Gameplan: drop to the floor in the box


I get why Derek McInnes was so animated in claiming for a penalty on Saturday.  For the second weekend in a row, we watched Kilmarnock players put body between ball and opponent, then drop to the floor.  It was a tactic that broke play up, won them possession and provided the ability to push forward into Celtic territory.

None of this constitutes foul play (see this fine example by Lint on Twitter).  It was also not an incident VAR were able to get involved with.  The referee saw it and made his decision.  VAR is only able to get involved if a clear and obvious error has occurred.  It wasn’t, it was just a decision the Kilmarnock manager didn’t like.

There are lots of caveats available when assessing the Celtic performance.  The conditions were awful, which contributed to the pitch cutting up early on.  We are clearly missing Greg Taylor on the left, Alexandro Bernabei looked to be a long way from Rosario under the Hampden lights.

A feature of our play the week before against Kilmarnock was low cross balls into the box, which eventually paid dividends.  These were forgone at Hampden for high and aimless crossing that was never going to be productive.

We were fortunate at the first goal – fortunate that Aaron Mooy’s cross fell to Kilmarnock’s Kyle Lafferty.  He chose not to attack the ball and instead let it drop before clearing into the net off the chest of Daizen Maeda.

After that moment, Kilmarnock made more of an attempt to play football, but their best chance was always going to be convincing the officials to award a penalty.  It is not exactly an honourable plan, but given the disparity in quality between the squads, you see why McInnes went down this road.

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  1. SS and AT



    Sorry been offline and also didn’t explain what board decisions i was referring to properly



    I was looking a the signings/wages/sales etc of players; infrastructure etc



    Board, remuneration committees etc agree round the table; approve/don’t approve. Shareholding doesn’t come into it



    If the bottom up work is done, no-one should say no at board



    AGMs are a different bag where motions go to all shareholders; block votes matter then alright. Selects the board etc



    The bit that worries me is the popular view that Desmond tells the exec who to buy



    I’m not convinced that happens but it doesn’t seem to go away




  2. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Really surprised and disappointed to get so little for GG. Along with Juranovic to Monza for low ball money it’s quite depressing how undervalued our players are by the market. And as P67 says, it sends out a weak message to those we’re trying to sign. A real pity.



    Also suggests we won’t have a lot of money to spend on GG’s replacement so perhaps a project? Unless Kenny or one if the lads from the B team are ready to step up.

  3. SCULLYBHOY on 16TH JANUARY 2023 9:38 PM


    Funny how the blog is so negative when we have just qualified for another final and are looking pretty good for the League.



    I guess i am responsible for how negative the blog is today.



    A close friend of mine died just before New Year and for reasons i won’t go into i didn’t find out for a while.



    But for my friends death the i would have posted the comments i have today over a period of days.



    Demonstrably no one at Celtic Park gives a shit about the safety of our fans players or staff.



    If i am wring please direct me to Celtic’s official statement as to what they are doing to ensure our safety.



    Also i have seen nowhere on a blog or anywhere else ask why Scottish Police have done nothing at all about the weapon stash at Iboaks.



    Can you direct me to Celtic’s response to the weapons stash at Iboaks and the unprofessional response of Scotland police.

  4. DalriadaBhoy on 16th January 2023 10:24 pm



    Sorry for being insensitive to you. I am enjoying being a Celtic fan and am realistic about being a club in a limited market. Having said that, I take your points seriously and totally agree that being a Celtic fan is actually dangerous in most parts of the UK. We have had Celtic fans shot, beaten to death and had their throats slashed for simply wearing a Celtic top.



    Apologies, and condolences on the loss of your friend.




  5. What is a ‘big club’? Are Celtic a big club? Are Bournemouth a big club?



    Bournemouth have agreed a deal for 20 year old Lorient winger Dango Ouattara, with the fee believed to be about £20m.




  6. To all good TIMS out there





    Especially the poster who put the link up to a version of YNWA, you were right it is a good version



    Thanks for coming back to me SCULLYBHOY


    Sorry for having a hissy fit at your post

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I just typed in the following search into Google


    “Nadhim Zahawi tax”


    It returned the search results I expected.



    I then typed the following search into Google


    “Nadhim Zahawi tax BBC”


    It returned the search results I expected !



    Truly Orwellian.



    North Korea and Nazi Germany are babes in the wood by comparison.

  8. Civilisation eh?



    “Before our white brothers arrived to make us civilized men,


    we didn’t have any kind of prison. Because of this, we had no delinquents.


    Without a prison, there can be no delinquents.


    We had no locks nor keys and therefore among us there were no thieves.


    When someone was so poor that he couldn’t afford a horse, a tent or a blanket,


    he would, in that case, receive it all as a gift.


    We were too uncivilized to give great importance to private property.


    We didn’t know any kind of money and consequently, the value of a human being


    was not determined by his wealth.


    We had no written laws laid down, no lawyers, no politicians,


    therefore we were not able to cheat and swindle one another.


    We were really in bad shape before the white men arrived and I don’t know


    how to explain how we were able to manage without these fundamental things


    that (so they tell us) are so necessary for a civilized society.”


    – John (Fire) Lame Deer, Sioux Lakota – 1903-1976

  9. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels



    How are we all this fine Celtic morn ?


    Anybody had a look at the wee vid I spoke about in my


    last post.. The English Celtic.


    Thoughts ?


    Blistering hot here 38 degs, and the ladies soccer training


    starts tonight 🤣


    Believe me, some of these girls can fairly batter down the


    beers, I predict gallons of sweat being poured lol.


    Better get the fire hose ready 🤪


    H H. Mick

  10. DALRIADABHOY on 16TH JANUARY 2023 6:10 PM




    BET365..10 pence is the Minimum Bet.


    BETFRED…50 Pence is the Minimum ( I Think ?)



    If you are hoping that Celtic supporters will OPEN Betting Accounts with Bookies to try and do what you suggest, your gonna have a long wait Mate ?


    Huns v Dons…


    As AT has already alluded to, CELTIC will NOT make any Comment on a Player who is with another club.


    Likewise, Celtic will NOT make ANY Comment about games that Celtic are NOT INVOLVED in.




    Strictly speaking, Celtic can NOT comment on this matter either as anyone caught with a Weapon going to see Celtic V the Huns, can simply tell the Cops anything they like ?


    My reading of the Baseball Bat issue, is that NO ONE was CAUGHT with it….but it was later ” FOUND” in some Bin outside the Turnstiles ?




  11. DALRIADABHOY on 16TH JANUARY 2023 6:10 PM




    I meant to ADD…


    IF ANYONE opened a Bookie Account ONLINE and simply placed ONE Bet…be it for 1Pence…or 50 Pence etc, and then FAILED TO place any more Bets within a specific Time Scale….That persons Bookies Account would then be ” SUSPENDED” until such time that the Person contacted the Bookie and had matters resolved.


    This has happened to me recently as I have been a customer of BET365 for many years now, but some time ago I opened an Account with BETFRED also, as my BET365 Account was suspended for a few weeks ( Long story)…


    However, i tried to have a Bet once again with BETFRED a couple of weeks ago, but my PASSWORD was NOT Accepted ? I tried to use a NEW PASSWORD…but its been a waste of time, so for now Ive just let it go.



    My ” issue” with BET365 was about a year ago, when I asked them to INCREASE the Amount that I could DEPOSIT and spend on a Daily/Weekly Basis ?


    As soon as I did this, BET365 SUSPENDED my ACCOUNT….Hence why I was forced into opening an Account with BETFRED ?



    BET365, have NOT being taking any Phone Calls since the start of COVID, so I was trying to have my issue with them sorted via Email and ” LIVE CHAT”. The ” LIVE CHAT” is HOPELESS.



    After sending numerous Emails to BET365, They finally Phoned me and the matter was sorted within a few minutes, but I had to advise them of how I could AFFORD to increase my bet amounts etc.


    Despite that wee ” issue” with BET365, I have found them to be the BEST Bookie ONLINE and most weeks they will give me £5 or £10 in FREE Bets etc.


    I also find their Horse Racing and Football Listings MUCH EASIER to follow and understand than those of BETFREDs….Plus the fact that BETFRED is set up in ” RED, WHITE and BLUE”……which is NOT easy on the eye.





  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning all.



    Wrap up or better still stay in if you can.



    Looks like Andy is playing a marathon match in Australian open.



    As I type, going with serve in 5th set.

  13. FAO BRRB…


    Do you KNOW the NAME and ADDRESS of the Pub in East Kilbride that we are supposed to be meeting LEGGY and Co in on Friday ?


    IF not, I will need to TEXT LEGGY ?


    it would help if we know ” Where” we are going ?




    HH Mate.




    Thanks for the info about online betting.


    I wont waste any more time thinking about my idea.



    The baseball bat thing, police a stash of weapons in a bin.


    There were fans inside the stadium putting up banners.



    Why weren’t the weapons fingerprinted etc, etc.



    Who was going to be attacked at Ibrox with these weapons?



    Liam Scales, our player , an Irishman assaulted on a football pitch Dons boss doesn’t care and the guy assaulting him has form for attacking our players.



    I liked your posting on Starfelt, highlighting his fantastic piece of defending, which the huns got a penalty for



    Big Jimmy





    Barocco, formerly Legends, EK village.




    Okay Mate, thanks.



    I see from an earlier Post that BELMONTBRIAN is also coming on Friday ?


    I have asked DAVID66 if he plans to also come, but I hope that he can also make it ?


    Has ANYONE else advised you if they intend to show up ?



    HH mate.

  16. DALRIADABHOY on 17TH JANUARY 2023 7:34 AM





    NONE of us KNOW IF the Base Ball Bat was finger printed or not ?


    Likewise because the Bat was ” Found” in a BIN OUTSIDE….the Huns could simply say that maybe some ” PASSER By” or anyone threw it in there ?


    I could have thrown it into the Bin, and the Cops could finger print it all they like, but the Cops do NOT have MY Finger Prints….I hope ?


    As for ” CARL STARFELT” and THAT so called Penalty….THAT Process of a Player ” Going to Ground” being viewed somehow an ” OFFENCE” is laughable….if it wasnt so serious as the Hun Media and Hun Pundits have TRIED to ” JUSTIFY” the Penalty as ” Starfelt went to ground” MEANS that its an INSTANT FOUL…PENALTY ?




    Does that mean then that EVERY Goalie who goes to ground when faced with an incoming Striker…is committing a FOUL simply because he ” Goes to ground” ?


    Of course it doesn’t.


    As you will have seen, STARFELT was in fact the ” Victim” of a FOUL by SAKALA who stood on Carls foot….NOT the other way around.





    Big Jimmy





    Brian M, TLT and a few others.




    Cheers mate.



  18. WILL KENT be punished by The Compliance Officer ?



    If so, would he possibly MISS the League Cup Final v CELTIC thru SUSPENSION ?



    I AINT holding my breath on the above happening.




  19. HUNS v DONS…


    I watched the entire game.


    Yet again, it was VERY Noticeable that when the Dons player ” STEWART” fouled SAKALA, and just before the Ref showed the Red Card…one of the FIRST Hun players ” on the scene” was MORELOS…who yet AGAIN was trying to endear himself to the hun support, by trying to show that HE was ” UP” for any sort of ” RAMMY” between the players following the terrible tackle.


    MORELOS couldnt FIGHT SLEEP….He’s a complete COWARD amongst other things, and HE would run a Mile at the first opponent to square up to him, cos HE KNOWS that he would likely get a doing aff ANYONE.


    One of these days, MORELOS will likely FAKE being Punched or Kicked IF he was in the middle of any sort of Melee, in order to get an opponent SENT AFF.


    HE thinks that HE is FLY and SNEAKY….HE AINT !


    The sooner this Cheating HUN CHUMP is OUT of Scottish Fitba…the better…he will NOT be missed.


    Hes just another version of EL HADJ DIOUF.



  20. IF GMAK is unhappy with being on the bench while ANGE picks KYOGO in front of him….whos to say that NISBET of Hibs MAY ALSO be unhappy IF he signed for The Celts, and being on the bench most weeks ?


    I appreciate that the chance to join Celtic from Hibs and become a BETTER Player under ANGE, PLUS THE increase in wages from playing for Hibs to being a Celtic player MAY well influence Nisbet to sign for Celtic….However, HE MAY also get Pissed aff IF he was usually a SUB ?




  21. WOLVES v LIVERPOOL in FA Cup tonight on BBC 1…IF anyone is interested ?


    I think its a 7.45pm Kick Aff. I need to double check ?




  22. SCULLYBHOY on 16TH JANUARY 2023 10:35 PM


    DalriadaBhoy on 16th January 2023 10:24 pm







    ‘totally agree that being a Celtic fan is actually dangerous in most parts of the UK.’






    You have to have concerns for the wellbeing of anyone who thinks that is anywhere close to the truth.

  23. SAINT STIVS on 16TH JANUARY 2023 7:55 PM




    ‘DD wants something a certain way, he gets michael to propose, everybody on the board and the 7 people and institutional investors (bank of new york) who own 78% of the share vote it in.







    same as any other plc really.’







    It’s very unusual to have one individual with such de facto control of a plc as TGD has at Celtic.



    Just as it’s very unusual to appoint a non exec director with such strong pre existing ties to the company as PL has.

  24. The whole Giacomakis sale stinks .


    The fee for a striker of his quality is shockingly low .


    Kevin Nisbet to replace him ,makes us weaker ,and that is when he is fit .


    We should not gamble on a player with his injury record .



    This reeks of penny pinching .



    Combine it with the Juranovic situation .



    These two deals look like very poorly handled bits of business.



    Bernabei ,looks out of his depth at left back also.



    We should be punting and replacing him ,not Jura.








    Almost time for bed.




    Before I go though ….



    Happened upon this and it made me laugh.


    Note the date.


    Just three years later … serving tea at the Daily Recrod.


    He arrived. The circulation started to fall.


    Go figure.



    B2B, thanks for that.



    If you scroll down a bit there are a few photos of some old-timers at the funeral of Frank McGarvey.



    Davie Hay still looks like a guy you would not mess with. And ….. it was nice to see Ange and Michael Nicholson there as well.

  26. Tom McLaughlin on




    Just been catching up.



    Why would Celtic comment on a player being punched or slapped while playing on loan for another club? It’s not as if Scales was seriously injured in the assault. If the referee saw the incident he was certainly negligent in not taking action, but demanding that Celtic protest because Scales is on loan from the club is just ridiculous. The referee and VAR messed up again but you direct your anger at Celtic FC.



    As for weapons found in a bin outside Ibrox, most stadia, including Celtic Park, provide bins at turnstiles for supporters to dispose of proscribed items prior to entering the stadium. These would mainly be alcohol, other bottles and of course weapons.



    It is clear that a Gers fan went to the game armed with a basebal bat, got to the turnstiles and thought better of it and placed the bat in one of the bins. You now ask why the baseball bat wasn’t fingerprinted by police. You even demand that DNA be taken, all in the name of discovering who put the baseball bat in the bin.



    I usually enjoy reading your stuff but come on. Do you know how much it costs to extract DNA and send it off for analysis? DNA is usually extracted for serious crimes like assault, robbery, sexual assault, rape and murder. Now if someone had been assaulted by the bat, fair enough, but to demand the extraction of DNA to establish the owner of a bat which was placed it in a bin is laughable. What would be the point of supplying bins for disposal of illegal items if the police were then going to investigate who put what where?



    Finally, it is absurd to demand that Celtic make statements about weapons found in a bin at Ibrox or any other stadium. Police Scotland made a statement about it at the time.



    It seems like you are allowing your determination to attack Celtic FC at any and evsry opportunity to cloud your judgement. It’s just not you.



    Take care and Hail Hail

  27. Bada Bing 10.38



    CQN has an article now ,from The Sun .


    Celtic leak stories to a Sun reporter regularly .


    Linking us to Nisbet .



    Bet your life it’s an accurate story.




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