Getting ready for Rosenborg, Takeover Panel blues


If results go to form, we will play Rosenborg within one or two days before the anniversary of our matches against them last season.  A year ago we were a tad underprepared; Rosenborg got a credible draw at Celtic Park, a game which could have ended in a significantly more onerous result for Celtic.

Seven days later Celtic were much sharper as they won in Norway.  Rosenborg were our biggest test in last season’s qualifiers.  They went on to eliminate Ajax from the Europa League, the Dutch having competed in the Europa final only three months earlier.

The challenge for Brendan Rodgers is to get his players up to speed a week earlier.

The rise of Europe at the World Cup remains on track.  European teams have won nine, drawn two and lost two of their games so far, with two of the Continent’s better teams, Portugal and Spain, in action today.

I expected the Takeover Panel to allow Dave King time over the summer to comply with the lapsed Court of Session 26 April deadline to make an offer for shares not held by his concert party, but clearly yesterday’s Court of Session action proved otherwise.

Many of the consequences of this, such as cold-shouldering, or legal consequences, are for the medium term.  The immediate issue is that it is clear King has been unable to lodge funds to comply with the court in three months.  As far as fulfilling this legal obligation is concerned, the man is as his QC claimed, “penniless”.

Keep in mind, Newco’s soft loans are repayable within the next 10 days.  Some may be renewed, but have been called in.  There will be enough season ticket money available to make these repayments, but that will leave a gap later in the season.  If only Dave could use some of that season ticket money elsewhere.

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  1. I see one of Kevs heroesMurdo ,is advocating for Moussa to join Dortmund.


    Maybe next season Murdo can help “Big Stevie Clarke” plot a Celtic defeat.


    Maybe they both could join up with”Big Mark Mc Ghee and petition the Celtic fans to”Empty the stands”


    Every little helps.

  2. Big Jimmy,


    I must say,I have been missing my daily dose of “Chumps”since you went to lurking.


    Hope you are well.


    ALASDAIR MACLEAN on 21ST JUNE 2018 7:44 AM



    Anyone in Kalamaki, Zante, Greece?






    No, but I was yesterday.

  4. weebawbabitty on

    Alasdair McLean, amorgos is a small island village doing a couple more finishing up at Santorini. Hope you enjoy yours ??

  5. Proactive posters, lethargic lurkers and concomitant Celtic cronies



    I like the “dug talk” , especially when Celtic News is slow.



    IMO , it’s far more palatable to read than golfing posts for example.



    But each to their own as we are a broad church.and every post within the rules is welcome



    HH and woof woof.

  6. FAO of DD and WEEBAW…Thanks Bhoys for your very kind words, this morning. I MAY post more, once the Celts start up again.


    Just for the sake of clarity, I love most animals, as I dont like Reptiles and Huns ( I have a pet for 13 years now), so when i was dismayed at many of the “Talking Dugs Posts” by certain people as I have had some pets over the years, and Ive yet to have a “two way conversation”” with any of them ???? Any pet that I have/had tended to stick to “Pet Noises” LOL ?


    May I also advise BLANTYRE TIM and BMCUWP that although I lost my mobile a while ago, when I bought a new phone, I was able to keep my old number that they both have, so I would be grateful if both those great Bhoys/friends contacted me whenever, and I could save their numbers again ?



    Also for the sake of clarity, when i was posting regularly, I would post about my favourite Horse Trainer and his horses for that particular day etc. I would STRESS that these were NOT Tips….just my fancies.Sadly, Celtrella or BELLA, decided to have a pop at me for posting about Horses. I gave him/her every opportunity to say whatever that was on their mind to my face, outside any pub or building of their choice. He/she NEVER took me up on that offer.


    Also sadly, one or two other posters decided to “support” Celtabellas views at that time about my Horse racing posts. These Chumps have NEVER met me or know me, but yet these same Chumps would post about their families blah, blah blah etc ???


    I didn’t object to these guys/girls posting about their families or jobs etc, as I would mostly just scroll by, but it annoyed me a little that posters like that were having a pop at me for posting about something that wasn’t Celtic or football related, when others were posting about family, and Horse Racing !


    At that time “WITS” was dishing out horse Tips ( without much success), and yet he wasn’t subjected to any abuse or stupid comments ( No offence WITS). by Celtabella or others…Funny that ?



    One last mention about that eejit Big Packy….I had him sussed out some time ago, as he would ask the most stupid Celtic question that most celtic fans SHOULD know, and when no one responded to his dumb question, he would take the huff, and post some time later ” Okay, so no one wants to answer my earlier question….so here’s another” ?????? What the f@@K was that all about ?


    I was just glad NOT to get involved with him, as he at times turned this Blog into a joke. ANY Hun that was lurking on here at that time, must have been pashing themselves laughing ? I often seriously doubted as whether he had actually EVER seen Celtic playing ?



    This was/is a guy who despite having a “Wife”, Family and a Business to run ( according to him ?), claimed that CQN was his WHOLE LIFE ??????, and didn’t wish to fall out with anyone ? That self admission told it’s own story methinks.



    Did that Big Packy get kicked aff of here ?….just curious. if so it was LONG Overdue IMHO.



    Like others, I am also concerned that this Hun mob and King are being allowed to do whatever they want, I do hope that I am wrong ?


    i would also like to remind folk, and the SMSM that over the years they ( the SMSM), were reporting on the Huns new managers ( Le Guen and Pedro, Warburton etc) and HOW TOUGH they are/were on the Hun players at Training/Fitness etc. The Daily Ranger even had Photos of Le Guen training in the feckin Sahara Desert ( Alone ), and how the Hun players would never be Fitter once Le Guen puts them thru their paces blah blah ?


    This SMSM, just NEVER learn either, I see their telling us all all about Ali Gee’s TOUGH Fitness regime, and how the Hun players will never be fitter etc. We have heard/read all this before.



    IF the Hun players weren’t ” Fit Enough” under Le Guen, Pedro and Warburton etc…then why didn’t those in charge at Ipox “LEGALLY CHALLENGE” those so called managers, when sacking them for “Dereliction of Duty and/or Job Remit”, IF their players were never “Fit Enough” ? the Huns could have saved themselves a few quid when it came to paying out compensation ?






  7. Big Jimmy,



    Great to hear from you again.


    You can call me medium Jimmy i suppose.


    I am an ex-Easterhouse bhoy though like yerself.




    St. Clares & St. Leonards.


    I enjoy your stories.


    Keep posting please.





    DrummyYaBass.CSC ?

  8. TURKEYBHOY 8.56.


    Cheers mate and thanks for your kind words.




    I do NOT object to anyone posting about their Pets etc…but “Talkin Dugs”…gies a break fffs. HH



    Anyways, never mind “Talking Dugs”, I wish I had a “Talking Horse” that would tell me if he/she was gonny feckin WIN that day ? LOL



    HH Bjoys

  9. Big Jimmy, I am mainly a lurker and have no interest whatsoever in horseracing. That being said I really enjoyed your posts & always read them whilst scrolling past some others, don’t let the Eejits put you off.

  10. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Despite the fact that Gerrard was a complete tyro, especially in the specific world of Scottish Football, the Hun hoards continued to sip from the well of hubris.



  11. ? Wan Big Jimmy,



    Theres only wan Big Jimmy,



    Wan Big Jimmaaaaaaaay……?




  12. Big Jimmy



    Welcome back. Agree , talking drugs is a wee bit OTT.



    The blog need posters like yourself to give us a break from the MSSM which will undoubtedly go into hun adulation.



    HH to all

  13. Great words from Candeias on the 1st two days training in Spain,


    “I am exhausted,my legs feel like lead.We have done nothing else but run all day.We have not even seen a ball yet (That should get them used to September 1st).Even after these first 2 days ,I think we are a much better squad”Then cue the usual guff of how great a coach big Stevie is.


    Listening to this gibberish,should we be afraid?


    Aye right.

  14. Ops sorry guys , talking dugs, not drugs.



    However maybe that is equally appropriate



    Cheers and HH.

  15. JAMES1955,


    Cheers mate. Have you noticed that all us Bhoys called JAMES are all handsome liars ? LOL



    I was a Blessed John Ogilvie ( Before he was Cannonised) Primary. and then St Gregorys Seconadary ( Old and New) between 1968/1971.


    I used to get “Protection Money” aff of that Frankie Vaughan in Easterhouse….ONLY JOKING ! LOL


    Frankie tried his best to stop the Gang warfare ( Which i was never involved in)…I was too feart and too interested in Celtic and Girls….and soon after BEER !



    Ive so far only managed to get some money back off the Bookies during this World Cup after betting on every game so far. That one game was Spain V Portugal. i took 3-2 to Spain, but I “Cashed OUT” just before ronaldo made it 3-3 ! Thats the only time I was right so far..




    And BIGJIMMY makes a welcome return!



    Not before time,ya choob.



    How’s your Royal Ascot coming along?

  17. BIG JIMMY,But don’t you know , Sevco are the Establishment Club,This Cowardly Media,are dead scared to write or say a bad word about them,can’t blame some of them,that club is full of Gangster’s, anyway BJ,I wouldn’t mind if you posted a few of your Horse Tips on here, keep posting.

  18. I must go Bhoys, as I am currently dating a gorgeous wee burd who is only HALF my age ( she’s only 31) !


    She likes my daft Patter for some daft reason and thinks I am quite sexy ??????? and NO she is NOT Blind !


    Shes texting me right now to arrange our next “love in” this week end….Im STILL trying to recover from the last on Tuesday…that Ghirl will be the death of me….what a way to GO !


    i’M A lUCKY, lUCKY Bhoy…my auld legs are still shaking a wee bit since Tuesday.


    i know that she will probably BIN me once she meets some young Stud…and that I only have her ” On Loan” so to speak…but at my age, Ill enjoy her while I can !



    If yous do hear from me after this weekend…then you can safely assume that this young Lady has killed me ?



  19. Big Jimmy – Good to see you back, your patter has been missed. Also been missing your Horse observations, so feel free to share again. Between WITS and yourself my Ascot may improve




  20. Big Jimmy,


    Im in there somewhere. Spectator only of course.


    Stayed a 5 min walk from that Church.


    No way was i handing in my home made bow an arra ?


    Lochend School away in background. (Lochend Rd)




  21. BMCUPW,


    Royal Ascot has not been kind so far….BUT Keep your eye on the Jumps just now as the Trainer SKELTON horses/stable are in very good form the last few weeks. Ive had a few returns from them recently.


    My favourite FLAT Stable is Goldophin ( The Boys in Blue), so therefore I got the winner of the ENGLISH Serby ( Masar) at 16/1 ! Ya beauty.


    I watched at Ascot yesterday as KEW GARDENS won well ( Aiden OBrIens horse)…so I iimmediately stuck £10 quid on it for the St Leger at 5/1….i may well stick more on if the price shortens. Its being trained for the St Leger, that is Aidens long time goal for the horse….GET ON !



  22. Frankie Vaughan ( Give me the Moonlight) was by all accounts a really, nice and well iintentioned man. I had older friends and “Mentors” who had close dealing with him when he came to Easterhouse in the 1960’s, who have had nothing but good things to say about him and his efforts.


    Sadly, after raising about £35,000 to build a new Community centre, frankie must have been a very sad man, as once it was opened up….soon after after rival gangs were battling in it, to see who feckin “RULED IT” !!!!


    Absolutely mental.


    Thank God, I just stuck to Football, Celtic and Girls…..and latterly Beer…not maybe in that order ?



  23. Turkeybhoy on 21st June 2018 9:37 am



    Great words from Candeias on the 1st two days training in Spain,



    “I am exhausted,my legs feel like lead.We have done nothing else but run all day.We have not even seen a ball yet (That should get them used to September 1st).Even after these first 2 days ,I think we are a much better squad”Then cue the usual guff of how great a coach big Stevie is.





    They’ve only been away about a month, how out of shape can they be or were they never in shape? However, compare and contrast Celtic’s ball work training at Lennoxtown this past few days.



    They never learn, but I suppose close season is the only time they can feasibly be bombastic about things.

  24. Big Jimmy,


    Aye, the Community Centre was like one of those big army semi circular corrugated iron huts. An eyesore. Was in the grounds of St. Leonards.


    First year at Secondary we went to Meadowpark Street in Dennistoun. Used as an annexe until St Leonards extension was built. Meadowpark Street School just of Duke Street across the road from the old Coias.





    Stayed in a small Apart-hotel called the Rainbow.



    Thought Zante was pretty run down this year.



    Where are you staying ?

  26. BADA BING…….NO apology required mate. Your a good guy.



    ALMORE and ONEMALLOY and others…Cheers Bhoys for your kind words.



    I remember many years ago i tried to join the Royal Navy.


    In the Recruiting Office, this big Admiral said to me….” So young Jimmy, you wish to join Her Majestys Navy” ?


    ” Yes Sir”.. I replied.


    Admiral then asks……” Jimmy, can you SWIM” ?


    Big Jimmy ……” Why, have ye nae feckin Boats ” ?



  27. JAMES1955 on 21ST JUNE 2018 10:22 AM


    Big Jimmy,





    Aye, the Community Centre was like one of those big army semi circular corrugated iron huts. An eyesore. Was in the grounds of St. Leonards.





    First year at Secondary we went to Meadowpark Street in Dennistoun. Used as an annexe until St Leonards extension was built. Meadowpark Street School just of Duke Street across the road from the old Coias




    i Know Dennistoun very well in fact I bought my first Flat around the corner from Meadowpark St ( Roslea Drive) when I stupidly married my 1st wife ( I binned her 4 years later and sold up) in Sep[t 1977.


    I later stayed in another flat in Dennistoun in the early 190’s. Mostly Hun Country.



    Although my 1st flat was very POSH…..I used to get “The Big ISSUE” Delivered to the HOOSE ! LOL.



  28. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    We got a dog last November.first time in my 58 years.i’m blown away by the love this wee guy gives the family.i talk to him all the time.i think it would be impossible not to talk to him.


    And yes he does talk back. HIs vocab is limited though.


    Open the door, a*****le


    I want some of what you’ve got,a******le.


    Let me in, a*****le.



    He doesn’t calll me that really



    Oh ,and I’ve been on meds for ages

  29. Alasdair MacLean on




    place called Golden Sun…near the beach at the end of Kalamaki nearer Laganas.


    B&B deal in new rooms adjacent.


    TBH it looks to me like someone’s going to lose a fortune…it’s so quiet.



    A breath of fresh air this morning great to see you back posting, I am not into the horses but don’t mind at all others giving tips and always look up results to see how they got on. Guess what I was also born in 55 although I’m now tee-total I would love to take you for a pint and hear some of your stories first hand. HH

  31. Delighted Leigh Griffiths is signing a new contract. Hopefully his injuries are behind him and domestically at least, we play with two strikers.



    Hopefully Moussa follows suit. What a happy dilemma for BR if all three strikers are fit and eager.




  32. I see Murdo McL5eod bumping his gums on behalf of his paymaster re. Moussa should move to Dortmund.


    Hopefully the big man signs a one year extension to current deal and gives us another season. A good CL campaign like season before last will have the big teams queueing up come January.

  33. Greenpinta,


    If ,big if,Moussa stays,I can’t see BRendan only playing one up front,especially in the League.

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