Gerrard throws Morelos under the Lamborghini


Just six days after Steven Gerrard pondered if his team had the “bottle” to mount a title challenge, they were unable to overcome Aberdeen at home.  Were it not for Sam Cosgrove having an off day, all three points may have travelled north after the game.

Gerrard’s reaction was typically selfless, “We’re definitely doing something right in terms of the team organisation [trans: I’m good at my job], but I think individuals in it today let us down a bit by giving big chances away [trans: it’s the players fault].

Having absolved himself of all blame, Gerrard went on to throw Morelos under the Lamborghini, “The biggest [chances]were obviously one in the first-half, Alfredo should put Ryan Kent through on goal and the second he should have taken the chance that was presented to him with a fantastic ball by Connor.”

This is not a positive sign.  Good managers are strong enough to open themselves to criticism in order to protect their players.  This guy sounds like he has self-doubts.  Not without reason.

The weekend’s action ended in typical fashion with the champions stretching their lead to seven points, albeit having played a game more than the also-rans.

Credit to Hamilton Accies, who battled with 10-men before collapsing after the 78th minute.  Celtic were uninspiring until that point, but they are champions for a reason.  The game transformed with the arrival from the bench of Jonny Hayes, Ryan Christie and Tom Rogic.  Rogic, in particular, has patiently waited his chance.  I would start him at Fir Park on Wednesday.

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    Can’t be a coincidence big Jullien struggled on artificial surface against big centre forwards. Really pleased for him to get his goal yesterday as he was very disappointed after the Livi game .

  2. Another good weekend for Celtic. 4-1 eventually looks easy win, but, was anything but easy. The weather and the pitch plus losing first goal made life difficult. Credit is due to the manager and his players. The Subs played a big part in the victory. we should make these changes earlier in the game



    On to Fir Park on Wednesday

  3. The Morelos TV interview is so depressing. This idea that he is a victim of racist abuse is doing my head in. I am sure he is called many things by supporters all over the country but I doubt much if any of it is racist. He is targeted for abuse becuase he is dirty, because he is sleekit, because he is a cheat. The colour of his skin or his religion have nothing to do with it.


    Does he think he is the first black player to play in Scotland? Does he hear the abuse his own support sing every week?


    Does the media think the abuse aimed at him is any different to the abuse aimed at Alan McGregor or Ryan Jack? The abuse aimed at Leigh Griffiths or Scott Brown? These are players opposing fans love to hate. SImple.

  4. RUGGYGMAN on 3RD FEBRUARY 2020 1:33 PM




    I totally agree on your comments about Taylor. I thought he was our best player for most of the first half. His passing during the initial 30 minutes was excellent. For some reason, his second half performance was considerably poorer.


    Edouard is our best striker since Larrson, even better than Dembele.

  5. James McFadden from Sky Sports calling for Griff to get a retrospective ban.



    Here we go……

  6. DENIABHOY on 3RD FEBRUARY 2020 1:51 PM


    The Morelos TV interview is so depressing. This idea that he is a victim of racist abuse is doing my head in. I am sure he is called many things by supporters all over the country but I doubt much if any of it is racist. He is targeted for abuse becuase he is dirty, because he is sleekit, because he is a cheat. The colour of his skin or his religion have nothing to do with it.


    ___I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on the receiving end of some racist abuse at some point during his time at Rangers. Possibly even by his own support.


    It’s not for me to question that. What I do question is Sky Sport’s part in this. This isn’t a reaction to a specific incident. No evidence of racism is pointed to. Scott Sinclair and Shay Logan have been on the receiving end of racism from the Rangers support and it gets no mention.It’s possible to believe that Morelos has been on the receiving end of some racist abuse at some point AND recognise this is a cynical PR exercise.



    I’m gutted we’re going to have to put up with Sky Sports Rangers propaganda. It was bad enough with Neil McCann. Now we’ve got Kris Boyd.

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    GFTB on 3RD FEBRUARY 2020 1:19 PM


    Macjay 12.50pm



    Neil trusts Jonny Hayes, so in my opinion if it’s good enough for Neil I won’t disagree :-)



    Jonny is living the dream






    BIG WAVY on 3RD FEBRUARY 2020 1:13 PM









    We`re tripping over quality players and options.



    Lennie will , of course , get the tactics wrong again. He`s human.


    Perhaps next time there will not be the call to chuck money at what would seem obviously to have been a tactical problem.



    Fat chance !!





    What a marvellous twenty four hours over the weekend .



  8. In December Rainjurz FC publicly accused Celtic fans of racism, the story was run by every conceivable news portal in Scotland, we’re now in February and the claim remains unsubstantiated, and completely without evidence. Further spurious claims about ‘car tampering’ may have raised a laugh and fell flat ;-) but the underlying tone of the story however was implied racism, Sevco station SKY fanning the flames,broadcasting a full length interview with Morelos on the subject, should have known better.



    Life’s tough without money for anyone but especially for Sevco who couldn’t even attract a fake Chinese bid for their catastrophically flawed star player. Scott Sinclair leaves the building quietly he didn’t need SMSM behind him, but as most travelling Celtic fans know he was evidentially racially abused, in most venues in Scotland.



    Sevco are only prepared to fight dirty, they have no old ‘Rainjurz like advantages’ over Celtic ‘ and they find it difficult to keep up. Celtic have built a football club that can survive a defeat in battle but are made to last longer than ten, to become a gift for our grandchildren



    Sons of struth ( Dallas or Hagi? ) look weak and will prove powerless over the course and distance.

  9. In retrospect I must admit this squad is doing it for me. We have been shown alternative ways of playing , all being good to combat the opposition.


    We have better players in EVERY position than anyone, my only gripe is we have a bit of a soft centre, by that I mean, we need a hard man to help Broony, Maybe Mr Soro is the answer, hope so.



    Onwards and upwards




  10. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    ST TAMS on 3RD FEBRUARY 2020 1:56 PM


    I know that it’s all about opinions, but I really don’t get the Johnny Hayes love in





    I think he has been solid, or better, but kind of accidentally in that he is doing the business in a position he wasn’t signed for, a problem position since KT legged it. Scoring at Ibrox obviously helped with the love in bit :)




  11. St Tams



    Jonny Hayes love in ???



    All about opinions, I can’t understand why you dislike him so much… so maybe that evens it up :-)

  12. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    !!BADA BING!! on 3RD FEBRUARY 2020 1:18 PM


    Land in Parkhead is set to be sold by the city council to Celtic to allow for match day parking for disabled fans.





    Can it play centre half?




  13. I don’t think Griff did anything wrong yesterday, other than he should not have got into it with the Hamilton player who faced up to him. I think that was why he was booked. He did not stamp on the player. If anything he tried hard not to, balancing on the other foot until he had a chance to get his left foot down. This is a good example of where slow motion can really make things look much worse than they are.


    Morelos, nicknamed El Bufalo by fans, is Rangers’ star player, valued at more than £20million.



    The striker played in yesterday’s league game against Aberdeen after serving a three-match suspension.



    They never give up do they.

  15. Jobo – ‘They don’t have to be in any particular order – all 3 will get 1 vote counted’






    So all my agonising over positions all these months has been for nothing?




  16. Bhoylo83 2.24pm



    I put my three in order as well… think Jobo was just trying to entice more entries as he enjoys his “work” :-)

  17. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    I thought we were good in fits and starts yesterday. Griff had two glorious chances and Eddy had a couple as well which, had they have taken them, would have made the afternoon a lot easier. As it was, well deserved winners in the end and a lot of good chances created.



    Happy with Griff’s performances save for getting involved with the defender- I don’t think it was a red, but best not give them the opportunity to send you off. I also noticed that Griff celebrated every goal as if it was his own- very good to see. Eddy and Griff look to be forming a very good partnership- long may it continue.



    One change I would make for Motherwell (aside from bringing back Jozo (if fit)), would be to put Broony on the bench. He is a fantastic player, but given the options on the bench at present (Rogic/Christie), I think he should find himself rested between games. A midfield of Calmac, Ntcham and Rogic would be my preferred choice for Wednesday.

  18. Full Back remains our problem position, arguably on both flanks in varying degree’s, IMO the shuffling of ‘Taxi for Boli’ ‘Too Wee Taylor’ and Jonny F*cking Hayes) is a constant issue for NFL and just like the fans he might even have told all three to F*ck off at some point during the season.



    MikeyJohnston CSC

  19. Ruggyman,


    These quotes always appear on the clickbait sites.Think they scan as many as thy need until they find the most moronic tweets.We do have some real Zoomers as fans,mores the pity.

  20. BOURNESOUPRECIPE – reaction statements to SFA decision bingo: I’ll see your “Disappointed” and raise you “Astonished”.

  21. The Hands 2.31pm



    I though Leigh had a good game yesterday, am a big Leigh Griffiths fan, I thought yesterday and since he came back in the team he isn’t as selfish as before, a striker being selfish isn’t a bad thing but he seems more of a team player these days … it didn’t quite come off yesterday but him & Odsonne could end up a fabulous partnership

  22. I also thought Taylor had a very good 1st had,but like the rest of the forward thinking players,was left a bit frustrated by the excellent,sometimes desperate defending by Hamilton.


    Jullien had rough time against the very physical,and mobile,6 foot 5 CF from Hamilton,but ended up coming out tops.These games happen.

  23. YOGIHUGHES on 3RD FEBRUARY 2020 1:29 PM


    Big Wavy,


    I have to disagree with you. IMO, Calum is our best player and the man who makes us a team. Dropping him would be suicide.








    I’m a massive fan of Callum but we overplay him (a stats show) and like Broony I’d like to see us rest them and mix it up. As MacJay rightly points out, we have loads of talent and maybe starting games with him on the bench with a view to killing them off is an approach ‘sometimes’.



    A great problem to have.

  24. I’m nut sure Julien has come up against these agricultural specimens the wee teams in Scotland go for – yer man at Hearts, big fella at Livvy and yesterday’s version, all brawn and little else. I’m very happy with big Julien, come up very well in Europe (our hughest level) and chips in goals as well as a leader on the park.

  25. We will get the chance to rest guys against Clyde.



    Seven games in 22 days will mean some rotation.

  26. BigWavy – the stats might not back me up, but my perception is that Julien and Ajer, for two giants, do not command the penalty box well enough when defending set pieces. It was a real concern against rangers at Hampden when they were getting beat to every ball thrown in. Since then we’ve lost a couple of headed goals when you wonder why they have been outjumped.


    No idea if I am way off with this observation, just a gut reaction when I watch the games.

  27. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Star Bar. I had to come in here because the weather was rather inclement.

  28. Bournsouprecipe


    Paul67 What happened to the Morelos money?



    It’s in Sevco/The Zombies/& Bias Media’s Dreams.

  29. I have always said that Ajer is not the greatest in the air,but Jullien wins most that come his way.All defenders get beat in the air,even VVD.Its football.Don’t know why folk make a drama.