Getting it right at the back against Fenerbahce


Jozo Simunovic has had an unusual first month as a Celtic player. His solitary appearance came in the Amsterdam ArenA two weeks ago, injury has kept him side-lined since, but there’s a good chance he’ll face Fenerbahce in two days’ time. It takes a lot for a 21-year-old to make his club, then home, debut in these circumstances.

Getting it right in defence on Thursday will be the most important area of the field for Celtic. The responsibility to attack normally lies with the home team in Europe but Fenerbahce will attack for all they’re worth at Celtic Park. A home defeat to Molde means that even a draw away to Celtic would put the Turks in a good position. They need a win and will have watched some of our defending this season.

Ronny played it perfectly against Ajax and I’d be tempted to do the same again. We can score against anyone at Celtic Park. Defend properly and we’ll do well.

Thanks to everyone who donated to the Foundation since our Great Scottish Run appeal went out yesterday. The Foundation are currently working with the British Red Cross, Refugee Crisis Appeal, assisting people fleeing war and persecution in the Middle East and Europe. Money raised from this month’s Jock Stein Anniversary game went to this cause, and, in line with many other clubs, €1 from every ticket sold will go to assisting refugees. There’s a lot more to come on this subject.

The work goes on in other areas, of course, as the Foundation works with those who fall through the cracks in society, and sponsors projects with the sick, or families who need assistance. There are a number of us participating in the Great Scottish Run for the Foundation, you can contribute on any of the pages below:

Click here for my linked donation page.

Here for Steve Gunn’s.

Here for Thomas Eman’s.

Here for Robert Doherty’s.

Here for Stephen Hewitt’s.

Here for Kenny O’Neill’s.

If you are running for the Foundation and would like a shout for your donations page, email me, celticquicknews@gmail.com

And it’s not too late to sign up, get the trainers out, and run it yourself!

Thanks for your support.

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    I’m very proud of my Papa,tunnelled under The Somme in WWI.



    You too are rightly proud of your Dad.



    Both great men,in a hell full of them.



    Meantime,Churchill was proving himself a great trencherman.

  2. WEEMINGER on 29TH SEPTEMBER 2015 9:32 AM



    I’d say that a proper LB is a must so it’s got to be Blackett or Tierney. Either that or change to a back 3. But an untested formation is probably an even bigger risk.






    Playing a natural left back makes most sense & It will probably be Blackett, though unfortunately I can see him having an uncomfortable night. 3 at the back could be an option too but it’s not RD’s style, so for me I’d go with experience & take a chance on Efe. It’s an interesting dilemma but whoever does get the nod will likely have a massive effect on the result. Keep Nani quiet & your a hero, I just hope if the opposite happens then he’s not made a scapegoat.



    Looking forward to the game in trepidation. HH!

  3. MWD



    There’s much about Celtic to be criticized, my gripe is when it gets so bad, and you don’t know who is doing it, because of the internet cloak of anonymity? CQN as we know is mild in comparison, and partly sanitized.



    How many extreme negativist posters turn up and mingle with you or other CQN’rs on match day?



    The only place you get away with ‘booing a draw’ is actually at Celtic Park, and at the end of the game on Saturday there were plenty booing, unless I’m mistaken.



    Some posters thought it was ‘a great game’ – I didn’t, and was just as critical of Griffiths et all, for failing to score, when they should have. During the game I think it’s the jersey you support not whoever’s favourite or non favourite that’s filling it.



    I’m fine with Celtic fans and constructive criticism of Celtic on the internet, it’s the others that I guage, and learn to scroll past.




  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on






    I’m very proud of my Papa,tunnelled under The Somme in WWI.





    Your granpapa ?



    My old man was there too.



    Twist or stick?





  5. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Lest anyone should be mistaken, my political post on behalf of the Scottish Conservatives st the end of the last blog was intended as a wind up. As it has been copied and pasted on the new blog, I wouldn’t like posters to read it and think I was one prawn short of a barbie or as TD67 would have it, abusing Chrystal meths.




  6. If Simunovic is fit , I think he will play alongside Boyatta with Lustig at right back.


    The left back dilemma might just be answered by Effe Ambrose.


    I’m sure our man Effe has played here before.


    If so , let’s hope he sticks to defending and none of the overlapping , losing possession bombing forward malarkey.



    Back to keeping the country on it’s feet csc.

  7. BRISBANE 67... Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    Is it safe to post yet? Last time I tried, I was informed by Napoleon and his Diabolical Band of Tinpot Dictators that having a 67 in your username was a sure sign you’re a hun. What do the yanks say? Go figure?



    Anyway. CQN has a real problem on their hands with these little Hitler type moderators. You know the type: they have a really sh## real life and come on here, build their little pretend empires by attacking opinions that do not meet with their standards.



    TonyDonnelly67 SaintStivvs to name and shame one or two.


    Gallipoli AND The Somme?



    Game,set and match,old bean.



    Incredible to have survived both those campaigns.





    They’re only jealous cos you’re younger than them…

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    I never really appreciated that when he was alive , but I made sure the ” kids ” do.

  11. “TonyDonnelly67 SaintStivvs to name and shame one or two.”







    I wouldn’t be scrolling past any of their posts to get to yours if I’m honest.

  12. BRISBANE 67... Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    Okay. To state the obvious, bang the drum, repeat the mantra” Deila must go. Lawwell must follow. Desmond sell your shares.

  13. MoonbeamsWD on 29th September 2015 1:11 pm











    It is possible to be supportive of the team and every player wearing the hoops during any 90 mins. That does not mean they are as a team or individually worthy of wearing that top. If you can’t criticise on a forum for Celtic supporters anything to do with the club, team or players then what the heck is the point of this place.







    Strap line says it all – NOT LAZY JOURNALISM.







    This ain’t the Celtic View. It’s the fans view or at least a small section of the fans view.







    Before blogs I stood many a time in pubs and on supporters buses listening to happy clappy, mineshafters, fence sitters and some with a foot in all camps as per how the wind blew.







    I do worry about those who cannot see past Celtic to the point that criticism is unacceptable.







    But each to their own.







    It’s the 90 minute booooo bhoys who pee me off rather than those who come on here to criticise. Booooooing bhoys are green huns every last one.







    MWD said AYE


    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/getting-it-right-at-the-back-against-fenerbahce/#comments






    I’ll say something I rarely say ‘I agree with MWD’!



    The mineshafters (or negatrons now seems to be the buzzword) get it tight on here and when they disappear all’s well in happy clappy land.



    The extreme happy clappers are really just as bad for the blog but it never looks as bad because they will always look for the positives which inevitably comes across better than a knee jerk rant after a bad result/display. If they were zombies they would have spun the defeat to St Johnstone as good thing!

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    You`re excused now so you can watch Jeremy ” the crow” Corby making his entrance surrounded by the Corby kids.


    Theatre or what ?

  15. BRISBANE 67... Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    Geordie Munro



    ‘If’ you are honest? You mean you’re not sure?


    As a comfort to you, albeit a small one, find solace in the fact, that despite your weighty authority on the subjectives of interesting posts, I’ll temper your blushes by saying, in all sincere honesty….



    Who are you???

  16. Oldtim67



    Unfortunately I won’t be at the match on Thursday.



    I’m away on business.



    Enjoy you couple of days on the booze ,and keep well.




  17. MWD






    I’m not nearly as negative at the match as I am on here.






  18. TBB



    You also make a good point.



    I believe that I never underestimate my opposition.


    I am never complacent,and I prepare for the worst.



    I keep my own hopes of world domination deeply private.(:-)




  19. By the way.



    The worst that could happen to Celtic is that Mike Ashley eventually gains control ,and then heavily invests in the team.



    As unlikely as many seem to think this is.



    Celtic would be very ill prepared for it.



    We have just lost £4m in the last year.



    Since the demise of Oldco ,we have lost out on over £60million of CL income.



    Just imagine what we could have done with that £60m,when the Newco arrive.




  20. Bawsman



    My flabber is gasted that you have woken up, sniffed the caffeine and discovered that the economic policies of the current Scottish government are notable for their nothingness.


    In the policy of a big boy done it and ran away I will give you a clue.



    What current or past leader of a political party said on the Scottish people’s behalf :- ” Scotland didn’t mind the economic side to Margaret Thatcher”.



    So what tag is more applicable Tartan Tories or Red Tories. ?




  21. Kingoh,


    I find the happy clappers spend all their time attacking the mineshafters because they don’t have any counter arguments, they simply refuse to acknowledge things could be a lot better. So if they can’t put up a counter argument the easy and most common option is to question the allegiances of those who don’t are their arse and conform to lock tugging.

  22. Tiny Tim



    I don’t worry or concern myself about your posts even if they sometimes come across as a wee bit different from mine.



    You are just like the vast majority on here who support Celtic, a thoroughly decent bloke.



    Keep posting and I hope your business trip goes well.

  23. West End of East End on

    BRISBANE 67 – Saint Stivs post was a woosh moment that went straight over your head, I was going to explain it but can’t be bothered. If you’re offended by it, you’re too thin skinned and looking to be offended. I thought it was the best laugh on the blog yesterday…I’m sure TD67 thought so too…

  24. Only going on very limited viewing of our possible left backs for Thursday I’d go with Blackett.



    Playing with a back three might work but Thursday isn’t the time or place to competitively trial it.




  25. Hebcelt 1.17



    You are technically correct ,but our captain calls him Dad.


    Therefore I will as well .




  26. Bada..,


    Do you think anything will be done by the board to counter this attack on the Celtic brand ?

  27. Canamalar.



    I find it’s very much a shoulder shrug, can’t win ’em all, on to the next game attitude which is fine but there is an unwillingness to accept that others may react differently.

  28. I must have misread bsrs post.



    I read it as he found TT a rare breed in the fact that the only thing he seems to do more than moan about all things Celtic is physically support all things celtic.







    ps. I believe our captains parents have been separated for some time.

  29. Tinytim Whit are you Scott’s secret brother or half brother?? I think we should be told!!! H H Hebcelt

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