Gerrard building his own gallows


I indulged in a bit of radio call-in listening last night to hear how the other side are dealing with their recent implosion.  Blame flows in all directions when aspirational clubs win nothing and perspective is difficult to find.

Steven Gerrard is in his second season as a manager, most of his players have won little or nothing in their careers.  As a club, this is only their second season playing two games a week for months on end.  Contrast this to Celtic, which has years of corporate learning ingrained into the fabric of Lennoxtown.

Celtic know what work to do at the margins to ensure players can deliver at the weekend as well as on European duty.  They learned this through many seasons of fine-tuning.  They know what training and rest is required, what nutrition works best and how to motivate players to continue to achieve.

It is usually fans who have not kicked a ball for decades that accuse players of not trying or caring enough when they suffer a bad result against a weaker team.  In fact, football is far more nuanced.  Players are not machines and never will be.  Get the preparation 10% wrong and even the best are liable to lose.

It is the manager’s job to know this and to find the words to explain what went wrong, while keeping an eye on the next challenge.  Steven Gerrard is not alone in expressing his despair at players’ inconsistencies, but in doing so, he is building his own gallows.  Leave that chat to those who only know how to shout from this sides, but know nothing about dominating an opponent on the field.

It has been a while, but you and I have seen things go wrong at Celtic, as they will do again.  When it happens, don’t be like Steven and his ‘The players are not good enough” fans.  Newco players are, in fact, performing well above reasonable expectations.  That they will forever struggle to win a trophy is not their fault.

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  1. DENIABHOY on 4TH MARCH 2020 9:53 AM



    It’s far from a done deal.



    What it comes down to is that they have 11 games to go and they will probably have to win them all to win the league.



    Do you trust them to do that?



    Obviously that changes if we drop points to the likes of Livingston, St Johnston & St Mirren.



    A better way to think of it is, every 3 points we are sucking more oxygen out of them. Two wins before we head to Mordor and they will know its unlikely they will win the league even if they win!

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 4th March 2020 10:04 am



    It isn’t a fact.



    It’s a facile, simplistic mantra for people to parrot when it suits them.



    Anyone with two brain cells can work round it to provide theological justification for all kind of outrages.



    Hence the Catholic Church not being a pacifist organisation.

  3. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    Those responsible have not been ‘commemorated’ on here, so your point is invalid.



    You have a problem with his diaries being published here but Bobby Sands was not responsible for those events.



    So ridiculous, and desperate, link.



    You wouldn’t commemorate Nazis so why would you commemorate British oppressors? You don’t really think they were building an empire for the good of the people in the countries concerned?



    A misguided sense of loyalty I’d say.




  4. Am i the only one confident of a victory in tonights game , if they hadn’t beaten us before I might be more worried but the Bhoys will be up for this one so Livy have no chance imo :)





    Genuine question .Do you ever go to the toilet and leave your computer on the table.?





    Do you sing rule brit ……. while you wash your hands ?




    IS there anything you are not an expert on.




    Who do you like best thatcher or patel.????



    Do you always win the argument.?



    Do you know how many countries england invaded.?



    Were the people in poland ,france ,norway and holland who fought against the nazis terrorists.



    Oh and something else.see when you don’t give answers but insult the person posing the questions………………………LOST BIG TIME.!!!!!!!

  6. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Oh, and Macjay, if you want to talk about smart and glib… below response from yourself…









    PITYMEVIN on 3RD MARCH 2020 9:09 PM




    Why was celtic founded ?





    To support the IRA ?




  7. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on






    Hit the mark , though.





    A bit like mine.




  8. Tonight’s team….



    The Wall



    Three big lads Tam, Julian Clary and the Norse LoveGod



    Wee Frimpers and Jonny Hayes providing width



    Our Leader, the Scottish Xavi and the wizard of Oz or RC in the middle.



    Up front the Eddie and Griff show.



    Shoot on sight bhoys and just win…..

  9. The crisis down Ibrox way has been exasperated by our relentless winning streak in domestic football. We have done a brilliant job at keeping the foot on their throat and have given them no rest bite whatsoever. Thats the way Glasgow works, when one team is relentless it lays seeds of unrest at the other.



    Tonight presents arguably our toughest domestic challenge this calendar year. We have some demons to exercise. What this team have shown is when they need to step up, they normally do. This one would have been marked in the calendar for some time. 3 points tonight imo kills the League stone dead.

  10. david17 on 4th March 2020 10:26 am



    ‘We have some demons to exercise.’







    I’d pay money to watch that.

  11. David17,



    Spot on fella….



    Hibs away was another but good grief, having watched them last night they were shockingly open….

  12. weebobbycollins on

    I would pay money to watch that too…would love to see a demon breaking sweat…

  13. DAVID17 on 4TH MARCH 2020 10:26 AM



    It should be pointed out that we have outlasted them so far with a more difficult fixture list.



    By the time the split comes, Celtic will have twice traveled to each top six sides.



    Sevco will have done that once.



    That’s the kind of detail that flies under the radar and won’t be discussed on SSB. But it makes their failure even starker.

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, only Scott Brown will be allowed to handle domestic trophies, for the foreseeable future.

  15. South Of Tunis on




    “Scottish speaking Germans”



    I went to the Final with my Dad .He was keen on watching “Continentals”



    Seriously minging night.Not a big crowd.No shortage of Scottish speaking Germans.Some wanting Liverpool stuffed (revenge)and some wanting the Huns to stuff the team from “Irish Liverpool “.


    Liverpool’s goal was seriously iffy !

  16. glendalystonsils on

    big wavy on 4th March 2020 10:36 am



    Correct , although 2 stonewall penalties , seen but not given by Clancy , did affect that Easter road result somewhat.

  17. Does the NB kit deal run out on the last day of the season? For trading reasons, is the club allowed to announce anything before then? Might be some Dads telling junior they are not getting any new kit before then . . . So glad it is not Nike again. Their implicit endorsement and protection of the Salazar athletic doping regime left a seriously foul taste in my mouth.


    They have the IAAF in their back pocket. Cram, Coe and Radcliffe all paid big bucks by Nike to ensure damage limitation around Mo Farrah rumours, around their new running shoes etc etc.


    No sporting integrity whatsoever in their board room.

  18. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Ernie Lynch on 4th March 2020 10:32AM



    Tony Hamilton would sell you and your family tickets to watch that.

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on 4th March 2020 10:59 am


    ‘To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, only Scott Brown will be allowed to handle domestic trophies, for the foreseeable future.’







    But seriously though, it’s reassuring that the SFA have ordered players to stop shaking hands in order to reduce the spread of corona virus.



    In a stadium where 60,000 people have travelled from all over the UK to sit or stand in close proximity to one another for two hours.



    Inspirational and decisive leadership as one might expect.

  20. ERNIE



    Did the health minister not say that to contract the virus you would need to be within 2 metres and face to face with one who has it, for 15 minutes?

  21. Dont shake hands pre match but feel free to grapple and tug your opponents at every set piece….

  22. South Of Tunis on

    Ayn Rand .????



    A bullshit far right chancer .



    Punted the desirability of Hobbesian war and dog eat dog individualism and ended her days claiming and receiving Social Security and Medicare..



    Off oot – it’s raining – way down south – first rain in @ 10 weeks.

  23. Philbhoy on 4th March 2020 11:27 am






    Did the health minister not say that to contract the virus you would need to be within 2 metres and face to face with one who has it, for 15 minutes?







    That’s what people are saying. The truth is the virus can be transferred in a nano second, but obviously the longer you are contact with someone the more likely you are to catch it.



    If I wanted the virus to spread as widely and quickly as possible I can think of no more effective and practical way of doing it than by having homes games at CP (and Ipox as well).



    Think about it, you get people travelling in large numbers from all over Scotland, the north of England and Ireland, with a number of others coming from further afield and some from abroad, then you cram them into close proximity with each other for two hours. On top of that a good number will be in jam packed pubs before and after the game.



    Is there any better way of spreading it?

  24. GREENPINATA on 4TH MARCH 2020 9:52 AM



    ” The most profound breach is not between rich and poor, but between the people and the intellectuals ”



    Let’s look at that statement a little more closely shall we?



    Ayn Rand, university educated, philosopher, published author – she is without doubt an intellectual, no? But in that statement do you think she is siding with the ‘intellectuals’ (like her) or the ‘people’ (whoever they are, sounds like a meaningless soundbite to me)? Is this perhaps an example of someone who is using their knowledge of language, psychology and propaganda to trigger people less educated than she is?



    A bit like the privately educated (and part of the establishment) JRM, Dominic Cummings (studied History at Oxford, father is law lives in a castle ffs) or Boris Johnston supposedly being anti-establishment? How the hell are they anti-establishment? They are the establishment.



    A bit of background about anti-intellectualism which might be worth bearing in mind. When the Nazis invaded Poland Hitler made a point of rounding up the ‘inteligentzia’ – doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors, librarians etc – as they were seen as the group who would be most likely to organise any resistance against them . Get rid of them and the rest would be easier to control. And so the Nazis did just that.



    So, considering all this, do you still feel that your support for Brexit (which will hurt you and your family and has stolen opportunities from me and my children) was such a great idea? Or do feel a bit of tool as you have been totally played by people who couldn’t give a shit about you?

  25. Gents ( Ladies )



    Note : I did not endorse Ayn Rand.



    I did say her two quotes are food for thought.



    Brexit voting North England stated time after time that Intellectuals in the Labour party were not listening to the voice of the working person.



    As for the evils of Fascism and Communism can you realistically point score.




  26. Frankterry,



    I did not vote Brexit. But 17.4 million others did in the biggest democratic vote ever witnessed in the UK.

  27. Okay, well what do you think about her statement? You must have an opinion on it as you’re the one that put it up, no? Stating that you don’t have an opinion on it seems at best bizarre and at worst disengenus.



    And please define your terms – what exactly do you mean by ‘intellectuals’? Someone who has read a book? Who has an university education? Or the way that the far right has defined ‘intellectuals’ as an amorphous mass of anyone who doesn’t agree with their bullshit.

  28. For someone who didn’t vote for Brexit you spend a lot of time defending their position. Why didn’t you vote? Not interested in democracy or what?

  29. Siempre



    On more enjoyable football matters – No Ollie sadly. Don’t know the extent of the injury but hopefully back soon as he’s important to us.

  30. South Of Tunis on

    Tomorrow night’s Coppa Italia Semi Final second leg game between Napoli and Inter has been postponed to a yet to be determined date .



    There is much speculation that the Italian Government is about to order that all schools be closed



    As of 12 noon today -the Official Coronavirus figures for Italy are –


    2 263 cases /79 dead