Gerrard’s own flaws translate into Newco indiscipline


Odsonne Edouard put Celtic ahead against Newco yesterday on 27 minutes with the game’s outstanding move.  He collected a breath-taking first-time pass from James Forrest on the halfway line, evading Connor Goldson in the process, before pulling left then right, and despatching a left foot shot past a helpless Allan McGregor.  It gave the champions a deserved lead.

If there is a manager in Scotland who does not send his team out to wind up Alfredo Morales he is missing a trick.  Steven Gerrard has provided the Columbian with excuses for his litany of red cards all season, but finally relented and before leaving Celtic Park informed the player he would be fined.  It was too little, too late, to prevent, the damage of record levels of indiscipline was done.

Jonny Hayes picked up a first half booking and with Newco down to 10 men, he was sacrificed for the more attack minded Scott Sinclair.  Despite Celtic having a man advantage, with Ntcham flagging, Newco gained control of the middle of the park.  Ryan Kent scored a fine goal, and while it was Newco’s first attempt of the game, it came as no surprise.

Tom Rogic came on for Ntcham a minute later but the big Aussie, so often the scourge of Newco, was well short of match sharpness.

Kieran Tierney passed a late fitness test but was forced to retire on 73 minutes.  Just a minute later Dedryck Boyata hobbled off.  With Celtic having made all their substitutes, the game was set for a 10 v 10 finale.

With a mind on our midfield casualty list, on Friday I suggested winning control of that area of the field unlikely and unnecessary, as Newco’s defensive anxiety was likely to settle the outcome.  This proved to be the case.

Newco gave at least as good as they got during the closing period of the game, but whereas Celtic were rock solid defensively, James Tavernier would provide the self-inflicted blow to the visitors.  It was a classic, ‘What’s the right back doin’, Tom?’ moment.

His under-hit pass on 86 minutes was collected by Callum McGregor, who immediately despatched the ball Edouard on the edge of the area.  The Celtic striker drew the Newco defence left, opening space for James Forrest, who he then released with time and space to control before finding the net.

As though to prove that indiscipline at Newco was not only a problem limited to Morales, Kent punched Scott Brown on the face before play resumed, an incident which was missed by the officials but not TV cameras.  A retrospective ban will be on its way.

The drama continued through five minutes of added time, with Kristoffer Ajer making an incredible saving tackle inside the six-yard box to deny Joe Worrall.

You will remember Scott Brown making little of being assaulted by a Newco fan at Ibrox in 2017.  The man has been provoked more than anyone in Scottish football since Neil Lennon, but unlike Morales, he does not retaliate with violence.  The sight of Scott celebrating with eight fingers in the air at full time in front of the Newco support was intolerable to the already-booked Andy Halliday, who could not contain his rage and collected his second yellow card in the tunnel.

It is eight, Andy, as in eight-in-a-row, one less than nine, two less than 10, not that things will change at 10-in-a-row.  This is what the future looks like.  Scott Brown will soon need to take his socks and boots off to continue this motif.

Post-match, Steven Gerrard said he would have reacted the same was as Halliday in similar circumstances, proving they are both too stupid to be on the field with Scott Brown.  Gerrard should consider how his own flaws continue to influence his team’s discipline.  If he believes his players have an issue with discipline, but continues to provide cover for them, he is the real problem.

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  1. Paul, Gerrard’s pre match AND post match comments were something to behold!




  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    “Tom Rogic came on for Ntcham a minute later but the big Aussie, so often the scourge of Newco, was well short of match sharpness.”



    I did say as much in replying to your Friday leader. Lenny got away with misjudgements on the fitness of Rogic, Tierney and Ntcham. The substituting of Hayes precipitated us losing the only cover we had for Kieran, who’s area of the pitch was targeted repeatedly by the opposition. They scored on the third attempt at this move, Lenny having made no adjustment to cover for it after the first two (despite having a man advantage at this point).



    We started the match with Brown, McGregor and Ntcham owning the pitch, and ended the match will Brown on his tod in there; Ntcham needing to be replaced, Rogic away in the distance and McGregor now covering at left back.



    I’d say, while the result was welcome (understatement), on balance Lenny got away with some poor calls, and hasn’t entirely advanced his application for the job on a permanent basis.



    Big Jimmy. Huns in The Calton? What is the world coming to? ; )




    I know where you are coming from, but in the MAIN Pub that I drink in, there are several Hun regulars. After Gubbing the Hun like yesterday, it is a further Great source of Joy for Me, to watch their miserable faces as they TRY and debate with each other how it all went wrong, blaming The Ref, Broonie etc etc….while I just sit there near them with The Biggest GRIN on My face….laughing !


    It really annoys THEM !


    This Main Pub isnt on the Gallowgate as such, but according to The Voters Register it IS Part of The Calton, as is My Home.


    i know its great fun to celebrate with other Hoops supporters etc, but I just love noising up a few Huns after beating them.



  4. Garngad to Croy on

    The Battered Bunnet



    Johnny would have been sent off in the second half ! (hindsight is a wonderful thing)

  5. Who would have thought watching him at Hibs, and in his earlier years at Celtic, that Scott Brown would grow into the consummate leader he is now



    Absolute colossus




  6. No analysis on the bizarre decisions pre game and during the game from Lenny ? Sinclair over Burke? Rogic even stripped? Poor game management let them back in.

  7. Second half should be a big wake up call to us — very sloppy, very wasteful and very slack.


    ScS was a big step back after JH’s efforts — not something I was expecting to say but that is how it looked.



    Not sure what happened but we lost the plot and the fear descended on some of the usual suspects. Consequently great result but we need to take a few steps forward.



    Squad looking a bit thin now with all the injuries.


    Two good wins will set us up for the SCSF.

  8. I have watched and listened to the Links to the Celtic goals yesterday provided by BONFILGLI ?



    Obviously it is the Huns TV, and the commentary is done by a guy Tom…and an ex hun Player ?


    Just listen, as I believe that the Ex Hun Player on those Links is GREGORY VIGNAL who the huns sold to liverpool ?


    Its hilarious to listen to Vignal, at the moment Morelos is getting sent off, as Vignal is the SAME Hun who ASSAULTED a Celtic Ball Boy during a game, and NOTHING was done about it ? If I was the Ball Boys Da, I would have been demanding a “Meet and Square Go” with that Chump for assaulting MY Bhoy, and for Vignal to be charged with Child Abuse/assault.


    When Forrest scored the winner, you can hear Vignal giving it ” AWE NAW”..in a funny French/Glesga accent !



    AFF OUT …To have many Beers and noise up some ugly, angry Huns. LOL



  9. Leftbackagain on

    Absolutely correct Paul. The Rookie Gerrard is displaying the classic mistakes of the Player Coach.


    In season 2017/18 a younger Morelos did not receive one red card – along comes Rookie G and bingo – literally, pick a number.


    Rookie G has not won a game since 27th Feb – he is now further behind Celtic than Pedro was , closer to 6th than 1st and crashed out of the cup at home to the poorest Aberdeen team in recent years.


    But its the Celtic captains fault………

  10. @CelticTV





    51m51 minutes ago










    We’re sorry to say that there was a technical problem with our Unique Angle footage, so we can’t show you yesterday’s goals.
























    Just kidding! ? #AprilFools







    We’ve got Edouard’s opener ?? ?







    And Forrest’s winner ?







    Sit back and enjoy, Celts! ??










  11. LEFTBACKAGAIN on 1ST APRIL 2019 12:41 PM



    But its the Celtic captains fault………





    Deflectors have been set to 11. Wheeling out Vinnie Jones, Ian Holloway and Colin Hendry for quotes.



    It’s hilarious.

  12. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Big Jimmy. Aye, if it’s The Tollbooth part of it is in The Calton but most in The Saltmarket.



    I used to drink in The Empire in the 60’s and 70’s and was one of the original members of the supporters club there. I would occasionally go for a pint in TheTollbooth but I always thought the Guinness in The Empire was better.



    The Tollbooth got a revamp when The Merchant City was regenerated if I’m not mistaken.



    Can’t remember meeting too many huns in any of the boozers further into the Calton, although I can’t speak for The Oxford Tavern.

  13. A fantastic win for Lenny and the Bhoys. Hard fought but well deserved. Rememeber 3 of that back 4 came back from international duty reporting injuries- no mean feat that. Rangers had a week off.



    Which brings me to NL. He got the starting 11 spot on, but inexplicably, hooked Hayes, when we all knew KT would be a big risk as the game wore on – and so it proved. Rogic should have been nowhere near this game, again, eveyone knows it takes him 3 or 4 games to get back up to speed after his lay offs. John Kennedy should have advised Lenny on this.



    The subs apart- and it cannot be ignored as game management is key here – Lenny has done a fantastic job in steadying the ship after he inherited a bloated, injured and somewhat shell-shocked squad from Rodgers. To play Hearts , Hibs, Aberdeen and Newco , all without defeat, to get to a cup semi and to go 13 points clear is a remarkable achievemnent by him and all concerned. If you think Liverpool or Man City would cope if their managers walked out mid campaign, then you’d be wrong.



    Elswhere Gerrard has not won a league or cup game in March- a record matched only by relegation fodder Dundee.



    What a wonderful weekend indeed. You’d think they’d be getting used to being losers eh? 10 will kill them. Good riddance, I say.




  14. A much younger me dropped into the Maryhill Library on my way home from school one day to find out what ‘sine die’ meant. I had heard it discussed in the context of Rangers centre-half, Willie Woodburn. I understood it meant indefinitely.



    Willie, described as a ball-playing centre-half, had been sent off four times in his professional career. In 1947, when he was 29, he received a 14-day ban after being sent off against Motherwell. In 1953, Woodburn received a 21-day ban for punching Clyde striker Billy McPhail (Oh Hampden in the Sun). Later that same year he was sent off for the third time in his career against Stirling Albion. One year later, he was sent off once again against Stirling Albion for head-butting an opponent.



    At the SFA disciplinary hearing the following month Woodburn was suspended sine die. In the rich tradition of the SFA, who most recently lifted their ban on Alan McGregor playing for Scotland, the ban was rescinded ……….. three years later when Woodburn was 37 years old.



    The similarities with the current situation with Senor Morelos are notable. Morelos has been sent off more often this season than Woodburn in his entire career. Woodburn, like Morelos, was not sent off for bad tackles but as a result of losing his temper. Both have been described as ‘ball players’ although the use of the term has different meanings in both cases.



    Since Woodburn was suspended sine die no other professional footballer in Britain has had to suffer the infamy of such a ban for events on the field of play. Eric Cantona came close with his kung-fu lunge into opposition fans.



    Given these facts, there is a clear precedent for Senor Morelos receiving a sine die punishment from the SFA. He certainly deserves such a punishment. Have the SFA got the cojones?

  15. Leftbackagain on

    When Rookie G said that he was prepared to fall out with people in order to keep Morelos I didn’t think he meant falling out with Morelos himself !

  16. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Lot of excitement about a scrappy win against a seven year old club who have never been a rival. Imagine if we had beaten Rangers! But of course they aren’t around anymore……


    Not sure why Hayes went off (unless injured) when Tierney was known to be carrying an injury. Did KT need to be risked?


    Anyway, three points closer to the title. Will need to step up a level for the cup though.

  17. BIGYINMILAN on 1ST APRIL 2019 12:59 PM



    My dad always claimed he was banned ‘Sine Die’ twice in his younger days, playing amateur football.



    The first time was using his real name James the second with his nickname Chico. Both times for punching the referee. He used to box a bit so I’m sure it will have hurt.



    I’ve never been able confirm it but needless to say it didn’t stop him from being involved in football. He ended his ‘career’ as kit man for Partick Thistle.



    Hail Hail

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Wasn’t Gerrardiola telling MoreLoss earlier in the season (around red card number 2?) that he didn’t want him to change? Well, Steven, he hasn’t. So maybe look at your own handling of the situation!

  19. Hrvatski Jim on

    BIGYINMILAN on 1ST APRIL 2019 12:59 PM



    Whilst the Woodburn case did set a precedent at the time, any move now to suspend a player without limit of time would have no chance of being enforcible under current employment and human rights law.



    I am delighted that they now have this dilemma about losing a good goalscorer (at a particular level so far) at a reduced price or keeping him in the knowledge that he is not dependable. I flicked through FF last night and the consensus was to offload him. The other area of agreement on FF was that they want to break Brown’s leg(s).



    At least they still have the Scottish Cup to look forward to, don’t they?

  20. “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.”



    Broony…The Man in the Arena

  21. In ither news………….



    Mike Tyson makes a memorable Knockout when he………………… “SHOVES” ………….Spinks to the canvas…………



    Oh aye!






    That Kent should get a 4 match ban for that…………….



    Can you imagine if that was us????



    ClosedFist CSC

  22. At this rate…Wishart Frazier will be goin’ roon ( again) to check on that poor Kent!

  23. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Disappointing to see the game as the main sports item on the BBC news with plenty of “old firm” mentions. Trying to sell the “old firm” “brand” to England? Wonder who was behind that…..


    If there is a European league in the future we have to be in a position where we are the only Scottish team involved. The next managerial appointment will be crucial. Go way clear of all domestic opponents and establish ourselves in Europe or go for some bogus rivalry, regress to being just better than the rest and go into it as a duo.

  24. mike in toronto on

    Once again, I am probably in the minirity, but did anyone else think that SB clipped Morelos’ heel before the elbow. I wasn’t sure from the video



    But what was clear was him giving the bras d’honneur to the crowd at the end. I know he was in front of Celtic fans, but were they not right beside the zombie section?



    If that is the case, I can see him getting a suspension ….



    They will want to even things up a bit ..

  25. JAMABHOY @ 9:53 AM



    The SNP seem to monitor the progressions made in Europe and beyond and try to be at the forefront of them.



    What progression was “monitored” in easing to OBaF Act and which country was at the forefront of it- the Soviet Union of the 1970s or modern day Hungary?




    I’m neither up nor down with the SNP, or any other political party for that matter. That said I don’t think I’ll every understand why Scotland is not like almost every other country in the world, independent.



    When we get that “country” status, can I have independence for Strathclyde again? The Dons can have Pictland. The Gaels can have Dal Riata and The Borders rugby crowd can have Bernicia.

  26. glendalystonsils on




    I agree that Lenny made a few errors yesterday which thankfully didn’t cost us , but which might have .



    The management team also failed to act swiftly when it was obvious Keiran was struggling and Toljan was nowhere near ready to come on. Were they too caught up in the occasion?


    Much as I love Lenny , there is still a question mark over him , for me.


    Having said that , I would fully back him if he is appointed , but I feel there is fresh blood needed in management as well as in the playing staff.

  27. RAY WINSTONE 12.49.


    My reading of your Post is that you are wrongly assuming that The Saltmarket is NOT Part of The Calton ?


    It is.


    I only drink in Tolbooth now and then as they DONT sell My favourite Beer, and I end up drinking Guinness. The Staff/Owner of The Tolbooth also allows far too many Punters in on Match days…pure greed imho. Many Celtic fans I speak to are of the same opinion You cant go for a Pee or a smoke. I also quite liked the Empire Bar although its been closed down for a few months now. It was far more comfortable to watch the Celts in there rather than The Tolbooth.



    My MAIN local Pub and My Home are ON The Saltmarket, and I must admit that I was a bit surprised to get My Voters Card thru the Post in 2017, soon after first moving here and My Home and My Main local Pub are BOTH Listed as being within The CALTON WARD.



  28. South Of Tunis on

    PTFC pal relates this from a Partick Cross bus stop – last night



    Drunk Huns



    ” Tommy Robinson is bang on -man – that EU is a front for the °°°°°°° Vatican- man “

  29. Paul 67


    Sacrificing Jonny Hayes at half time was a mistake. Big mistake.


    Our manager made 2 substitutions at half time against Aberdeen recently, it negatively affected the team then and done so again yesterday. It was naive. When your team is dominant in the first 45 , establish the dominance again before using the substitutes.



    Garngad to Croy.


    Does Jonny Hayes have a poor discipline record ? Are we letting Madden influence our team shape and selection at 45minutes ?



    We got away with poor game management from the sidelines yesterday. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it . They didn’t have a shot in the first 45 minutes. Timing is everything. HH



    Btw . Gerrard is a fud .

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