Getting buy-in from senior players


Delighted to see Brendan Rodgers is down to business at Lennoxtown, three weeks before the players return for preseason training. It’s interesting that he arranged an early opportunity to meet Scott Brown over a meal, and that this was made public.

Getting buy-in from senior players was one aspect of the job Ronny Deila allegedly didn’t achieve. The rights and wrongs of this can wait for Ronny’s autobiography, although you may wish to express an outsider’s opinion. All that matters to Brendan is that no one is able to speculate about the same issue on his watch.

There’s not much a manager can do three weeks before training starts than eat dinner with the captain, scout players and watch videos. I expect Brendan to have seen every minute of every Celtic game last season by the time players get back; there is lots to learn. In particular, what went wrong at the back to a team which broke defensive records in each of the previous two campaigns. You may wish to express an outsider’s opinion.

Those in the know warned us that blue collar crime is particularly difficult to prosecute, and so it’s transpired. Only Craig Whyte now faces trial in the Rangers fraud case, which saw remaining charges against Duff and Phelps’ administrators David Whitehouse and Paul Clark dropped at the High Court in Glasgow this morning. It’s far from a satisfactory outcome.

Good to hear the losing Scottish Cup final manager, who was left with some bears in Japanese forest for seven days by his parents, has been found safe and well, even if he has nothing to say for himself.




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  1. The senior players were the problem last season. From an unfit Brown & Mulgrew to a struggling Lustig & Gordon and a seemingly in the huff Commons & Stokes.

  2. GARY67 on 3RD JUNE 2016 12:09 PM



    The senior players were the problem last season. From an unfit Brown & Mulgrew to a struggling Lustig & Gordon and a seemingly in the huff Commons & Stokes.




    Senior players tend to look at a new manager and assess them in terms of their own football success -“Show us your medals”. Ronny didn’t have much to show them. Brendan has managed Liverpool and had to deal with difficult characters. I’m sure he’ll handle this better.


    “the senior players were the problem”



    Depends how you look at it Gary67.



    I’d blame the naivety of a manager by almost immediately telling players who had just won the league, they’d have to change.



    In any walk of life a new boss needs to box clever during the change-over.



    His title was manager – he didn’t.

  4. Gary67 on 3rd June 2016 12:09 pm



    The senior players were the problem last season. From an unfit Brown & Mulgrew to a struggling Lustig & Gordon and a seemingly in the huff Commons & Stokes.






    Stokesy really looked in the huff as he thoroughly pumped the Huns at Hampden…



    Perhaps Ronny D might have taken some of that Stokesy huffiness over Cifti’s morbid obesity and put it to good use…

  5. Re discussion on previous blog re people upset by the colour green,


    Wearing Emerald green to work today.


    Drawing many comments.


    Usually wear blue or grey. No comments.


    Funny that.




  6. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Frpm last thread.




    TRADITIONALIST88 on 3RD JUNE 2016 11:49 AM



    thomthethim for Oscar OK on 3rd June 2016 11:31 am





    If Celtic were to suffer a financial penalty and/or loss of points for songs you can buy in practically any music outlet it won’t take long to tear that argument to shreds.







    The “argument” has already been torn to shreds, but the OBAF Act still applies, it still prosecutes those who sing the songs.




    The relevance of the 30’s ground closure is that it applied “strict liability” to Celtic.



    Hadn’t been done before or since.


    NATKNOW on 3RD JUNE 2016 11:47 AM



    The Scottish Government may try to impose strict liability, but who will enforce it? Right now, it’s up to the police to decide if some song or sentiment might cause offence at (or on the way to) a football game (or related football event). Apparently OBAF was introduce to “deal with” bad behaviour at football. Looking at the Scottish Cup Final, it seems not to have worked well?




    Meanwhile, Police Scotland recently stopped a church from showing a film because it was a bit too Irish-y for their liking. Anyone who thinks strict liability will be applied fairly is off their head. Whatever the intention of the Scottish Government, these rules are applied in a way that reinforce the inherent bias and racism of the enforcers to meet targets intended to demonstrate that a problem has been fixed.




    In the meantime, tin soldiers are allowed to parade around the streets every July banging their toy drums like demented toddlers in an attempt to intimidate people they have an inbred hatred of.




    It’s ironic reading good news stories about Scotland’s great work in taking in recent immigrants. The country still hasn’t accepted the communities that moved here from Ireland in the 19th century. If the Scottish Government want to fix the problem, they need to admit to having a problem first – Scotland is a racist and sectarian backwater. But I guess that doesn’t quite fit with their narrative. Football is being used as a convenient dodge.






    First-class,old bean.

  8. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    For me I think Celtic need a clear out so our management team can get to work on that.I also dont believe we need a lot of new players around 3 seasoned players a hard stick the ball in row z type of Centre back a defensive midfielder who can tackle and also pass the ball to one of his own team and a decent striker to help to take some of the weight off sparkies shoulders so they can work on that.We could return to training with this work completed ready to have our first team pool ready to immerse themselves in the Brendan Rodgers Celtic way. H.H.

  9. Looks like a good day for Duff and Phelps. They will make a mint out of the BHS liquidation too.



    Or is it only the holding company that’s being liquidated and the spirit of the true BHS will live on? Should we expect to see the official opening of The BHS down Govan way sometime soon>





    I think you’ll find that blue-collar crime is very easy to prosecute. The blue-collar working man doesn’t have access to the legal minds that the White-collar-and usually more lucrative-sector do.



    Sorry to have to correct you on this one,old bean.






    You mean,blue-collar.






    Laws are for diddy folk?



    Aye,I get it now,fuxake I can be awfy naive at times…





    British House Shops.



    You heard it here first.


    They get to keep Philip Green’s Retailer of the Year awards too.

  13. clogher celt on

    Quick Quiz,



    Who is being described in the following quotes?




    Walter Smith


    (former Rangers, Everton and Scotland manager)



    “The one thing you will always get from (him) is honesty.”





    David Hay




    (ex-Celtic, Motherwell, St Mirren, Dunfermline and Livingston manager)



    “(He) is one of the most genuine and talented people I have met.”





    Joe O’Donnell



    (hugely successful Scottish businessman, built top of the range car company Shields)



    “I consider (him) to be one of the most trustworthy individuals I have ever met.”





    Answer in a few minutes.

  14. Beautiful day here in Dublin, made better by the fact that I just started a thirteen week holiday.




  15. glendalystonsils on

    Those in the know warned us that blue collar crime is particularly difficult to prosecute




    Blue nose crime even more so, it seems.

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Brendan has been phoning round all and sundry in the last few weeks,re character references and attributes to all of the playing staff and all the coaching staff,my info is from one of the above.

  17. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!! on 3RD JUNE 2016 12:41 PM


    It hasn’t rained since Brendan became Manager…:))



    Just a couple of isolated thunderstorms over Ibrox and Hampden:-))

  18. fieldofdrams on

    There was nothing more predictable than today’s outcome that Craig Whyte would be left to twist in the wind alone. The Duff and Phelps guys have had so much time to ‘sort out’ their story with others no longer subject to prosecution, but all of them need a patsy. Enter Craig Whyte, centre stage.



    Hopefully Craigy-boy’s defence will major on shafting all the others from a great height. Let’s hope the recording pen and secret camera were working well. I don’t see him going down alone.

  19. It’s unfair and unfortunate but it’s football these days – if the senior players don’t like you and so t respect you then you’re finished and no amount of anger from the fans or talk of clearing out players who create problems will change that



    Ronny didn’t have the personality to manage a top club

  20. As an outsider I think it was clear that the senior players didn’t buy in to start off. From January last year it looked like they had but as soon as Malmo put us out the CL the rattle was out the pram again.



    You have player(s) with close friends in the SMSM running to them with stories about chips, you have rumours of players turning up with their own breakfast cereals as they don’t like the ones they are being told to eat – they’re not ggggrrrrreeeeeeeetttttttt seemingly -, you players stuck on international duty, waiting on a plane, eating McDonalds, hammering the manager to the assembled Tartan Army and press and then you have others who bought into Deila but hated John Collins.



    I think there is cliques in the dressing room. Like most work places. The strong one in Deila’s first season was broken up last close season. Jason D, VVD, Bitton, Guidetti, Johanson were the alpha males. That changed and the old guard were dominant this season.



    The players played a major part in getting Deila his harry potters. This happens at every club. Rodgers knows this. Hence his research and background checks. I’m sure Rodgers has called Deila and will have a fair idea of what went on.



    Rodgers has been impressive while not really doing anything than what you would expect him to do. The hard stuff is coming. He needs to root out the bad apples and just root out those who are not just up to the task.



    There is going to be more cliff hangers than Eastenders in the coming weeks.

  21. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    thomthethim@ 12.24



    – thanks for posting that interesting cutting.



    Sir Patrick Dollan was my gran’s brother; it looks as if he was happy to criticise the SFA but drew his claws in a bit in his comments about the Horribles.



    Maybe he felt with a war raging he couldn’ t afford to upset them; those rivets don’t go in themselves, you know.

  22. Always amusing when Celtic supporters are surprised by racist Scotland practicing racism on the minority happens.



    Have Celtic said anything about res12 yet? Thought not.



    Paul your gonna need more squirrels mate.

  23. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    A very plausible analysis of the Reign of Ron.



    It will be interesting to see who does leave early.


    Rodgers is not going to work with any identified stirrers and may wish to remove them before he gets down to work.



    He will, equally, not want to lose anyone who he thinks will benefit the squad, no matter how much money is offered from Arsenal et al.



    If one of his top players seeks a move, he may agree to, perhaps let him go in January.



    This all depends, of course, on what period is left on contracts.

  24. BSR for it is he, has taken to write in the third person singular for the following reasons, Julius Caesar utilised this writing style, to good effect. So did ole I Clavdivs and various other despots. Therefore it amuses no end.



    After more than several decades the Beauty of Burnside can recognise when her Spouse is thinking about fishing , as his normally vacant features, take on an even more gormless expression, with just a hint of wistfulness. She knows that unless orders are given at this juncture Roger Bartlet will attempt escape again, possibly with the aid of


    Lt Commander Eric Ashley-Pitt



    So without further a do and the mown lawn now burnt to her satisfactory cinder.



    The Great Escape



    Gone Fishin CSC

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