Gangster clubs, brutish fans, identity politics


The Daily Record’s political editor today published information obtained from the Scottish Government by a Freedom of Information Request, where Police Scotland note Newco “actively engaged” supporters to break lockdown rules in March this year.

Following Newco’s game with St Mirren on 6 March, Police Scotland received assurances from Newco that they would encourage fans to stay at home.  The Police memo stages, “Whilst assurances were given this did not materialise.”

The Police go on to stage Newco made “numerous statements encouraging celebration, including from the manager (Steven Gerrard).”

“Both the Manager and players actively engaged from within the stadium with fans gathered in disgraceful displays of encouragement, in solid opposition to the public safety issues arising, to their responsibilities given the privileges under which football operates, and to the commitments they had made around public communications.”

The Government should have acted on this information in March.  Football privileges were being actively flouted by one club but it took further incidents this month before Nicola Sturgeon felt it necessary to take on Newco.  This is in stark contrast to her grabbing the mic. when Celtic followed her own rules during their trip to Dubai.

You will see not contrition from Newco.  Instead, they will deflect and distract.  Let them sink in their own sewage.

Gangster clubs operate across Europe.  They stir-up identity sentiment among brutish fans and intimidate politicians who need to fish in the same identity waters.  It takes brave political leadership to stop the rot.

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  1. CELTICFOREVER on 24TH MAY 2021 7:39 AM









    i am sure there are ”CLOTHES BINS” outside or near Celtic Park





    which I would mean the clothes go to the rigt homes




    Ive just Phoned The KANO Foundation and they DO have Bins etc outside Celtic Park to Collect old clothes etc…but because of Covid it is CLOSED for now.


    Hopefully, collections will be open in a couple of Weeks ?



  2. This punter from the DUP asking for the currants to be recognised by uk parliment for doing the UK TAXMAN out of +- 170 million and winning the league. Has he offered to pay it out of DUP coffers donated to by Theresa May. (More than the 350 mill promised to the NHS)


    Maybe should ask HJB who seems to know these things. UK government paying Scotland loadsa money every year from the goodnness of their heart!


    Guess they’re not finished with their rape & pillage yet.

  3. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Humza Yousaf, wee Helmet Heid herself, Andrew Smith, Hugh MacDonald and now Cosgrove. All calling it out for what it is. As MacDonald acknowledged, the past might have been theirs, but they sense in their Neanderthal bones that the future does not belong to them. This is their howl of indignation.



    Huns on the run.



    It’s 2021 and they are now just calling it out.



    I’ve had to endure it from 1976 when I was serving my apprenticeship in the shipyards up until 2017 when I stopped working.



    It’s not went away.

  5. To Hot Smoked…


    P67 passed your email address to me on Friday. There should be an email in your inbox.