Getting it right at the back against Fenerbahce


Jozo Simunovic has had an unusual first month as a Celtic player. His solitary appearance came in the Amsterdam ArenA two weeks ago, injury has kept him side-lined since, but there’s a good chance he’ll face Fenerbahce in two days’ time. It takes a lot for a 21-year-old to make his club, then home, debut in these circumstances.

Getting it right in defence on Thursday will be the most important area of the field for Celtic. The responsibility to attack normally lies with the home team in Europe but Fenerbahce will attack for all they’re worth at Celtic Park. A home defeat to Molde means that even a draw away to Celtic would put the Turks in a good position. They need a win and will have watched some of our defending this season.

Ronny played it perfectly against Ajax and I’d be tempted to do the same again. We can score against anyone at Celtic Park. Defend properly and we’ll do well.

Thanks to everyone who donated to the Foundation since our Great Scottish Run appeal went out yesterday. The Foundation are currently working with the British Red Cross, Refugee Crisis Appeal, assisting people fleeing war and persecution in the Middle East and Europe. Money raised from this month’s Jock Stein Anniversary game went to this cause, and, in line with many other clubs, €1 from every ticket sold will go to assisting refugees. There’s a lot more to come on this subject.

The work goes on in other areas, of course, as the Foundation works with those who fall through the cracks in society, and sponsors projects with the sick, or families who need assistance. There are a number of us participating in the Great Scottish Run for the Foundation, you can contribute on any of the pages below:

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Here for Steve Gunn’s.

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If you are running for the Foundation and would like a shout for your donations page, email me, celticquicknews@gmail.com

And it’s not too late to sign up, get the trainers out, and run it yourself!

Thanks for your support.

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  1. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on




    Marspapa sits at the back and then sprays those passes around the pitch. Intelligent football. If you try to pass him he trips you with his zimmer



    Me, I just round headlesslike :-)







  2. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on




    That should be “run round”, but I assume you knew that







  3. Summa



    Choccy McClair.


    Pity we never signed Robert Lewandowski from Lech Poznan in 2008, when he was affordable. Wonder what he will do at Hampden next week?

  4. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Every time the Gunners score; they concede one at the other end. The goalscorer none other than Albert Finnbogason. Sign him, a goal scoring striker in the CL:-)







  5. Sipsini



    Goalie is my best position , as for tripping people , I would if I could catch them :)



    Btw , how’s yir flers looking noo you’ve washed them, naw no the troosirs fae the 70’s



    Yir widden flers , the wanz ye wok oan. :)

  6. For everyone else, Cabra Dublin 15, was built for people from the Inner City, much like East Kilbride.



    Having said it can be a bit rough, but the people there are the best.





  7. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Interesting to note that, throughout Europe tonight, that teams who spent a lot of money on players, and teams who didnt spend a lot of money on players, are winning, losing and drawing.



    itsagame CSC

  8. Big Fat Johnstone’s a barrel of shite reckons that Celtic will beat Fenerbache, mainly because the Turks don’t really fancy the Europa League….



    I reckon he’s right




    Fat Rangers bassas are sometimes right….




    Turkish League is 2nd tier in European terms and even they don’t fancy it…..



    Delia is the feckin dud who has landed us there

  9. Ha, I’ll look forward to the weather reports from Cabra . We will then decide if it’s like East Kilbride.




  10. Cracking entertainment at the emirates. What would a cambiasso look like in the hoops? I understand wage caps and all that but I think most players would understand if we could push the boat out now and again for genuine class.

  11. What is the Stars on



    Yes Cabra on Dublin north side was built in the 30s as part of a’ slum clearance’ (for want of a better term) programme by the fledgling free state govt. It was a very progressive social policy at the term providing gardens and indoor plumbing for people who up until then had lived in dickensian tenements

  12. WITS: To those of us who understand Dublin humour I know what you mean. However, like your Denis O Brien comment last week, it comes across badly, taken literally, which I know you didn’t mean.

  13. What is the Stars on



    What ?


    Comes across badly ?


    what exactly comes across badly.


    As for o ‘ brien


    Hell mend him.

  14. CRC…



    I reckon he can splay the ball about, always thought he looked a bit like George Connely, might have rubbed off on Mars.



    Marspappa, floors as clean as a whistle.



    Watched Caesar the cat go a square go with a fox last night, don’t think that fox will be in my garden again :)

  15. DD: I was giving up on Barcelona but, fair play, they rescued the points with a very good second half performance. Viva Catalunyu!

  16. Going to be in Albufeira for the game on Thursday. Anyone know of any Tim friendly bars likely to be showing our game?

  17. Teams from “the best league in the world” (according to SKY Sports) have been gubbed. Deary me :-)))))




  18. Delaneys Dunky


    When Lewandowski was affordable the man from the UK travelled to Poland and said he got green light from Celtic to negotiate transfer. He also told the agent that he can sell Lewandowski to the UK clubs only if he contacts with him first. The man from here was in little shock. You can guess what the man from the UK heard in the answer.

  19. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    I am not sure quite what I am doing pre-game on Thursday. Are you and Mick planning on joining the Bhoys in the Blane Valley?




  20. WITS: expressing “condolences” to a fellow blogger for marrying someone from Cabra could be construed as insulting. I know you used exclamation marks, and I acknowledge the humour intended. However, like the comment I referred to about D O B, not everyone else will see it that way. It is not a criticism, just an observation.

  21. “But what’ comes across badly’”







    Dunno. But the ol master Cambiasso comes across baldy.

  22. Sipsini



    I’m more George formby , than George Connely.



    Obviously the Fox is a newbie to the territory , taking on Caesar pfftt, deserved all he got .



    Have you heard from Acgr ?