Get ready for Brendan’s reign


There was a spring in the step this morning as we look forward to Celtic taking to the field for the first time under Brendan Rodgers against Slovenians, NK Celje.

While the usual caveats apply – we’re unfit and will look it, the manager doesn’t really know the players yet – it will be interesting to see the formation, and how it contrasts to Ronny’s reign. I would also look out for wee clues as to how we will play, like how the keeper distributes the ball, and where the full backs play.

16 years ago Martin O’Neill took his team to the Netherlands and was well beaten, but he returned to Amsterdam a few weeks later, where he ripped up the form book, so don’t get too stressed by what might happen later.

Once in a lifetime opportunity……

There are rare experiences and then there are extremely rare experiences, but the chance to appear in the Celtic team photo is incredibly rare.

Thanks to Malorbhoy, we have a £5-a-ticket raffle to win the chance to appear in your very own team photo, alongside the Celtic players and management at the preseason photocall for 2016-17.

You will then meet treble winning captain, Tom Boyd, who will give you a personal tour of Celtic Park.

Celtic will provide you with a strip, which you will retain, and you will receive your team photograph, framed and signed by the team, on a specially prepared mount.

This is an incredible experience for any Celtic fan.

Your donations go to Celtic FC Foundation, to support their work in Health, Equality, Learning and Poverty. The Foundation deliver often life-changing support and opportunities to children and adults in Scotland, Ireland, the rest of the UK and in many needy areas of the globe.

Buy your ticket at MyDonate here. You can enter as many times as you like, but only donations of £5 or higher will be entered into the raffle.

Many thanks and good luck!

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  1. Bloody Hell, last in old blog again. Ah well nothing too important anyway. I’d prefer to be just talking about the ‘tic.

  2. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Hi ghuys



    A friend of mine( ahem :) just bought one of those box things and he wants to know how to get Celtic tv,,,,any info???




  3. Usual caveats apply, until we lose one pre-season friendly and the blog goes into meltdown!

  4. It’s ridiculous to feel so excited about a football game at my age, but I can’t wait for tonight’s match.




    Is it an amazon Fire box or simailar? ie. android box.



    If so he will have to install Kodi app onto the box as well as llama. Tell him to search Youtube for vids etc. providing guides on hot to.



    Once installed Celtic TV can be accessed by installing NAvi-x add-on in kodi (again instruction vids on You tube) and once installed select the add on and search for Operation Robocop Remedy. You will find what you are looking for within this.




  6. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    I think you should have used that as a Nom de Blog. Brilliant Moniker:)))

  7. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Just saw that Angela Eagles on the News. Whit a mess.



    Have we ever had a Labour Leader before who stays up every night until 4am drinkin’ Buckie?

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Join Date: Dec 2005


    Default Shane Duffy


    Lad on the HB who is close to him said yesterday that he was EPL bound but just posted that Celtic have now came back in with better terms and is a “game changer”


    Just got this….

  9. Celtic_Gucks on

    Afternoon all. I’m just back from a 17 day stint in France supporting the boys in green – Incredible craic/mayhem/banter with the Irish fans and all different nationalities. Plenty of Celtic songs being sung all over the place too, no more than in when we started the trip in Ghent and met a couple of Polish – The Holy Goalie was belted out with gusto that night.


    Anyways, one of the highlights for me was meeting a crowd of Croatian fans in Paris on the day of the Sweden game. One of them was wearing a Celtic top, and it turned out all 5 of them were big Celtic fans – They have since added me on facebook and most of their pictures involve them wearing Celtic tops or hats and pictures of them at Celtic park and in the Celtic Park press conference seats! Every time Ireland got a good result they messaged me to say HAIL HAIL etc. They tell me there are thousands of Celtic fans in Croatia as they are sick of their local league and identify with the Celtic story.

  10. BABASONICOS71 on




    “Have we ever had a Labour Leader before who stays up every night until 4am drinkin’ Buckie?”



    Had a wee chuckle at that. ;))

  11. Bada Bing



    i do know the EPL is Duffys first choice, they live in Liverpool and think him and girlfriend are well settled there.



    But if Rodgers gets chance to talk to him I still believe we have a good chance.

  12. Babasonicos,


    I’d sign in for that.


    With all the talk about the team for next season and who might feature , I’ve seen little or no comment about Ajer, obviously he is young but as Ast. Mgr said if they are good enough, they are old enough, He certainly is big enough, hope he gets a chance.

  13. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    I’m no even sure I’m kidding, Gawd knows whit she looks like first thing in the morning?



    Anyone? :)))


    First game and it’s still June?!



    Only way to avoid all this-caused by qualifiers,of course-is to win the bliddy thing.



    Anything less will be a failure,Brendan(!)




  15. Bobby Charlton was asked how he thought the England team of ’66 would have fared against Iceland. ” I think we’d have won 1-0 ” he replied. “Only 1-0?” Said the reporter. “Yes,” said Bobby. “Most of us are in our 70’s now!”

  16. HUNDERBIRDS ARE GONE on 30TH JUNE 2016 1:11 PM






    I think you should have used that as a Nom de Blog. Brilliant Moniker:)))






    PAUL67 may not have allowed that!







  17. Well summed up by Ewan McGregor



    Ewan McGregor






    @BorisJohnson You spineless c$&t You lead this ludicrous campaign to leave EU. Win, and now fuc& off to let someone else clear up your mess.


    12:25 PM – 30 Jun 2016



    5,143 5,143 Retweets



  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “but the chance to appear in the Celtic team photo is incredibly rare.”




    Not if you have a good enough agent:-)

  19. 7.00 newbury



    Wearethepeople 18/1



    Owner J Barton



    This toad is gauny cos a lot of bother up here




  20. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I must try and use Celtic TV more this year. I took it out this time last year and saw the friendly against Dukla Prague, just a few days before I went to Prague on holiday. Then I don’t think I saw anything else that wasn’t Freeview.



    I notice I must have failed to tick a box somewhere when another £40 was taken for this year. I will see tonight’s game, then I am off on holiday for 3 weeks on Monday, so probably will see no more pre season this year.



    £80 for two friendlies. Ah weel, my contribution to Moussa…….. I own his left nostril hair :)




  21. BABASONICOS71 on




    He’s one of a few i’m curious about,also interested in how Armstrong,Allan,Henderson and Johansen perform under Brendan.As well as Dembele and any other signings.


    Ajer has certainly slipped under the radar but that only adds to my anticipation.


    Not looked forward to a new season as much in a number of years.




  22. Nice to see so much positivity on the Blog………….and the windy is no even open!



    How good can it get??!!

  23. There will be no Br(endan)exit from Celtic Park – great news.



    Everything appears to be falling into place and with the transfer windowu officially opening tomorrow, I am sure we will see a good number of goings and two or three new signings.



    Fifty-thousand plus STs, new sponsorship deals in place, safe-standing nearly ready and a top class management team – what more could we want going in to a new season?



    I think that the Premiership will be competitive next season – Aberdeen and Hearts look to be stronger and of course we have another club, completely new to the division, with a large support, who will be looking to make a name for themselves in their first top-flight appearance.



    It will be interesting to see if Brendan can improve some of the players who let us down badly in some games over the last two seasons, notably of course throwing away CL chances from winning positions.



    I think we are more united than at any time since the Martin O’Neil days – sure we will still get the malcontents who want to bury PL under his mythical heated driveway, ‘sack all the Tories’ on the board and label Dermot as an ‘absentee landlord’. They are however infinitesemal in number, and can be easily ignored. HH

  24. BABASONICOS71 on

    WWW(GBWO) on 30TH JUNE 2016 1:38 PM


    7.00 newbury




    Wearethepeople 18/1




    Owner J Barton




    This toad is gauny cos a lot of bother up here





    I wonder if his new found hunnery is self-taught or is he being ‘coached’ in the foe malign ways?

  25. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    England Chiefs have noticed that Iceland have fielded an ineligible player for the last 2 games, which means they could actually be disqualified, and that could put England back in the Euro cup. Check it out on the BBC website. It’s right. England appealed to FiFA only 25 mins ago. If their claim is upheld it will mean they are through to play France!!


    Carlsberg don’t do messages for delusional English dreamers who STILL think they can win everything. But if they did… this would probably have been the best message in the world.




    I think we are more united than at any time since the Martin O’Neil days






    Only since yesterday when you were swearing blind that Brendan was for the off.




  27. Afternoon Timland, seriously hot in the hun free mountain valley.


    First day of the BR era, am looking forward to it big time, don’t think we will learn too much, but we will get an insight hopefully.


    I am convinced that Mats or whatever name he goes under is a journo on here to sew discord.


    Whatever, he is not a Celtic man, never in a month of sundays.

  28. Is this the Sinclair we were rumoured to be signing?



    ” Watford have signed out-of-contract Liverpool striker Jerome Sinclair on a five-year deal.” BBC .

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