Get the job done early against St Mirren


St Mirren sat comfortably above Hamilton and Hearts in the league a week ago, but midweek wins for the bottom two sides asks big questions of the Paisley team.  Celtic might feel the pressure eased after they extended their lead at the top of the table to 13 points, but focus on picking up a point or more will be absolute for tomorrow’s visitors.  Defeat for Saints could see Ross County move six points ahead of them on Sunday.

With a visit to Ibrox next weekend, Neil Lennon would surely prefer to get the job done early against St Mirren, allowing him to rest a few legs after what is likely to be our last week of the season with two games.  If we are made to battle into the second half, as we did when St Mirren visited earlier this season, it could be a long afternoon.  Taking a 16 point lead should be sufficient incentive.

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  1. Without getting too doom and gloom, enjoy tomorrow, it is entirely possible it could be the last time we get into Celtic park for a wee while.

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BIG G on 6TH MARCH 2020 11:27 PM


    Our Chinese friends have been eating things not to our taste for generations, so what’s changed, our experts






    Global travel .

  3. “…….a’ll huv a number 67 wi’ chips an’ curry sauce, …….oh aye an’gimme a deep fried pangolin schezuan…a can a IrnBru….an’ a portion bat in blackbean sauce………..”

  4. theres a huge difference between small groups gathering in local pubs and 60,000 travelling from all over scotland, ireland, the north of england and further afield to one stadium.

  5. Just a thought for the future can you imagine the sfa, or the spfl being fair regarding how the corona virus turns out

  6. Big G



    Maybe a few things to think on :-)



    Maybees the information age.


    If an outbreak occurred years ago,how did we know?


    Today,we know about something in wuhan before wishaw!


    Also ‘national security’for example the so called ‘Spanish’ flu outbreak post ww1 was so called as it was the only country not subjecting itself to reporting wartime restrictions.alas it was in epidemic proportions elsewhere and in most countries wiped out more than in Spain even tho it didn’t originate there.



    A lot of panic chatting hopefully







  7. Nice one AT


    I subscribe to TNS over here. I understand maybe 1 in 10 articles if I am lucky but I like guests seeing it on my coffee table. Often unfolded!



    Decent wee read,.



    “Why I’m taking the coronavirus hype with a pinch of salt.”




  8. Sorry to my fellow celts I would like your opinion not something someone has written for you

  9. Bye the way Wishaw is lovely, we have a spoons,drum roll, and yes for after drinks we have the commercial make your way home by catapult 👍

  10. Big G


    fair enough mate 😊,I will go by what the virologists and scientists say.We have the info to educate ourselves,it’s all we can do and try to prep.





    It’s still a good publication 😊


    Good to see you on as it was Timsinohio the other night,I didn’t get back due to work but it’s important you guys keep posting.i had the pleasure of a few pints with T.i.o and several other cqnrs a few years back.a good man and with that amount of distance a great Tim imo.😊


    Hope life’s good out your way




  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ernie- I think the overreaction and major panic from the coronavirus will be looked at in a couple of years time,as laughable. People aren’t dying in the streets in front of you, IMO the old adage of follow the money rings true.When indecision is in the financial markets, that’s when the scam kicks in.

  12. When the Big 28 stone fat lad stood and said, efter conquering the Heavyweight World WBC belt…..



    First and Foremost – What awesome publicity for you know Who – and I certainly dinnae mean the WHO.

  13. AN TEARMANN @ 2:45 AM



    Life is good, cheers to that.!


    Early weird spring again here. Daffs and tulips rearing their wee heads again. Clocks forward at weekend so only 4 hrs behind for a while.



    !!BADA BING!! @ 12:55pm



    Scam kicks in indeed. True story.



    Petrol cheaper over here right now so there is that on the plus side. Who knew Corona would one day run the 4 star cheaper.

  14. The Best ever Mix….. laterz







    Lenny is just getting up to speed.



    What a Leader of Men. MAGICAL.

  15. Callum is just Awesome.



    Eddie is Incredible whit he can dae with a ba’, its his awesome aff ba’ stuff that has been as mega impressive.



    Callum is just Mega Every game.



    My POTY is defo Callum – WOW how Good he has been for Celtic.

  16. Njoi Almore.



    Get yer Great Friend Garry posting again as ye never know the minute.



    Love is the Law.

  17. Good morning CQN from a damp but relatively mild Garngad



    Macjay1 and Big G from last night thanks for the responses I was knackered and ended up out for the count, 2 days of doing interviews finally took its toll.😂



    Big G – I knew our Asian cousins have been eating animals for centuries, I did not know to what scale. When you see the animals in cages and dead ones on top of the cage, guys burning them blood all over tables the ground and on people walking about (remember this was a food market) I seen. The risk of any infection/disease/virus is surely going to be massive, probably amazing we have not had outbreaks of other virus’s, well I mean apart from the ones we know about or have they/we.



    Anyway No panicking with us I was a bit worried about interviewing the last few days but hey ho.


    Only because I have small grandkids.



    I just thought seeing that market was a bit brutal as in the state of the place. They can certainly eat what they want, I am not the food police, it probably came across that way, but it wasn’t intended.



    Ok, 3 points today bhoys and we go 16 points clear and put more pressure on Slippy and his Galacticos.



    D. :)

  18. Almore and our Irish brothers and sisters your passion for the hoops is outstanding.



    Keep up the good work.👍🍺



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    AIPPLE on 7TH MARCH 2020 12:22 AM



    There is a possibility that the article will , given time , prove to be recklessly reassuring.


    Puerile Boris bashing ( why would a Guardian hack not grab that opportunity ) , combined with an opinion piece which may well prove to be harmful to the welfare of the general public. .


    The attempted cover up early December from Beijing and the arrests of medics discussing the matter , underline just how seriously they took the issue right at the start of the outbreak .


    Actions speak louder than articles.

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    DAVID66 on 7TH MARCH 2020 7:33 AM



    Posted my bit before seeing yours.





    Let`s talk fitba.


    Every point a prisoner . Hopefully three today .

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