Getting ready for Rosenborg, Takeover Panel blues


If results go to form, we will play Rosenborg within one or two days before the anniversary of our matches against them last season.  A year ago we were a tad underprepared; Rosenborg got a credible draw at Celtic Park, a game which could have ended in a significantly more onerous result for Celtic.

Seven days later Celtic were much sharper as they won in Norway.  Rosenborg were our biggest test in last season’s qualifiers.  They went on to eliminate Ajax from the Europa League, the Dutch having competed in the Europa final only three months earlier.

The challenge for Brendan Rodgers is to get his players up to speed a week earlier.

The rise of Europe at the World Cup remains on track.  European teams have won nine, drawn two and lost two of their games so far, with two of the Continent’s better teams, Portugal and Spain, in action today.

I expected the Takeover Panel to allow Dave King time over the summer to comply with the lapsed Court of Session 26 April deadline to make an offer for shares not held by his concert party, but clearly yesterday’s Court of Session action proved otherwise.

Many of the consequences of this, such as cold-shouldering, or legal consequences, are for the medium term.  The immediate issue is that it is clear King has been unable to lodge funds to comply with the court in three months.  As far as fulfilling this legal obligation is concerned, the man is as his QC claimed, “penniless”.

Keep in mind, Newco’s soft loans are repayable within the next 10 days.  Some may be renewed, but have been called in.  There will be enough season ticket money available to make these repayments, but that will leave a gap later in the season.  If only Dave could use some of that season ticket money elsewhere.

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  1. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bourne, its unbelievable how light it is.



    The official sunset time was 10.06 pm and its still light an hour later.

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    LG 30 seconds on SSN, re the obvious Sevco questions’i’m not interested, it’s what we do here’


    Broony done same the other day, good to see the hun questions are getting short shtift



    Cue Level 5 scum coming out with the ‘disrespectful’ bollox

  3. succulentlambstinks on

    How can a wee bawbag buy aw these defenders at a skint club ???


    And we can’t buy one just one top defender ???


    Every year the same. Right back (tae the keeper ) lustig who I wouldn’t let near Celtic Park. Cent defs boywonder and simonovic who can’t handle European teams if you have them bricks and mortar to build a wall. Every year the same no improvement and pumped in ch lge mainly because of our defence. Fed up.


    Buy a feckn defender boring Brendan it won’t hurt you.

  4. I was babysitting my gorgeous grandson today, so I only saw glimpses of Iran’s rearguard action against the exquisite Iniesta and his amigos.


    In fact I missed the goal which I didn’t think would ever come.


    I’ve seen these types of games as we strove to overcome stuffy resistance from the likes of Ross County, Patrick and the plucky new Sevco.


    Talking of which, I see they have signed a player Willie Waddell would be proud of.


    No news, or even rumors of signings, in or out for us.


    Brendan and Peter holding their cards close to their chests?


    I believe we are in a stronger position than last year, so I have no worries about the trip to Armenia, as long as the plane avoids Mount Ararat.


    Three interesting games scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, although the chances of me seeing The Wizard of Oz in action are slim and none.


    Good night and God bless.

  5. Looks like Stevie G has studied big Stevie Clarke’s handling of Brendan’s Lion’s!







  6. Worked in Yerevan a few years ago: summers are mingin’ hot with temperatures reaching 40-50C in sun. Players better be prepared physically.



    The people are really friendly with good food and drink too.

  7. Delaneys Dunky on

    Good morning from a bright, sunny Dalmuir on this summer solstice.


    Mon the Tom Rogic!



  8. BADA BING 10.50pm


    Sorry mate you are Wrong…Big Jimmy is NOT back. I am “Big Jimmy” and I havent posted for months due to some real roasters on here like Celteralla, and one or two others. I refuse to associate myself with the likes of him and as I have been Lurking all this time, I was also glad to NOT get engaged with that other attention seeking, daftie, Big Packy, as he really was a “Three year old with a TWO year old Brain” !


    It wasn’t just his “Dug Talk”, it was also, the many times he admitted to being a bit drunk ( after 4/5 beers….he was obviously a feckin lightweight !), but he was also posting about his wife going missing one day etc, and god knows what he expected anyone on here to do about it ?


    I was sorely tempted to tell the Chump to try phoning her and/or call the Cops, but then i thought better of it. he would also post that his wife “was upset about some comments ???? “….and in the next sentence he would tell us how “his wife DOESN’T read any posts” ?????? So the ONLY person that was maybe upsetting his wife….was HIM, as HE and HE ALONE must have been telling her whatever someone had posted !!!!



    As I stated BADA BING….I am NOT back, perhaps you have wrongly assumed that the other poster called JAMES1955, is/was me ?



    Oddly enough though, I was born in 1955, but in all sincerity, JAMES1955 is NOT me.


    Also JAMES1955 might not be entitled to be called “Big JimmY”, as he might only be 5ft 6in ? LOL


    Hail Hail.


    Signing off now…The REAL Big Jimmy.

  9. Sorry, I meant to add, that I do hope that my very good friends BLANTYRE TIM and BMCUWP are okay as I lost my mobile phone a a while back and also ALL my contact numbers obviously.


    I also hope that the many other members of CQN like OLD TIM, etc who I have enjoyed company with on occasions are also okay ?


    God Bless those Good Guys.


    Hail Hail

  10. weebawbabitty on

    Morning, big jimmy good to see you back posting, the blog needs good posters like yourself, Kevj hope you are good my friend HH

  11. weebawbabitty on

    Alastair McLean , I am doing island hopping in Greece at moment, at present in Amorgous

  12. Word of The Day



    Tyro or ti·ro [tahy-roh]



    noun, plural tyros.


    1. a beginner in learning anything; novice.



    Derived Forms tyronic or tironic (taɪˈrɒnɪk), adjective



    Word Origin and History for tyro




    1610s, from Medieval Latin tyro, variant of Latin tiro (plural tirones) “young soldier, recruit, beginner,” of unknown origin.






  13. Alasdair MacLean on



    I’ll need to get a map!


    I got a wee car for ten days…this lying in the one spot does my head in.


    Being able to get about lets you see the worst and the best of the place.


    As usual, (maybe it’s a hielan thing), I prefer the wee villages up in the hills!

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Big Jimmy- apologies, scroll on by guys that you don’t want to read, plenty more good guys on here.HH

  15. Big Jimmy: hope you are well. Give up the lurking and get back to posting. You’ve been well missed

  16. Almore


    I’m in the process of packing up to move home. Came across a few Celtic related gifts you kindly sent me.


    Don’t recall if I ever got round to thanking you.



    So if I didn’t…. thank ya muchly…

  17. Had a wee look at Sevco’s Europa opponents



    After financial issues with main sponsor Jugomagnat, Sloga went through an unstable period until, in 2012, Sloga was merged with FC Albarsa to form FK Shkupi.



    However, the Football Federation of Macedonia does not consider Shkupi to be successors to the original Sloga Jugomagnat for political reasons as the FFM allowed a merging between FK Vardar, the most popular club among ethnic Macedonians, and FK Miravci in 2011, with Vardar avoiding relegation and keeping its previous trophies and accolades.[1] Despite the FFM not recognising Shkupi’s track records and honours as Sloga, Sloga’s official support firm, previous players and management, recognize Shkupi as its successor.




    This is not an Awe_Naw csc

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