Gang of 10 plan creates 41 winners and only one loser


Q. There will be 12 teams in the SPL next season.  How many do you think stand to gain from the redistribution of income proposed by the Gang of 10?

A. 11.

Q. There will be 30 teams in the SFL next season.  How many do you think stand to gain from the redistribution of income proposed by the Gang of 10?

A. 30.

Although TV and commercial money will be diluted, it is a sideshow compared to the real cash cow remaining in Scottish football, the gate money at Celtic Park.  The Gang of 10 refused to exclude this option from their proposed change in voting rights.

A 20% share of gate money doesn’t have sufficient support from SPL clubs, too many losers.  A 30% gate share only has one loser, everyone else wins, including the club who took 87 fans to a league game at Celtic Park last season.

This is nothing to do with Sevco, who are unlikely to pull a financially viable plan together (although the SPL and SFA are still trying).  You’re being asked to open your wallets and pay for the upkeep of 42 stadiums, squads, boards of directors and kit men.

This is not a viable plan.  It’s time for Scottish football to admit defeat.  Sport has been subverted for over a decade to the point there is nothing left.  We can keep Hampden and the national team going, but there is no viable league structure.  The sooner we accept this and move on the better.

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  1. Remember it was posted about the meeting in the hotel in Renfrew and we wondered what it was about?



    ST MIRREN will vote to boot the new Rangers out of the SPL … after chairman Stewart Gilmour broke the news to Ibrox manager Ally McCoist in a secret meeting.



    Express Sports can reveal that Gilmour arranged a hush-hush hotel summit with McCoist and new Gers chief executive Charles Green last week to tell them Saints would not back the liquidated Glasgow giants in their bid to stay in the top flight.



    Gilmour’s decision to take a stand in the name of sporting integrity was made before a number of other SPL clubs – worried about the prospect of angry supporters refusing to buy season tickets – announced they would block the newco’s bid.



    St Mirren supporters have also voted overwhelmingly to show the newly-formed Rangers company the red card through an online poll arranged by takeover bidders 10000Hours this week.



    And Gilmour has revealed his mind was made up long before the results of that poll were known.



    Speaking exclusively to Express Sports, he said: “As the temperature rises in the ongoing SPL newco saga, it should be made aware to all St Mirren supporters that I met with Charles Green, Ally McCoist and other representatives of the Rangers newco last week.



    “I made it perfectly clear that our directors’ view was that our club would not be voting for a newco entry into the SPL.



    “This meeting was held in confidential circumstances to allow both parties to enable the other to see their respective positions.



    “A very positive meeting was held but the position of St Mirren has not changed and our stance of sporting integrity was maintained against the very pressing commercial arguments.”



    Rangers were liquidated after running up debts potentially worth more than £130million – and Gilmour admits that exiling them from the SPL could send his own club into a financial tailspin.



    Big-money SPL backers, including TV broadcasters Sky, have yet to announce whether they will continue to fund the league – leaving some of Scotland’s biggest clubs to sweat until early August, when the first batch of cheques are due to land on their doormats.



    With a doomsday scenario that would see Sky pull the plug and leave St Mirren with an £800,000 hole in their budget still looming large, Gilmour has issued Buddies boss Danny Lennon with a temporary transfer ban.



    He said: “Regrettably, the commercial and, hence, financial impact is still not clear to the club but we are very hopeful that this aspect will become clearer in the next few days.



    “This will play a major part in the decision-making for the board of directors as to the way forward for the club in the short term.



    “We are obviously hoping that our commercial and TV partners stay with the league through this very difficult period.



    “Please accept that the club will be unlikely to be signing any new players until this situation is clear.”

  2. Paul67



    If we boycott all away games who loses then? This will never happen. If Celtic hand in their notice Scottish Football is dead and we become a League of Ireland. The SPL chairmen are not stupid.

  3. paul67,


    simple answer to all this celtic tell them no, what they gonna do expel us?

  4. So if your season ticket currently costs £500 what is to stop Celtic saying that from next season that season ticket will cost £100 but that membership of the club will cost £400 and only members can buy season tickets?

  5. Paul67 – There is one team within this rotten league structure that does have genuine billionaires on the board. If these teams want to declare war, let them, however they are entering into a battle they are ill equipped to win.



    If we shut the whole of football down for 12 months, we will still be here….will they? After all the precedent has been set regarding the lack of punishment for using civil courts.



    We may now be in possession of several compelling arguments that will persuade the SFA it will be within their best interests to approve a move by us to another league.

  6. AndyM on 28 June, 2012 at 16:03 said:


    the gang of 10(11) will introduce mininum pricing to get over that one very easily

  7. I was told several weeks ago that Celtic’s board would be using the liquidation of rfc, and the carnage this would cause for scottish football, as the catalyst to get out of scotland. They wanted maximum penalties for newco and financial meltdown for the others. This was their get out strategy. Wasn’t sure how the getting out part would work, still don’t, but the strategy appears to be on track.

  8. Hey, Ogilvie….aye,you ya bam. The polis are gettin’ closer tae ye,ya orange lovin’ excuse for a man. Resign……but naw,ye have not a shred of honour and decency about ye,dae ye,ya hun.


    He makes me utterly sick and disgusted. How he’s been allowed to continue plotting,like a fat and malevoent spider at the centre of his orange web,is completely beyond me.


    Scunnered CSC

  9. ZooKeepersSon on

    Paul 67



    Does Peter Lawwell have alternative options to consider now?






  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The Judge-A fine retort and post sir.I agree with most but as yet nobody has dismissed todays re-hashed rubbish.We have played a blinder so far,but we must be close to declaring our stance.HH.

  11. Here’s a stat for you. London, with a population of 7.5M has a total of 40 teams in going down to the 8th teir of the league structure. That’s almost exactly the same number of teams as we have in this country, with a much smaller population.



    We can’t support 40 teams. We could maybe stretch to two 14 team leagues, and nothing more.

  12. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Paul. Not even a hint of where to?


    Are you reasonably confident that we have viable options elsewhere?

  13. AndyM on 28 June, 2012 at 16:03 said:


    ”So if your season ticket currently costs £500 what is to stop Celtic saying that from next season that season ticket will cost £100 but that membership of the club will cost £400 and only members can buy season tickets?”




    Despite appearances the chairmen of the other SPL clubs aren’t stupid and they will make sure that the change is worded in such a way that anti avoidance measures won’t work.

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    John Brown’s Management Company have issued the following statement,”Mr Brown will be unable to comment further today on the disastrous situation currently engulfing Poundland”.”He is currently in Shieldinch for a hastily arranged Screen Test for River City”.”The role of a washed-up,cardboard gangster,was one he felt he had to audition for,and producers say he seems a natural”

  15. Paul 67,



    Could Celtic protect its supporters SB money by introducing, as many have suggested here, a club scheme. Membership of the ‘Lisbon Club’ costs £X a year but crucially allows you to purchase a season ticket for £30.00 as well as offering other benefits such 5% off goods purchased in Celtic stores or 10% reduction in membership costs to Bobby Peta’s gym etc for example. As i understand Celtic can set whatever price they want for a season ticket. If the club set it up It may go someway to protect our SB revenue.

  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Why would they approve a move for the only cash cow in the Scottish game ?



    What we have to remind ourselves that this can only come around with the full agreement of UEFA.



    UEFA will soon be dealing with the Jelavic, Goian, Celik, Bocanegra and Wallace financial shortfalls along with TUPE complaints or is this going to go to the Court of session AGAIN !!!!!



    I think it is fair to say that if they approve the new league structures while dismissing the monies owed to football clubs then the baw is burst anyway.



    Hail Hail

  17. Paul67,



    I think the bigger issue the now is……. where newco starts.



    The stuff about share a gate can keep for the time being, (but keep the pressure up on it) I can’t see it happening.



    If it goes through where will it end……….a share of our sponsorship, merchandising, CL income???



    Maybe we should be looking elsewhere to play our football.

  18. Kayal33 on 28 June, 2012 at 16:05 said:


    ”I was told several weeks ago that Celtic’s board would be using the liquidation of rfc……………………”’





    I was told several decades ago that if one of my teeth fell out I should put it under my pillow where it would be collected by the tooth fairy.

  19. tennis


    1 set apiece







    you still there ? no joy with the firefox scenario


    copied / replaced the sqlite file from the new to the original


    but alas


    same same


    will keep on tryin



  20. Paul



    Although we all pray and hope for it, but have you ever had an inkling that the powers that be have made or are making concerted attempts to get us out of this stinking, corrupt, quagmire of a league and association?

  21. Can’t believe there is a realistic plan to share gate money, I think Celtic are crying wolf here. Is this done anywhere else in the world ?

  22. philvisreturns on

    If you don’t agree with homeopathy, does that make you a homeophobe? (thumbsup)

  23. What a senior poster on FF think of our Paul:




    Paul Brennan (Paul67) is very close to the Celtic board.



    Indeed, he is used by directors and Celtic insiders to put across certain viewpoints that could not be seen to come from the club on an official level.




    That’s us told then ! :)

  24. Eirecamper – they could but at what level could they do that and still get people through theor own turnstiles on a regular match day? Celtic are probably the dearest ticket out there as it stands, other clubs are having to offer cut price deals as it is, prices at away grounds almost double for our visits, and you can bet that if the type of cash grab suggested in this article were on the go then away boycotts would become the norm. Additionally the practiuce of charging away fans (us) an inflated cost would have to come under scrutiny. If they want to examine pricing, fine, let’s set the price – maximum and minimum with no difference between home and away prices.

  25. From RTC:


    Since it now appears that Scottish football is run purely for the benefit of one organisation, perhaps it’s time to introduce some new rules with immediate effect



    1 Any rule not to the benefit of Sevco is hereby revoked


    2 Any vote on Sevco will require only one vote in favour


    3 As Sevco will not have its previous financial advantage due to being found out, there will be a 1% levy on the gate receipts of every game played in Scotland, to be passed to Sevco



    When we have stretched credibility to the limit, we will invent some more.




    Yep…that about sums it up.

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