Game time for first 11, Craig Whyte and David Murray reruns


Despite a cast of thousands on the bench against Hamilton Accies yesterday and the points comfortably secured, Neil Lennon made only one substitution before the 86th minute, replacing Mohamed Elyounoussi with Olivier Ntcham with 20 minutes remaining.

There will be occasions when it is more beneficial to make early use of the five substitutions available, but for now, the manager’s principle objective is to get his starting 11 as fit as possible, and that takes game time.  Champions League qualification starts in two weeks, we have three games to prepare for a 90 minute knockout fixture.  While the points are important, these early Premiership games are crucial for building muscles for our series of summer cup finals.

Breaking down packed defences can be difficult so it was great to see how varied Celtic’s play was yesterday.  Elyounoussi, James Forrest, Ryan Christie and Odsonne Edouard’s movement made it difficult for defenders to know how to match up.

A possible consequence of this variety and the high positions of Greg Taylor and Jeremie Frimpong was the number of chances Accies created.  Their goal, from an unnecessarily conceded set-piece, came from one of several good chances.

I had to smile this morning when I saw we were back reading about Oldco Rangers’ old chairmen.  Craig Whyte has been exposed by the Daily Record for allegedly trading under his father’s name in a business designed to do pretty much what he did to Oldco Rangers back in 2012.

I wonder if we will ever see Sir David Murray’s reruns given the same treatment?  No investigative journalism is needed, just read Sir David’s company, Murray Capital Group’s most recent financial statement on a challenge by HMRC “regarding the tax treatment of payments made under the Group’s Share Based Payment Scheme”.

No provision was made in earlier accounts, as “management considered it unlikely that additional tax would be payable to HMRC.” However, “following further legal consultation….. and communication from HMRC… it was now more likely than not that a future cash outflow would be required.”

Never mind, we should let David discretely get on with being David.  Share Based Payment Scheme!  Honestly!  The company also extended it’s year end from 31 December 2019 to 30 June 2020; always a good sign.

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  1. just heard all is not good at The Dilapidated Toilet Block………



    Can’t say too much.

  2. Right I’m away to watch, the hypnotic & repeated manipulated crap, served via


    the BBC News Channel. No wonder of two million people refuse to pay their


    Licence Fee.

  3. Over Two Million.


    GENE on 3RD AUGUST 2020 8:36 PM




    Don’t think the championship teams get millions



    That playoff final is worth millions, via sly TV money.


    So who are Brentford playing in the final Gene?

  4. I want to know why,big 6 foot 4 attackers,can out jump our similar sized defenders,around 2 out of 10 times.The stats have shown that Jullien,in his last French season won more airiel duels than any other defender in the league.Taking into account,in our back 4,we have 2 small players,so at corner kicks,when Hamilton were bringing up their big defenders to join their forwards,our 2 CHs were under severe pressure on who to mark.Hence Broony getting beat at the back post for the goal.


    I will say though,that Ajer seems to lose height when he jumps.Not his strongest.

  5. Parkhead……………



    Sumdy’s “appetite” has goat the better o’ him……………..





  6. Turkeybhoy, Julien can be too casual @ times, & Ajer when signed by RD, was a midfield


    player, not a natural defender. I’ve been saying all along, that our defence is our achiles


    heel, which needs to be addressed, & strengthening, asap, that is a no brainer.

  7. apparently the wee, slightly built red-neck and the sluggish, mis-firing, pie-stuffer have gone head-to-head……….between the salad truck and the sweet trolley.


    It goat ugly………………..

  8. AKBW1888


    Fulham – but if they don’t win it’s back to the championship


    If they win then it’s the millions

  9. BANKIEBHOY1 on 3RD AUGUST 2020 8:48 PM


    just heard all is not good at The Dilapidated Toilet Block………



    Can’t say too much.





    Why not?

  10. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    I watch Brentford regularly.



    They are in a similar situation to Celtic in that they have 3 or 4 very saleable assets – one of them being Watkins who would be the equivalent to Edouard and would probably fetch a similar transfer fee.



    If Brentford don’t get promoted, I would expect Watkins to sign for a mid ranking EPL club. Even if they do get promoted, he might still be sold. I think Toney is Watkins replacement and would expect the deal to go through regardless of the play off result.

  11. Wavy………..



    See prior updates – but keep it to yersel’………………



    The latest bust-up, was just another bunfight with regards to the


    elephant in the (Blue) Room……..




  12. According to Sky,we now have 4 teams at the top of the table.Goal difference obviously not counting this season.


    Motherwell dire.Turnbull very seldom involved.

  13. weebobbycollins on

    BIG WAVY on 3RD AUGUST 2020 9:30 PM





    *Taps finger on side of nose*




    Taps finger on both sides of nose and puts the mirror back in its place…

  14. weebobbycollins on

    Sorry Big Wavy…as ma wee mammy used to say, “that’s how rumours start.”😊

  15. Who mentioned Fat Charlie’s…….. ” nose”……..?








  16. how come is taken so long for most on here to realise our centre backs are better in the opposition box than our own.

  17. GENE on 3RD AUGUST 2020 9:16 PM




    Fulham – but if they don’t win it’s back to the championship


    If they win then it’s the millions


    Gene, even the loser of the play-off final, gets a parachute


    payment as well, via the tv money, its not a empty handed


    afair all play off final losers get money as well.


    & it’s Fulham that Brentford play in the final.


    Watch, in my opinion I think that Brentford will beet


    Fulham in the final, & get premoted into the EPL.


    This could be a special Season for Brentford FC, in


    Season 2019/20. How, because they are moving into


    their new Stadium which holds nearly 20,000 & on


    their a-game, they can over run teams, which


    Swansea found out leading 1-0 from the first leg.


    Brentford over turned that score line, & over ran


    Swansea. The omens look good for Brentford


    considering they have never been in the EPL


    in their History since founded 1908. Yeah, I’m going


    for the West London Club, to beet the South West


    London Club, by a margin of one goal between


    them, in the play off final, mark my words.

  18. AKBW1888.


    I do not regard Jullien as a weak link.Ajer is the problem.Not great in the air,for his height,and a bit one footed at times.Still does a good job,and not the boys fault,he is not a natural CH.Its about time we got in a proper CH to partner Jullien.I think Ajer would do an amazing job right side midfield for us with more freedom to go forward.Still,might be off soon,who knows the truth.Someone sees something in him as a CH.

  19. Celtic are top of the league with a goal difference of +4. Hibs are clear in 2nd place with a goal difference of 1 but having scored 2 goals. The 3rd to 5th placed teams all won their games 1-0 and traditionally they are listed in alphabetical order. So in 3rd we have Ross County, 4th are St Mirren and 5th are ZombieNationFC.


    Man Of The Match results coming out shortly…

  20. WeeBobbyCollins



    “I picked the wrong week to give up the caspa del diablo”, as wee Alfie would say….




  21. AKBW1888



    Gene, even the loser of the play-off final, gets a parachute



    Don’t think they do

  22. *** CQN PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2020-21 ***





    So, at 4.30pm yesterday I had a wee feeling of nervous trepidation. And even 15 minutes into the game I was worried that it might be one of those games. Just then, Frimpong gets assaulted, Broonie makes his feelings known and that one incident seemed to stir us into action. A really good performance eventually and we see ourselves already 3 goals clear at the top.


    Any player scoring a hat trick is hard to look past for Man Of The Match. And I suppose that’s why it’s good that everyone gets to nominate THREE players after each game. Almost everyone included Eddie in their three. And those that didn’t explained that they ‘knew Eddie would get plenty of votes so wanted to highlight some others…’. Which is a fine approach so long as everyone else doesn’t do the same!! A huge thank you to the 78 folk who took the time to email their opinions. In what is sure to be a regular feature of this season I notice again that one of my own picks hasn’t found favour with very many others 😉.


    Anyway, the votes have been counted and I am pleased to announce that the total votes cast for each player are as follows (with my own choices asterisked) –



    Bain: 0


    Frimpong: 48


    Jullien: 1


    Ajer: 0


    Taylor: 47


    Forrest*: 16


    Brown*: 3


    McGregor: 27


    Christie: 17


    Elyounoussi: 1


    Edouard*: 78


    Ntcham: 0


    Klimala: 2




    Elhamed: 0



    So the players receiving points for the game against Hamilton are –


    Edouard – 5 points


    Frimpong – 4 points


    Taylor – 3 points


    McGregor – 2 points


    Christie – 1 point



    And the overall points table is (obviously!) as follows –


    1st – Edouard – 5 points


    2nd – Frimpong – 4 points


    3rd – Taylor – 3 points


    4th – McGregor – 2 points


    5th – Christie – 1 point


    6th – Ajer, Bain, Brown, Dembele, Elhamed, Elyounoussi, Forrest, Jullien, Klimala, Ntcham,



    Our next game is again a Sunday kick off at 4.30 pm when we visit Kilmarnock.


    Hail Hail!

  23. Turkeybhoy, Jullien is not the finished artical defender in my books, he let El Buffalo


    bully him, in the last match we played Sevco, he should not take any nonsense, &


    stands his ground. So you see my point about Ajer, not a natural defender, & yes


    Ajer would be much better utilised, playing on the right side of midfield, correct.


    That is why we really need to look @ strengthening our defence, that goes without


    saying. For far too long now, we have not really addressed that problem, by going


    out & signing so called project players, that do not really fit the bill, of being a sollid


    & good defenders all round. All good & successful teams, also have a good defence.

  24. My apologies (already!) but there were actually 80 folk who voted so thanks for that support. 6 more sleeps ;-)

  25. c’mon now bhoy’s no need to be worrying over our centre back frailties John Kennedy will soon have our defence organised and working as a professional unit.

  26. GENE on 3RD AUGUST 2020 10:00 PM




    Gene, even the loser of the play-off final, gets a parachute


    Don’t think they do.



    So Gene, u think that all EPL play-off finalist losers, don’t get a penny for


    reaching the final, & playing a one off match? Nah is does not work that


    way, nor does it make sense. They losers will get money that’s for sure.


    & our Club is not going to fork out 12 Million, for said player they are


    rumoured to be interested in. (Toney)

  27. RON67 on 3RD AUGUST 2020 10:15 PM


    c’mon now bhoy’s no need to be worrying over our centre back frailties John Kennedy will soon have our defence organised and working as a professional unit.


    Yeah Ron67, & hope springs eternal.


    Ron67 any well organised Club out there who have done their homework on us know that our


    defence is our archiles heel.

  28. Watched Ross County v Motherwell ,not a bad game ,David Turnbull he is ok,but to be honest I would just forget about him coming to Celtic as for another striker I don’t know,if Celtic get Griffith’s up and running and if we can hold on to French Eddie with Polish Paddy scoring as well ,as I see it we don’t need another Striker ,another left back and Center Back is more of a priority.

  29. The Power of Forgiveness, is…..



    Let us All just say if Lenny falls short…. it is because there is Something..bigger affoot.



    God Bless the CQN&SEN crew.



    Frimps is on it.



    Lenny is a wee Genius.

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