Get them ready to run through walls for you, Brendan


Managers often have the task of focussing players’ attention on the next game, instead of an important subsequent game a few days later, but Brendan Rodgers has an additional task in this respect right now.

You only need to speak to a fellow Celtic fan this week to understand what’s on all of our minds.  Two games over the next four days will make a significant impression on the season, but there is no certainty what the squad will look like when the second match takes place.  The closure of the transfer window in a little over 48 hours will loom just as large as Sunday’s league encounter with Newco.

This is where the manager earns his wages.  While tomorrow’s game against Suduva should present a straightforward challenge, you and I remember another Scottish team, no longer with us, going out of Europe to Lithuanian opposition just months after competing in the Uefa Cup Final.

Get them ready to run through walls for you, Brendan.

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  1. 50 shades of green on

    Dont know about running through walls, but learning to pass through them a bit more might help.









    Indeed,our manager needs to do what he is well-paid to do. Motivate the players,plan the tactics,get the job done.



    And the players need to do their bit too. Earn their corn. Get the result and performance that the club handsomely pay them to achieve.



    Two out of three ain’t bad,as our Chief Executive racks up the bonuses while doing the square root of sod-all for the last two or three months.

  3. Paul67



    Sell your best ‘liability’ two days before Sevco.



    Don’t sell your best ‘liability two days before Sevco.



    Either way Pedro gets it.



    What a plan CSC

  4. mullet and co 2 on

    he share price continues to soar.



    From CQN in 2013…



    Since Fergus McCann took over in 1994 Celtic have only paid dividends on preference shares, which the FSA require the club to regard as debt, not equity. No dividends have ever been paid on the ordinary shares and there appears to be no appetite among shareholders for this to change.




    Why are there buyers queuing up under these circumstances?

  5. Are we really going to sell our top man at such a pivotal time?



    I am sickened by this summers events.



    We are going to blow the ten for a fancy hotel

  6. random comments for today, having read through the weekend.



    Tontine, Garcia Lorca, and Matt Stewart, what wonderful contributions from monday night on, CQN of old, your inputs were wonderful.



    So the weekend, I heard Scott McDonald on shortbread commenting that Eric was the hardest opponent he had against celtic, and he couldnt understand why celtic let him go, he was the best centre half we had.



    On Boyata, if he stays, I want to know what really happened. I actually cant forgive him , effectively going on strike. The goal and win was appreciated on sunday, but hey he didnt really have to defend much did he.



    On Griff, for a longtime i wanted a front two him and moussa, guess what, the manager is right, it seldom works, sunday they had one interplay, that was it.



    And , the zombies, they are there for the taking, a truelly overrated team. I watched the Motherwell game. We bring our focused team, you know the team that last season only turned up for the huns games, and we will smash them again.




  7. Beamishismypint on 29th August 2018 12:22 pm


    Please please don’t sell Dembele!



    Inevitable as soon as we lost to AEK. Need to make up for loss of CL money.

  8. traditionalist88 on

    Beamishismypint on 29th August 2018 12:22 pm



    Please please don’t sell Dembele!





    Don’t worry, new non-scoring striker incoming!




  9. Yaya Toures agent tweeting that he passed his medical in London yesterday…..


    You know it makes sense Celtic



  10. mullet and co 2 on




    My view is we do need to sell and we should punt both Dembele and Boyata… the money SHOULD be used to buy replacements AND fill positions we are week.


    I fear our scouting and plan could deliver 2 replacements at nowhere near the level of both and that is saying something considering Boyata is a liability.



    Curtis Main, McKenna ?

  11. Ah you gotta laugh at CQN. It peddles stories of impending transfers out in the hope you will feel relieved when it doesn’t happen and not notice the lack of transfers in.



    Its as old as transparent as errrrrrr a nice rangers squirrel story from paul.

  12. There is no way Celtic will sell Dembele before Friday.



    Actually, wait a minute…are there electrified gates at the bottom of the heated driveway? Oh, no…

  13. The board and major shareholder have acted shambolically over the summer. This culminates in the next 4 days where 2 very important games are to be played, in between the transfer window shuts.



    How can you ask your manager to prepare the team to ‘run through walls for him’ when preparation on set plays and set pieces can be in vain if the board decide to sell players on the last day.



    ‘Right Dembers you’re on Laughatme on corners. Dembers? Deeemmmbbers? Where is he?’



    ‘He’s on a plane to Lyon gaffer’.



    “Get that prick Liewell on the phone’.



    Aye, run through walls for me troops.



    Only the bold right enough. Bold as brass but don’t worry Peter, bonus cheque is in the post.





    Yes,we tend to sell to make up the shortfall. Been that way for some time.



    Makes sense-lose your best players,refuse to replace them,wonder why we don’t qualify the following season,sell again,wonder why the ST sales are down,sell some more to make up the yawning chasm in our income.



    It must make sense,otherwise the chief architect of this policy wouldn’t still be in place and picking up approx £2.5m pa nowadays The highest paid Celtic employee of all time.

  15. Understand Celtic have been alerted to………………



    Raman fatwadge talkin’ more pish!

  16. BMCUWP



    If you arrange to meet in a darkened alleyway, I’ll handle the ticket sales!



    Hope you are well!

  17. mullet and co 2 on

    The Hotel will only make us £2.5m a year at best in turnover.



    Far better for us to buy a football data analytics company like Arsenal and sell the product or sell our scouting portfolio to clubs who operate in a market above us.



    I.e. if we are just shy of being able to afford a player we have scouted sell in the intellectual property to clubs that don’t do their homework. There’s a market for that I tells ya.


    We invest lots of time and effort on scouting but only convert a very small decimal percentage to player purchase the rest of the effort is lost as players are marked as unaffordable or not suitable because of climate or Scottish league. Every club scouts players and employ their own people to do it but if you could get good at it and outsource your knowledge on players you can’t sign or aren’t interested in there are clubs willing to listen. There’s already a black market for info on who is being scouted and deals being done.


    We need to make better use of our intellectual property and relate it to the main activity of the club to the clubs benefit and not dabble in Hotels with a small return on investment in relative terms to scouting playing and selling players.

  18. Neganon



    I fear this is more than another of Pauls squirrels…seems to be substance in this one. Baffling that some here think its right to sell and invest the money into the team.



    And we call the other lot gullible??

  19. If Celtic were making a 10m signing Bawbag would ignore it and focus on Sevco, many reasons why Moussa may not have trained he might even have been indoors doing conditioning work.

  20. Worry the Celtic fans that they may lose Dembele… so we are willing the window shut



    Once the window closes we are not raging that we have not signed anyone but happy that we have kept hold of Dembele?

  21. BHOYLO83



    Someone posted that earlier.



    Kevj might be proven right……………..eventually.






    You’re too young to be so cynical!



    But been supporting Celtic long enough to justify it…




  23. Timalloy29 @ 12:09



    We did sign a player on the day of a European game, the much maligned Bobby Craig arrived at the Central Station at half four that afternoon and went straight intakes the side. This was our first home European tie, we had lost the first leg over in Valencia 2-4 in a game that John Fallon surprisingly in goal for the unavailable Frank Haffey maintained we should have won 5-4 due to a good Stevie goal chalked off and two stone wall penalties denied.



    As we watched the teams run out the cry was “whose that” when a new player was in our ranks, wee laggy skied an early penalty Dixie style over the bar early doors in a 2-2 game, another what could have been night.

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