this season we have a competent manager in the dug out. A manager who deserves respect and should be allowed to get on with his job without mischievous headlines being generated by our former manager.

  14. Melbourne Mick on

    PARK ROAD 67



    Correct, it’s unleavened bread, not very tasty, but I cheat


    and take proven dough made with butter, yoghurt, salt


    flatten it out straight onto a very hot steel plate on the fire pit


    wrap round a big fat sausage mmmmm amazing.


    H.H. Mick

  15. “THELURKINTIM on 17TH JULY 2021 7:29 AM


    Mispelled my name….ffs…”



    I suppose it is an upgrade on The Working Tim :-)



    ( What I thought he said yesterday when he introduced himself).

  16. Big Jimmy and David 66


    Thanks again for a smashing day yesterday. I`ve got a bit of a hangover but had I drunk as much as you two, I wouldn`t be feeling any pain…..I would be dead :-)))

  17. Just reading back. Thanks for all the comments. I`ll pass them on to my brother. We look like twins? One of us will be offended :-)))


    Cheerio for now.









    I hope you noticed I haven`t mentioned your brilliantly funny faux pas :-)))

  18. SCULLYBHOY on 16TH JULY 2021 10:28 PM


    MadMitch on 16th July 2021 10:00 pm






    ‘never really a Celt in his heart.’








    Moronic comment.

  19. FSC @ 6.34



    Secondary sources — I can only go by the performances I see on the pitch.


    We are playing a much better style of football with youths / stiffs / never wizzers.


    NL’s efforts last season were a disgrace to the squad / support / his legacy.



    He should never have been given the job — it was too big for him in 2019.


    He should have been provided with more coaching depth / help.


    Young DD’s efforts were a gift from God — once he left we had nothing.


    He should have organised a new captain — SB was part of the problem and his legs were gone.



    He should have been provided with more help after the lockdown.


    The squad stasis was just weakness / laziness dressed up as strength.


    The should have sold at least one player and brought in new blood — captain material for a start.



    However those days / like NL are behind us.



    AP is one of the two thousand people in world football who can deliver a much better quality of football than NL in 20/21.



    Consequently onwards and upwards.


    You don’t have to see the food getting made to taste the difference.

  20. glendalystonsils on

    AN DÚN on 17TH JULY 2021 8:59 AM



    Good point about NL’s press utterings . They come across as the negative ramblings of a bitter man .



    We have enough enemies without our supposed friends getting in on the act . Is the ‘advice’ he’s giving to AP meant to be helpful?

  21. AD @ 8.59



    A lazy / rudderless / split / uncoached squad phoning it in will deliver nothing.



    Performance = Talent x Coaching / conditioning x Effort / attitude.


    Last season we had loads of the first and nothing of the second or third.


    The results reflected that in spades.



    This season we might end up with less of the first but we will at least have much more of the second and third.



    Danish mob = There for the taking.


    VW in his pomp beat better teams on his own.


    ON if he could be bothered could do the same and then some.


    CL qualification = if we can’t beat the teams in the mix then we don’t deserve CL football.


    I think we have a chance — confidence will be the key.



    Please no more NB at CB — play him at sweeper if we must.

  22. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Morning chaps – excellent day out yesterday – great meeting Hot Smoked, his sauve and hirsute brother (a lover of Physics, like myself), An Tearmann, Drew67, SFTB, Eddie, David66, The Lurkin Tim, Friersdorfer, and the Big Chump himself :-))



    Followed up with a lovely meal in Il Pavone with Mrs and Miss BGFC.



    Great day all round – thanks chaps. Music the next time, if you’re not careful!!!






  23. Might be interweb scuttlebut / might not.


    Seemingly Bonnyrigg Rose are streaming today’s B team game.



    The shape of things to come — a social club with a growth agenda / better graphics showing us how to do it.


    £5 or £6 — sources differ to the Mid Lothian economy.

  24. I think this needs reposting for those who only read the DR piece.




    CELTIC MAC on 17TH JULY 2021 12:26 AM


    Neil Lennon was on Talksport for an hour today, from 12pm – 1pm, with both Jim White who he has known for a long time, twenty years I reckon, and appears to be good friends with, and Simon Jordan who he also seems to get along with, and vice versa. As such Jim White was not trying to get a story for the Daily Record, they took an edited reply to suit, no, he was trying to elicit Neil’s opinion on a number of matters, including but not only his view on how Celtic’s season was likely to pan out under Ange. A lot closer than last season was Neil’s general response, and that Ange brought a lot of experience with him, but would face different challenges at Celtic than he had elsewhere. Did not speak favourably about the Green Brigade. He also informed us that he had played Turnberry the previous day, but was not asked about Donald Trump. Gave his opinions on Scottish football, would be more interesting with two Dundee teams, Hearts and Hibs, new man at Aberdeen etc. Was mildly critical of Southgate bringing subs on to take penalties in the final, and dismissed England’s chances in the World Cup next year, wasn’t sure about Patrick Viera at Palace, or Benitez at Everton, but liked Nuno going to Spurs. Thought that Scotland was producing some very good players, or providing a route for them in Tierney, Robertson, McGinn and also Van Dyke. Whatever his faults, he is very knowledgeable about football North and South, and is likely to be found on the likes of Radio 5 next season, and like Gordon Strachan will always be supportive of Celtic FC. Nothing he said on Talksport would disprove that, despite the selective hearing of Daily Record editors. Might not always agree with him but Neil is always worth a listen.




    darn..was hoping you might forget..lol.



    Remember keep it in the family!!



    Great company mate



    Cheers all

  26. glendalystonsils on

    CLINKO on 17TH JULY 2021 10:44 AM



    Thanks for adding that perspective . I’m not in the ‘never a Celtic man’ camp as some on here seem to be , but I was a bit bemused by some of the snippets appearing on the likes of Newsnow.

  27. glendalystonsils on

    Furuhashi playing for Kobe today apparently . Whether our deal is finalised or not , it seems a bit of a foolish risk.

  28. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Looks like the new manager is going to have a few back seat drivers.



    It comes across as bitterness and quite sad really.