Game time for first 11, Craig Whyte and David Murray reruns


Despite a cast of thousands on the bench against Hamilton Accies yesterday and the points comfortably secured, Neil Lennon made only one substitution before the 86th minute, replacing Mohamed Elyounoussi with Olivier Ntcham with 20 minutes remaining.

There will be occasions when it is more beneficial to make early use of the five substitutions available, but for now, the manager’s principle objective is to get his starting 11 as fit as possible, and that takes game time.  Champions League qualification starts in two weeks, we have three games to prepare for a 90 minute knockout fixture.  While the points are important, these early Premiership games are crucial for building muscles for our series of summer cup finals.

Breaking down packed defences can be difficult so it was great to see how varied Celtic’s play was yesterday.  Elyounoussi, James Forrest, Ryan Christie and Odsonne Edouard’s movement made it difficult for defenders to know how to match up.

A possible consequence of this variety and the high positions of Greg Taylor and Jeremie Frimpong was the number of chances Accies created.  Their goal, from an unnecessarily conceded set-piece, came from one of several good chances.

I had to smile this morning when I saw we were back reading about Oldco Rangers’ old chairmen.  Craig Whyte has been exposed by the Daily Record for allegedly trading under his father’s name in a business designed to do pretty much what he did to Oldco Rangers back in 2012.

I wonder if we will ever see Sir David Murray’s reruns given the same treatment?  No investigative journalism is needed, just read Sir David’s company, Murray Capital Group’s most recent financial statement on a challenge by HMRC “regarding the tax treatment of payments made under the Group’s Share Based Payment Scheme”.

No provision was made in earlier accounts, as “management considered it unlikely that additional tax would be payable to HMRC.” However, “following further legal consultation….. and communication from HMRC… it was now more likely than not that a future cash outflow would be required.”

Never mind, we should let David discretely get on with being David.  Share Based Payment Scheme!  Honestly!  The company also extended it’s year end from 31 December 2019 to 30 June 2020; always a good sign.

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  1. Melbourne Mick on




    I agree, it was great watching that wee vid from ART OF WAR.


    It brought back many great memories to me from when I worked


    down Dumbarton way.


    TONTINE TIMS post was good reading also, as I was trying to


    remember what that aul building was that he stopped at, Balloch Castle


    I think,


    Also that view at the end of the vid, I’m sure I’ve got a music video of


    RUNRIG playing at a big concert there, can embody confirm?


    H.H. Mick

  2. Melbourne Mick on

    Neil Lennon & McCartney



    Funnily enough when I opened up that u tube vid it showed


    RUNRIG at Loch Lomond , the one I’ve got somewhere has a daylight view


    of the loch and what looks like the one on Art of War’s vid.


    Great band and hugely popular in Germany if I remember correctly as


    there seemed to be hundreds from there at the concert.


    H.H. Mick

  3. Mornin all. I was at the Midsummer concert in Balloch which Runrig headlined – June 1992, we ran a mini-bus from Gourock, I smuggled in a perfectly sealed milk carton full of whisky😀


    Great memory.

  4. Andrew (don;t know his surname), BBC Scotland business correspondent, informed us all this morning that his team are going to stop 10 in a row. So, he’s one reason the Beeb haven’t been investigating Murray’s business affairs (presumably).

  5. SAINT STIVS on 4TH AUGUST 2020 12:35 AM


    BANKIEBHOY1 on 3RD AUGUST 2020 9:14 PM





    apparently the wee, slightly built red-neck and the sluggish, mis-firing, pie-stuffer have gone head-to-head……….between the salad truck and the sweet trolley.











    It goat ugly………………..


















    did it go into injury time ?






    Naw………but there were…. “afters”

  6. Hearts and Partick Thistle are trying to block the findings of the arbitration panel becoming public



    Ann Budge was big on transparency before. What’s changed?

  7. Interesting post from Rollingstone on page 1 , regards to Brown



    He was woeful versus Hamilton.



    Truth be told, he was found wanting in a good proportion of our bigger games last season.


    Superb captain, absolute legend. But old father time catches up with us all.



    It is imperrative Lenny sees this.



    Brown was heavily at fault in the home game eliminator in Champs league vs Cluj last season.


    He was equally as poor in the home game vs Copenhagen.


    We cannot afford him to be the decisive liability in this seasons champs league qualifiers.



    It is so important. We fail to qualify for this seasons champs league, I believe will trigger Edouard’s sale.


    So its vital we get it right.

  8. Runrig in the Barrowland was immense, you could literally fell the floor bouncing.



    Another great gig at Loch Lomond was Oasis.



    HH and quack quack from a very wet Anniesland.

  9. A reminder folks that the Kano Foundation can accept ddeb payments from as little as £1 per month.



    This helps them bring along a group of kids from all backgrounds to a game to see the mighty Glasgow Celtic. Some, possibly lots, of these kids are the future of the club. And for some it might be the best thing that has happened to them for months.



    If you can help…





    And here’s a link to what they do…



  10. Bit harsh in Scott Brown.



    Wasn’t at his best against Hamilton but its first game back after he missed some Pre-Season games with injury concerns



    He did have some poor performances against Cluj and Copenhagen



    Equally we have had good performances from him against Lazio and Rennes



    Time comes for us all and this is the final year of Scott Brown’s contract. Replacing him will be on the managers mind.



    We will see if Soro starts to get minutes.



    Beram Kayal is out there.

  11. Go tell the Spartim on

    Kayal can stay out there, even at 35 he can’t lace \o/ boots, once his time is up then we need better than BK

  12. Ruggyman



    “He was woeful versus Hamilton.



    Truth be told, he was found wanting in a good proportion of our bigger games last season. ”




    Far too OTT an assesment. Nobody was woeful against Hamilton. We just had players well on form and others still getting there. For a first game of the season- after only 3 warm up games- we were much further on than I expected.



    If we’re telling truth, rather than relying on individual memories, we ran a competition after every game last year, to rate players performances as we saw them contemporaneously, not in hindsight. Scott Brown finished a very close 2nd to Edouard in those ratings over every match. Having led Odsonne for most of the season, the younger man overtook him only in the final month.



    I give full respect to Celtic By Numbers analysis which showed that Scott was losing a bit of power in the measurable metrics. From his own high standards, he had dropped to being only a very good player. No doubt he will be spelled more and more as the season goes on but you would have to be very hard faced to deny Scott the 90 minutes against Hamilton when we were cruising it and we were celebrating the title that Scott drove us on to last season.



    There are going to be games this season where Celtic players will be woeful and Scott Brown may be too. Don’t waste that ammunition on a game where Scott was fine but other players were “finer” and , in the end, we won 5:1 and are clear at the top of the league.



    We might not be next week.

  13. Ruggyman



    You should listen to the recent Celtic Underground “big data” podcast where they discuss Brown’s decline. I do however agree with a lot of SFTB assessment above. Whilst he is obviously in decline and this season will be a bit worst than last season he is still a very good, and hugely important player.



    I obviously will give him a chance but don’t really like Soro’s profile (i.e. a very defensive type player but without much of a physical presence). I prefer my defensive midfielders to either have a bit more of ball playing ability (like Brown) OR be very physically dominant (e.g. Wanyama). Both Brown and Wanyama have goals in them too (Soro has only scored 1 senior career goal in 100+ appearances). I know he is a defensive mid and the Kante type player that can be very successful in the role….I just prefer a different type of player.



    In saying all that I’m very positive about the future. We will sell Ajer (20m), Edouard (40m) and Ntcham (10m) over the next 3 windows. If we raise the 70m (or maybe even more) it will allow us to spend 40m on new players and put 30m into club infrastructure. Most of the players we have been linked with in this window (Barkas, Toney, Ajeti, MacKenzie, Aaronson, Colina, Burda) seem to have a good profile. We were excellent on Saturday. We may not qualify or the champions league, we may even lose a league but long term view is very positive.

  14. Aside from Scott Bain or Vasilis Barkas the side picked itself versus Hamilton, and only Olivier Ntcham came close to the starting line up which was always going to be as per Nice.



    Fact is, nobody in pre season has threatened the quad of Forrest Brown MacGregor Christie, so the OTT internet takes over, Ntcham is preferred in a more forward role and can’t do the down and dirty that Scott Brown can, making Soro the only alternative who is not ready to sit in the Brown role. There will be many more battles much harder won than Hamilton at CP and there are bigger question marks than Scott Brown’s position in the side. I think we’ll be receptive to bids for Ntcham as he may be talented but can’t make dent in the team sheet.



    Have we signed a left back yet?

  15. Paddy reading out headlines in paper, Three cliff walkers fall to their death. Mick says that’s amazing three fella,s of the same name dying.

  16. BSR



    Selling Ntcham would be an act of absolute lunacy. On a par with an over reliance on an aging Scott Brown.



    Other clubs and other managers seem to manage aging stars appropriately but it seems it’s all or nothing with us and no in between.



    How do we get the best out of Scott AND recognise his body is in decline? That is the question.

  17. PAPAJOE55 on 4TH AUGUST 2020 11:56 AM


    Paddy reading out headlines in paper, Three cliff walkers fall to their death. Mick says that’s amazing three fella,s of the same name dying.





    Yep the ‘stupid irish’ trope is alive and kickin’ on CQN in 2020.




  18. JOBO BALDIE on 4TH AUGUST 2020 11:49 AM


    Some of us gave Scott Brown one of our 3 votes on Sunday ;-)




    Personally think you should limit it to 1 vote per match

  19. Anyone waiting on new kit



    2 tops and training tops just just arrived for my wee bhoys



    All badges intact :-)



    which is in contrast to what Etims have been posting about new castore tops

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