Getting the job done tomorrow will take all of us


Much of the team picks itself tomorrow.  Hart, Juranovic, Carter-Vickers, Starfelt, Taylor, McGregor, Jota and Kyogo.  Ange Postecoglou has to decide whether to play Abada or Maeda on the wing, and who from O’Riley, Hatate and Turnbull will miss out.

I expect O’Riley and Hatate to get the nod.  If Abada also starts, that would mean, from the side that won this fixture in February, the only change would be Kyogo for Giakoumakis.

Whomever we start with, we know to expect a game in parts; one line-up for the first hour or so, with a significantly changed look for the remainder of the game.

Newco are likely to go with the team that won in Eindhoven, with the exception of injured Tom Lawrence.  By my measure, they will have three who have never been to Celtic Park before, as well as the keeper, who only played there once, for Hearts.  A partisan +59,000 support in attendance can ensure they feel a long way from home.

How the game is officiated is a worry.  The decision Newco got while tied at 0-0 with Ross County last week may inhibit the chances of a similar act tomorrow.  Better to have them get away with such a glaring one when the stakes are lower.

No matter how good you think Celtic are playing right now, Newco are in the Champions League group stage because they know how to get the job done.  We are facing a Champions League team and will need a rocking Celtic Park to get the job done.

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  1. Great day oot wae BRRB, Leggy, Big Jimmy, BelmontBrian, Saltires rn Seville…thanks lhads…hope to see u all and a few more in a coupla weeks ;-))




  2. SAINT STIVS on 2ND SEPTEMBER 2022 8:13 PM


    That USA based consortium looking at getting into the Sevco , anything in that that would spook them into not spending monies



    If you want to sell your business showing that it can generate a profit is pretty important. Spending every penny you bring in on luxuries like blingy footballers and their high salaries doesn’t do that.




    Yes, absolutely, you see many Clubs pulling in their horns, from our interest (obsession), The Rangers and Leicester United being a case in point.



    UEFA seems to be real serious this time, which means the owners want a concrete excuse for not buying and an opperchancity to take profit – wage cap soon anyone!?






    You said you can’t remember MiT on CQN



    Well here’s the kinda thing you missed, back on form today…



    …Mike in Toronto, Senntinel Celts @ 6:57 pm



    Sevco are on UEFA’s FFP watch list. I guess that is what happens when PL retires and he is no longer there to protect them.






    Hail Hail

  4. THELURKINTIM @ 9:06 PM,



    Well yes, granted, it can seem conflated, but let me extricate it a bit, some of it’s my opinion and some ot it’s MiT’s,.



    So you can go with the smart ghuy with the proven track record or…





    Hail Hail

  5. JACKIEMAC and all you other well wishers. Many thanks.



    I am looking forward positively for another few years before some more chemo.



    Leaving that aside I will be watching us beating the huns tomorrow, then on to Real Madrid.

  6. RON BACARDI @ 9:15 PM,



    Best wishes, my thoughts and prayers are with you 🙏🍀



    Hail Hail

  7. All Hail The Truth-Bringer For He Has Come To Dispel The Myths And Bring Light To Our Darkness.




  8. Wee story here for those expecting us tae gub them, the 10 goal 2 different goalscorers tale has been aired since last weekend’s walloping of the arabs and at the time I was a bit dubious of us carrying this on tae the morra, so in saying that I was more than pleased that even playing our “stiffs” Ⓒ Roy of the Rovers that we didnae run up the proverbial cricket score again.



    So let me take you back a bit, before I had even ventured out over here, we had visitors from this part of the world, my da as was customary took the male member down Balloch for a “wee drink”. We went to the Glenroy which was a wee bit neutral but could at times be Tim top heavy.



    This night the bar staff were of the “old brigade” and as the night went on kept letting us know the score, by the time the last call was made it was 10-0 with the buzz bomb and our Lisbon hero having nap hands each.



    Now I should add that our male guest was a bluenose although his wife cum fae the People’s Republic of Brucehill my da being a wiley oul fox knew how tae temper himself, not so his bhoy who was bouncing all the way up the road



    After we left he said in his oul Dumbarton Tim way “10 was nice son but I wish we had kept some for Saturday”, too true as we lost 2-4 at Parkheid that horrible day.

  9. The new regs concentrate on income and sensible cost control much more than losses as they did in the past. Permitted losses have increased as long as they are covered by new equity. They were accused of favouring the established big clubs with huge revenues and discouraging new investment, and stifling competition by preventing new players from investing large amounts into their clubs.



    The suggestion was that clubs like Juventus and Real Madrid had used their influence to prevent anyone from challenging their place at the big table. You could never have a PSG come along again if new owners couldnt come along and invest hundreds of millions in a club that otherwise didn’t generate enough income. It wasn’t necessarily the case but that was the charge leveled at them. So they changed the regs and increased the allowances.



    It means the Huns can now run up bigger losses than before and not be in danger of being in breach. As long as Park propping them up with his cash they would be fine



    The new regs aim to concentrate more on the sustainability of football clubs by forcing them to control their costs better – wages, transfer and agebts fees proportional to income (including profit from transfers) over a three year period.



    I think last year and this will mean they’ll be fine for a few years yet.



    Unless their accounts from last year are much worse than expected, but normally you’d expect something from them to show that everything is as usual despite some horrible losses



    What’s strange on top of strange is that we haven’t heard a single word from them in weeks. No statements, no threats, no attempt through the media to sugar coat the bitter pill of watching us strengthen our championship winning squad while their expected marquee signings after cl qualification don’t appear.

  10. Tontine…av been pretty solid on us winning by at least 2…get yer money on this:-))




  11. THELURKINTIM @ 9:21 PM,



    Well you are without doubt an excellent as well as a lurking Tim…



    But, and it a big but, maybe these views aren’t mutually exclusive.



    Hail Hail



    MARSPAPA-get ti bed,you’re up early tomorrow ☘️💪






    I shall be sitting waiting suitably attired pal.🤗🟩⬜🟨☘️💚👍

  13. Watching the W Brom v Burnley game.Great entertainment .Well,compared to that dross Man U game.


    End to end stuff.

  14. Tontine Tim,



    Madrid kick off @ 15:15 the morra against the joint Leaders.



    I cannae wait for Tuesday.



    Ange has Celtic playing the best fitba I’ve seen.



    Our aggression in wanting the Ba’ back on Wednesday was mega.



    Dumbarton will Always be Green&White.




  15. Single @23.00


    Receipt No: O/191941496/0000271


    Over (4.5)


    Over/Under Celtic Total Goals 4.5 / Celtic v Rangers



    Dalmarnock here we come.

  16. Silver City 1888 on

    This is not an OF derby. If it was, I’d have been having butterflies in my stomach for a week now. I have not. They aren’t a football club. They are an abomination.

  17. Ron Bacardi


    I’m so pleased to read your latest news.



    Tomorrow is the unstoppable force against the immovable object. I don’t underestimate our creativity and I don’t underestimate their tactical ability to keep the game tight and strike on the counter attack.


    Any win for us will be precious.

  18. GG



    11 players in blue jerseys.



    Sorry for the delay in responding. Just back from family dine out.

  19. Ron bacardi


    Great news sir.


    Goodnight all I’m away to try and sleep, nervous that I’m so confident.


    Any win will do. HH

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