Gangster clubs, brutish fans, identity politics


The Daily Record’s political editor today published information obtained from the Scottish Government by a Freedom of Information Request, where Police Scotland note Newco “actively engaged” supporters to break lockdown rules in March this year.

Following Newco’s game with St Mirren on 6 March, Police Scotland received assurances from Newco that they would encourage fans to stay at home.  The Police memo stages, “Whilst assurances were given this did not materialise.”

The Police go on to stage Newco made “numerous statements encouraging celebration, including from the manager (Steven Gerrard).”

“Both the Manager and players actively engaged from within the stadium with fans gathered in disgraceful displays of encouragement, in solid opposition to the public safety issues arising, to their responsibilities given the privileges under which football operates, and to the commitments they had made around public communications.”

The Government should have acted on this information in March.  Football privileges were being actively flouted by one club but it took further incidents this month before Nicola Sturgeon felt it necessary to take on Newco.  This is in stark contrast to her grabbing the mic. when Celtic followed her own rules during their trip to Dubai.

You will see not contrition from Newco.  Instead, they will deflect and distract.  Let them sink in their own sewage.

Gangster clubs operate across Europe.  They stir-up identity sentiment among brutish fans and intimidate politicians who need to fish in the same identity waters.  It takes brave political leadership to stop the rot.

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  1. What has been shown time and again, never more graphically than in the last two months, is that when the Ibrox Legions are mobilised, there is neither the will, nor, the ability to stand up to them.



    It was said almost ten years ago that the Ibrox club was too big and too important to Scottish football to fail and disappear off the map….remember Stewart Regan’s “social unrest’ comments. We can see now that those words were not scaremongering, but just a plain statement of fact.



    There is a strong bond between Ulster & Ibrox – anyone who can’t foresee a political dimension developing in the event of separation from the UK, is not thinking straight. The SNPcult have played with the Ulster definition of the words Nationalist & Unionist for their own political gain – in the long-term we will suffer.

  2. timmy7_noted on

    Big Jimmy on 21st May 2021 1:21 pm



    I hope like you this is just the usual online rumour.


    However why anyone would post such an unsubstantiated rumour on a site like this is beyond me.


    Football rumours yes but someones health?


    Very immature.

  3. squire danaher on




    An SNP FM is scared to impose restrictions on E Renf Tory voters but not on Labour voters in Glasgow???



    I live in E Renfrewshire. There is considerably more to E Renf than N Mearns and Giffnock.



    The ER Council Leader was on BBC yesterday and stated that the virus transmission in ER is between members of households as opposed to community-spread.



    That seems to have been what’s informed today’s decision as opposed to placating Tory G77 voters

  4. timmy7_noted on

    JHB on 21st May 2021 1:25 pm



    Nostradamus doesn’t have a look in with this doomsayer.

  5. timmy7_noted on

    squire danaher on 21st May 2021 1:26 pm



    Spot on Squire, I live right at the Glasgow ER border.


    Numbers yesterday were 160+ in Glasgow and I believe 17 in ER. The council and health staff believe they have it under control. The FM would be getting slaughtered on here for shutting down ER against the wishes of the council.

  6. SQUIRE DANAHER on 21ST MAY 2021 12:23 PM


    Re vaccine







    My layman understanding is that even if vaccinated, an individual can carry and transmit the virus to others.







    While the CQN bevvy squad may have been fully vaccinated the vast majority of the population have not and it is possible to either transmit the virus or carry/spread it even if vaccinated.




    Your Post above is very disappointing.


    I could be described as being in a ” CQN Bevvy Squad”, but allow me to assure you that its NOT just about ” Bevvying Alcohol” for me and maybe some others.


    I have NO Family to speak of that I can see on a Regular basis, so I RELY on MY local Pub in particular to have a few Bevvies…and meet up with other Human Beings/ Friends and Associates and share a few Celtic stories, Jokes and Lies….maybe at least Three times a week. The other FOUR Days I spend alone in my Home.


    Maybe your right about ONE issue, that those who have received TWO Vaccines can STILL Infect others in a Pub etc…but IF thats TRUE……I COULD also Infect others sitting in a Cafe thats open or in a Shop.


    I tend NOT to HUG more Folk in a pub in relation to anywhere else…a cafe/shop etc.

  7. Turkeybhoy,



    The Scottish government does not pay furlough.



    Statistics tell us youngsters are not really prone to the effects of Covid 19 .


    The majority of the adult population have had at least one jag ( which we are informed gives adequate protection).



    Our Health Service is in absolutely no danger of being overwhelmed.



    East Renfrewshire has a far worse rate than Glasgow, yet they remain in Level 2.



    What is the point of the most successful vaccination programme in Europe if we are still being locked down.?



    Yes we are being played and controlled.



    PS : I can see the point of Lockdown in Turkey.

  8. JHB on 21ST MAY 2021 1:25 PM


    There is a strong bond between Ulster & Ibrox – anyone who can’t foresee a political dimension developing in the event of separation from the UK, is not thinking straight.




    By your OWN ADMISSION there is a strong bond between Ulster and Ibrox….and that is under a Union Jack UK Government in case you havent Feckin noticed ?


    1st Class Chump !

  9. Great news for the CL qualifiers.We would be seeded for 2nd and 3rd rounds.Every little helps.

  10. garygillespieshamstring on

    Squire D



    Fair comment from someone who knows ER better than a disgruntled Glaswegian.



    I’m sad to say I think Glasgow is a lost cause for Labour now.


    SNP could present monkeys for election and win. The quality of SNP candidates being elected in Glasgow is dire.


    She has no need to concern herself with Labour voters imo. None of the contested seats are even close.


    Recent by election to replace Jim Coleman in the east end was a good indicator of that.




  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Absolutely brilliant article Pablo.



    CQN at its best.






    Suggestion to any Celtic fan ever huckled by Polis Scotland ….



    When asked your name reply with one of



    – Samuel Johnstone


    – Derek McWhinnie


    – Ross Fowler



    All Sevco supporting police officers who either encouraged criminality or acted criminally while actively supporting Sevco.



    Tactic which has worked well elsewhere highlighting police racism.



    The Metropolitan Police have racist policeman. So do Polis Scotland.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything






    We share a city AND NOTHING ELSE



    Far too many not vaccinated yet to take chances.The vaccine gives protection to stop you becoming seriously ill.Does not stop the transmission totally.You know quite a big majority who would be going apeshit in the pubs would be those not vaccinated due to age.NS did say there were underlying reasons about E. Renfrewshire not moving to level 3.


    I still have no idea how any of these lockdowns result in people being played.Turkey has been a shambles for some time regards Covid.Had both injections,but still unable to go anywhere,because all hospitality still closed.Even my beach is closed.Nice and peaceful right enough.I can see my Beach Bar,I can see my Beach but can’t go near.Thats torture.

  13. SQUIRE DANAHER on 21ST MAY 2021 12:23 PM




    I also meant to mention that I am VERY Lucky as I can AFFORD to drink each and every Day and Night if I so wish ?


    I could get my Tesco store to ALSO Deliver large amounts of Alcohol to my Home when they deliver my groceries…NO Problem whatsoever ! I use their Home delivery at LEAST once, but usually twice a week, due to me being disabled and unable to drive etc.


    But I do NOT Drink in my Hoose…so you will NOT find any Beer/drink in my Hoose because I just do NOT want to get into a shocking habit of drinking ALONE in my Hoose every day and Night….as I enjoy other folks company on occasions INSIDE a Pub.


    There are times I am sitting ALONE in a Pub drinking Beer….but I can listen to Music and/or have a quick chat to any Bar Staff IF none of my friends/Associates are in the Pub…so i dont feel ” Alone”.


    I spend enough time being ” Alone” in this Hoose., even BEFORE Covid, and Ive literally been stuck in this Flat ( NO Garden) since 6th October 2020…LAST Year !


    Because I can afford it, I MAY just get a Taxi to Buchanan St Bus Station, and get on an EDINBURGH EXPRESS Bus ( For FREE…My Bus Pass)…and go for a right GOOD BEVVY ( because I can afford it), in Edinburgh THIS Monday morning, and be INSIDE a Pub right on Opening Time, and chat to some Bar staff/Locals ?


    Are they gonna throw me oot the Pub cos Im NOT from Edinburgh ?


    Maybe they….. WILL… LOL ?

  14. It’s not that long ago that Labour in Scotland used to weigh their votes, didn’t take that long for voters to catch on that New Labour was a hollowed out version. New SNP are in the same boat & I say that as someone who’s wanted independence for the last forty years of my adult life. If Scotland was under direct rule from London this country would be in an uproar, much easier for them to have a colonial manager in place with a local accent.


    Identity politics & wokery, HCB & the self certification in the GRA bill will crystallize people’s thinking, quicker we get some class politics the better imho.

  15. BIGBHOY on 21ST MAY 2021 1:55 PM


    Peter Lawwell is fine, Heart attack rumour is nonsense.




    Thats the BEST News for ages.


    Cheers mate.



  16. squire danaher on

    BIG JIMMY on 21ST MAY 2021 1:39 PM



    I acknowledge your disappointment at my original post. I apologise for the terminology and flippancy used. I appreciate you have regularly commented on being isolated and that getting out for a beer is more than just a social occasion for you and others in a similar situation.



    I do get a bit frustrated at what I see as people not taking things seriously and I guess that involves people thinking that because they’ve been vaccinated then that’s OK then.



    Your point about passing on the virus as easily in a shop as a pub depends on how much your behaviour, and that of others around you, is affected by being in a pub v being in a shop.



    Apologies again for the language used 🤝

  17. squire danaher on

    BIGBHOY on 21ST MAY 2021 1:55 PM and others who commented on issue.



    Peter Lawwell is fine, Heart attack rumour is nonsense.






    Have a look at username of poster who raised the issue early on page 1.



    Mischief making.

  18. Just fed up not getting to the pub.



    I still do not get how you can go in a pub and drink soft drinks.



    Maybe I am missing something.



    Do tell.



    D :)

  19. Sorry just read back.



    I get the behaviour and Drink thingy.



    As I say just fed up I want oot.



    D :)

  20. SQUIRE DANAHER on 21ST MAY 2021 2:05 PM




    NO Apology required SQUIRE, but I just thought that your original Post lacked a bit of understanding of other Folks situations ?


    It was unlike you to come across that way, but I felt that you did ?


    However, my Post in reply was/is meant for any others who dont STOP and think before Posting and fail to take stock of others Personal situations ?


    I have done EVERYTHING that I can think of to stay ” In Line” with Covid Rules on the very ODD Occasion that I go out…for instance I need to go to the Vets on Tuesday 1st June to get my cats repeat Prescription. I do this once a Month, and I Book a Taxi to take me there, and wait…and then bring me back home. I always wear a mask while in the taxi or standing OUTSIDE the Vets while some young Vet hands me the Medication thru a Window….DESPITE me having a ” Mask Exemption Card”, because of my health..


    So Ive ALWAYS tried to stick to the Covid Rules….and yet I STILL can NOT go for a few Beers and CHAT INSIDE my local Pub….But I can Travel to Edinburgh and hopefully NOT get caught be the Polis….and/or I can FLY/SAIL Abroad no problem ?



  21. OR….


    I can get Pure Steaming Boats in the Hoose on my own…and then get a taxi to George Square and attack innocent by standers and Benches and Statues…and NOT get lifted by The Fuzz ?



  22. BIG JIMMY,


    I want to get a beer with you in your local,before the two of us die.


    Hopefully,later in the year.

  23. Genuine question as I live in England


    Are they carrying out surge testing and vaccination in the Glasgow area a la Bolton

  24. How long does it take to prove if a video and soundtrack are genuine. Haven’t seen any alternative soundtrack posted.

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