Gaol for the Rangers


I hear regular reports that Our Hero is fastidious, clever, experienced and has expert legal advice on company rescue matters.  But I read (on Random Thoughts’ blog) that he doesn’t always take great care when filling out forms or doing paperwork.

Now he has a formidable foe on his case.  Alastair Johnston, the non-exec who may have been asleep at the wheel when Rangers FC PLC (in administration) were industriously working on schemes to avoid taxation, has written to the Crown Office asking them to investigate the acquisition of Rangers by Craig Whyte.  No Surrender Johnston, as he is knows in some parts, a sleeping giant of the sports industry, is awake and he’s darn irritated!

I love good irony.  Can you believe, he wrote to the CROWN Office!  Forces of the Crown are all over this situation already.  You have to wonder how deeply Her Majesty’s officers will delve now they’re on the case.

As anyone who has followed recent perjury trials in Scotland will know, not all alleged crimes are investigated, on occasion, action needs to be in the public interest, but you have to think that if our hero has failed to cross a t or dot an i, No Surrender Johnston will pursue Our Hero like the well-pensioned accountant he is.  If his suspicions are correct, I’m sure he will not rest until it’s Gaol for the Rangers miscreants.

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  1. good read as ever paul.



    how does this paul murray get away with his wrongdoings and be the front runner in the race for a new scumco with the press.


    i mean really, it was only 7 months ago this guy was a director at the then rangers football club plc (not in administration).


    tax dodging and backhanded cheating went on when he was on board…why doesnt jim delahun ask him that one????

  2. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Kitalba from the last thread.



    If you fail to pay PAYE and VAT while paying off other debts then there is a good chance that the criminal offence you are guilty of is wrongful trading.

  3. rt rev david hay says:


    17 February, 2012 at 10:46





    yeah…i c what your getting at….its the “my (bigot) pal” bit that irks me





    That part too, is laden with sarcasm – Leggat has had a few choice words to say about Britney in the past – I don’t think Spiers would pass the time of day with Leggat

  4. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    rt rev david hay 17 February, 2012 at 10:50;


    You’ve got to remember the football authorities still regard Craig Whye as a fit and proper person.

  5. im beginning to sound as if they are getting to me….and r e l a x x x



    back to the jelly n ice cream



    never interupt a bawbag when they are making a complete archie of it (as the saying goes)

  6. Paul67 etal.



    I see that Milan Mandaric has his snout in the trough regarding Rangers,the tax avoidance expert would be right at home if he can purchase the manky mob.

  7. Have the lawyer’s documents covering the takeover deal between Murray and Whyte ever been in the public domain?

  8. “Sad demise of a great national institution” SHOULD read as,”Timely end of a racist,criminal enterprise.”

  9. rev david hay, as Honest Mistake has pointed out, these people are all still Fit and Proper, according to the SFA. Why do we bother?



    oldtim67, aye.



    Googybhoy, I’m sure he is.

  10. hamiltontim says:


    17 February, 2012 at 10:54


    ‘Have the lawyer’s documents covering the takeover deal between Murray and Whyte ever been in the public domain?’







    RTC put them up within the last couple of weeks.

  11. dirtymac



    im not so sure. i dont trust any of them wae their dodgy trouser legs and aprons.


    spiers’ agenda like most of them (journos) is to keep them alive.



    i want them gone. vanquished for eternity and history re-written by way of removal of


    trophies from ill gotten gains.



    but above all else…if they survive…i cant wait to see those 5 stars be ripped off there


    XXXXXXL jerseys

  12. Declan Is Neil Lennon 1888 Hates being 2nd on

    seems to me like mr whyte has plaid his cards very well. he has had top cupboard experts dotting the i s and crossing the w s on all of this deal. he seems to have every angel covered as to what happens now with the rangers and he has hoodblinked hrmc and they are not happy about it. i think you have to admire the man for having the brains to work all of this out. from where i am sitting and from what they blokes yesterday said rangers will not die. whyte seems to have done what murray couldn’t and has gotten them out of this mess with a profit. all this ticketmaster money will appear when they are brought back and they will right away be making big signnigs and be debt free and we will nto be able to keep up with them. that is what is going to happen. oh and by the way amadeus is right. they arent in administration yet. my mate agrees with his pal. it wont be for another 8 days. dont be sirprised if just when they are about to offishully go in that big alec salmon dives in and saves them. this sint finished by a long way and our board might be in trouble



    mon the hops

  13. ernie lynch says:


    17 February, 2012 at 10:56



    Thanks. Aparently they were put up on FF earlier this morning but for some reason were pulled within minutes.

  14. rt rev david hay says:


    17 February, 2012 at 10:30


    the sane (iknow i know) huns i know reckon that whyte wanted to put them into administration at this time specifically because the verdict on the EBT will come out during


    the next week or two.


    If the verdict goes for the huns whyte has syphoned off the cash to other places…and any of the money left in the club will mostly be going to him as preferred creditor.


    and to add to that, while in admin apparently HMRC cannot appeal this verdict.






    Surely if the huns win the taxcase and HMRC can’t appeal it while they are in Admin, as soon as they come out of Admin the HMRC would appeal then and we’d be back to where we started!



    Oh happy happy joy joy

  15. Tweet from Bhoyedie



    So have I got this right – Phil Betts, former director of Rangers is connected to Octopus, who own Ticketus 65, who folded on Monday.




    Anyone got any facts on this Octopus, do they own ticketUs

  16. Well said, Declan.



    And don’t forget Whytie’s still to collect his millions from when he sues the BBC for defamation.

  17. ernie



    Do you know of any spare tickets for Easter Rd? I didn’t get one directly from Hibs and am now reliant on the bus providing one which only gives me about a 50/50 chance.

  18. BlantyreKev - Parcel=> on

    I know it’s not intentional and that you need to be careful with emotive provocation but here, on this very page, lies a paradox of fortunes that could make you cry.



    On one hand we have the biggest story in Scottish Football history playing out. This involves tax evasion and corporate restructures costing tens of millions of pounds.



    On the other had we have a link to a just giving page for Vanessa Riddle, eeking towards a magic number that is literally a life or death. On that page you can click to the main page of The Neuroblastoma Alliance and there are many other Vanessas, miles and miles off their target. Don’t click on it unless you are prepared to have a wee private moment to yourself.



    As I said, you have to be careful with this sort of emotive stick, but God Almighty, it hammers home perspective. Right between the eyes.



    There must be zero tolerance on greed and cheating, wherever we see it.

  19. Declan Is Neil Lennon 1888 Hates being 2nd on

    paul76 i cant do the email thing but i would luv to rite something for your newspaper. want me to rite about the celtic or the time me and big beano went go carting and ended up being chased though clydebank by 4 boys all over a purple opal fruit



    hail hail

  20. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Pass the Parcel?


    So a mysterious party has handed in a mysterious dossier to Strathclyde Police to prove that Our Hero (c. P67) has been up to no good.



    Are we to assume that this party would have withheld said dossier containing alledged illegal activities, if the circumstances had been different? I wonder which fine upstanding citizen compiled the dossier?




  21. ernie lynch @10:49



    Thanks for that. Surely these contracts aren’t valid and not legally binding then if the huns go into liquidation as there is no Old Firm or even “Rangers” to honour them. Sweet Jesus, never thought I’d see the words “Rangers” and “Honour” in the same sentence unless ofcourse its during court proceedings! To use the marriage analogy its like you re-marrying after your first wife dies and trying to convince everyone that Mrs Lynch#2 is actually Mrs Lynch#1. As I said before one for the legal heads. Away to a day of work and gloating!




  22. Paul67



    I need cheering up….just to keep me bubbling over….do you still think liquidation is stilll a) on th cards


    b) very much on the cards….or


    c) very very much on the cards



    Thabk you in anticipation