Gerrard further adrift from Celtic than Caixinha


The response to Scott Brown’s SFA citation from Celtic, Neil Lennon, the support and everyone connected with the club has been so overwhelming, I had to check if the Celtic top the Pope held in St Peter’s Square this week had “Brown, 8” on the back (it didn’t).

Celtic will present a litany of precedents with players celebrating in a similar fashion without censure from referees or the Association.  I would also expect them to ask Judicial Panel members associated with their opponents last Sunday to excuse themselves from proceedings.

At this stage of his career, with contract talks still on going, the captain deserves this support, although let’s not confuse his stoic resilience for Player of the Year qualifications.  That subject is worthy of greater scrutiny.

There is a lot of anger at Steven Gerrard over his antagonistic remarks towards Scott Brown since the weekend, but I think we need to cut the Newco manager some slack.

With the many distractions since Sunday, it may have escaped your notice that Celtic are now further ahead of second placed Newco (13 points) than they were ahead of both Aberdeen (9 points) and Newco (12 points) at the end of last season.

The harsh reality facing Gerrard this week is that he spent significantly more money than Pedro Caixinha but his side is even further adrift from the champions than the team managed by Caixinha and Graeme Murty a year earlier.  Caixinha was given 229 days before being sacked.  Gerrard now knows his team is doing worse than before he took over.  He is not the first to lash out in the face of failure.

This is his first season in management, Caixinha was a manager for 14 years before arriving at Ibrox.  He has a long way to go to catch up with the Portuguese’.  Gerrard’s feelings of frustration are new.  A year from now he will be more accepting of reality, including his own limitations in comparison to Pedro.  Nine-in-a-row will not hurt him as much as this season’s eight.

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  1. glendalystonsils on

    And 10 in a row won’t bother him at all because he will have been ‘mutually consented’ by then.

  2. The Green Brigade.



    As a member of the grey brigade my opinions are:



    – Love ’em


    – Except the drummers, no need to be so loud guys.


    – Banners, usually agree with their sentiments and they are often very clever. A few I don’t agree with, but that’s life.


    – Tifos, best in the world. 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse will never be beaten.


    – Pyros. Flares are good in small doses. They bring colour to the game. The one were they appeared from under the huge banner was genius. And many countries don’t have a problem . Actively encouraged in some places. Smoke bombs and flash bangs – just no.

  3. More interested in the team for tomorrow- FtSFA



    Lustig went off injured, holding his thigh muscle – Toljan ?


    Kieran, will be missing – Hayes if fit ( thought Izzy was poor on Wed)


    Boyata ooot for season – play Simonuvic ( he is our player) with Ajer, or Benkovic & Ajer



    We then need game time for Ntcham, Christie and Rogic



    Thought Burke was poor on Wed, so start Odsonne through middle



    6pts needed, then give the fringe and youth Bhoys a run out



    Hail Ha

  4. CHARLIEBHOY on 5TH APRIL 2019 12:14 PM



    The British establishment, they’ve been keeping people arguing among themselves for years.



    Then again, it all depends on what they are arguing about. If it’s a song debate then the Glaswegian every time.




  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Recieved a text showing a page from The Scotsman 19 Sept 2017,outlining new rules saying players can’t be charged retrospectively for gestures, maybe a techy guy can format it for here? Strangely enough, the reason this hastily trumped up ‘rule’,was to protect Windass,so he would be ok to play against Celtic……

  6. Alasdair MacLean on

    Besides, I think Paul must be talking rubbish: over on Hunmedia they are positively gushing about how lucky they are to have Gerrard and Defoe representing them in a press conference today; how they have to pinch themselves as could they ever have imagined this in 2012.


    Also, EVERYONE acknowledges that The Rangers HAVE improved this season.


    So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  7. McPhail Bhoy on



    Besides, I think Paul must be talking rubbish: over on Hunmedia they are positively gushing about how lucky they are to have Gerrard and Defoe representing them in a press conference today; how they have to pinch themselves as could they ever have imagined this in 2012.


    Also, EVERYONE acknowledges that The Rangers HAVE improved this season.


    So put that in your pipe and smoke it.





    I think that’s exactly the problem Alasdair they are smoking a pipe but instead of the usual wacky backy which would at least explain their ‘dignified utterings’, they are instead smoking Hun tears through a hookah!!

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Rocket Man- thanks for doing that,maybe the SLO could take that to the Club…

  9. eddieinkirkmichael on

    ? NL: “The only rational thing Steven Gerrard has said this week is that they played the best team in the country on Sunday.” #CELLIV

  10. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Just logged on and seen the CQN sidebar headline ” this stops now ”


    Wow, at last, Peter and our board have grown a pair and we will now


    take on the Corrupt hampden cabal.


    But no, i should have known better apparently we’re going after our


    own silly little bhoys.


    Now i think it’s safe to assume from previous posts that i could be


    cast as a board supporter, lackey, whatever because i think in general


    they do a great job in the financial management of our club.


    But if they can’t see the emotional side of this latest trumped up charge


    against our captain and defend it to the bitter end then imo they will


    further disengage with the Celtic family and we know how that ends.


    Got that off my chest.


    O.k our football season starts this sunday for our local soccer club


    players from all age groups u 5’s up to senior ladies k.o on Sunday.


    Our u 17’s champions are top off the league already due to the Brighton


    ragers conceding their first game against us lol, must have heard the


    bhoys were cummin 8-))


    Can’t wait to get down the ground on Sunday, luv it when i’m hingin


    the nets and i see all those khids, ghirls, women, and most of all my


    Grandson and his mates proudly wearing the hoops, it’s a grand sight.


    H.H Mick

  11. lets all do the huddle ? on

    Did Broonie break the blog?



    Or did a coked up wee skank launch a banger at it?

  12. Franny



    Not sure I know he said Benkovic has a slight ankle problem



    Anyway could be doin with resting KT and keeping him for the cup semi-final




  13. I would expect a couple of changes for tomorrow :



    I’d be tempted to go with :






    Toljan Big Jozo Ajer J.Hayes



    ——-Christie McGregor——–



    Forrest Rogic Timo Weah



    ————King Eddy—————–




    Simply put, its glaring…staring us in the face. Get Eddy and Weah teaming up. Get them on the same pitch at same time, and watch them tear it up !

  14. My friends in Celtic,



    There has to be a happy compromise. There is no doubt that the GB has virtually single handedly brought a much needed atmosphere to Parkhead. ( Especially for non glamour games )



    Does that mean I support them 100% , absolutely not. E.g. I don’t support all their political leanings.


    However, is it not total hypocrisy of the Scottish establishment to condemn them for bringing politics to the game. Anybody who watched our game the other night would have seen ( In prime camera view ) adverts for Scottish Labour and the SNP. What more blatent method of bringing politics into football.



    We have discussed strict liability on here many times. We have discussed how the smarting and failing SNP government would introduce it before their April conference.


    Lo and behold James Doran ( SNP ) has launched a move to introduce the very same.



    If the SNP conference is instructed that this will be a good and popular move, they will clap like seals and we will be lumbered with it.



    We will deservedly get 8 and possibly 9. Our football will merit 10, but possibly politics will prevent us from achieving it.



    Be smart and be vigilant bhoys and Ghirls.




  15. Ryan Kent gets away with a 2 match ban. I suspect that Scott Brown will have nothing to fear after all. Even the Daily Record are pointing out that the SFA has tied itself in knots and cannot suspend somebody for celebrating.



    Happy to move on and focus about whats happening on the pitch. We are 4 points better off than we were this time last season. We can thank this tremendous run since the winter break.



    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lenny name the same 11 for the weekend. Keep Tierney wrapped up in wool.



    Possibly bring in Eddy for Burke. That’s about it.

  16. Its open season though….throat punch = 2 game ban



    Its licence for Scottish fitbaw to become UFC / MMA moving forward.

  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    One change in personnel, and some shuffling of positions:



    Drop N’Cham – replace him with Edouard



    Eddie up front


    Move Calmac to position N’Cham was playing


    Move Jimmy to place Calmac was playing


    Move Burke to wing in place of Jimmy



    Simple, this management stuff.






  18. Ruggyman



    You’re Morelos correct, kicking opponent off the ball, kicking opponent in the balls = no game ban.

  19. PFA Scotland standing up. for the Huns.



    I remember the PFA POY dinners and the Huns only turned up when one of them were winning it. I had a word with one of the PFA officials and was told that most of the Rangers players were not members of the SPFA and didn’t pay their dues. Our team on the other hand were almost 100% members, then Fraser Wishart got involved. Frasers Family were all involved in the Labour and Trade Union movement.

  20. How long did big Dick Guff get for his 10-in-a-row hand gesture back in November ’97 ?



    Go on, Fate, I dare you . . . .

  21. Guff & co/club went on to win only 2 of their next 6 games following that win over Celtic, dropping 8 points, 2 of them when Stubbsy equalised in injury time to stop them going 8 points clear.



    Very costly period that defining season for Rangers(1872-2016).




  22. MIKE IN TORONTO on 4TH APRIL 2019 11:43 PM



    Tontine Loose lips costing the club a treble … or



    Saying nothing (about cheating etc) which has cost the club it’s integrity…The people that run the league, and run our club, count on your fear to allow the cheating to continue …I know which (integrity or a trophy) is more important to me….



    *Oh dear and I thought Bob Kelly was deid as apart fae the flag and Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia that’s how he felt, don’t rock the boat.



    According to Hugh McIlvanney when Jock took over Bob told him there were certain situations outwith our control and we just had to accept them to which the Big Mhan allegedly said, out of ear shot, “aye that’ll be right”.



    There is no team or organisation out there with more integrity than Celtic FC, it’s in our genes. But to paraphrase your Prime Minister “we are nice, we are polite but we are no pushovers” and this is now being shown by our senior management in taking on the sfa over Broonie.



    My posting wasn’t about integrity it was about highlighting “alleged” incidents on the park, it’s not just you either Mike there are others out there on various Celtic sites, it just takes hunterlopers to start it and others join in, usually those posting only saw the alleged incidents on their monitor, tele or a big screen, and as we all know that is usually not a true reflection of the game itself.



    To quote the late great Jimmy Sanderson, “were you at the game caller”, now obviously you weren’t but did you see the game on Wednesday night or even last Sunday.



    I’m not wanting to belabour this or having a go at only you here just trying to defend our club and one of its players, it’s what I have always done and will continue to do.

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