Gangster clubs, brutish fans, identity politics


The Daily Record’s political editor today published information obtained from the Scottish Government by a Freedom of Information Request, where Police Scotland note Newco “actively engaged” supporters to break lockdown rules in March this year.

Following Newco’s game with St Mirren on 6 March, Police Scotland received assurances from Newco that they would encourage fans to stay at home.  The Police memo stages, “Whilst assurances were given this did not materialise.”

The Police go on to stage Newco made “numerous statements encouraging celebration, including from the manager (Steven Gerrard).”

“Both the Manager and players actively engaged from within the stadium with fans gathered in disgraceful displays of encouragement, in solid opposition to the public safety issues arising, to their responsibilities given the privileges under which football operates, and to the commitments they had made around public communications.”

The Government should have acted on this information in March.  Football privileges were being actively flouted by one club but it took further incidents this month before Nicola Sturgeon felt it necessary to take on Newco.  This is in stark contrast to her grabbing the mic. when Celtic followed her own rules during their trip to Dubai.

You will see not contrition from Newco.  Instead, they will deflect and distract.  Let them sink in their own sewage.

Gangster clubs operate across Europe.  They stir-up identity sentiment among brutish fans and intimidate politicians who need to fish in the same identity waters.  It takes brave political leadership to stop the rot.

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  1. NORRIEM on 21ST MAY 2021 3:53 PM


    Who all remember another famous event on


    21st May 🤔


    This time in 1979


    4 – 2, and 10 Bhoys won the league




    Ah, yes I remember it well. They were miles ahead in February but winning all the postponed games made the match a title decider.


    The game itself was a blur. I think they were already down 1-2 when the late Johnny Doyle was red carded. At 3-2 we were well under the cosh. Then Murdo’s thunderbolt. Roy Aitken was magnificent.

  2. 67 European Cup Winners on

    I know there are more serious issues than my £10 gambling fraud


    I’m not a gambler but I did bet £10 on Henrik Larson being our next manager


    According to Paddy Power I have list my bet !!!


    At time of writing I think PP are a bit premature


    No announcement that I know of


    So do PP know something the rest of us are waiting for


    I wonder if they have paid those that bet on Eddie Howe being our next manager ???



    Also have Dafabet paid out on EH



    My tenner is insignificant the assumption is fascinating








    P.S. Ryan Gauld just walked from Farense today, available for nowt.”



    He is a player I rate highly. I would love it ( K.Keegan) if he came to Celtic but a mate said Sporting Lisbon are interested and I think I read that Ryan wants to stay in Portugal. Anyone?

  4. 67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS on 21ST MAY 2021 5:08 PM



    I am surprised at that. My 10 pound bet with William Hill for Roy keane as our next Manager remains open.It is a bet I will be happy to lose :-))

  5. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Hot Smoked


    I will be happy to lose mine (he will always be the King of kings)


    But PP must know something we don’t




  6. Some of us have been wondering if the recent goings on in the west of Scotland will put Eddie Howe off.



    Chris Sutton now adds his voice.



    Chris Sutton has warned that the ‘firebomb’ of Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell’s home could prevent top players from joining the club.



    The image this is portraying is not good. I’ve had friends down south texting me this morning about the attack on Peter Lawwell’s house saying, ‘What on earth is going on up there?



    We are in a sorry place at this moment in time.



    This is BIG BIG news amongst football professionals – agents will be wary of suggesting Scotland to their clients.

  7. garygillespieshamstring on

    67 EcW



    Check when you placed your bet.


    Some bookies have paid out on John Kennedy at the end s he was in charge for 10 games, which is the standard they set for someone to be considered the permanent manager.


    His odds plummeted when it was announced that Scottish cup was being played as Celtic only need to win one tie to give him ten games till the end of the season.

  8. Glad that’s all sorted…so every pub can now open in Glasgow with no social distancing…and there is nothing wrong with anti-catholic sing…great just in time for the marching season.. means the police can join in with the songs

  9. I’m not on so often these days but I am always disappointed to read the personal abuse some people – JHB the last couple of days – receive.



    I don’t always read JHB’s posts but I’ve never noticed him using personal slurs against anyone else, so seems a bit off to receive them in return. If he has then I include him in this 👍🏼



    It definitely puts me off coming on here and I’d imagine puts people off posting in case they become victim of the grief/abuse.



    A phrase I have read on here a few times and like springs to mind – play the ball, not the player.



    On another note, my thoughts are with Peter Lawwell and his family. What a time they must be going through.



    Peace ✌️

  10. Majestic



    Fully agree. CQN is a broad Church


    Debate don’t denigrate

  11. Police scotland fine no criminality in anti catholic sash bash at ibrox stadium.



    I need to know what constitutes criminality, can anyone help?



    I would like to know how that decision was arrived at. My guess police officer interviews several people (racists) in attendance who say, no officer, no us, we would never do that? Officer asks: What about that recording? witnesses: must be a very very very good cut and paste job officer, officer sorry to bother you oh and you can turn the music up, love a good drum beat 😉

  12. ERNIE LYNCH on 21ST MAY 2021 3:24 PM


    ‘ What is the point of the most successful vaccination programme in Europe if we are still being locked down.?’














    The WHO have stated that the current vacinnes protect against all known variants.

  13. 67 European Cup Winners on



    Thank you. You make more sense than my conspiracy theory


    The tenner is not keeping me awake at night. But the lack of confirmation of our next manager is.




  14. GREENPINATA on 21ST MAY 2021 6:19 PM



    ‘all known variants.’






    And how many variants is that?



    And how often does the virus mutate?

  15. MAJESTIC HARTSON on 21ST MAY 2021 6:00 PM



    Very true. Says quite alot about counter argument if it’s straight to abuse.

  16. What the best way to show the proposed future is a tolerant society?



    By being intolerant?







    A phrase I have read on here a few times and like springs to mind – play the ball, not the player




    Appreciate the sentiments of your post and agree 100% with the above phrase. A favourite saying of my late mum was “civility costs nothing”



    Cheers also to:







  18. Ernie,



    It is immoral and impractical to lock down for a hypothetical mutation.


    It’s akin to hiding away from a bogy man.

  19. Alasdair MacLean on

    JHB on 21ST MAY 2021 1:25 PM



    “The SNPcult have played with the Ulster definition of the words Nationalist & Unionist for their own political gain – in the long-term we will suffer.”



    The Conservative and Unionist Party.


    Renamed by David Cameron in 2016.


    Red Card Ross is head of the Scottish division. of said political party.



    When JHB writes stuff like this on here it seems he has come with an agenda.


    Open minded debate is difficult with an agenda driven brick wall.


    Rather than get involved, one should scroll on, but at times annoyance can get the better of people.


    They know they are wasting their time trying to debate, so resort to a few insults instead.


    For me, the responsibility rests on both sides.

  20. 1 wee guy in a crowd of 60k is spotted and criminalised for racial abuse, a whole group of people singing and dancing to anti catholic anti irish as clear as day on a recording but the police cannot do a thing, aye alright.



    Scotlands shame indeed

  21. MAJESTIC HARTSON on 21ST MAY 2021 6:00 PM



    Fair comment. Food for thought.

  22. They will argue if they prosecuted everyone who was heard or caught singing ftp, the courts would not be able to do any other cases. So the bar is raised and the police have confirmed it. Will SFA, spfl, take any meaningful action? The video was not a fake. If it was the police word have said so clearly. It’s real. That happened in the Ibrox dressing room by the Sevco players and staff Clearly at Ibrox you have to participate in this to be part of the group. Maybe some of the Catholics there should be confronted about their participation in this. Is it done freely, do they feel they need to do it? No doubt the supporters are going to be treated with kid gloves by the police as well. It would only be fair, I suppose. I would not be surprised if no one is charged with crimes associated with bigotry or racism from last week’s events. We’ll see.

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