Gerrard throws Morelos under the Lamborghini


Just six days after Steven Gerrard pondered if his team had the “bottle” to mount a title challenge, they were unable to overcome Aberdeen at home.  Were it not for Sam Cosgrove having an off day, all three points may have travelled north after the game.

Gerrard’s reaction was typically selfless, “We’re definitely doing something right in terms of the team organisation [trans: I’m good at my job], but I think individuals in it today let us down a bit by giving big chances away [trans: it’s the players fault].

Having absolved himself of all blame, Gerrard went on to throw Morelos under the Lamborghini, “The biggest [chances]were obviously one in the first-half, Alfredo should put Ryan Kent through on goal and the second he should have taken the chance that was presented to him with a fantastic ball by Connor.”

This is not a positive sign.  Good managers are strong enough to open themselves to criticism in order to protect their players.  This guy sounds like he has self-doubts.  Not without reason.

The weekend’s action ended in typical fashion with the champions stretching their lead to seven points, albeit having played a game more than the also-rans.

Credit to Hamilton Accies, who battled with 10-men before collapsing after the 78th minute.  Celtic were uninspiring until that point, but they are champions for a reason.  The game transformed with the arrival from the bench of Jonny Hayes, Ryan Christie and Tom Rogic.  Rogic, in particular, has patiently waited his chance.  I would start him at Fir Park on Wednesday.

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  1. When it was my Birthday on the 9th January, nobody knew and I got no Happy Birthday wishes, I share a Birthday with the legend ACGR and poor ACGR got no Happy Birthday wishes either.


    Last couple of days some ghuy misinterpreted a post I made & triggered an avalanche of Happy Birthdays.



    If anybody feels like sending Happy Birthday wishes please direct them to ACGR it might annoy him enough to tempt him out of retirement.

  2. In 2010 when Traynor was calling The Famine Song The Ditty Vacant I posted this on Kerrydale St.



    Nothing has changed, unless for the worst.




    ” It is difficult to know where to start on James Traynor’s article in The Daily Record on 22 September. After you read it you either conclude that he has not read all the words in what he calls the “Ditty Vacant” or if he has read them has made one of two choices, but in none of the various possibilities does he come out with any credit whatsoever either professionally or personally



    The most charitable conclusion is that he has not read all the words in which case only his professional competency comes into question, how can he possibly comment on a ditty that he has failed to examine in totality?






    Less charitably he has read them but what he has written raises questions about the personal character, integrity and judgement of a man who fails to see anything wrong with charges of pedophilia against a large group in Scottish society hailing from a particular country as well as one of footballs greatest managers, now deceased, and then still thinks it acceptable to tell them to go away because they do not see things as he does.






    He does deplore the words but in the interest of creating controversy and selling newspapers he chooses to bury his personal principles.



    In the case of the first two his suitability for purpose as a responsible journalist comes into question on grounds of lack of professionalism or poverty of character. In the case of the third one cannot question his suitability for purpose, it does sell papers, but we can condemn his lack of ethics.



    On the article itself he makes a number of unbalanced, unproven or untrue statements


    all of which suggest lack of professionalism/judgement at best or malice at worst.



    Lack of Balance


    He dresses up his main argument that preventing this song being sung represents an attack on free speech, but totally fails to say that the right to free speech comes with associated responsibilities to use that freedom wisely. Since he has not shown any signs of such responsibility or wisdom in his article, it would have been a miracle had this counter point entered his head, because if it had and had he been a man of integrity, his article would have been still born.



    His argument that Celtic fans are wrong to take offence at TFS might have more weight if we thought the person making it had pursued a similar argument with those Ranger’s supporters who were offended by Boruc blessing himself or even his one fingered salute at their abuse. I cannot recollect any argument put forward by Traynor presented with quite the same vigor as the TFS one. Happy to be corrected on this point but my recollection is that Boruc was the focus as the offender not the Ranger’s support for being offended. Does white man speak with forked tongue?




    Lack of Judgement.


    Traynor cites a number of present day issues that should disgust us more than the chorus of the Famine Song and if it were only the chorus, there is an argument that the present day issues are as, if not more, important. But it’s not the chorus that offends; it is the song in its entirety. If he thinks that unfounded charges of complicity with pedophilia against an individual or suggesting that an identifiable group in society with its roots in another country indulge in pedophilia as a matter of course is not as present day as any of the other issues, then for a journalist he is not very current.



    (Interestingly on what gives offence I heard a Rangers supporter on Clyde on Tuesday night phone in to object at being classified as racist because of the singing of TFS. My thinking was I can understand what you are saying, but how would you feel about being called a pedophile? Would that not offend you just as much if not more? I would also tell that supporter that I was not calling him a racist but that is a judgement of society that has been attached to him by what people are singing in his name. At least my objections are not the result of actions done in my name, but false accusations made by others against me. We are not calling Ranger’s supporters racist, that is a consequence of what they sing and until they take responsibility for those consequences they are bound to endure them. That man’s objections were aimed at the wrong folk and if I can put myself in his shoes to understand his anger, why can he not put himself in mine?)



    Missing The Point


    Traynor says ” if any politician even attempts to tell Rangers fans to drop it we”ll be entering into dangerous times”.



    A bit of news Jim, politicians said this a couple of years ago when McConnell’s anti sectarian policy was adopted. All that is lacking is The Police/SFA/SPL implementing the consequences of that policy by saying “we warned you again and again, now we are going to make arrests/deduct points.” The fact that Ranger’s fans are clearly in breach of rules (whether they make sense or not) is something being overlooked in the murky stoor kicked by arguments such as Traynor’s.



    Lack of Intellectual Discernment.


    Again missing the point, he suggests that banning the singing of TFS would be an imposition of one set of will over anothers. If it were the will of the others that singing this song is ok, it would not have fallen foul of a law that everyone on a democratic society wished into being. Singing TFS is the opposite of what Traynor argues, the will of the majority has been and is being flaunted whilst this song continues to be sung. To infer that stopping TFS is akin to say something like imposing Sharia law on UK law is bad enough, but to fail to understand that it is UK law that the song challenges in the first place suggests lack of intellectual discernment on his part.



    A Man Sees What He Wants to See


    Like Martin Bain he draws his attention to what Celtic fans dare do. Our occupying the high moral ground appears to annoy him. He has seen no denunciation of the Novo song or has seen disgusting and horrible chat on (Celtic) fans message boards. He must be looking in the places where he finds what he wants to find. I have seen the Novo and BOTOB denounced lots of times and I have read more enlightened and civil exchanges of views on message boards than I have in the printed press. (I have however not visited Follow Follow.) We do speak from a higher moral ground because we aspire to occupy it. If that is a fault, it is one I gladly hope we continue to aspire to.



    We should have been alarmed at the Novo threats he says. We were Jim, we were because we knew from what actually happened to Neil Lennon that such threats if carried out could lead to death. If we appear to Mr Traynor or others to occupy the high moral ground that perspective can come from looking up from lower ground as well as looking down.



    Finally the end piece about going to find a better place to live if you do not like where you are is what one would expect to hear from the very folk Traynor is trying to defend. Surprising that eh?



    Well Mr Traynor, we got news for you and your ilk, we ain’t going anywhere we’re staying to drag you lot kicking and screaming up to the higher moral (but still imperfect) ground that we occupy.



    That is what makes the difference between us and those singers of TFS that think their song is anything other than what it is to anyone occupying the higher ground.

  3. *** CQN PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2019-20 ***





    Never in doubt yesterday 😉 . The final scoreline flattered us slightly but nevertheless 4 fantastic goals and a decent enough performance played on a carpet that hadn’t been hoovered for a while. And always a bonus when we have a debutant who plays so well.


    Again, plenty of interest from the CQN community so thank you to the 64 who emailed their selections. Only 1 person failed to include this game’s Man Of The Match as one of their 3 picks. And with the winner attaining 63 votes he joins Fraser Forster in achieving the highest ever votes for a player (Fraser’s performance was in our League Cup Final win).


    The votes have been distributed as follows, with my own selections asterisked –


    Forster: 1


    Welsh*: 34


    Jullien: 8


    Ajer: 2


    Forrest: 23


    Brown: 20


    McGregor*: 15


    Ntcham: 2


    Taylor: 3


    Griffiths: 7


    Edouard*: 63


    Christie: 9


    Hayes: 5


    Rogic: 0


    Unused subs – Bain, Bauer, Arzani, Klimala


    So, the players receiving points for the St Johnstone game are –


    Edouard – 5 points


    Welsh – 4 points


    Forrest – 3 points


    Brown – 2 points


    McGregor – 1 point



    That leaves the overall table reading as follows –


    1st – Brown – 67 points


    2nd – Edouard – 55 points


    3rd – McGregor – 45 points


    4th – Christie – 38 points


    4th – Frimpong – 38 points


    6th – Jullien – 36 points


    7th – Forrest – 32 points


    8th – Ntcham – 26 points


    9th – Ajer – 22 points


    9th – Elyounoussi – 22 points


    11th – Forster – 20 points


    12th – Taylor – 13 points


    12th – Bolingoli-Mbombo – 13 points


    12th – Bauer – 13 points


    12th – Griffiths – 13 points


    16th – Rogic – 9 points


    17th – Hayes – 8 points


    17th – Elhamed – 8 points


    19th – Welsh – 4 points


    19th – Bitton – 4 points


    19th – Johnston – 4 points


    22nd – Bayo – 3 points


    23rd – Morgan – 2 points


    23rd – Robertson – 2 points


    25th – Simunovic, Gordon, Klimala, Sinclair, Ralston, Arzani, Hendry, Dembele, Shved – all on 0 points



    So we leave Hamilton behind and travel the 4 miles or so across to Motherwell for Wednesday evening’s fixture.


    Hail Hail!

  4. AULDHEID @ 9:40 PM


    I thought it was a superb post back in 2010, and nothing has changed since to alter my opinion.



  5. Does the columbian speak 2 languages is the question ?


    He doesn’t speak any English when training at Sevco




    How would he know he is being racially abused ? Particularly in a crowd of 60000, some set of ears

  6. Top 3 yet again






    Your wee Celtic thing is very worthwhile I hope you keep it going it’s very enjoyable and all about Celtic … much appreciated 🍀

  7. Watched full game last night couple of points



    Taylor His performance reminded me of Barry smith . after watching game , conclusion is Hayes is by far our best left back



    Griffiths cant believe the votes above, though he was great, supported eddie well, unlucky not to get on score sheet



    Walsh done well, but we have 45m in bank and we play player who was playing for Morton last month



    Eddie, unplayable against, outstanding



    Forrest, two crosses in 1st half, was shown up for lack of strength and pace when the Hamilton left back got past him with ease just before goal. varnished, 2nd half to me he just gave up, one point when Hamilton nearly scored with cross from right, we lost ball, Callum and james beside each other, callum ran his ass of to get back, James just stood there. when the Hamilton defender with James ran to the back post James just watched him. James scored in 91st min good goal, but Hamilton had given up at that point. sorry but 2nd half he was useless, no fight, no stamina, he was one of the reasons it took till 78 mins to get a goal. yes shoot me. Neils said that Forrest has played well against sevco, absolute rubbish as that has been his performances at ipox . how many times has JF played v them and played well, payed maybe 10 and played well 1 or 2, sorry just not good enough. neil do not play James at Ibrox as he will be a man down

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Don’t get the criticism of Jullien.



    Struggled on that pitch. That’s all.



    Comparisons with second goal on 29 December fair to a point but Jullien was touch tight to the scorer whose head narrowly got there first whereas Ajer lost his man.



    More to the point, Taylor was first man while Edouard was on the front post.



    If they had swapped roles the goal would have been prevented.



    Anyway – who cares? We won.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  9. Sydneytim 10.18pm



    The invisible man .. varnished ???



    16 goals going into February give yourself a day off …



    Or get yourself buzzing the varnish

  10. See if you really disliked a Celtic player so much would you not try and hide it .. or would you take every available opportunity to not only tell your mates but actually … write the words …



    I suppose it takes all sorts



    Again … James Forrest is on 16 goals this season with around 20/25 games to go



    Away and gie me peace ✌️

  11. Sydney Tim



    Wasn’t it James Forrest who set up Griffiths early second half, Griffiths should have scored, did you forget that one?

  12. Well Sydney James got 32 votes. So 50% of all who voted had him in their top 3.


    Lenny a man who knows more about football than any of us said he thought that James was outstanding.



    You obviously are in a very small minority but bang away at your drum.


    386 appearances 88 goals James Forrest Celtic Legend.

  13. Sid 10.45pm



    Do you still think the Huns will get 94pts ???



    Asking for me ;-)



    Only asking since you pulled me up about the Huns not making the top 6



    Hope you take it as a wee joke / ribbing

  14. 16th January 2020 around 7.50pm or 19.50pm






    I’m happy to go on record and say i think Sevco will finish on minimum 94 points, so imo we need at least that to prevail

  15. A wee bit like Broony … James Forrest will be appreciated far more when he has stopped playing … sometimes us Celtic fans … should maybe appreciate what we have … by all accounts mump n moan but surely when merited



    James Forrest CSC

  16. glendalystonsils on

    James Forrest also took his goal calmly and brilliantly . Let the ball run across him with a clever touch to take out the first defender and give himself space for the shot.

  17. with regard to JF yes he had two good balls in 1st half



    its now us v them for league JF has only performed about twice ever v them



    broony passion dig fight compared to JF lol everything that JF does not have



    his attempts to track back on Sunday compared with CM were a disgrace stein would of chased him

  18. So far this year James is our 3rd highest scorer one behind Christie & 6 behind Eddie and he is our leading player on assists.

  19. Trophies & medals are earned



    Broony & Jamesy F have plenty



    Fellow Celtic fans good night n good bless … we all will be a long time dead so try and enjoy Celtic when we are still alive 🍀🍀

  20. Corkcelt –


    Just for clarification on reading your recent posts, James received 23 votes not 32. This season he has scored 14 goals, Christie has 17 with Eddie on top with 20. Finally, James has played the full 90 minutes on 17 occasions. On another 20 games he has started but been subbed and he has 1 appearance coming on as a sub (when we knocked Dunfermline out of the league cup after extra time!).


    Where would I be without Excel ;-)


    2 more sleeps….

  21. GFTB



    No need to repost i own all my posts, im glad your paying attention though.



    Here is a list of my predictions since summer.



    Celtic needed 3 first team players signed by end of June or no CL. Correct


    Celtic shouldn’t re-sign Sinclair unless to sell as he wouldn’t contribute. Correct


    Celtic can’t rely on Bayo, Arzani, Kouassi. Correct


    Celtics worst 2 players by far who were being picked was Morgan and Boli, one has been sold for peanuts the other banished from squad not injured. Correct



    As for the huns and 94 points well that is still to be decided.


    What I will say is on current form that looks a tall order.


    Their is a markedly difference on performance since break return, all their stats are much worse, they are now vulnerable, this is not the pre break Sevco. I’m baffled at the degree of drop in performance tbh, but delighted.



    I also had a big post saying how Gerrard questioning the players bottle was a big mistake last week, they’ve dropped further points so soon so I’m claiming another correct there.



    So that’s 6 predictions, 5 already correct one to be decided.


    Not a bad batting average im sure youll agree.



    When you said Sevco would be bottom six you were 36 points out, do you think if I’m incorrect, I’ll be 36 points out?



    No angst also my friend, i enjoy putting my neck on the line, enjoy friendly jousting, Morelos hasn’t signalled game over yet,😊 I’m still in the game but if I’m wrong, this one will be sweet, 9 in a row is way more important than a prediction. HH

  22. Sid 11.24pm



    Likewise …



    Every nonsense post I put on here should be shot down when I correct .. I think the blog would be far better if we all took the “slagging” and I appreciate you even reading my posts … I thought the Huns would have hit admin again so my bottom 6 posts was just my wishful thinking … when you “reminded” me I did actually laugh out very loud … again i think that’s what the blog should be about … good natured banter taking the piss out of each other



    Hail Hail 🍀

  23. Sid



    By the way … wrong is incorrect the matter how incorrect we are … 36pts is just as bad as 1pt

  24. Sid



    Last question before I fall asleep



    Do you still think the Huns will get a “minimum” … 94pts ??



    I don’t

  25. GFTB, disagree on that last point, totally agree about the friendly banter.



    The closer i am to 94 points the more respectable the prediction. Was totally aware when giving an exact figure it was open to being wrong, predicting a total with 19 games remaining was always an estimation.


    I was trying to create debate to see what others thoughts and predictions were, no one was daft enough like me to have a bash. 😊

  26. Just caught up with the highlights on the bbc website. The third was a cracker but I also loved Griffiths running towards Eddie after Eddie had set up Forrest for the fourth.



    He was also on Eddie’s shoulders after he scored his freekick.



    Great team spirit.

  27. Majestic Hartson



    I remember each prediction i make normally because posters disagree as they did with everyone i was eventually proven correct. The back and forth posts stick in my mind.



    Might start saving some like GFTB 😊

  28. Sid


    Disagree on Bayo, Shved Arzani and Kouassi. They’ve never had a chance, due to a variety of well known reasons.



  29. FWIW I thought JF (and Ntcham) were both disappointingly quiet and unthreatening in the first half. And I’m quite a fan of wee jamesie if truth be told.



    And I always note how teams celebrate, together or not. I love that we do so with such evident camaraderie.



    HH jg

  30. Sid 11.51pm



    Surely if you dish it out you need to be ready to take it back …



    Conveniently you forget that you started this…. so no need to “Save posts like GFTB” … when “Sidney” had been there n done that … or you missing that part out ? … read my earlier post … you were the one months & months later that mentioned the my post about the Huns not being in the top 6 …. and again do you think Celtic need more than 94pts that in your words … “the minimum Sevco will get”