Game intelligence to succeed in 30 successive cup games


I could make a case that the Hibs dressing room has a feeling of empowerment that belies their lowly position.  Whatever happened when Leeann Dempster and Neil Lennon agreed the latter would leave his position as Hibs manager, the dressing room was almost certainly an active component in the process.  The same players now have Paul Heckingbottom to contend with, and you do not need prophesising skills to know that Paul will soon leave in a similar manner to Neil Lennon.

When players have an influence on the manager’s position, they also decide when they want to put a shift in.  A home game against Livingston might not get the juices flowing, until embarrassment kicks in, but a Hampden semi-final will.  Hibs players are choosing their battles.

Tomorrow is a big test for Celtic, the 30th domestic cup game since our last elimination.  Sure, we are better than the rest, but still, the uneven distribution of chances, goals, red cards, freak events and honest mistakes, means that such runs are statistically very unlikely.

I would rather be cautious than flamboyant tomorrow.  Get through the game without tackles that risk a Christie-Livingston-type red card, or that denies Hibs space inside our box that can result in an Inverness or Ross County-type semi-final penalty.

We have won 12 games at Hampden on the bounce, without the need for extra-time or penalties.  It is our home-from-home, we have the game intelligence succeed, so let’s get to the final.


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  1. Mick those pee bottles ate a godsend when you are stuck in a bed


    Give him my love


    Take him nice food


    And tell him to get out of there

  2. Scunnered by the Newco financial results. Very disappointing that such recklessness is allowed to undermine the integrity of the competition. Their entire existence is a fraud.




    Don’t think he’ll be out for a while, loads of tests ahead.


    Quite sure embdy who hasn’t heard of the great Glasgow Celtic


    know now lol.


    H.H . Mick

  4. Jobo,



    Apologies for not getting an entry to the CQNPOTY midweek, I couldnae get to speak to Aidan as he’s up early and I’m working nightshift doon in Angleterre.



    I predict a Belter of a Celtic performance the morra and a difficult best 3 to pick.



    I Hope Celtic will be Rattling the Hiseeb Nets.

  5. david17 on 1st November 2019 11:20 pm



    Scunnered by the Newco financial results. Very disappointing that such recklessness is allowed to undermine the integrity of the competition. Their entire existence is a fraud.









    Noone else matters in Scottish Fitba apart from Zombie Club.



    So utterly dejecting. We have Sky Sports Promoting our game – nuff said.

  6. El Hamed is defo right back the morra – what an absolute find by Celtic. Sensational again Celtic scouts, he is a Mega player already IMO – he has all the credentials of a Neil (Martin before him) Player. Hungry to do very well.



    I think Neil will go with 1 sitting midfielder (Callum) Ryan and Olivier ahead of him and Ely (cracking player) & Jamesie with The Genius up front.



    It will be a show for sure.

  7. PETEC



    Completely agree, what a find, just shows that there are quality players


    out there under the radar.




    You’re correct about Danny, checked wiki and he is 1.78


    don’t know where i got 5 ft 8 from but he was a giant in my eyes 8-))


    H.H . Mick

  8. Melbourne Mick,



    The Very best wishes to Paddy and I hope he gets to see so many Irish Eyes of Love once again before he goes to meet the Lord Almighty, oh and Yeshuah, if you could squeeze in a wee date in Gdansk for Our Super Supporters doon under, ably led by PADDY.



    Nothing is impossible when it comes to the Lord Almighty,



    PADDY in GDANSK!!!

  9. Good early (cup semi final) morning CQN from a dark, wet but surprisingly mild Garngad



    Up like a wean on Christmas morning, excited as feck at another semi final which includes the Famous Glasgow Celtic.






    Whatever team Lenny puts out just get right at Hibs from the start, we have the players to dominate teams, but we have to set the tempo of the game from the first whistle.


    Win the personal battles and our skill will shine through.



    Why are we still all surprised that Sevco accounts are horrendous, they have carte Blanche to do what the fuck they like. Corrupt as feck SFA and UEFA, ffs UEFA is as much a laughing stock as the SFA, every time I see a show racism the red card I actually think what a feckin cheek. If they wanted to stamp it out then visit the bigotdome every Second Saturday and pull out 20-30 bigots out of the 50,000 bigots every feckin week. Or every Sevco away game.


    Also financial fair play my feckin arse.


    What really annoys me is the other SPFL clubs allowing Sevco to spend cash they do not have, therefor gaining a sporting advantage over them all… Incredibly stupid cnuts the lot of them.



    Any way come on the leather belts.



    4-1 to us today



    D. :)

  10. Oh and MM, great news about Paddy.



    Big Jimmy, no drinking the day, you get strong and stay well fella, by the sounds of it you were through the wringer. By the way was a wringer a mangle thingy for washing cloths????



    Anyhow all the best to all Celts around the globe who are unwell. You ALL have the best wishes from the biggest family in the world.🍀💚🍀💚🍀



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    DAVID66 on 2ND NOVEMBER 2019 7:16 AM



    A mangle wrung the water out of clothes which had been washed .


    They were then dried on a clothes horse.


    Often in front of an open fire.

  12. Knockout situations are probably the last type of match where you would want to operate without your influential captain.



    But, given that Scott and Lenny seem unwilling to have the captain benched in lesser games, then an injury is a blessing for a 34 year old who needs rested and used more sparingly than in previous seasons.



    As a fit 34 year old he can manage a high proportion of games but he cannot manage all in a busy schedule. We must rest him in early SC rounds and we must choose some home fixtures against the bottom 6 where he is, at least, benched at the start.



    Others need to be given space to claim his mantle. Other partnerships at defensive mid need game practice to gel. Bitton, who has appeared languid and unhurried in previous seasons, has performed to a high level when used this season (though I remain unconvinced about him at Centre Back) and is the most obvious replacement. Ntcham is a better player but is more attack minded, as is Callum, so there is space for other squad members to become that mobile screener of the centre backs that Broony has been, and will be for a wee bit yet.

  13. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Good Morning Celts, from a more Southerly than usual Central Highlands, Pitlochry, where the day has dawned dreich and grey (seem to have been saying that for a while). Going to laugh at the price of stuff in The House of Bruar after brekkie, although with Mrs H, and the two Miss H’s escorting me, I may have to… eh… “forget” my wallet 🤫. Hopefully catch the game later, before our visit to “The Enchanted Forest”. Loving the time wi ma girls. What a day, family and Celtic.





    Shankland is probably getting married to a friend’s daughter.My friend is Celtic fanatic,as is the whole family.Thinks very highly of the boy.Shankland had the whole family up in hospitality for the last international.


    That’s as much as I know.


    As I said before,with a goalscoring record like he has,he surely must be being looked at closely.

  15. I will start thinking of our semi-final after the Rugby Final.


    I have a feeling South Africa might win this. England are deserving favourites but excellent semi-final performances are often folowed by less productive finals. The opposite is also true and South Africa were not so great in their semi.


    PS I suppose, logically, I should want Celtic to go through after a poor display and Hearts to win after an exhilerating performance :-)).



    Re Broony. I think we overplay him and , apart from the strain on his body, we can become too reliant on his presence.

  16. TB


    Thanks for that.


    My mate is an open-minded Dundee Utd fan and he rates him very highly.

  17. Jobo Baldie



    Gilbert O’Sullivan great BRITISH singer/songwriter?!


    He’s Irish from Waterford do you work for Sky Sports? 😂

  18. Macjay – cheers for info about a mangle, what about a wringer.


    To something through a wringer or have I made that up??😂






    D. :)

  19. Good morning folks,



    Like most people who have been following events at Newco over the last few years here and on the internet not surprised at the shocking figures released by them last night.



    Ironic that in the week of interesting discussion on here and elsewhere on the internet regarding resolution 12, which was about SFA accountability and governance, that we see the results of them having been allowed a free reign to rack up these debts.



    When we were cheated out of trophies it was due to them being allowed to cheat and spend freely due to poor SFA governance as well as other well documented reasons.



    If the governance rules were in place, in my opinion they would not be strong enough to maintain the current challenge that sees them level with us on points in the league. How long they can maintain their challenge this season remains to be seen, but history is being allowed to repeat itself because the SFA was not reformed is more or less the same organisation which has been allowed to continue with the blazers still in place, a raft of referees who have leanings towards Newco. Coupled with the press doing what they have always done. Every chance they have to print a negative story about Celtic, they will pounce on, but with practically no critical analysis of Newco or their fans. The persistent sectarian singing only highlighted when they were changed by Uefa.



    Anyway, looking forward to the Semi Final this evening. I think we will have too much quality for them, expecting to win by a couple of goals. Only slight worry for me is that at the draw at Easter Road earlier this season, big Julian out-jumped quite a few times by Christian Doidge. This is my only concern, but think we will manage this accordingly.



    Hope everyone enjoys the day and at the end of the game we are once again heading for a final at Hampden.



    HH Dan

  20. Rangers accounts.



    Moral hazard of season 2010/11 returns as we seek 10iar and we all know what happened in that season culminating in the grant of a licence that all evidence suggests was morally as well as factually wrong.



    Why has moral hazard been allowed to return and as most likely victim why are Celtic depending on SFA to tackle the source when they seem to have paralysed themselves by the 5 Way?

  21. Macjay1


    I was happy enough with the prospect of an English victory but the commentary–particularly the normally fair Dalaglio– has lessened that support.

  22. Rangers Accounts.



    Two words.



    Moral hazard.



    The conditions that led to season 2010/11 and the granting of a UEFA licence on what looks like immoral, and actual breach of regulation, grounds have reappeared.



    Going for 10iar? Is it about bragging rights for us but stopping it survival for them in financial terms? How far would the SFA go to rescue TRFC from their self destructive folly with collateral damage to all clubs? How far would Celtic?



    What lengths will TRFC, aided and abetted by a paralysed SFA, go to to stay alive?



    Look what they did in March 2011 to get access to CL money. What has been done to deter more of the same?



    How will other clubs with dependency on there being a TRFC, view matches against them and us? Even if Celtic are stand alone, they are at risk because of moral hazard (apart from natural leanings of those with influence on results.)



    Celtic cannot remain silent on the SFA’s apparent inability to act to save our game. We have every reason to demand reform so why isnt it being demanded?



    Why mess about for 6 years when all the leverage required to make Scottish football honest was there to be used to that effect?



    It is unbelievable that those in charge at SFA and clubs dont seem to realise the current “do nothing” course is steering Scottish football on to the moral hazard rocks.



    If it’s not in Celtic’s interests to take Res12 to UEFA does that apply to not getting the SFA to commit to an acceptable timetable to complete their stalled “investigation” and somehow restore some sense of integrity and honesty to Scottish football?

  23. Thanks ghuys. Let’s put the Hibees through the wringer today.



    I love our games against the Hibernians always have.






    D. :)

  24. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HOT SMOKED on 2ND NOVEMBER 2019 10:15 AM





    I can completely understand that.

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