Getting it right at the back against Fenerbahce


Jozo Simunovic has had an unusual first month as a Celtic player. His solitary appearance came in the Amsterdam ArenA two weeks ago, injury has kept him side-lined since, but there’s a good chance he’ll face Fenerbahce in two days’ time. It takes a lot for a 21-year-old to make his club, then home, debut in these circumstances.

Getting it right in defence on Thursday will be the most important area of the field for Celtic. The responsibility to attack normally lies with the home team in Europe but Fenerbahce will attack for all they’re worth at Celtic Park. A home defeat to Molde means that even a draw away to Celtic would put the Turks in a good position. They need a win and will have watched some of our defending this season.

Ronny played it perfectly against Ajax and I’d be tempted to do the same again. We can score against anyone at Celtic Park. Defend properly and we’ll do well.

Thanks to everyone who donated to the Foundation since our Great Scottish Run appeal went out yesterday. The Foundation are currently working with the British Red Cross, Refugee Crisis Appeal, assisting people fleeing war and persecution in the Middle East and Europe. Money raised from this month’s Jock Stein Anniversary game went to this cause, and, in line with many other clubs, €1 from every ticket sold will go to assisting refugees. There’s a lot more to come on this subject.

The work goes on in other areas, of course, as the Foundation works with those who fall through the cracks in society, and sponsors projects with the sick, or families who need assistance. There are a number of us participating in the Great Scottish Run for the Foundation, you can contribute on any of the pages below:

Click here for my linked donation page.

Here for Steve Gunn’s.

Here for Thomas Eman’s.

Here for Robert Doherty’s.

Here for Stephen Hewitt’s.

Here for Kenny O’Neill’s.

If you are running for the Foundation and would like a shout for your donations page, email me, celticquicknews@gmail.com

And it’s not too late to sign up, get the trainers out, and run it yourself!

Thanks for your support.

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  1. Prof Green



    Jinky’s in Albufeira. Half way up the strip at a junction(supermarket other side). Haven’t been there since 2007 but it was a good boozer then.

  2. Wits, I’m assuming that you going on about CrimeWatch from Cabra and that kind of stuff is understood by fellow Irish as harmless banter but Almore is concerned that, that type of stuff read by a worldwide readership might be taken seriously in some quarters.

  3. Just awakening from a period of shock! Had to go lie down for a few hours.



    Kingho – please do not agree with me again. My wee heart canny take it.



    MWD said AYE

  4. Zbyszek



    Pity. I think Robert Lewandowski will put Scotland to the sword next week.


    Hope you are keeping in good health.


    Hail Hail

  5. CONEYBHOY on 29TH SEPTEMBER 2015 9:48 PM


    Prof Green







    Jinky’s in Albufeira. Half way up the strip at a junction(supermarket other side). Haven’t been there since 2007 but it was a good boozer then.



    Thanks mate will check that out

  6. What is the Stars on

    Cork celt


    That’s a bizarre presumption


    However thanks,at least you tried to make sense of it.


    It’s no big deal anyway


    what about all the terrible things I say about cork?


    Maybe the numbers of Scottish tourists visiting Cabra will plummet

  7. No hassle lads, best thing I ever did was marrying Cabra lass.



    Wits, no hassle.



    Up Cabra.

  8. Professor Green on 29th September 2015 9:39 pm


    Jinkys still going strong,was in a few weeks ago,a good sing song too :))

  9. What is the Stars on



    Why would there be hassle?


    Because I offered you sympathy for marrying a woman from Cabra.


    Has no one got a sense of humour any more


    except for me and you?


    My father married a woman from Cabra


    God help him☺

  10. WITS



    I have worked in Dublin and Cork. Loved them both. My pocket preferred Cork though. :)

  11. Wits…




    I didn’t say anything came over badly. See you and Almore for a drink in Dublin, you’re both on the bell :)





    My feck my Cat can fight, jumping up and down in the air, wish I recorded it.



    He’s been strutting about like his namesake after picking up the big one. :)

  12. Sipsini



    When you come back from your holidays , and your. Strutting about the house with a smile of a



    Cheshire Cat , maybe Caesar will fancy taking on a (Welsh) Dragon …..;)just like his owner haha !!

  13. WITS



    Yer awrite pal. Like Santa, the toothfairy and one handsome hun. 500 million of them don’t exist.

  14. Jungle Jim, Just scrolled back and saw your post. I’ll definitely be in the Blane Valley pre match. kikinthenakas has my tickets and I’m meeting him there around 4/4.30. Not sure about Mick, as a rule he doesn’t drink pre game and may opt to keep away from temptation.

  15. What is the Stars on



    Certainly no offence taken by me


    Just curious as to what could have ‘come across badly’


    Don’t give people from Cabra guns?


    Don’t marry them?


    Or the Crimewatch one?


    Having grown up there I would stand over all 3 comments apart from the marrying one because in fairness there was one very nice girl who was worth marrying but I believe she married Clogher. .

  16. Corkcelt



    Pity that I will be scrambling from work to make kick off time on Thursday. Would loved to have met you. My good friend Oldtim will look after you. Enjoy and safe return journey.


    Hail Hail

  17. Thanks DD. Have met Old Tim a few times, a real gent and a great ghuy. I’ll give a quick visit to CQN corner before the game, my seat is in the Lounges area, so I’ll probably hang out and have a jar there.