Gerrard throws Morelos under the Lamborghini


Just six days after Steven Gerrard pondered if his team had the “bottle” to mount a title challenge, they were unable to overcome Aberdeen at home.  Were it not for Sam Cosgrove having an off day, all three points may have travelled north after the game.

Gerrard’s reaction was typically selfless, “We’re definitely doing something right in terms of the team organisation [trans: I’m good at my job], but I think individuals in it today let us down a bit by giving big chances away [trans: it’s the players fault].

Having absolved himself of all blame, Gerrard went on to throw Morelos under the Lamborghini, “The biggest [chances]were obviously one in the first-half, Alfredo should put Ryan Kent through on goal and the second he should have taken the chance that was presented to him with a fantastic ball by Connor.”

This is not a positive sign.  Good managers are strong enough to open themselves to criticism in order to protect their players.  This guy sounds like he has self-doubts.  Not without reason.

The weekend’s action ended in typical fashion with the champions stretching their lead to seven points, albeit having played a game more than the also-rans.

Credit to Hamilton Accies, who battled with 10-men before collapsing after the 78th minute.  Celtic were uninspiring until that point, but they are champions for a reason.  The game transformed with the arrival from the bench of Jonny Hayes, Ryan Christie and Tom Rogic.  Rogic, in particular, has patiently waited his chance.  I would start him at Fir Park on Wednesday.

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  1. glendalystonsils on




    Jonny Hayes strikes me as the kind of guy who would play in goals if the manager asked him to .



    He is the opposite of the modern day prima donna . (Nae left back though) -)))



    st tams


    Indeed . It was Hayes ability as a winger that led to our second goal on Sunday.





    It wasn’t. He played a forward pass to Christie, who’d moved into the LW space to swing in the cross for Julien to score.



    Glad to have him as Mr dependable, utility player but neither a LB, WB or good enough LW….

  3. Ryan Christie provides the cross for our second goal on Sunday, Hayes louped the hoardings and took the throw quickly followed by the pass to Ryan.

  4. Has our PR department signed up Michael Stewart yet?



    WITS – get posting more frequent again.






    D. :)

  5. Michael Stewart’s main point wasn’t that Jabba is a bully, but that he manipulates agendas for personal gain ie promotes stories and situations that the huns feel they have to respond to through their PR department ie him.



    It says a lot about the level of intellect and integrity of all involved that he (Jabba) gets away with it.

  6. Philbhoy on 4th February 2020 1:19 pm


    New Article is there……………just canny post on it.



    Is this it?






    Newco’s narcotic-type dependency on ever-more-creative PR was illustrated on BBC Radio Scotland last night by Michael Stewart, who highlighted ludicrously false attempted murder stories fed to the newspapers, followed by rushed and selectively edited TV interviews when the truth became apparent.


    Meanwhile, every other football club in Scotland goes about their business, where PR prepare information ahead of games, like any normal entity.


    On this occasion, two Celtic season ticket holders (quite rightly) reported to the police an incident, observed only by a handful of Celtic fans, by another fan at last month’s defeat.

  7. Shved left out of the Europa Squad because his poor training and lack of English.



    Can we just roll the dice on him against Clyde? Maybe if you dangle the carrot (actual playing time) he might train harder?

  8. new articles that we can post on are usually described as “CQN blog and comments”. Don’t see any such new article.

  9. ‘On this occasion, two Celtic season ticket holders (quite rightly) reported to the police an incident, observed only by a handful of Celtic fans, by another fan at last month’s defeat.’







  10. I’ve just heard those cheats @ the SFA are @ it again we have just came through dodgy BS & Bias


    Christie Gate & now we are hearing those dodgy cheats @ FTSFA are now coming out with BS &


    Bias Griffiths Gate this is becoming really ridiculous & cheating as well to try & stop us from winning


    the League Celtic should stand up to those cheats the facts are plain for everyone to see LG’s Leg


    was pulled onto the so called alleged Hamilton cheat who is telling lies as regards to LG stamping


    on him & then you have the other Hamilton player pushing LG in the back before Leigh pushed him


    back Leigh was booked for that in said match @ the weekend Hamilton v Celtic 2/2/2020 that


    match & matter is now over this should not be debated if the outcome by those cheats @ the FTSFA


    suspend Leigh then Celtic should apeal against it.

  11. Luca Connell puts Celtic under 21s up 1-0 against their Sevco counterparts



    Fair play to the young guy. On the verge of first team football at Bolton he heads to Celtic. Given no first team chances, Celtic sign Soro guy in his position and his loan deal with Sunderland breaks down at the last minute (no explanation so far)



    He’s got his head down and got on with it.



    Forget Soro, we should be playing him, Robertson or Henderson against Clyde.

  12. For tomorrow night,



    I reckon Lenny won’t change very much.



    The 3-5-2 is working not too bad. Trust the young lad Welsh at right centre back again, as I don’t think he’ll let us down.


    Ultimately having Christie, Rogic etc. available from the bench, is very much game-changing.



    On the subject of Shved, I’m curious how much thought was invested in to his signing. It seems easy to say, that if we are to sign someone from Ukraine / or Russia then language is obviously got to be a consideration.


    I would of thought, intensive English lessons for the lad in his first 3 to 6 months would of been mandetory.


    Mibees aye / mibees naw





    Jonny Hayes strikes me as the kind of guy who would play in goals if the manager asked him to .


    He is the opposite of the modern day prima donna . (Nae left back though) -)))


    Nah he was not bought to be a left back although he can cover that position if need be


    Johnny Hayes is a forward player not a natural defender however I like Johnny Hayes


    He is a good Celtic Man, he is one of us go-on-Johnny Hayes

  14. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TIMALOY29 on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 1:22 PM


    Shved left out of the Europa Squad because his poor training and lack of English.





    Do we know this for sure? Did Lenny actually say this?



    Lack of English is not a big issue for a forward. An old cliche but football is a universal language. If the quality is there he’d be let loose to show it, no need to talk about it! Work hard and show us the quality.



    Maybe he just doesnt have it, or the right attitude.



    If he hasnt even shown enough to warrant a run for at least part of the game vs Clyde then we may well look to cut our losses.




  15. RUGGYGMAN on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 1:47 PM



    I would go with Welsh too. But Neil has suggested Jozo will be fit to play and I’d expect him to start if so.



    As for Shved, it’s absolutely mad. How do you know what you have unless you give him a go?



    I’m not suggesting Neil starts a guy who’s been poor in training at Ibrox… but maybe Partick Thistle or Clyde?






    Asked about the two new signings and Jeremie, Neil Lennon told CelticTV:


    “Those three will come into the squad”


    When asked who has missed out the Celtic manager said: “It’ll probably be Maryan Shved”


    “He’s found it difficult, he’s struggled with the English, in training, he’s not getting at the level as the rest of them are”


    “He’s still a very talented player, but he’s still taking a bit more time to adapt”

  17. CORKCELT on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 9:54 AM


    Scrolling back can any anorak definitively advise our list of goal scorers so far this season,


    I quoted figures last night but my knowledgeable fellow anorak Jobo disagreed & I have more confidence in Jobo than I do in myself


    I make it we have scored 68 in League, 13 in League Cup, 2 in Scottish Cup & 32 European goals. Total 115 goals of which 4 were OGs so 111 scored by Celtic players, My top 3 were Eddie 22, Ryan Christie 17 & James Forrest 16 big drop to no 4 CalMac with 8.


    I was also going to ask how many goals from penalties and who scored them.


    I don’t really expect a reply but you never know, there might be some statistician out there who would put all of us to shame. Maybe Celtic by Numbers might know.




    Hi, Corkie (and happy birthday!)


    My own figures are purely manual, noted by me after each game. I’m confident in them but you never know! I do agree that this season in all competitions we have scored 115. My list of goalscorers is as follows (to be copied and pasted from Excel so who knows how the formatting will look!!!)


    Edouard 20


    Christie 17


    Forrest 16


    McGregor 8


    Elyounoussi 7


    Jullien 7


    Ntcham 6


    Griffiths 6


    Johnston 5


    Own Goal 4


    Brown 4


    Bayo 3


    Ajer 2


    Sinclair 2


    Morgan 2


    Rogic 2


    Frimpong 2


    Hayes 1


    Shved 1

  18. Timaloy29



    It’s a good point. I heard it debated on radio recently. How players perform at training is obviously a consideration. However surely the only true way to gauge a player is how he performs once he crosses the white line on a match day. In that fully competitive environment.



    I’d go a step further and suggest that, a proper judgement can only be made after at least 3 consecutive games. Because all players, at every level of football, need to match sharpness that comes from 3 or 4 games on the bounce

  19. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TIMALOY29 on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 1:55 PM



    Thanks – I think Lenny may be shielding him a bit with the comment about the language as its not really a barrier to showing your quality on the training pitch or at least putting in intensive effort in training.



    If he was performing at a high level in training I’d have no doubt he’d have been utilised a bit more.



    Easy to sort an interpreter to get across any more complex tactical ideas.



    Gareth Bale gets pelters in the Spanish press for his half hearted attempts at learning Spanish yet its no barrier to him showing what he can do over the years.



    I agree if Shved is not given a chance to shine then we, the fans, will never know what he was like but maybe Lenny has seen enough Monday-Friday and really, hes earned the right to have his judgement trusted imo.




  20. If a player isn’t performing in training day in day out, how can you put him in in front of someone who is turning up every morning and performing well and putting the effort it?



    There are a number of players looking to get a game and competition is fierce



    It wouldn’t be fair

  21. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TIMALOY29 on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 1:22 PM



    Can we just roll the dice on him against Clyde?





    We learnt a harsh lesson on that before to be fair.



    I’d be more inclined to give him 20-30 mins if the game is won, just to get him acclimatised a bit more and see if he looks hungry.



    That would only be based on the fact that Lenny thinks he has earned it.



    Lenny clearly doesn’t believe that right now, so I have no qualms about his omission because Lenny has earned the right to have his judgement trusted I believe. The concern I have is more regarding the recruitment process that brought the player here.




  22. RUGGYGMAN on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 2:03 PM



    We should be concerned about Shved mentally. He failed at Sevilla and a lot of that was put down to him being homesick.



    That said, he literally scored on his debut and hasn’t been seen for 4 months (bar a 10 minute cameo in Dingwall)



    Maybe he does need special treatment. Maybe he does need a chance to play despite training poorly. There is a gap in the squad behind James Forrest. Either Shved or Arzani need the opportunity to fill it.Hopefully we will be comfortable enough on Wedensday to give some minutes to one of them (more likely Arzani) with a view to starting them against Clyde at the weekend.




    We learnt a harsh lesson on that before to be fair.






    I think we can say with some confidence that the top Ukranian League is of a higher quality than Scottish League One. A guy who’s played Dynamo Kiev and Shaktar Donesk shouldn’t be phased by Clyde.



    Du Wei was far more of an unknown than Shved.



    I’m inclined to agree with BHOYLO83 that it’s not right to give opportunities to guys who aren’t doing it in training. However, Shved’s struggles mentally are evident and a confidence-boosting game may be of more value to him than James Forrest.



    The same would apply to Arzani.

  24. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Shved has been here a good length of time and would have been told on numerous occasions by the coaching staff of his ‘training’ deficiencies.To not improve shows a lack of desire and professionalism to some extent.



    Talent only gets you so far……………….and so far,not good enough.

  25. !!BADA BING!! on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 12:23 PM


    £30 for Copenhagen would have been fine,and a sell out….



    I concur por cierto

  26. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TIMALOY29 on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 2:21 PM



    Still, a roll of the dice is a roll of the dice – your words.



    Anyway, the manager clearly doesnt believe that



    a) he has earned his chance or


    b) he is good enough, or


    c) all of the above



    And I think that Lenny has earned the right to be trusted to pick the team and not constantly face calls for inclusion for a guy who is struggling in training and possibly not even giving his all.



    As others have pointed out, there is a pecking order for the team, there are many ahead of Shved right now and in this business, it may seem harsh, but we have games to win and if roll the dice and get beat we know the reaction there will be, not only from our own support but from everyone else.



    We don’t need to rely on pot luck of rolling a dice to beat Clyde and more importantly, we shouldn’t be risking our cup run in that way when we don’t need to.