Get the job done early against St Mirren


St Mirren sat comfortably above Hamilton and Hearts in the league a week ago, but midweek wins for the bottom two sides asks big questions of the Paisley team.  Celtic might feel the pressure eased after they extended their lead at the top of the table to 13 points, but focus on picking up a point or more will be absolute for tomorrow’s visitors.  Defeat for Saints could see Ross County move six points ahead of them on Sunday.

With a visit to Ibrox next weekend, Neil Lennon would surely prefer to get the job done early against St Mirren, allowing him to rest a few legs after what is likely to be our last week of the season with two games.  If we are made to battle into the second half, as we did when St Mirren visited earlier this season, it could be a long afternoon.  Taking a 16 point lead should be sufficient incentive.

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  1. Macjay1- that saying brought back memories of my Kate father, he used that saying only talking about cash and when he was telling us to save cash. ” every penny is a prisoner” he used to say. By the way he wasn’t tight fisted he was just trying to pass on some advice to his Bhoys. He loved Family, Glasgow Celtic and Whiskey/Guiness. 😂






    D. :)

  2. Bill Gates, Rosicrucianism and the Georgia Guidestones.






    You can’t afford to Live without Christ as your King.



    These monsters are enacting things noooo, IMO.

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    DAVID66 on 7TH MARCH 2020 7:55 AM



    Lot to be said for these little phrases.


    Point made with few words.



    ” He loved Family, Glasgow Celtic and Whiskey/Guiness ” .





    Good bloke , your dad.



  4. Does anyone think Lenny will give Eddie a rest today???



    I am thinking it would be good for Eddie to maybe sit on the bench today and only be called on if needed, maybe the Griff and Bayo up top… No? Only my thoughts.



    I would not make to many other changes.



    Let’s get 3 points and work on team, formation and tactics for a full week, the first time we have been able to do this for months with having no midweek game.😂






    D. :)

  5. It saddened me to hear a young one defend a 1 child policy. State mair powerful than God. Haud on there a wee minute.



    A Nation of only childs. Yeah whatever. Noone can defend that.



    TV chuck it oot the windae.

  6. DENIABHOY on 7TH MARCH 2020 7:50 AM


    I think i just heard on BBC that over 70s being told not to attend games.



    Will they make roy hodgson sit in the hoose ?

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Three points today will reduce the significance of any future slip up .


    Yep. I do mean next Sunday . That mob will be champing at the bit .


    Cornered rat syndrome. No disrespect intended.



  8. Copy and paste from jimmybee on etims




    Guys if you are heading into the city for the game early then give Malones a visit.


    The Billy McNeil commemoration committee who are fundraising for a statue to be erected in his hometown of Bellshill have a great little morning organised


    Almost 50k has already been reached only approx 20k to go.


    SAT 07 March Malone’s Glasgow (FREE EVENT)



    Join us as we look back on the career of Lisbon Lion Legend, Billy McNeill who would have celebrated his 80th Birthday on March 02.



    Joe Miller who was signed by Billy for Celtic will be joined by Frank Devine &


    Eddie Lynas and from the Billy McNeill Commemoration Committee and Kevin Devine from the Bronx Bhoys CSC to celebrate our leader, captain & manager.



    Doors 11 (Free Bacon Rolls) Music from 11:30 Kick off 12 Final Whistle 1:45 Bus to Celtic Park 2, Celtic v St. Mirren ,3

  9. 21-5-79 🍀 on

    Really getting fucked off with this website, log on, logged off can’t access the last thread, now there’s a Co-Op pizza advert popping up!

  10. Big G on 6th March 2020 11:27 pm


    Our Chinese friends have been eating things not to our taste for generations, so what’s changed, our experts






    What has changed is that in the space of a generation China has switched from being an agrarian society with a dispersed and sedentary population to a highly industrialized society with huge numbers of people moving from the countryside to the cities.



    And practices that might have been appropriate in isolated rural villages are not appropriate in huge densely populated conurbations.



    This virus is real and it doesn’t present a substantial threat whatever the conspiracy advocating loonballs on the internet have to say about it.

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 7TH MARCH 2020 8:55 AM


    This virus is real and it doesn’t present a substantial threat whatever the conspiracy advocating loonballs on the internet have to say about it.






    Such as yourself .

  12. 21-5-79 🍀 on

    For the attention of whoever runs the website.



    WordPress 5.3.2 is available! Please notify the site administrator.

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 7TH MARCH 2020 8:57 AM


    Sorry, that should be ‘does present a substantial threat’.






    And sorry to you too .

  14. Good morning, friends, from a grey and drizzly East Kilbride. It is however good to be home. February player of the month results coming out after my cornflakes ;-)

  15. Jobo good to have you back on terra firma



    Aff oot for breakfast at the newly opened cafe on the hill at Spire view, Garngad.



    Times they are a changin



    D. :)

  16. Cornflakes – Real Deal Cereal.



    Never even wanted to try others. Great choice Jobo.



    Looking forward to seeing the results.



    Callum is like an Energy Bunny. 😉



    A very demanding February where we played 8 games across 3 competitions. Domestically we were at the top of our game with 5 victories in the league and 1 in the cup, scoring 21 and conceding just 3. But our 2 games against Copenhagen are likely to be the ones that last longer in the memory. Unfortunately.


    The Player Of The Month award is based purely on the total votes given to each player during that month’s games. The top 3 in previous months were:


    September – JAMES FORREST, Jullien, Christie


    October – SCOTT BROWN, Edouard, Elyounoussi


    November – SCOTT BROWN, Frimpong, Elyounoussi


    December – SCOTT BROWN, Ajer, Jullien/McGregor (tied 3rd)


    January – ODSONNE EDOUARD, McGregor, Ntcham


    For February, in 3rd place on 141 votes we have Christopher Jullien. A very close runner up on 215 votes is Callum McGregor. And this month’s winner on 220 votes, is again ODSONNE EDOUARD.


    A couple more anorak statto posts to follow just to give you some food for thought….


    Hail Hail!

  18. **RESULTS AND GOALSCORERS – 2019/20**


    Sarajevo (A) – 3:1 Johnston, Edouard, Sinclair


    Sarajevo (H) – 2:1 Christie, McGregor


    Nomme Kalju (H) – 5:0 Ajer, Christie (2), Griffiths, McGregor


    Nomme Kalju (A) – 2:0 O.G., Shved


    St Johnstone (H) – 7:0 Johnston, Christie (3), Ntcham, Edouard, Griffiths


    Cluj (A) – 1:1 – Forrest


    Motherwell (A) – 5:2 Ajer, Griffiths, Forrest, Edouard, Christie


    Cluj (H) – 3:4 Forrest, Edouard, Christie


    Dunfermline (H) – 2:1 Johnston, Forrest


    AIK (H) – 2:0 Forrest, Edouard


    Hearts (H) – 3:1 Bayo (2), McGregor


    AIK (A) – 4:1 Forrest, O.G., Jullien, Morgan


    Sevco (A) – 2:0 Edouard, Hayes


    Hamilton (A) – 1:0 Forrest


    Rennes (A) – 1:1 Christie


    Kilmarnock – 3:1 Edouard (2), Christie


    Partick Thistle (H) – 5:0 Bayo, Rogic Ntcham (2) Sinclair


    Hibs (A) – 1:1 Christie


    Cluj (H) – 2:0 Edouard, Elyounoussi


    Livingston (A) – 0:2


    Ross County (H) – 6:0 Elyounoussi (2), Edouard (2), McGregor, Forrest


    Lazio (H) – 2:1 Christie, Jullien


    Aberdeen (A) – 4:0 Edouard, Frimpong, Forrest, Elyounoussi


    St Mirren – (H) 2:0 Elyounoussi, Forrest


    Hibs (N) – 5:2 Elyounoussi (2), McGregor, Brown (2)


    Lazio (A) – 2:1 Forrest, Ntcham


    Motherwell (H) – 2:0 Edouard, O.G.


    Livingston (H) – 4:0 Edouard, Brown, Forrest (2)


    Rennes (H) – 3:1 Morgan, Christie, Johnston


    Ross County (A) – 4:1 Christie (2), Rogic, Johnston


    Hamilton (H) – 2:1 Christie, Brown


    Sevco (N) – 1:0 Jullien


    Cluj (A) – 0:2


    Hibs (H) – 2:0 Frimpong, Edouard


    Hearts (A) – 2:0 Christie Ntcham


    Aberdeen (H) – 2:1 Jullien, Edouard


    St Mirren (A) – 2:1 McGregor, Forrest


    Sevco (H) – 1:2 Edouard


    Partick Thistle (A) – 2:1 Griffiths, McGregor


    Kilmarnock (A) – 3:1 Edouard, Griffiths, Jullien


    Ross County (H) – 3:0 McGregor, Edouard (2)


    St Johnstone (A) – 3:0 Ntcham, Forrest, Griffiths


    Hamilton (A) – 4:1 Edouard (2), Jullien, Forrest


    Motherwell (A) – 4:0 Edouard (2), Griffiths, McGregor


    Clyde (A) – 3:0 Ntcham, Brown, Bayo


    Hearts (H) – 5:0 Ntcham, Jullien, McGregor, Christie, Simunovic


    Aberdeen (A) – 2:1 McGregor, Ajer


    Copenhagen (A) – 1:1 Edouard


    Kilmarnock (H) – 3:1 Ajer, Edouard, Griffiths


    Copenhagen (H) – 1:3 Edouard


    St Johnstone (A) – 1:0 Christie


    Livingstone (A) – 2:2 McGregor, Rogic



    *Goalscorers table*


    27 – Edouard


    19 – Christie


    16 – Forrest


    11 – McGregor


    8 – Ntcham, Griffiths


    8 – Elyounoussi, Jullien


    5 – Brown, Johnston


    4 – Bayo, Ajer


    2 – Frimpong, Morgan, Rogic, Sinclair


    1 – Hayes, Shved, Simunovic


    Own Goals – 3


    Total Goals – 137



    (figures in brackets show number of awards; last figure is the number of votes received)


    AIK – James Forrest 56


    Sevco – Christopher Jullien 58


    Hamilton – James Forrest [2] 38


    Rennes – Christopher Jullien [2] 52


    Kilmarnock – Odsonne Edouard 49


    Partick Thistle – Olivier Ntcham 38


    Hibs – Scott Brown 29


    Cluj – Scott Brown [2] 51


    Livingston – Mo Elyounoussi / Moritz Bauer 25


    Ross County – Odsonne Edouard [2] 44


    Lazio – Ryan Christie 50


    Aberdeen – Odsonne Edouard [3] 50


    St Mirren – James Forrest [3] 37


    Hibs [2] – Mo Elyounoussi [2] 56


    Lazio [2] – Fraser Forster 38


    Motherwell – Jonny Hayes 40


    Livingston [2] – Jeremie Frimpong 58


    Rennes [2] – Ryan Christie [2] 37


    Ross County [2] – Ryan Christie [3] 55


    Hamilton [2] – Scott Brown [3] 45


    Sevco [2] – Fraser Forster [2] 63


    Cluj [2] – Olivier Ntcham [2] 26


    Hibs [3] – Jeremie Frimpong [2] 42


    Hearts – Olivier Ntcham [3] 32


    Aberdeen [2] – Christopher Jullien [3] 39


    St Mirren [2] – Calum McGregor 35


    Sevco [3] – Scott Brown [4] 32


    Partick Thistle [2] – Tom Rogic 33


    Kilmarnock [2] – Odsonne Edouard [4] 49


    Ross County [3] – Odsonne Edouard [5] 37


    St Johnstone [1] – Greg Taylor 56


    Hamilton [3] – Odsonne Edouard [6] 63


    Motherwell [2] – Odsonne Edouard [7] / Calum McGregor [2] 78


    Clyde – Olivier Ntcham [4] 52


    Hearts [2] – Olivier Ntcham [5] 47


    Aberdeen [3] – Kristoffer Ajer 56


    Copenhagen – Christopher Jullien 64


    Kilmarnock – Calum McGregor 51


    Copenhagen – Tom Rogic / Greg Taylor 18


    St Johnstone – Christopher Jullien 34


    Livingston – Calum McGregor 49

  20. Finally, there are only 4 players who are averaging more than 1.5 points per appearance made. In 4th place, Calum McGregor – 39 appearances and average points per appearance of 1.72. Just ahead in 3rd place is Scott Brown, also with 39 appearances and average points of 1.87. In 2nd place is Odsonne Edouard with an average of 2.06 points from his 35 appearances (remember, these are only appearances since the POTY thing started at the end of August).


    Current leader will be revealed in 10 minutes!….

  21. So, the player who has appeared 19 times and has ‘won’ an average of 2.11 points per game is…..Jeremie Frimpong. I’m away for a lie down now 😉

  22. If the over 70`s stay away from Celtic Park today, CQN will be overloaded with update requests !


    I will just go and lie about my age.

  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    AIPPLE on 7TH MARCH 2020 2:08 AM



    Just watched that vid.



    Thanks . Worth watching .

  24. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    front stand is the same.


    Anywho rains no gonna stop.so gonna walk wee Leo Gerard patrick b4 the game


    And jobo… some shift you put in

  25. Long Live the Over Seventies, It’s a trick by the young whippersnappers trying to nab yere tickets.


    Tell them to bugger off.

  26. Time for me to Bugger off. The Arbroath Emerald Express waits for no one.


    Cheerio for now.

  27. Apparently Copenhagen have announced that all their future games this season including Europa League games will be played behind closed doors.


    Think it’s only a matter of time before it affects us. Will cost Scottish Soccer a fortune.


    Now aren’t we lucky that our thrifty CEO stashed the cash/

  28. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CORKCELT on 7TH MARCH 2020 10:52 AM



    Correct .



    Right now , cash is king.

  29. DeniaBhoy on 7th March 2020 7:50 am


    ‘I think i just heard on BBC that over 70s being told not to attend games.’






    From a public health perspective that makes no sense.



    The priority at the moment is to slow down the spread of the virus.



    There’s no evidence that age is a factor in contracting the virus or spreading it to others.



    So a 15 year old is just as likely to catch and spread the virus as an 85 year old.



    And given that younger people are more likely to be more mobile and have a wider range of social contacts than older people, younger people probably present a greater risk of spreading the virus than older people.



    Bottom line though is that the games should be behind closed doors and I don’t understand why it hasn’t happened already. Lack of leadership I suppose.

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