Get your kicks, from Game 66


How ballsy is Scott Sinclair? Arriving as a 73rd minute substitute, his every touch was booed by Motherwell fans. Dozens of missiles were thrown at him (and other Celtic players) as nearby stewards failed even to look in the direction of the culprits.

Then with three minutes remaining and Celtic a goal down, he told Leigh Griffiths to step away from the penalty spot. The kick itself – high into the top corner, was unstoppable, but goodness, not without risk.

With so much negative focus on him, taking that penalty was the equivalent of looking the Devil in the eye. He will be stronger for the experience.

Now others are left asking, “What will it take to beat Celtic, even once?” Legs and minds are tired among the squad, you can see it. Leigh, normally so sharp, was ponderous when his best chance occurred. Craig Gordon looks like he needs a holiday. That punch, the clearance which cleared no one and those kick outs! What’s going on, Craig?

There was a fascinating moment involving Tom Rogic when we were a goal down. A loose ball was there to be challenged for, but Tom didn’t quite throw himself at it, prompting clear feedback from the travelling fans. What he did was take control of proceedings from then on.

His defence-splitting pass for Callum McGregor led to the penalty and gave us our kicks, on game 66.

The penalty itself followed a goalkeeping error. Carson saved a gilt-edged chance from McGregor, but instead of knocking the ball out for a corner, he kept it alive with a side-swipe. McGregor put his body between ball and defender. Then waited.

The not too subtle message from Motherwell after Sunday’s cup final is that they were incorrectly punished for putting arms around an opponent in the box. On an intellectual level, they knew they were banged to right (or they would have appealed the red card), but the emotional part of the brain took over.

“It’s OK to put your arms around an opponent to inhibit his progress inside the box” was the subliminal message. Just think, if Stephen Robinson had told his players not to take such actions after the final, Rose might have kept his arms to himself last night.

Every referee in the country knew Craig Thomson was hung out to dry on Sunday after making a correct penalty decision. Willie Collum would have prepared for last night’s game clear in the knowledge that no amount of wining would prevent him making an unpopular decision.

Would he have made the same penalty decision if Motherwell and the assembled media did not round on Craig Thomson a few days earlier? Perhaps. But it is never wise to harden the resolve of a referee.

Oh, and yes, that was our first penalty of the league campaign, no one else in the division was penalty-less until last night.




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  1. FAN-A-TIC on 30TH NOVEMBER 2017 12:29 PM


    We should all take the mssm’s legitimate gripes about our penalty seriously.



    After all they will also be moaning about the huns two offside goals last night.



    On the second Windass is offside and has to jump up to avoid Pena’s shot hitting him.He was clearly obscuring goalkeepers line of sight.



    The third was blatantly offside and the guy with flag who was right in line had a clear view and did the sensible thing by not celebrating.

  2. Not a lot mentioned about the non free kick that led to the Motherwell goal,perfectly good tackle from Broony

  3. Sounds as if it wasn’t a penalty,brilliant,loving their pain as the invincible run continues,really like the sound of 67 domestic games unbeaten,just do it Celtic ☘️

  4. SOT


    Re 1st Test.


    Commentry on BT sport priceless, Every since Boycott referred to outside the off stump as the” corridor of uncertainty,the Aussie commentators are trying to out do him with “the avenue of apprehension” and “the hallway of hesitancy”


    The Aussies are ramping it up, we know they`re bad losers even worse when they`re winning.


    Bring this back.



  5. “Craig Gordon looks like he needs a holiday. That punch, the clearance which cleared no one and those kick outs! What’s going on, Craig?”





    A”Summer” Holiday?



    Coat on.





    I replied to Mickbhoy 1888 last night regarding an error I had made earlier, but subsequently corrected, about the number of years Kenny played for Celtic. My original comment said 20 years because of a typo. I knew he had played for us for 10 years and pointed this out a little later. However, I note that my reply to Mickbhoy 1888 has been disappeared and I would like to know if it was taken down by one of the Moderators on here. I would appreciate a reply. Thank you.




    I’m usually neutral re the result of a cricket match . Don’t think I’ve cared since the summer of 76 and Tony Greig’s absurd / racist guff re making the West Indies grovel .



    I tend to watch with the sound down -I don’t need a prat to tell me what is happening .Same applies to football..



    Cricket –






    I remember reading that post and it contained nothing offensive.



    However, this place is getting more like Pravda.



    Take care.

  9. PHILBHOY on 30TH NOVEMBER 2017 1:10 PM






    I remember reading that post and it contained nothing offensive.




    However, this place is getting more like Pravda.




    Take care.




    Thanks Philbhoy.



    I’m bemused.

  10. TOSB



    If one post in an exchange involving a few posts is being deleted for, say, bad language, all the posts in that exchange can be deleted so as not to confuse anyone who later reads them and it doesn’t make sense because a post is missing.



    So perhaps that’s what happened to your post.



    Hope that helps.

  11. Bada,






    Ferguson on @BBCSportsound “Motherwell will be angry at that penalty and rightly so, though we haven’t seen it. Sounds as if it wasn’t a penalty”



    Some well spent licence fee there.

  12. SAINT STIVS on 30TH NOVEMBER 2017 12:10 PM



    2nd rangers agm. Funny read on the live updates at the record. Glib tells them any old shitzen and they politely clap.



    The biggest issue they have is Celtic support getting all the broomloan stand. Eejits.



    *There was also concern that clarence might have went tae an apartheid school.

  13. Sevco agm Dave “the lying” king comes out with some hoary old nonsense about the club/company continuing


    it successful strategy of” debt funding” plus a pipeline of talent emerging from there world class training facility at auchehoooie The horde will be loving this keech


    TONTINE TIM on 30TH NOVEMBER 2017 1:50 PM



    thanks pal you just did it again.i read without reading who was posting.sore heid then realised it was you .gonnae tell us please WHO THE F IS CLARENCE???????????

  15. Do other teams players get pelted by coins/bottles/cups etc at away grounds or is this a problem only faced by Celtic teams?

  16. 50 shades of green on

    Fav Uncle.



    Might be a reference to a 70’s tv show called Daktari.



    If memory serves me right ( unusual for me)there was a lion in it with cross eyes.

  17. 50 shades of green on

    Dont know if I would make many changes for Saturday.



    What with super sevco now chasing us, a new manager coming in and squillions to spend in January Shirley our priority is the bread n butter league.



    Aye right.



    Anyone pointed out to the sevs that other teams are pumping the sheep and not just them??




    But seriously not 2 many changes I think.




  18. Felt like a win,not often I leave Fir Park pleased with a draw but last night was one of those occasions.


    Lots of our players off the boil,Forrest was not close to the Finals form,and Rogic did not, for the most part, look like he wanted to be there.


    I felt we needed Hayes in the team as he is robust and has lots of energy,perhaps a showing on Saturday would benefit both team and player.


    All things considered,well pleased.

  19. Interesting comment on JJ’s site about last night’s shenanigans at Ibrox.


    “davie says:


    November 30, 2017 at 12:02 pm


    Lurker here JJ. Personal comment to you. I, similar to yourself, am an ex-bear who could no longer bare the bigotry and general right-wing nuttery that surrounds the club.



    Unlike you my antipathy towards Rangers doesn’t extend towards supporting Celtic. Both clubs benefited from outrageous refereeing decisions last night. To claim otherwise makes you sound like a one-eyed loon.



    I’d be more interested if I were you in the suspicious betting patterns before the Rangers game. From 13/8 (R) and 7/4 (A) the money throughout yesterday changed the odds to 10/11 (R) and 11/4 (A). I have never in my extensive betting experience witnessed a change like this in a top flight league. There were no team personnel changes to warrant it. No ordinary Rangers fan I know, nor those online, were interested in betting their team and the formbook suggested the original odds were overly generous on Aberdeen.



    I’m suggesting something was afoot. The penalty was a penalty. Silly to dispute. Jack should have been booked early for a wild lunge that was not even awarded a foul. McCrorie had to go for an elbow with intent for which he was booked. Even the Bears commenting for Sky agreed. Penalty to McKay -Steven and a sending off Tavernier last man. An outrageous tackle by Holt, 100% red card in any country given only a yellow. An offside goal so obvious it went beyond any possibility of honest mistake. Aberdeen players reprimanded, booked and sent off at any opportunity.



    The fix was in. Interesting if the bookies are investigating. Perhaps some Hong Kong cash?”




  20. I’ve watched the highlights of Celtic v Real Madrid from 1980 a few times and only today noticed the Murray International Metals advertising board at the corner flag.

  21. thomthethim for Oscar OK on






    Expect more as the season progresses. They MUST have European football next year.



    They know they won’t catch us,so they have to nobble every/any team that could finish above them in the league.



    It is a reprise of 2011-the Year of Honest Mistakes.

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