Get ready for Brendan’s reign


There was a spring in the step this morning as we look forward to Celtic taking to the field for the first time under Brendan Rodgers against Slovenians, NK Celje.

While the usual caveats apply – we’re unfit and will look it, the manager doesn’t really know the players yet – it will be interesting to see the formation, and how it contrasts to Ronny’s reign. I would also look out for wee clues as to how we will play, like how the keeper distributes the ball, and where the full backs play.

16 years ago Martin O’Neill took his team to the Netherlands and was well beaten, but he returned to Amsterdam a few weeks later, where he ripped up the form book, so don’t get too stressed by what might happen later.

Once in a lifetime opportunity……

There are rare experiences and then there are extremely rare experiences, but the chance to appear in the Celtic team photo is incredibly rare.

Thanks to Malorbhoy, we have a £5-a-ticket raffle to win the chance to appear in your very own team photo, alongside the Celtic players and management at the preseason photocall for 2016-17.

You will then meet treble winning captain, Tom Boyd, who will give you a personal tour of Celtic Park.

Celtic will provide you with a strip, which you will retain, and you will receive your team photograph, framed and signed by the team, on a specially prepared mount.

This is an incredible experience for any Celtic fan.

Your donations go to Celtic FC Foundation, to support their work in Health, Equality, Learning and Poverty. The Foundation deliver often life-changing support and opportunities to children and adults in Scotland, Ireland, the rest of the UK and in many needy areas of the globe.

Buy your ticket at MyDonate here. You can enter as many times as you like, but only donations of £5 or higher will be entered into the raffle.

Many thanks and good luck!

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  1. Befor he signed for Sevco, I had considered the possibility that Joey Barton was a guy who regretted his nasty past and was trying to improve himself. I saw his many malapropisms as indicators of the difficulties he was facing but he kept going anyway. If the following is true , however, then I will no longer feel my original consideration has any validity:



    “WWW(GBWO) on 30TH JUNE 2016 1:38 PM



    7.00 newbury



    Wearethepeople 18/1



    Owner J Barton



    This toad is gauny cos a lot of bother up here”



    I also agree with the final sentiment expressed in WWW (GBWO) `s post.





  2. I’m assuming that Mats is the latest in a long line of luminaries that included Thompson Twin, Horrid Henry, Mr. Pastry and many more that I have thankfully forgotten about. Obviously it is keeping someone happy.


    Sausage factory advertising game for 6,45pm, really looking forward to it but not expecting to learn much from tonight.


    I think the Maribor game will more or less see our team for the first qualifiers, tonight is about match fitness and giving as many as possible a run, however that won’t prevent a meltdown here if we don’t win.



    P.S. What has happened to Kev J. made the post of his life 3 or 4 days ago and nothing since. NegAnon is also strangely quiet at the moment and finally it’s about time that Hamilton Tim ends his sabbatical & returns to the fold.

  3. Corkcelt


    Maybe Kev is resting on his laurels ( I certainly hope so);


    Neganon is struggling to think of a post that reflects his name;


    HT will be back when the season starts, I guess.



  4. Thank you , Kevin 0:-)


    Another one which confused me was `Petec`. Apparently, it is `Pete C` but I always had it as one word with two syllables !




  5. Playing against



    Slovenians – good


    Slovakians – good


    Sevconians – bad



    HH jamesgang

  6. My only hope for tonight is that no one picks up an injury. I am not a ` Friendly` guy but I will still be hoping for a positive outcome tonight.


    Cheerio for now,




  7. WWW


    Has he bought the horse recently or changed the name of one already owned?



  8. saltires en sevilla on

    Looking forward to watching the Hoops on Celtictv tonight



    It’s less than a £ ( which is much less than a £) per week during the season and the money goes to Celts to build the team we get to watch.



    Every game is available on delayed transmission for that deal ( some of the pre-season games are live ‘free’ with this package)



    On another deal, those living outside the UK and ROI can watch games live for £20 per month. Or around £2.50 per game!!



    Or you can try and get it all for eff all on a sausage thang!

  9. Looking forward to the season ahead but I wouldn’t like the headache we have with midfielders. There are far too many and the problem, I think, is amplified in that there aren’t really stand outs in terms of great players or poor players.



    Allan, Armstrong, GMS, Forrest, Christie all fall in to the can be very good, have potential, not quite the finished article. I have high hopes for Christie, think Allan has potential but needs to realise it within the year and think Armstrong is a player if played in the right spot.



    Rogic again if played in the right formation could be a star.



    Brown is the captain so he’s not going anywhere.



    Roberts is a player – unfortunately not our one.



    Bitton I’m never 100% convinced in the full package, people rave about him but again he’s the type that falls into the can be very good doing a limited job but isn’t a beast in the middle.



    Johanssen was a beast in his first season and a kitten in his 2nd. I’m hoping that was down to a persistent hip injury.



    There’s so many I’m sure I’ve missed some main ones out – not to mention Ajer. Who stays, who goes? Who can we get rid of or good money for and how do they fit into the system(s)?

  10. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Yeah, I thought Petec, was Pete eck and not Pete see.




  11. At no time did I ever day that Brendan would definitely leave Celtic – what I did say was that he would be on shortlists and there would be speculatuon, bearing in mind that the FA previously deemed him good enough to be a candidate. His experience of working with EPL players would be seen as an asset and there were very few like him available.



    That was the case, but credit to Brendan, who has moved quickly to ‘nip it in the bud’.



    I am delighted that we can now move on.

  12. Hunderbirds are Gone on 30th June 2016 3:05 pm






    Yeah, I thought Petec, was Pete eck and not Pete see.








    Yeah, I pronounce my moniker Davidopoulos, and y’all are probably pronouncing it Davidopoulos…

  13. HOT SMOKED on 30TH JUNE 2016 3:02 PM





    Has he bought the horse recently or changed the name of one already owned?



    As far as I can see the horse has never raced before



    Don’t know about any change of name




  14. Corkcelt,



    There you go! Henderson and McGregor again *could* be good players for us going into the future. Commons has been a great servant to the club but as the years go on I imagine his influence will be less and less. Don’t know much about Joe Thomson.

  15. traditionalist88 on

    Scotland’s all-time record cup winners host VfL in mid-July.



    Test friendly number five for VfL Wolfsburg during their pre-season preparations has now also been set. On Saturday, July 16th, the Wolves will be in Glasgow, to take on 47-time Scottish championship winner Celtic. Kick-off at Celtic Park will be 14:00 CET.



    The Celtic Football Club have been the dominating club in domestic football in Scotland in recent years and have in total taken the Scottish FA Cup on 36 occasions – an all-time national record. More recently, Celtic have claimed the league title in five successive seasons, cutting the gap on the record held by local rivals Glasgow Rangers (54 title wins).

  16. traditionalist88 on

    Maybe while they’re here we can educate them about liquidation and Company Law in the UK




  17. Mats Nilloc on 28th June 2016 11:40 pm



    If people think that Brendan is not a candidate for the England job, they are deluding themselves.


    He was interviewed and passed over for the ‘safe’ bet of Roy Hodgson – the FA probably regret this decision bitterly.


    They will now look for a younger ‘hands on’ coach with experience of handling EPL players – Brendan is one of the few that ‘fit the bill’


    I think it almost inevitable that they will consider him again – we wait and see.


    Stranger things have happened – remember Jock Stein’s short stay at Leeds, when the SFA came calling.


    Fingers and everything else crossed that we are not “robbed’.





    You were obviously confident Brendan would stay.

  18. Traditionalist88 –



    Even with Rangers having died and ceased to exist, they (the deidco) still hold the record of 54 league titles, so the Wolfsburg statement is not wrong.

  19. traditionalist88 on

    Auld Tam on 30th June 2016 3:45 pm



    Traditionalist88 –



    Even with Rangers having died and ceased to exist, they (the deidco) still hold the record of 54 league titles, so the Wolfsburg statement is not wrong.





    They can’t hold anything, they’re deid ;) Plus they had ineligible players…



    I’d say the statement is wrong, however long it takes to become public knowledge.




  20. Neustadt-Braw on

    Afternoon champions….an overcast North Hessen…..


    Winning Captains we will do a Revolution Raffle at a later date…


    The big lads have pinched oot ba!!!!







  21. ” TIMBHOY3 on 30TH JUNE 2016 3:49 PM


    Listen why are some bothered about Joey Barton,he doesn’t play for Celtic,so no comment,”



    I can be bothered about the violence meted out and caused, in part, by inflammatory remarks and gestures made by Barton.



  22. BIGbones8867 supports MO'N and Ireland on

    Dia daoibh uilig



    Donation made for the raffle,time to get into training to make sure the jersey fits!!



    The prize of a tour at Celtic park brought back memories of the first tour I had there with my 3 children 18 years ago and the circumstances that led to it.It may be a bit long so apologies.



    Celtic were playing St Pats in Dublin on a preseason tour at the end of July 1988 and I headed down with my 3 children,Colm,Fionnghuala and Niall, the youngest who was 8 at the time.Niall has always had a bit of devilment about him,very funny and sociable,he’s the type of fella that you like almost immediately after meeting him.



    St Pats is a ground similar to that of Stranraer,a small wall right at pitchside and when the teams came out Jonathon Gould came running towards us behind the goal he would be defending,I called over to him for to sign the match programmes for the kids which he duly obliged.He set his gloves on the wall and started to signing autographs for everyone when our Niall, standing behind me made a grab for the gloves,Gould seen this and tried to get hold of them,they both got one each and Niall was gone into the crowd.



    The keeper pleaded for the glove but Niall was gone and the crowd were in hysterics with laughter.The keeper quickly raced to the bench to get get sorted out while I went in search for Niall,I found him at the back of the crowd with a smile as wide as the Liffey,told him he had to give the glove back and he was dead when I got him home.He was having none of it and with the backing of my friends whose bus we travelled down on from Port Glasgow,who politely told me to GTF,I reluctantly gave in and let him keep it



    Niall slept with the glove on that night and for a long time after it,he brought it into school and was the envy of all his mates but that was only the start of it,the best was yet to come.



    The following Sunday morning I got a phone call from big Joe in Port Glasgow,”did ya get the Sunday Mail yet”? no why? I said,”I’ll not tell ya just go an get it” and he hung up.So off I went wondering who the big name signing was we were about to make.I went through the back pages quickly and I stopped in my tracks when I seen the headlines on a double page spread,”Its a glove affair” with JG relating the story about the glove being stolen,I got home and phoned big Joe and we had a laugh about it.Niall of course read it 50 times and thought he was famous,brought the paper into school and reveled in his notoriety as a villain.



    At the end of the article JG stated that if the villain came forward he would sign the glove for him,big Joe knew someone inside Celtic park and he got it touch, informing him that he knew the culprit and so the next chapter of the saga began.



    So there we were on the boat heading over to meet JG and the rest of the players,we met big Joe at Celtic park and we were looked after brilliantly. We had just stopped 10 in a row,the Jock Stein stand had been recently opened and there was a great buzz about the place.The big cup,the Championship trophy and a bust of big Jock were set out in front of the new stand for some official photo shoot and we were invited to use it for our own personal shoot and we got some wonderful photographs.JG was brilliant with Niall and the Sunday Mail were there for a follow up.While we standing chatting at the dugout a guy in a suit with a notebook in hand approached me and introduced himself as the editor of the matchday programmes and asked if I would be interested in doing the Fans View section for the midweek champions league qualifier the following midweek against Dynamo Zargreb.As ill prepared as I was I jumped at the chance,I was very proud when he told me afterwards that I was the first Irishman to do so.I was going to the game anyway and I,like our Niall,reveled in my 5 minutes of fame on the bus back home.Wonderful memories for me and my children.I haven’t spoke to big Joe for a while and I heard recently that he is not well,you are in my prayers big man.



    HH BB

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