Game time for first 11, Craig Whyte and David Murray reruns


Despite a cast of thousands on the bench against Hamilton Accies yesterday and the points comfortably secured, Neil Lennon made only one substitution before the 86th minute, replacing Mohamed Elyounoussi with Olivier Ntcham with 20 minutes remaining.

There will be occasions when it is more beneficial to make early use of the five substitutions available, but for now, the manager’s principle objective is to get his starting 11 as fit as possible, and that takes game time.  Champions League qualification starts in two weeks, we have three games to prepare for a 90 minute knockout fixture.  While the points are important, these early Premiership games are crucial for building muscles for our series of summer cup finals.

Breaking down packed defences can be difficult so it was great to see how varied Celtic’s play was yesterday.  Elyounoussi, James Forrest, Ryan Christie and Odsonne Edouard’s movement made it difficult for defenders to know how to match up.

A possible consequence of this variety and the high positions of Greg Taylor and Jeremie Frimpong was the number of chances Accies created.  Their goal, from an unnecessarily conceded set-piece, came from one of several good chances.

I had to smile this morning when I saw we were back reading about Oldco Rangers’ old chairmen.  Craig Whyte has been exposed by the Daily Record for allegedly trading under his father’s name in a business designed to do pretty much what he did to Oldco Rangers back in 2012.

I wonder if we will ever see Sir David Murray’s reruns given the same treatment?  No investigative journalism is needed, just read Sir David’s company, Murray Capital Group’s most recent financial statement on a challenge by HMRC “regarding the tax treatment of payments made under the Group’s Share Based Payment Scheme”.

No provision was made in earlier accounts, as “management considered it unlikely that additional tax would be payable to HMRC.” However, “following further legal consultation….. and communication from HMRC… it was now more likely than not that a future cash outflow would be required.”

Never mind, we should let David discretely get on with being David.  Share Based Payment Scheme!  Honestly!  The company also extended it’s year end from 31 December 2019 to 30 June 2020; always a good sign.

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  1. We can get away with defending like we do, domestically.


    However if we want to try & make inroads in Europe


    after this season then our defence frailaties issue needs


    to be properly addressed

  2. weebobbycollins on

    How come those well organised clubs who have done their homework on us, knowing our defence is our achilles heel, canny beat us?



    How come those well organised clubs who have done their homework on us, knowing our defence is our achilles heel, canny beat us?



    Yeah wee Bobby Collins, so what happened earlier this year, against Copenhagan then?

  4. right I’m Jackanoski aye remember him? Offski I’ve other things to do.


    We will carry on this debate later. Anyway, I bid you all a good night


    & pleasant dreams hail hail all & coybig laters folks.

  5. “All good & successful teams, also have a good defence.“



    Very true, and our record over the last few seasons suggests this is a good and successful team.

  6. Well Ron,if we do eventually sign Ajeti,you won’t have far to go for someone to blame.Lenny,allegedly,has thrown himself into attempts to sign him.

  7. Julien scored the winner in the league cup, ajer scoreS a crucial winner at Pittodrie in February



    Both good footballers who if they were better defensively would’nt be a Celtic

  8. If our centra defenders were without certain weaknesses they wouldn’t be playing for Celtic.


    Fitba food chain…….


    Rather than focus on our central defence, checkout how exposed they are when we lose possession further up the park .



    Context CSC

  9. I personally don’t think our defence is an Achilles heel.We have been hearing this for yonks.The amount of goals we have lost in the past 9 years over all games,through blatant errors will be minimal.Too much over analyzing every goal we lose.

  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    Confused over this defence is our weak spot, only lost 19 last term😵 same as the huns😱

  11. Who you talkin’ to?



    Aye yoo,



    Ayewayz Ready



    If I iznae mstaken……



    Yer lookin Unsteady.




  12. Our Lord and Saviour is there, where? Every where.



    Lenny is a wee Angel I think.



    Lenny will deny he is.




  13. Europe to me seems just as Important to Lenny as getting the Crossmaglen.



    It is Time we started being upstarts.



    Ajax almost got there. Not Fussy – CL or EL 😀

  14. BANKIEBHOY1 on 3RD AUGUST 2020 9:14 PM


    apparently the wee, slightly built red-neck and the sluggish, mis-firing, pie-stuffer have gone head-to-head……….between the salad truck and the sweet trolley.





    It goat ugly………………..








    did it go into injury time ?

  15. ps,



    in a square go between the petulant buffalo , and kenny millers uglier duelling banjoes wee brother,



    i think i will go for the mental columbian.

  16. LassieBeattie on

    Tontine Tim – love all your history of the old country. I was born and raised in Dumbarton. Don’t think people know half the history of Sunny D/the Rantan/the Vale/ Balloch. I fair enjoyed your post!


    My dad also worked in the VOL Industrial Estate (Polaroid). He cycled the Renton Rd every day for 25 years as we didn’t have a car.


    Act of War. I loved your wee video. I cycled that path along the Leven every day one summer during Uni when I worked at Balloch Castle. Every visitor would come into the ‘castle’ asking if there was a tour or a cafe. Always thought the council missed the boat with both. Not sure if the castle is still open these days for visitors?

  17. Terry McGuinness on

    That was a nice nice wee start to the season bhoy’s.


    Whatever the trouble is across the road, hopefully it has maximum effect on the swindlers.


    I quite fancy Campbell, M/well midfielder, think he’d do us a turn maybe stiffen up the middle and protect the back line. Hail, Hail.

  18. TMcG..



    The ultimate conundrum is the Broonstigator.



    I know that I know Nothing.



    Sorry for major Hyperbole.



    Who Takes over frae the awesome Man?

  19. They are efter Broonie Big Time.



    Soro methinks. Then Bring on Our Capitano when the battle has been won..



    Ruud Bhoy…… you Done so much

  20. binary



    Come on Celtic.






    Ye know the Jam&Spoon.



    It is gonnae be mega tough to get 10 Titles.



    Lenny is A wee Genius. I think it is gonnae happen..



    Thanks Ronny Deeeee and Brendan. Thank You.

  21. Good morning cqn from a rainy Garngad



    I hope all our Antipodean bhoys and ghirls are staying safe.



    I keep hearing of the second wave of this horrible virus hitting us here in the UK, I hope not but signs are not good.



    Stay safe everybody






    D :)

  22. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Morning David 66, stocked up again for another 6 weeker.


    Cops not messing about now with the look at me I’m not wearing a mask


    types or the conspiracy theorists.


    5000 dollar fines and 20.000 second offence, one silly woman in her car


    outwith her area refused to give her details or open the window, so


    window smashed dragged out of car and thrown in the cop van.


    And just to add to the misery, the weather has turned bitter cold after


    last weekends sunny18 degs.


    But hey ho the Bhoys are back and buzzin and only a few days till we see


    them again.


    Stay safe hoys/ghirls the second wave is proving more resilient than the


    first and taking on different varieties apparently.


    H.H. Mick

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