Furuhashi first-hand experience


Whereas yesterday’s signing, 19-year-old Liel Abada, will mostly be known to Ange Postecoglou and scouts through the medium of video, the manager knows today’s capture, Japanese forward, Kyogo Furuhashi from first-hand experience.

There will be challenges for Kyogo to settle so far from home.  The sheer professionalism of our first Japanese player, Shunsuke Nakamura, ensured his star would always shine, but Shunsuke relied on interpreters for pretty much everything until Celtic signed compatriot, Koki Mizuno three years later.  Ange will not need you or me to tell him it is better to bring players from so far away into the Celtic Ark in pairs.

When Ange joined, we hoped he would return to the Japanese market for talent the European market found too difficult to uncover.  There will be value there the likes of that guy from Bournemouth would never be aware of, let’s make the most of it, bring Kyogo some company.

We are four days away from a Champions League qualifier in a 60,000-seater stadium while the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council ponder the criteria the former want for the latter to approve more than 2,000 fans to attend.  There is no actual reason to delay or refuse, they just don’t want to approve Celtic’s request without handing a simultaneous prize across the city.  This is Scotland in 2021.


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  1. glendalystonsils on




    Don’t know if it’s just the ‘blue’ in the titles , but I tend to agree ;-))

  2. Celtic B v Bonnyrigg Rose


    CELTIC: Oluwayemi; Patterson, Otoo, Lawal, Murphy, Wylie, Carse, Letsosa, Vata, Davidson, Dobbie


    Subs: Robertson, Mullen, Deane, Jackson

  3. Are Johnathon Afolobi or Luca Connel still with us or have they gone or still on loan?

  4. With the SPFL due to start at the end of this month, I am updating the arrangements for the fundraising and prize money aspects of our Football Predictions competition.



    Marc (Celticrollercoaster) has provided me with access to the former “Walk with Shay” account so that all monies raised can be accounted for by both of us. We have a nominated charity that Marc is approaching to gain permission and we will provide details on that shortly. Once we know the sums collected, we will set the prize money allocations.



    At present, I am considering 3 prizes for the leaders by the end of December and 3 more for the leaders when the league ends in May. To this end, I would suggest two separate fees of £10 to cover both competitions. Players can choose to pay the £20 up front or £10 now and £10 before the first January game. Players can also chose to take part in the game without donating or being eligible for prize money, if they so wish.



    The details for payment are:-



    Account name: Walk With Shay


    o Account number: 15326765


    o Sort code: 80-22-60


    o Bank: Bank of Scotland



    All of this is in relation to my original message below.



    We are still looking to boost the numbers way beyond the current level.I have registered a closed pool on the Superbru site, which is a Score Predictor game for the SPFL fixtures in 2021/22.The site is http://www.superbru.com and the code for joining is roomuser



    Please use your CQN or Sentinel log in name for identification. First fixture is 31st July and your predictions have to be in before kick off on the day. If you fail to make a pick you get the default pick, so you get to play even if you forget.



    Join CQN Sentinels, my Scottish Premiership league on Superbru! You can find my pool here:https://www.superbru.com/scottishpremiership/pool.php?p=12367961 or by downloading the Superbru app and searching for the pool with code:roomuser

  5. Melbourne Mick on 17th July 2021 1:18 pm


    Celtic Mac on 17th July 2021 1:47 pm





    I was responding to the posts that were criticising NFL, but I messed up. Sorry to anyone else who took it the wrong way.




  6. Melbourne Mick on




    Absolutely no need for apologies, I see now what you meant.


    At the end of the day it’s just a blog and I know who I’d like to


    be standing beside in a bar, and you’re one of them.


    H.H. Mick

  7. When I was doing my Youth coaching badges under current Celtic Youth Coach Tommy McIntyre, one of the guys I met on the course was a young ginger haired who I believe said he came from Castlemilk or was playing with a Castlemilk team.



    Now, I knew how to run coaching sessions to give the boys plenty of touches of the ball and chances to gain better control and I could create game situations which allowed them to practise the skill or drill on which we were focused. The other boy who ran the team with me was an ex-Arsenal signing with glass ankles which forced him into early retirement and he could teach the technique and tricks of the trade better than I could. Most of the others on the course were enthusiastic dads, some who shoud not have been let near youngstrs because of their pushy attitudes, who could learn what I learned or others who were, like my mate, accomplished ex-footballers but had never really had much in the way of coaching experience to learn from.



    Only one boy on that course combined both abilities and he did better than all of us. Despite having no senior football experience he was obviously a natural coach and teacher and a gifted enough amateur footballer. He landed a job coaching at Dunfermline Youth before being headhunted by Alex Neil at Hamilton and following Alex down to Norwich And PNE as his assistant coach. When Preston sacked Alex neil in March of this year, they thought enough of this young Scots Assistant coach to make him the Interim Coach which he remains to this day.



    So when PNE turn up at Celtic Park today, their Head Coach will be the guy from my SFA youth coaching course, a man who will instruct Scott Sinclair, Liam Lindsay, Declan Rudd and Alan Browne.



    The fella’s name is Frankie McAvoy. His assistant coach is Paul Gallagher. Both of them will be delighted to be managing a team at CP and neither will be too begrudging if the Celtic win, given their allegiances. I hope he gets beat too but goes on to manage at a higher level now that Preston have given him the chance.

  8. garygillespieshamstring on

    Met Bridie Gallagher when I was a wee bhoy at a concert in the st mungo halls many years ago.


    First time I heard anyone sing “it was a morning in July ……”

  9. Melbourne Mick



    “The Famous Forfar Bridie. They originated in the early part of the 19th century. One story of their origin is that they were made for wedding meals (the Brides’ meal) hence the horseshoe shape (for luck). Another story is that they were made by Margaret Bridie from Glamis, who sold them at the Buttermarket in Forfar.”



    I have also read that Margaret Bridei was a kind of travelling saleswoman with her bridies.



    If anyone is ever in Forfar, I would recommend Camerons for said Bridies.


    Time for the Tour so


    Cheerio for now.




    A good story well told. That`ll have to make up for the lack of conversation yesterday :-))


    Definite Cheerio now.

  11. garygillespieshamstring on




    Great story.


    Paul McDonald (ex accies) was on the same course as I did. I think he would have gone on to be a very good coach as his qualities were similar to those you describe in Frankie McAvoy.

  12. Melbourne Mick on 17th July 2021 2:58 pm





    Thank you. Cheers.




  13. Melbourne Mick on




    Thought that would instigate a bit of comment, I’ve had many a bridle


    in Forfar over the years, just to soak up the booze after a spell offshore


    after a two, three, and the odd six week schedule.


    Now maybe I’ll get onto what I ate in Nantucket USA when on Ye Olde


    Bourbon and Rye lol.


    H.H. Mick

  14. Celtic don’t do easy.



    How many strikers do we have……….if /when Eddie goes.

  15. glendalystonsils on

    My worry is where the goals will come from on Tuesday . We’ll need a lead to take over there and I’m not yet convinced about Ajeti .

  16. Celtic B Lowland League latest …


    Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic@BonnyriggRose 2m


    GOAL! Ball across the wing from Young to CURRIE who takes it on the half volley from outside the box and drills it into the corner. What a strike! Rose 1 Celtic 0 (24)

  17. SFTB


    Loved that story.






    My daughters name is Caroline and we used to sing it to her when she was a little girl.They were great memories.


    I will leave the other alone.

  18. Much preferred Teresa Duffy tae Bridie Gallagher, Songs of Freedom was the first rebel LP I ever heard.



    Incidentally the much maligned Charlie Gallagher RIP was often referred tae as Bridie in his early days similar tae Alice Byrne in reference tae Alec or diStefanie to our goal winner in Lisbon.



    Suppose they were too gentile for the lanny drinking support.

  19. 2 rangers goals coming from set piece plays – anyone know if Carl Starfelt is better than Ajer in the air? we need 2-3 centers who can defend crosses and offer threat in attacking set pieces!

  20. fourstonecoppi on

    TONTINE TIM on 17TH JULY 2021 3:39 PM



    Better still..Margaret Barry (Queen of the Tinkers) and Pecker Dunne

  21. Buzzing here….three mates and myself have tickets for game on Tuesday.



    cannaewait c.s.c

  22. !!Bada Bing!! on

    VP- I’d rather get into a league game, you’ll be at the back of the queue now….🙄

  23. Bada



    I don’t care mate, just glad to be back…hopefully we will get higher attendance as weeks go on.hh

  24. Celtic v PNE


    Barkas, Taylor, Ajeti, Turnbull, Urhoghide, Shaw, McGregor, Montgomery, Ralston, Welsh, Moffat.


    Subs: Bain, Abada, Rogic, Edouard, Bolingoli, Afolabi, O’Connor, Coffey, Robertson, Murray, Henderson, Hjelde.


    Interesting subs …

  25. Lowland League update



    Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic@BonnyriggRose·2m


    59. A second substitution for Celtic as Murphy goes off injured and is replaced by Jackson.


    Almost immediately Celtic reduce the deficit through LAWAL. Rose 2 Celtic 1

  26. !!Bada Bing!! on

    We could have Messi and Ronaldo through the middle, and we wouldn’t know, absolutely no service through the middle

  27. A pre season friendly


    Why do we give someone like Clancy money 😡



    Apart from that


    Rank rotten, how did we regress to this