Gameplan: drop to the floor in the box


I get why Derek McInnes was so animated in claiming for a penalty on Saturday.  For the second weekend in a row, we watched Kilmarnock players put body between ball and opponent, then drop to the floor.  It was a tactic that broke play up, won them possession and provided the ability to push forward into Celtic territory.

None of this constitutes foul play (see this fine example by Lint on Twitter).  It was also not an incident VAR were able to get involved with.  The referee saw it and made his decision.  VAR is only able to get involved if a clear and obvious error has occurred.  It wasn’t, it was just a decision the Kilmarnock manager didn’t like.

There are lots of caveats available when assessing the Celtic performance.  The conditions were awful, which contributed to the pitch cutting up early on.  We are clearly missing Greg Taylor on the left, Alexandro Bernabei looked to be a long way from Rosario under the Hampden lights.

A feature of our play the week before against Kilmarnock was low cross balls into the box, which eventually paid dividends.  These were forgone at Hampden for high and aimless crossing that was never going to be productive.

We were fortunate at the first goal – fortunate that Aaron Mooy’s cross fell to Kilmarnock’s Kyle Lafferty.  He chose not to attack the ball and instead let it drop before clearing into the net off the chest of Daizen Maeda.

After that moment, Kilmarnock made more of an attempt to play football, but their best chance was always going to be convincing the officials to award a penalty.  It is not exactly an honourable plan, but given the disparity in quality between the squads, you see why McInnes went down this road.

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  1. Prestonpans bhoys on

    On the Kent incident, if this is what your manager says then God help you.



    The Aberdeen manager was asked about the incident in his post-match press conference and he was quick to say it wasn’t a “major talking point”.

  2. The Board of Directors has legal and financial responsibility for the affairs of the Company. The Board delegates day-to day operational responsibility to the executive Directors, the Chief Executive Officer, Michael Nicholson and Chief Financial Officer, Christopher McKay.



    The Board as a whole monitors Company performance against budgets and a rolling five year business plan as well as making specific decisions on key areas of the Company’s business, risk management and setting future strategy. The Board operates, through the Audit Committee, a comprehensive set of internal financial controls, which are reported on regularly by the internal auditor and reviewed each year by the external auditors.



    There are some matters which only the Board can decide upon including, for example, the appointment of directors and auditors, the payment of dividends and the approval of budgets and interim and annual results. Decisions on significant contracts and expenditure above certain levels, also require Board approval.

  3. SAINT STIVS on 16TH JANUARY 2023 6:22 PM



    The board do what TGD wants them to do.



    The ownership setup at Celtic pushes the envelope on what Plcs are supposed to be about.

  4. glendalystonsils on




    Haribos? Not a good idea . I know in the case of my grandchildren , it tends to make them even more excitable .

  5. Allison – 74.


    Desmond – 72


    Wilson 73


    Nicholson – 47


    Bankier – 70


    McKay 47


    Brown 53.



    All White, corporate business people, no real diversity.

  6. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    I’m not sure:


    1) Is VAR here for good?


    2)Can it be removed?


    3) If yes,to 2) how?

  7. bournesouprecipe on

    Glendalys 😂



    If they’ve been to ours and go home but stay up late, we get blamed for giving them too many of those wee gummy bears.



    C’est La Vie CSC

  8. BOURNSRECIPE SOUP,I’m sorry about my outburst ,from a 79 yrs old , Who should no better,Celtic Fan,

  9. Classic BBC hunovision report tonight. Squealing like pigs about their “ penalty” for Kilmarnock but oddly no mention of the Kent double assault. Another pathetic biased organisation who take public funds to transmit their drivel

  10. glendalystonsils on




    It’s me that needs them , not the grandkids!

  11. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    So according to clyde 1 chaps tonight it wasn’t a punch.So the question remains Why did Liam Scales punch himself and ending on the deck?

  12. I agree with Ernie that the plc set up at Celtic is strange



    In my company , we have a process which ensures that 99% of deals passed through to the board by the execs get blessed by the board



    A rogue in the boardroom vetoing decisions is seen as bad practice in most companies, plc or private



    I designed the process and promised 100% so I suppose i failed😎

  13. AN TEARMANN on 16TH JANUARY 2023 6:05 PM



    I can’t recall our club commentating on how a player we had out on loan was ref’d in a game.



    I mentioned this as i think our club should comment on this incident!



    So what happens if next time Kent assualts one of our players he breaks a jaw.



    This isn’t the first time Kent has assaulted a Celtic player.



    Kent knows that it is acceptable in Scotland to assault a Celtic player as he has now got away with it twice.



    The Aberdeen manager said nothing about this.



    Someone has to.

  14. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Was too far away to view that penalty incident, just saw it on Reporting Scotland, my reaction is ….so what’s the fuss 🙃

  15. I spent all lunch looking for the penalty claim but can’t find it on any highlights. A big boy was in front of me at the time and i only heard the roar



    If it was a pen, why is it not all over the internet?



    As Paul 67 says get between the man and the ball, plant your feet and over you go. Bizzare that it wasn’t given in this country

  17. SAINT STIVS on 16TH JANUARY 2023 6:22 PM



    The controversies in Dermot Desmond’s business history might indicate that Desmond is good at subverting the relevant working practices.



    Did you read the blog videocelts done about Peter sons CV?



    Were we buying and loaning players from Man City so Peter’s son could hit his key performance indicators?

  18. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Considering the background of the var official, its absolutely remarkable he didn’t give it, perhaps he was aff having a piss

  19. Both STV and BBC seem to enjoy a Beale love in. He had more time given to his take on the semi than the other 3 managers put together. In addition, STV devoted about 3 quarters of their sports section to them, including repeats of their goals from various angles. Our game was restricted to showing the goals once. Mind you, STV showed neither Killie’s shout for a penalty or Kent’s punch. BBC contented itself with saying Killie gave us a hard match, showed the goals and Killie’s penalty shout. They too went overboard about the deid team’s performance but neglected to show Kent’s punch.



    Of course, neither station showed our offside “goals”.

  20. There are probably a few reasons that oor Willie didny give the pen at the end.


    1) He could see that the Killie player was clearly taking a dive….IMO of course but would have been beelin if it was against us.


    2) He is conscious of the evening out incidents


    3) He fully understands that the sponsors want a Us v thems final, had he given it…..we could have lost on pens.


    4) He is a soup taking incompetent tosser

  21. Oh and saw a clip of the Sheep goal that was given offside, the clip shown clearly shows that the ball was a couple of feet at least away from the player who made the pass, had it shown the exact time of the pass, a split second, he was onside.

  22. TET – OPT 4 for me 😁



    Deary me Cammy Bell is the death knell of intelligent punditry.



    How do these clowns get gigs?



    Oh aye….he played for Secco …

  23. AoW


    Same for me >:)


    Aye listening to snyde, hunbelievable, if fairness to Keevins, he said something tonight that I actually agree with, that VAR only gets 50% decisions correct.


    Great to hear you are well enough to get back to work.


    Take care

  24. Romano.Just how many times has he fed us with a load of crap?.Got one right in the past.10 wrong since.Why do fans listen these trumpets.He knows nothing of what’s going on inside Celtic.A couple of dodgy agents have him on speed dial more likely.

  25. Exiled Tim,


    I noticed that one yesterday too


    . My stream froze as dons player played ball , easily a yard onside .


    When it went to VAR , Dons player was level .

  26. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Evening all,



    Reading back I got wondering what triggered the “Lawwell (no first name please – we need to show how angry we are) is the devil incarnate” theme.



    Subsequently came across this.





    Purely coincidental no doubt.



    For those who believe the man’s malign influence stretches far, wide and deep (more think that on Sevco’s side than ours) .. reaching as far as Police Scotland




    … I’m sorry to disappoint you.



    Almost 2 years ago someone tried to burn down his house while he and his family were in it.



    Despite his influential promptings of Scotland’s finest … the significant outcomes achieved from their investigation so far amount to the square root of bugger all.




  27. Reporting from a VAR free Vale park – live on Sky



    Unfortunately our 2 main strikers are out – so we’ll see how we fair.

  28. When people go on about Celtic not making enough noise about decisions,you only have to listen to another” Uncle Tim”,Goodwin.He thought the assault by Kent had not much bearing on the result.That’s the kind of back up we would get.

  29. AoW



    Apparently Cammy paid someones charge when they didn’t have change on the Humber bridge.



    Don’t know the guy’s name so


    ‘For whom the Bell tolls?’

  30. LYNOTT67 on 16TH JANUARY 2023 7:49 PM


    Yip, in my naivety I thought that at least offsides would be something that VAR wouldn’t be able to cheat, man I am beelin with masel for being so efin thick. Jota’s goal at Mwell another one, the camera man just happened to be having a wink, might as well have been >:)

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