Gameplan: drop to the floor in the box


I get why Derek McInnes was so animated in claiming for a penalty on Saturday.  For the second weekend in a row, we watched Kilmarnock players put body between ball and opponent, then drop to the floor.  It was a tactic that broke play up, won them possession and provided the ability to push forward into Celtic territory.

None of this constitutes foul play (see this fine example by Lint on Twitter).  It was also not an incident VAR were able to get involved with.  The referee saw it and made his decision.  VAR is only able to get involved if a clear and obvious error has occurred.  It wasn’t, it was just a decision the Kilmarnock manager didn’t like.

There are lots of caveats available when assessing the Celtic performance.  The conditions were awful, which contributed to the pitch cutting up early on.  We are clearly missing Greg Taylor on the left, Alexandro Bernabei looked to be a long way from Rosario under the Hampden lights.

A feature of our play the week before against Kilmarnock was low cross balls into the box, which eventually paid dividends.  These were forgone at Hampden for high and aimless crossing that was never going to be productive.

We were fortunate at the first goal – fortunate that Aaron Mooy’s cross fell to Kilmarnock’s Kyle Lafferty.  He chose not to attack the ball and instead let it drop before clearing into the net off the chest of Daizen Maeda.

After that moment, Kilmarnock made more of an attempt to play football, but their best chance was always going to be convincing the officials to award a penalty.  It is not exactly an honourable plan, but given the disparity in quality between the squads, you see why McInnes went down this road.

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  1. Go tell the Spartim on

    Something that grind my gears, and it relates to the majority of the diddy teams, notably those of say an anti celtic support (like the bigoted kind) is that everytime we score the raise their hands for offside, look at the Killie goalkeeper at the second goal, his arms are up immediately after GG scores, this must come from the manager, McInnes, Neilson et al, seem to actively encourage this behaviour, i wonder why???

  2. There have been some good posts recently on corporate governance.



    I don’t buy into tbe myth we are a well run club financially.



    Excellent stats from Harry Brady showing that Celtic under Dermot Desmond’s bag man have been sh#te when compared to similar clubs



    I read recently that since the dead zombie tribute act came back our net profit from all transfer incoming and outgoing sales of players was 16.5 million



  3. Andrew Smith’s article that Paul praised was written when.



    Celtic supporter attacked at the huns ground


    Celtic staff attacked at the ground



    The police find a wepons stash at Iboaks and evict people and arrest 2 for minor drug offences.
















    I think Dermot’s bag man Peter has reached out to the Andrew Smith so that this story runs in the Herald deflects from the fact that the suits running our club are OPENLY doing F all to ensure the safety of the fans the players and the staff.



    The below might be the weapons stash although baseball bat is missing



  4. DALRIADABHOY on 16TH JANUARY 2023 2:09 PM



    The original tweet is deleted in that post so it’s difficult to know what club he’s talking about



    It’s around €6m, I agree we need to do better if that’s what your point is

  5. Our net spend has been skewed by the lack of big sales over the last 3 windows. They’re coming though

  6. CELTIC40ME on 16TH JANUARY 2023 2:56 PM



    My point about Peter Lawell



    A poster quite recently said on the blog that the SFA use our loyalty to Celtic against us.


    Can’t think who posted it sorry.



    The poster made me think


    Peter and our board so the same.



    In what universe is it ok for our club to be completely silent about the Police handling of the weapons stash at Ibrox.



    What would have happened if the bottle that hit the Celtic fan had been thrown from higher up?



    No one at Celtic is calling out publicly the assaults on our fans our staff glass on pitch et c.



    If Celtic continue to ignore this violence how will it stop ?




    Is this the underclass you were referring to in the previous blog?



    Sheriff Lindsay Wood granted police 22 warrants in an investigation into the takeover of Rangers at a time when a high-profile campaign was underway against the same people to secure the assets of the club post-administration and liquidation by ‘real Rangers people’. The Herald also reported that Wood was a prominent Rangers fan who attended games, social events and displayed a photo of Ibrox in his office




    IS the hun Jim Robertson the underclass you were referring to on last blog?



    Or are the underclass you are referring to ra peepul at police Scotland who promoted him to Chief Inspector? GIVEN THAT HE WAS A DETECTIVE SERGEANT WHEN HE WAS SINGING THE SASH IN THIS CASE.



    Senior investigating officer, Chief Inspector Jim Robertson, chanted a Rangers song during interviews. A judge ruled that Robertson gave evidence that was “patently untrue” and acted in an “intimidatory”, “threatening” and reprehensible” manner.



    Is there a reason Paul67 that you didnt mention in the previous post that the hun Jim Robertson was a detective sergeant at the time?




    Worth a read, to compare and contrast our environment with these revenue generating giants.



    Look at it Leicester 2.5x the size of Celtic PLC.


    Wolves and failing Everton on the top twenty list.


    Newcastle on the cusp of being the next Man City.


    Arsenal will have their greatest ever financial year if they win the league and will be 5x the size of celtic.



    If you take the names Celtic, Lawwell and Desmond out the frame, and just read our accounts and financial results without the emotions attached, then yes in context to our operating environment we are a well run business. we cannot grow the tv deal or the fan attendnace base.



    Only commercial revenues and sponsorships, even then, current deals are the best we ever had, and unless we expand somehow in another market (Japan, South Korea,) well we are as big as we can be.



    Move out to another league, that was the only route to hyper-growth. Or regularly be in the champions league.

  10. Further seaches,



    Celtic PLC, were 58th in the Deloitte table for 2019, our best ever revenues of 100m euro with 29% generated by ECL group participation.

  11. SAINT STIVS on 16TH JANUARY 2023 3:50 PM



    My criticism of Desmond’s bag man isn’t just that i think his financial reputation is a myth.








    Complete silence about the assault on a fan


    Complete silence about the assualt on a staff member.



    Seriously when No One in Scottish Society is doing anything about this, how long till one of our fans our players or our staff gets hurt or worse?

  12. Fanrizo Romano – Urawa Red Diamonds have reached an agreement with Celtic for transfer of Giōrgos Giakoumakīs. Understand it’s €4m package. 🟢🇯🇵🇬🇷 #transfers





    If this is true then it’s up there with our worst transfer decisions. The timing and fee is just non sensical.

  13. Go tell the Spartim on

    St Stivs,



    i agree about the Champions League being the only viable route, currently, to expand our revenue and hopefully profit, however, we (as in PL lead Celtic) waited until he saw we were in it before sanctioning some signings, not claiming making signings whilst we had a chance to qualify would have made a difference, the point is we never found it. Not trying to teach a gran(da) to suck eggs.



    PL’s a snake oil salesman.

  14. Wonder why there is no mention from Paul of our player being assaulted when playing for Aberdeen?



    If Kent had done that to soneone on the street and was seen by a police officer he would have been arrested.



    Again no comment from Celtic about Ryan Kent’s assault on Luam Scales.



    Do Celtic not mind our players being assualted Kent has form for assaulting our players just as the SFA and The poodles who run our club have form for doing nothing about it.

  15. If anyone is daft enough to think anything will come from the NCB bean counter Peter Lawell speaking to the SFA behind closed doors.



    I have a bridge for sale.

  16. Go tell the Spartim on

    An Dun



    Not everything Fab Romano writes comes to pass, however, i dont think Ange would stand for selling a player without his replacement already being here or at least on the way. The fee im not worried about at all, unhappy player (reportedly) can have an unhealthy (even if its unintentional) impact on the rest of the squad. I would hope, if Ange is content letting him go he knows we’ve someone to take his place, shortly.



    If you’re on the home ticket scheme, do you have to apply for a ticket for the Cup game on Saturday?




    Direct debit and on your season card

  18. AN DÚN on 16TH JANUARY 2023 4:08 PM



    It makes perfect sense. We’re two weeks into the window and it doesn’t look like he’s had an offer from any European team that appeals. GG and Celtic will get what clubs will pay.



    He’s been great for Celtic but we signed him for €2.5m and he’s been sitting on the bench for a team playing in an inferior league. He’s not developed into a better player than he was, we’re selling the same player we bought. Getting £1.5m on top of what we payed is pretty good business.

  19. paulsthroughball88 on




    “I hope Liam gave the little rat a sore one in the tunnel.”




    Now that’s a definite red card! (Yellow for Sevco).

  20. Prestonpans bhoys on

    If GG and his family are having difficulties settling in Glesga is the solution Japan??



    Very odd if so………

  21. glendalystonsils on




    He’s not developed into a better player than he was, we’re selling the same player we bought.





    It may even be that he has gone backwards , from being top scorer in an arguably superior league .


    The Caveat being that his lack of game time makes his development more difficult to quantify , although Ange has a lot more to base his assessment of GG on than what we see on the pitch .


    I’m sure GG is not one of these players who is happy to take his money and sit on the bench ,so it’s perfectly understandable that he would want to move on. Good luck to the big fella and hopefully his repllacement will develop in the way we had hoped GG would .

  22. This pish about Celtic selling the guy too cheap….


    Seems we made him an improved offer – which the big ghuy has knocked back.


    His eye is on a bigger bag o weekly swag – plus the signing-on fee he and his new agent will get in a transfer.


    So be it.


    We improved his terms but not enough to satisfy the player who always played 2nd fiddle to Kyogo.


    He might look like a tote superstar in the J-League


    In truth, he never quite convinced he was one in Scotland, far less the Euro comps.



    Ta for the gutsy contribution Giorgios. HH

  23. 4 million should be the first instalment of any fee,GG scores goals, utter rubbish if Celtic do business at this price, however he might have a release clause.

  24. bournesouprecipe on




    VVV-Venlo Quick News in meltdown we nabbed the top goalscorer in Eredivsie for £2.5M.




    Yeah, I’ll wish him all the best if he moves on. Wrong time for him at Celtic – he would have done a great job for us a couple of season ago.



    He’s only just 28 and this will be his 9th club so he’s obviously not afraid of moving if he’s not getting what he wants. Journeyman is a bit of an insult but there are plenty of footballers like him out there who don’t mind a move.

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