Getting ready for Rosenborg, Takeover Panel blues


If results go to form, we will play Rosenborg within one or two days before the anniversary of our matches against them last season.  A year ago we were a tad underprepared; Rosenborg got a credible draw at Celtic Park, a game which could have ended in a significantly more onerous result for Celtic.

Seven days later Celtic were much sharper as they won in Norway.  Rosenborg were our biggest test in last season’s qualifiers.  They went on to eliminate Ajax from the Europa League, the Dutch having competed in the Europa final only three months earlier.

The challenge for Brendan Rodgers is to get his players up to speed a week earlier.

The rise of Europe at the World Cup remains on track.  European teams have won nine, drawn two and lost two of their games so far, with two of the Continent’s better teams, Portugal and Spain, in action today.

I expected the Takeover Panel to allow Dave King time over the summer to comply with the lapsed Court of Session 26 April deadline to make an offer for shares not held by his concert party, but clearly yesterday’s Court of Session action proved otherwise.

Many of the consequences of this, such as cold-shouldering, or legal consequences, are for the medium term.  The immediate issue is that it is clear King has been unable to lodge funds to comply with the court in three months.  As far as fulfilling this legal obligation is concerned, the man is as his QC claimed, “penniless”.

Keep in mind, Newco’s soft loans are repayable within the next 10 days.  Some may be renewed, but have been called in.  There will be enough season ticket money available to make these repayments, but that will leave a gap later in the season.  If only Dave could use some of that season ticket money elsewhere.

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    I reckon BIGJIMMY will be in the vicinity of Tollcross Bar on a regular basis.



    I wish I was! Just about to board a train for the first leg of my trip back to Swindon.




  2. Good to get a bit of horsy talk back on the blog. I’m a mad onceuponatime Point to Pointer. Great days out. I just saw from my Mass cards last night my big mate Gerry is now 8 years gone. By God I miss him and the football talk. He ran one of the best amateur football teams ever in the North, Cromarty’s Albion, and had a foot high dossier of run-ins with the IFA.


    I also have a dog that I talk to.


    He makes more sense than big Packy, who was an obvious plant (quite possibly a turnip).




    Not posted for ages!



    Great to see you back on the Blog!



    Just a wee bit of advice on one of your earlier posts.



    You said –



    “i’M A lUCKY, lUCKY Bhoy…my auld legs are still shaking a wee bit since Tuesday.”



    Ye don’t huv tae dae it staunnin’ up!



    Easier on the old kness!



    Take care and keep posting!








    Ffs,kids read this!!!



    Speaking of which,is O enjoying her last summer of relaxation before the real work kicks in?

  5. 50 shades of green on

    I see our away league qualification tie for the Asian cup has been confirmed as a 5pm CPT kick off on the Tuesday……




    Big Jimmy….nice to see yir moniker again mate….




  6. To what was Paul67 referring when he said this:



    ” but clearly yesterday’s Court of Session action proved otherwise.” ?








    Erm,what’s that in auld money?



    If it’s 5pm in the States,I make that about midnight in Armenia. Which cannae be right.





    I think the TOP had a closed hearing-with Lord Carloway,not sure of the details.



    Suffice to say,they don’t seem content with King & Co at the moment. And they have decided that they don’t do walking away either.

  9. Think most of you are getting carried away here . Make no mistake the scouser will improve that mob . I am not saying he will make that much difference to challenge us this year , but he has been around the big circuit for a long time , why , I don’t know but he is highly respected , just listen to the redknapps , the Ferdinands . Guys who had a soft spot for us , have now changed there allegiance . He will have scores of ex pro ,s doing his scouting for him , he will grab decent players out of contract , guys wanting to play for him . We don’t want to be the instigators of our own downfall , By underestimating the scousers managerial skill, ( even though that is unknown ) but his popularity is well known . I hope Brendan has his eye on the challenge ahead ,cos it is there .. The start we have had on them over the past few years , the CL revenue , the Vvd income . Wanyama , foster income . they could have brought in pep


    Guadiola (sp) without bothering us . Last season we made the CL group stage again , where we were found seriously wanting , at this present time ,IMHO we are going into Europe with a slightly worse outfit than we had this time last year , I am maybe jumping the gun here a bit , but celtic should have a list of available players ,quality players to improve the positions , where we presently have good players but not quality players . We all knew where we need strengthening . By all accounts the finance should be there . I only hope BR scouting staff is up to the task and have been on the ball for some time now . With A big RB . A couple of no nonsense CH . A MIDFIELD ENFORCER to help oor broonie . High on there wanted list . Think that will do for now .





    Lustig is 6’2″. And SB has Ntcham playing alongside him.



    Your points are valid,though. We shouldn’t be resting on our laurels. Players who have been found wanting should be out the door,and replacements lined up.



    In that respect,for me it’s a solid experienced pro as back up RB,LB and CH.

  11. TIMBHOY2 on 21ST JUNE 2018 10:23 AM


    Big Jimmy what a great way to go ,with your young Chic,keep it up,oops.???





    i only hope that my lovely new Lady friend never sues me…………It will never STAND UP in Court !


    She’s young and gorgeous, and it’s a great feeling to STILL be ” A hit wae the Chics” at 62 ! It canny be my baldy heid that attracts her, it must be the Rotten Jokes and Patter ?



    Same as my football abilities….once you’ve got it, you never lose it ! …….Only Joking Bhoys and Ghirls.



    On a serious note, I am Single an I have no responsibilities ( kids, family etc) so I just pay my bills like most folk. I am 63 this year, I may not have many days left to live life, especaiily when it comes to female company etc….so I’m just gonny enjoy myself for as long as I can. God knows how they will get the Coffin Lid down ? LOL



  12. JIMTIM on 21ST JUNE 2018 11:43 AM



    The biggest beneficiaries of the Steevee Gee revolution will be Celtic.


    BR will refocus on the league, we won’t lose 4 and draw 10 like last season, it’ll be a lot less dropped points. You’d like to think we won’t be as badly affected by injuries, have a settled defence (something we’ve not had for last 2 seasons) and fit strikers.


    They’ll push for 2nd which will be spun as a positive and we’ll go through the same mounting a challenge PR drivel next summer again, whoever the manager may be by then.

  13. JEROMEK67 on 21ST JUNE 2018 10:19 PM



    16 Roads 8.53 pm



    Aye right….. Maradona would not have been able to do anything in that Argentina side tonight , same as Messi couldnt.






    Diego Armando Maradona is the greatest footballer of all time.



    That wee,petulant Messi thing couldn’t lace Maradona’s boots.



    HH. ? ??

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