Gameplan: drop to the floor in the box


I get why Derek McInnes was so animated in claiming for a penalty on Saturday.  For the second weekend in a row, we watched Kilmarnock players put body between ball and opponent, then drop to the floor.  It was a tactic that broke play up, won them possession and provided the ability to push forward into Celtic territory.

None of this constitutes foul play (see this fine example by Lint on Twitter).  It was also not an incident VAR were able to get involved with.  The referee saw it and made his decision.  VAR is only able to get involved if a clear and obvious error has occurred.  It wasn’t, it was just a decision the Kilmarnock manager didn’t like.

There are lots of caveats available when assessing the Celtic performance.  The conditions were awful, which contributed to the pitch cutting up early on.  We are clearly missing Greg Taylor on the left, Alexandro Bernabei looked to be a long way from Rosario under the Hampden lights.

A feature of our play the week before against Kilmarnock was low cross balls into the box, which eventually paid dividends.  These were forgone at Hampden for high and aimless crossing that was never going to be productive.

We were fortunate at the first goal – fortunate that Aaron Mooy’s cross fell to Kilmarnock’s Kyle Lafferty.  He chose not to attack the ball and instead let it drop before clearing into the net off the chest of Daizen Maeda.

After that moment, Kilmarnock made more of an attempt to play football, but their best chance was always going to be convincing the officials to award a penalty.  It is not exactly an honourable plan, but given the disparity in quality between the squads, you see why McInnes went down this road.

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  1. Gallagher thinks it was a penalty because the ball was not in the picture and Kent did not punch Scales according to him, just a slap a yellow , this guy never seems to go against any decision in Sevco’s favour.

  2. Jackass today,really going the extra mile to try and get a dig at Ange.Claiming Madras goal was hand ball,ignoring the video evidence.You really need to be some kind of moron to write this crap.Should be banned.Not his rag,just him.

  3. BIG JIMMY on 16TH JANUARY 2023 12:12 PM


    Surely there is even MORE REASON for The Compliance Officer to punish KENT, considering that VAR had BROKEN DOWN when he assaulted his opponent so The Ref did NOT have the ADVANTAGES of being advised by VAR ?





    At the same time ” HOW” did ALL the OFFICIALS MISS this assault….HUNbelievable…then again, maybe not ?






  4. Prestonpans bhoys on

    Did Gallagher comment on celtic getting a goal chopped off after the ball hit the arm of a killie player ??

  5. ‘Alexandro Bernabei looked to be a long way from Rosario under the Hampden lights.’



    Unfortunately, he looks a fair bit like Senor Laxalt; decent going forward but sorta still lacking defensively.



    I’m sure Ange’s Aussie scouts have spotted Jordan Bos, left back at Melbourne City. 20yrs 5’11”. Durable, powerful and great dribbler. Aus/Dutch heritage. One to watch.



    As is ‘A Good Woman Is Hard To Find’ feature film. Set in NI; gory and gripping.

  6. The Dons boy STEWART deserved a straight RED CARD imho.


    That ” TACKLE” would have had us screaming for a Red card IF it had been against a Celtic player in all fairness.


    Bring on The Huns next Month…and HOPEFULLY the Hampden Pitch will be in a much better condition for the League Cup Final ?



  7. What is the Starz on

    I see a few comments re ex ref Dermot Gallagher.


    Dermot is a Celtic fan….I know because he told me….


    I think he gives an honest appraisal of what he sees and doesnt look at it through green tinted glasses….Surely thats all we would ask for from any ref.


    By the way I do think Kent committed 2 yellow card offences ( the slap on Scales and a jersey pull of another Aberdeen player)… I say slap because I cant be sure from the angle I have seen that it was a punch.It genuinely looks like a slap….maybe thats a red card offence anyway I honestly dont know

  8. JACKSON of the Daily Ranger saying that ” Big ANGE was made to EAT his WORDS ” in relation to VAR ?



    Somehow, I dont think so Mr Jackson.



    Jackson has a ” GO” at Celtic and the Ref Wullie Collum for NOT awarding the Dons a Penalty on Saturday, but at the SAME TIME in his ” Newspaper Piece” Today, makes NO MENTION of Ref WALSH….FAILING to SEND AFF KENT in the Huns v Aberdeen game ?


    I hope that Celtic finally decide to BAN this Jackson Hun CHUMP from ALL Celtic games ?



  9. You just have to see how many of our fans thought it was a pen to see how productive a tactic this could be. It was never a pen but our opponents will take note.

  10. bournesouprecipe on

    They’re gonna need a bigger summit.



    It’s not just VAR that’s ‘disconnected’ is there anybody still alive that thinks the Hamdump Derry, can administer VAR? – if so please step forward. One week you could be a mascot, the next you’re Laurel or Hardy, with a whistle.



    The debate is weekly after every round of games, and occurs in a league where it can cost you £90M for the latest star. VAR hasn’t rewritten the rules ( pages long ) for offside, it merely confuses them. It leaves supporters bereft of the spontaneous nature of the game.



    Are we to believe that the Kyogo offside at Maeda’s goal, really was a line drawn at the instant the pass was played? Was it drawn as per the rules that state, when the ball has travelled the distance of itself? Do you think Hamdump has and can use that technology competently despite its lack ( sometimes of any) of camera angles?



    Nobody has thrown a punch since the introduction of VAR but would you believe that the Space Invader console sat in the damp corner of the stadium was disconnected, when thy did? The Aberdeen goal was as offside as you can get by Celtic offside rules.



    The paymasters are making money from a system that runs on rules, that need rewritten with interpretations removed.



    Bring on the Saints

  11. WHAT IS THE STARZ on 16TH JANUARY 2023 12:35 PM




    You are CORRECT Mate, KENT Committed TWO OFFENCES that warranted TWO Yellow Cards….AT LEAST.


    There was also another incident after KENT had pulled a Dons jersey, with the Ref awarding the Dons a free kick, but NO YELLOW CARD…..As soon after a Dons player did the exact same to a Hun player with the SAME result…a free kick awarded to the Huns….but NO Yellow Card for the Dons player ?


    MAYBE the REF WALSH didnt want to give the Dons player a Yellow card, AFTER allowing KENT ” off the hook” for the same offence a few minutes earlier ?



    As for KENT, whether it was a PUNCH or a SLAP…is NOT really relatoive…as its CRYSTAL CLEAR that he RAISED his HAND(s) and made contact with the Dons player….You are NOT allowed to raise your hands…thems the RULES !


    I HOPE that the COMPLIANCE OFFICER is having a look at KENTS ” PUNCH/SLAP and he gets BANNED.



  12. To my eyes, GG’s ‘Greek hug’ (oo err missus) on the Killie player was a stonewaller – he encircles the player and timbers him to the deck. No wonder Deek was apoplectic.


    Sadly, it may have been a deliberate ‘let go’ so that the refs give the appearance these decisions ‘even themselves out’ over the season. It puts us in the same box as the Kinning Parkers; getting benefit of decisions etc.


    Yes, we can bring oddles of whattaboutery on the ones we had and were never given.


    But for me? I’d rather Giorgios didn’t warmly spoon opponents from the back in our penalty area; the temptation to award a spot kick won’t always be as easy for refs to resist.


    HH and NN

  13. HUN Players using their HANDS to assault opponents….and also HUN Players using their ” HANDS” to prevent Goal Scoring opportunities for their opponents, WITHOUT ANY PUNISHMENT being dished out by Hun Refs and Hun VAR……


    Who would believe it ?



  14. QUADROPHENIAN on 16TH JANUARY 2023 12:26 PM


    ‘Alexandro Bernabei looked to be a long way from Rosario under the Hampden lights.’







    Unfortunately, he looks a fair bit like Senor Laxalt; decent going forward but sorta still lacking defensively.







    Fair assessment.



    he just isnt ready for it, it will take games and patience to get him there.



    and to think several on here slated ange for not picking him at ibrox.

  15. dessybhoy on 16th January 2023 12:13 pm



    Gallagher thinks it was a penalty because the ball was not in the picture and Kent did not punch Scales according to him, just a slap a yellow , this guy never seems to go against any decision in Sevco’s favour.





    Seen that. So the decision to award a pen is dependent on which TV camera is being used at that time and its a yellow if you just flick out at an opponents face.



    What a tube.

  16. With regard to VAR and offside, like Kyogo’s heel on Saturday.



    Who is to say that Kyogo wasn’t moved into an offside position before being shown the line drawn. Sky have been moving players about in the studio for years, they tap a player on the screen and move him to “Where he should have been in order to stop the winger crossing the ball”



    The problem Celtic and the fans have had for the past 100 years is that we have not been paranoid enough.



    Do you for one minute not believe that they would not use this against the club.



    Anyway, VAR has destroyed the game, someone scores now and you wait for someone in a box miles away to call the goal, all the spontaneity has gone, all the joy has gone, that release of human emotion, all gone.



    They have destroyed football.

  17. You raise your hand to an opponent’s face and you’re off. A flick, slap, punch, it makes no difference. Ask Nir Bitton and his finger if you don’t believe me.

  18. Offside should de removed as a law, just pick up a jersey everybody then knows and not needeing coaching in staying in line, it’s absurd now, Rashford ran 30 yards in the vicinity[ he could control it shoot or pass] of the ball towards the centre of the Man City box, 2 defenders closed and jockeyed him, the keeper positioned himself for Rashford shooting however Fernandez ran about behind him shot and scored ,it should have been offside and it looked rehearsed by Man Utd.

  19. A feel good story for Blue Monday:



    Shakhtar president Akhmetov: “We’re proud of Mudryk – we will play a friendly against Chelsea at Donbass Arena in a Ukrainian Donetsk”. 🔵🇺🇦 #CFC



    “I am allocating $25 million today to help our soldiers, defenders, and their families”.

  20. This is what Former Ref DERMOT GALLAGHER had to say about KENT v SCALES…



    Kent v Scales


    The Aberdeen v Rangers semi-final was full of incidents but the biggest one that was not acted upon was the clash between Ibrox midfielder Ryan Kent and Liam Scales. The Dons centre back appeared to be struck by Kent in the dying minutes of the game as Rangers looked to secure a winner to prevent the game going to extra-time.



    Gallagher told Sky Sports News that he thought Kent deserved a yellow for the coming together. He said: “This is a tough one for the referee because it’s behind his back. VAR looks at it. I don’t think he has swiped like Liam says he does. He flicks out at him but it’s not a punch. So I think if the referee sees it, he probably gives the yellow card.”





    Mr Gallgher says…” VAR looks at it ” ?????


    Did NO ONE from SKY tell Mr Gallagher that the VAR was BROKEN DOWN long before the KENT PUNCH/SLAP ?




  21. !!BADA BING!! on 16TH JANUARY 2023 1:14 PM


    Jingle Jangle Jackson, has been banned from CP for years




    Cheers mate, I wasnt aware of that.



  22. I had a friend die just before New Year, didn’t find out till a few days later.



    My family and i are all a bit sad at moment.



    Does anyone know how the Celts who were very poorly are getting on?

  23. I agree with this statement.


    Several of my family have birthdays around now, and sometimes they are on the 3rd monday of the month.


    To wake up with this crap force fed via tv and media, well it is less than helpdful of your already feeling it in some way.






    Martin Lewis








    #BlueMonday is a piece of crap pseudo science originally part of a travel company’s press release to sell holidays.



    Can we all try to avoid rewarding marketeers, using this term, which tries to sell goods by parasiting on the back of real mental health campaigns.

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