Getting it right when it matters


14 years ago, St Mirren responded to a 7-0 thumping by Celtic performance to knock us out of the Scottish Cup a week later.  It wasn’t 7-0 when the teams met last month, but the 4-0 win was just as satisfying.  We expected Saints to out-perform most of the sides visiting Celtic Park, instead, they ‘bravely’ took the game to Celtic and were punished for their naivety.

If Ange Postecoglou was their manager, they would play the same way tomorrow (unsubtle hint).  Stephen Robinson has that honour and I expect he will be far less adventurous this time.  Why follow the same failed plan?  Ange, on the other hand, must be genuinely excited when picking his team these days.  So many good players, all on form.  His biggest worry will be having a word in the ear of those not involved.

Across all competitions, we have 10 games scheduled before the split, with a Scottish Cup quarter final still up for grabs.  Only three of those games are away, against relegation-threatened Ross County and Kilmarnock, and at St Mirren, while there’s a final at Hampden.  The trip to Paisley might be the toughest, but some of us think we can win all those games….  Getting it right tomorrow evening would be a good start.

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  1. On the age survey (great idea Mod)



    43 respondents


    Max: 79 Min 40


    Ave: 64


    Median: 63 – Mod’s youth and a few early 50s pulling the distribution to the younger side by 1 year


    Mode: 67!!! Most popular answer

  2. Scullybhoy



    We now have Ave and Median at 64 so you have completed a normal distribution – a thing of beauty!

  3. Go tell the Spartim on

    Id be very surprised if the game was off, mate stays down that way, said smoke was brutal on the actual day but its ok now, think some streets were closed as a precaution though Nuneaton St will remain closed.



    tbh its the only way that St Mirren’s name will appear in the hat for the next round

  4. Away from football,Isn’t about time Scotland cut how many local Councils there is (what is the number)I’m pretty sure there is plenty on good money who have kept there jobs at the expense of the ordinary workers ,a lot of them at the highest level need to go and let’s be honest they won’t leave out of pocket,ie pension pot etc ,I mentioned several times on here the Council’s should be under one umbrella, hopefully doing them cuts will benefit all and proper services up and running,which is badly needed.

  5. Go Tell- still locked down around Nuneaton St,seems a lot of smoke damage in the Superstore, seems a meeting just now with H&S,fire service ,polis…..

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Unrelated to article.



    Just switched on BBC 1pm news



    Then switched off immediately



    UK headline – zero growth. Strikes and no fitba during World Cup pure done it !



    Absolute bollocks.



    Scottish headline – what is it with the city of Edinburgh and lap dancing clubs?



    Story flares up periodically like herpes.

  7. Prestonpans bhoys on

    There would have to be a very serious H&S issue for the game to be postponed. Moreover folk have booked flights, trains, boats to get there plus possibly accommodation



    Personally I would have preferred the game mid-week rather than that stupid 5:30 slot, third time we have endured one 😈

  8. SCULLYBHOY @ 1.23 Banks



    Ian White played for Leicester City v Glenavon at Windsor Park ECWC was at the game with pal, sadly deceased.



    Don’t know how Banks appeared after 1.23,he was in goal that night,and former Belfast Celtic player Jimmy Jones scored an absolute cracker.

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