Getting it right at the back against Fenerbahce


Jozo Simunovic has had an unusual first month as a Celtic player. His solitary appearance came in the Amsterdam ArenA two weeks ago, injury has kept him side-lined since, but there’s a good chance he’ll face Fenerbahce in two days’ time. It takes a lot for a 21-year-old to make his club, then home, debut in these circumstances.

Getting it right in defence on Thursday will be the most important area of the field for Celtic. The responsibility to attack normally lies with the home team in Europe but Fenerbahce will attack for all they’re worth at Celtic Park. A home defeat to Molde means that even a draw away to Celtic would put the Turks in a good position. They need a win and will have watched some of our defending this season.

Ronny played it perfectly against Ajax and I’d be tempted to do the same again. We can score against anyone at Celtic Park. Defend properly and we’ll do well.

Thanks to everyone who donated to the Foundation since our Great Scottish Run appeal went out yesterday. The Foundation are currently working with the British Red Cross, Refugee Crisis Appeal, assisting people fleeing war and persecution in the Middle East and Europe. Money raised from this month’s Jock Stein Anniversary game went to this cause, and, in line with many other clubs, €1 from every ticket sold will go to assisting refugees. There’s a lot more to come on this subject.

The work goes on in other areas, of course, as the Foundation works with those who fall through the cracks in society, and sponsors projects with the sick, or families who need assistance. There are a number of us participating in the Great Scottish Run for the Foundation, you can contribute on any of the pages below:

Click here for my linked donation page.

Here for Steve Gunn’s.

Here for Thomas Eman’s.

Here for Robert Doherty’s.

Here for Stephen Hewitt’s.

Here for Kenny O’Neill’s.

If you are running for the Foundation and would like a shout for your donations page, email me, celticquicknews@gmail.com

And it’s not too late to sign up, get the trainers out, and run it yourself!

Thanks for your support.

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  1. Morning all.



    God bless the one and only Jinky.



    Gone but never forgotten.



    Favourite memory is him destroying Terry Cooper – a great player – that night at Hampdump.



    Cooper ended up on his erchie a few times.




  2. Taurangabhoy on 30th September 2015 10:01 am …………………….Kojo was/is a racist and I ain’t a handwringer.

  3. BMCUW,



    A good article.



    Scudamore is an odious character who is concerned only with money. He seems to neither know nor care that the EPL is a cash rich league, where players come principally for financial reasons.



    They have either finished with winning and don’t care anymore or have never won anything major and still don’t care.



    Hell slap it up them



    Árd Macha

  4. Taurangabhoy



    “Where are the goals coming from?”



    Nowhere, apparently Lewandowski has cornered that bit of the market.



    He’s equalled Partick and Murderwell’s combined League goals total of 10 for the season so far in the past week alone!

  5. Marrakesh Express on

    Thunder Road.



    Dundee utd 7-2 in 69.


    Leeds home and away 70.


    Huns 3-1 Scottish cup 70 at Parkhead


    Huns 2 -1 Scottish cup final replay 71.



    Red Star his greatest though in my book.

  6. Far too many people on here are too thin skinned for message boards. While I think name calling is totally childish I’ve never really seen out and out abuse like I’ve witnessed in other (albeit non-football) message boards.



    This is a gentle place. Some people just need to grow up a little bit and remember that it’s all anonymous. If somebody you don’t know and you’re never going to meet is giving you a little grief so what? Step back and remember that it really doesn’t matter one iota what they think.

  7. Of course it helps that I’ve used a chrome plugin to stop me seeing posts from the people that annoy me.

  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    i have holidayed in Turkey many times, once in Istanbul, an amazing city as I am sure some regular posters on here will confirm. Most Turks I spoke to are keen students of football, and are aware of Celtic and their achievements. Like us, they live for their clubs, none more so than the fans of Fenerbahce, who have a great affinity with their club. I think this is in part due to their home being on the Asian side of the Bosphoros. Their main Istanbul rivals (a bigger Derby than Besiktas), are Galatasaray, very much the establishment club in Turkey, or Huns as we would have it.


    There will be great interest in the game in Turkey, and I hope that any Fenerbahce fans who make the journey to Glasgow are given a respectful welcome. No doubt the SMSM, will ramp up the more distasteful side of fanatical Istanbul supporters, in the hope of trouble between both sets of supporters. Don’t oblige them. Rant over.



    Respectfanaticalsupporterslikeus CSC

  9. We should be encouraging people to post by being tolerant of differing opinions and by appreciating that we do all share the same beliefs. The only common denominator is our love and support of Celtic.










    In my own experience,even those with whom I have had disagreements on here are really sound people with their heart in the right place.



    How many people of your close acquaintance/family have you had heated disagreements with? Plenty,I expect. As have most people.



    The blog is really no different. If anyone thinks they should only share space with those who agree 100% with their opinions,I suggest they find a comfortable phone box.

  11. The Battered Bunnet on

    I use a clever cloaking mechanism – Romulus IV – on my posts that ensures only those people who I want to read them are able to see them.

  12. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    I tried that, but found it was a terrible drain on my iPads batteries. In the end I had to re-route (pronounced re-rowt) power directly from the warp core. :-)))

  13. Bawsman I can’t remember if you were one of the lynching mob on kojo who bye the way talked far more Celtic than any other single person here since but you can believe whatever you think, like he can, in my opinion. Put a convenient label on it and suppress debate. Crass.

  14. Too right BMCUWP you of all of us make a habit of connecting with the real peeps not the nom de plumes. None of us perfect eh. Anyone on here has Celtic in their breast except old ed Ursus who was a good sort, and those pesky Hunterlopers . Hail hail

  15. Taurangabhoy on 30th September 2015 11:07 am



    Kojo was called out for some racism in his posts. He eventually chose to stop posting. He wasn’t forced off the site or banned. So his opinion wasn’t suppressed. He simply chose not to express it here anymore.

  16. The Battered Bunnet on

    Heck, seems I selected the “Dorks and Orcs Only” option on the audience filter for that last post.



    Still trying to get used to this technology.




  17. Weeminger with all due respect bollocks. I was here. I saw it happening. Just made a comment to am blogger who had similar cyberbullying and who is still here. Kojo was chased.

  18. Regarding the Russian involvement in Syria…



    Syria and Iraq don’t need more airstrikes. ISIS have already changed the way they move to minimize the impact of air support.



    Assad doesn’t have the ability to take territory back from ISIS or the rebels. He is trying to bog down and hold the Alawite strongholds and hope that some de facto partition takes place.



    The Russian involvement won’t change anything.

  19. Perhaps the people who no longer post have a gambling addiction and don’t wish to be tormented by incessant pop up ads for gambling sites.

  20. Got to wonder at the club’s real mission.



    Just tried again to purchase 3 match Europa League package. After waiting for 20 minutes listening to recorded voices telling me about tickets for the Raith and Hearts game and some upcoming fixtures I got through to a helpful operator.



    That’ll be £66; oh plus 3 x a £1.50 booking fee (yes 3 booking fees !); plus You’ll need to come to get the tickets………what happened to the print at home option ? Why the 3 x booking fee. Why can’t I buy on-line ?



    Fizzing just now and just think we are getting milked. At the momemnt I’m not going to buy – will probably end up going but if I wasnt so daft I’d just stay and watch on TV.





    Thanks for that-but it’s really just an excuse for a dayoooooot in pleasant company. It’s hard to find in Kilwinning!



    Re KOJO,I enjoyed much of his posts,frequently had an agreeable to and fro with him.



    But his comment about Obama,miscegenation,donkeys and thoroughbreds was the one which he-sadly-couldn’t live down.



    I’d like to see him back though. I doubt it will happen.

  22. Imaloy29,


    You quite obviously don’t have a clue what you are talking about.


    Russia will co-ordinate with Assads troops on the ground, the problem before with USA and Europeans was no one on the ground to direct air strikes, the USA spent $500M and have 5 yes that’s it 5 on the ground.


    4 years and all the yanks and Europeans done was make ISIS stronger, obviously that still the way to go eh.

  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Good man.


    How extraordinarily nasty the socialist thought police can be.


    I thought socialism was about consideration for one`s fellow man.


    Kojo was at the very least in his eighties.


    You`re right.


    He was hounded out of here. And said so.


    His mortal sin,however,was that he was an avowed capitalist and made no pretence of being otherwise……….unlike the wee pretendy anti-capitalists who mention their share holdings and support an avowedly capitalist organisation called Celtic.








    Alternatively,they are now using those sites!



    My IT dept go ballistic about the malware going through my work PC from this site. Yesterday,they had to close all my access before a reset.



    Still,gives them something to do…




    The US and UK special forces have been on the ground directing air strikes. That’s an absolute fact. Assad and the Iraqi government have also been backed by Iran who have been providing assistance including boots on the ground via Hezbollah and the Shia Militia’s.



    Assad holds less than 25% of Syria and the momentum is very much with ISIS and the other rebel groups. I don’t believe there is any possibility that Assad could defeat either.



    Let’s not forget that it’s the Assad regime are killing more civilians than anybody with their barrell bombs. This isn’t a regime anybody should be propping up.



    I don’t see Russia being a game changer at all.

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