Game time shortage for Compper


While the postponement of today’s Premiership game against Dundee was inevitable, Brendan Rodgers and the players will be far from happy not participating in a game they prepared for.  For the manager, in particular, this of one of the two games he could deploy Marvin Compper before heading to Ibrox a week on Sunday.

Compper signed his Celtic contact in December but it will be March before he wears the hoops for the first time. His experience would be invaluable at Ibrox next week, but on the back of only one game, and that against lower league opposition?

I don’t know the player but without further evidence, I’d stick with Ajer and Simonovic.

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  1. Ajer is my only Centre half first choice name right now.


    Only consistent one of the four in terms of fitness and form.


    Fortunes change so quickly in sport.



    HH jamesgang

  2. Team that will skelp the Huns….






    Ajer Boyata Compper



    Forrest Ntcham Brown KT



    Rogic Roberts




  3. Counter point Paul…



    Without Lustig we will have to opt for one of the following



    – Boyata who hasn’t played in months


    – Ralston who hasn’t played in months


    – Gamboa who’s barely featured



    He might have to start with Simunovic, Ajer & Compper

  4. TIMALOY29 on 28TH FEBRUARY 2018 12:27 PM



    Boyata’s last game was 4 weeks ago this Saturday. If he plays on Saturday he’ll play next week.

  5. Gary67 on 28th February 2018 12:30 pm


    TIMALOY29 on 28TH FEBRUARY 2018 12:27 PM




    Boyata’s last game was 4 weeks ago this Saturday. If he plays on Saturday he’ll play next week.






    Oh dear oh dear

  6. I guess it depends also, if game is played next week, allowing Lustig to clear his game ban. Would we rather have the game next week or have the extra time before heading to Govan? Pros and cons either way, but I think I’d prefer a game next Wednesday.

  7. My Boss just said “why dont you go home”



    Was about to batter him when i realised



    He was suggesting i make the 40 mile journey home



    along M8 before worst of weather

  8. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on




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    Full 3 course meal, welcome drinks, and some fabulous entertainment and Lisbon memories on offer plus charity offers for The Celtic Charity Foundation and the 67 kitchens they have built for and on behalf of Mary’s Meals.



    These kitchens will feed 80,000 kids in the name of our club which is just fantastic.



    Remember this will be a real celebration night, especially if we clinch an historic double treble the week before.



    Cost for the night is £65/head and so far I have taken 378 reservations so only 120 seats left so if you want to come get in contact quickly as these seats will go.



    Contact me on jjoe88@hotmail.co.uk to reserve seats.



    I am away to get the skis out!!







  9. good afternoon from north staffs where it’s been snowing heavily for an hour – up to now we’ve been lucky with only a few snow showers. Got to pick the grandsons up from school at 3 so hopefully it will stop before then – otherwise it’s a bit of a walk.


    disappointed the game is postponed but hey ho – next Tuesday would be ideal

  10. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    If Lustig is not available you start with Gamboa with Hendry as a back up to cover injuries or whatever at Centre half or right back.

  11. With our defensive frailties, injuries, goal keeping problems and potential suspension I imagine Murty is licking his lips as they have, in my opinion, a puncher’s chance of getting a result. They will play a high tempo game and push us back (think 2nd half at Celtic Park) unless we really dominate the midfield. We are vulnerable at the moment and a back 3 or 4 that is going to need a lot of support.


    Like it or not, they have struck a good vein of form and their results under Murty suggest the days of them being undeniably crap are now gone.


    It will be a tough game.

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    What’s the story with this McTominay guff?


    He’s 21, English and playing in Manchester United’s first team. Why would he want to play for Scotland?


    Is this just McLeish trying to make himself look like a big shot? Oh look at me. I can go and have a chat with Jose Mourinho. Look at all the contacts I have. Aren’t you lucky to have me!

  13. What could possibly prevent them announcing that the game is rescheduled for next Tuesday/ Wednesday ? Lustig serving his suspension on the trip to Poundland rather than in rescheduled game ? Maybe they’re all to busy dealing with the compliance officer ? On other matters,we have a White beach in Troon today. Might give the surfing a miss .

  14. !!BADA BING!! on 28TH FEBRUARY 2018 12:40 PM


    Ziggy- Tuesday would be better….




    Yep. Even better.



    I was also thinking in Sunday that Ajer is probably our best centre back right now. While the boy is an intelligent player with great potential, he’s far from the finished article. Sad indictment that a teenage converted midfielder is now our preferred choice.

  15. It doesn’t matter how snowy or cold it gets. There is always a wain running about playing outside with just a t-shirt on.




    Last time I remember snow like this was when my mammy gave birth to my brother and my gran dressed me in wellies, a pair of my sisters red woolen tights, a pair of shorts, vest, tshirt, jumper and duffel coat to travel by bus (yeah buses worked back then when it snowed) to visit my bro in hospital. I gret all the way there and back because I looked like a wee lassie to ootsiders.




    I was 4 but because of the outfit I remember it like yesterday. Add to that the snow was over the top of my wellies so my tights ended up soakin and freezing.




    MWD doesn’t wear tights anymore except on a Saturday night.

  16. Paul67



    Ajer and Simunovic ( if fit ) but not worries if Dedryk is back he’s a good player who has excelled


    at Ibrokes.



    Comperr’s ‘game time’ is a worry not just for us, but his entire career.



    Too many of our squad spend too much time on the treatment table.

  17. OLDTIM:


    Have a word with VOGUEPUNTER re-Taxi on 25th May, if he isn’t going to the doo he could be your man. I have his number if you need it.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!



    Working from home too, plenty of flexi so lunch until 14:30…:)


    Downside, Mrs. LB is as well. She didn’t make it out of ML5 but heard on the grapevine that the office was closed.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  19. BTW


    Just waiting on a BBC weather reporter turning up to give a live broadcast from my street – well it is snowing




    Too many of our squad spend too much time on the treatment table.





    Totally agree. I always remember Shankley saying that they look at the character of the player as much as the ability.



    Should be same for their past history of time on treatment table.




    It was just the price I wanted at the moment, staying in the Millenium,or a taxi home, have you booked a table for the 25th M.

  22. afternoon all from a blizzard struck speyside (been unable to get to work for 2 days now)



    i guess now that Mikel will miss the ibrokes game it takes a decision out of Brendan’s hands athough i reckon he’d have played. I’d hope that Brendan can see a solid midfield is needed and i’d go with a 3-5-2 with KT dropping back when needed.






    Boyata – Jozo – Ajer



    Jamesie – Broony – Kouassi – Nitcham – Kieran



    Moussa – Edouard

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